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Heading to So Padre Island

Heading to SPI this next weekend. Anyone have suggestions for things that we need to do while we are down there? Any good lifestyle clubs ? What else is down there that we need to check out? It is not our first visit- but it will be going down as a get away.... Let us know what's you think... read more

Let Downs

How many have had this happen to you? You connect a pers, on or couple right. Details are all comfirmed. You're on your way or they are coming to you. You set out or getting the place ready (drinks, condoms, music) etc. than out of the blue you get a txt. It's either my kid is coming home early, par... read more

SDC Pet Peeves

-Don't list single men as what your looking for and then have them all blocked... especially when posting a Speed Date!... read more

celebrating a life changing choice

just blogging to say that after a 20yr smoking habit willpower has prevailed and have i QUIT cold turkey, no more cigs for me!!! ... read more

Cheers to Over Forty!

I've had men of nearly every legal age group...and you know?  I really prefer men close to my own age!  They are generally more secure in their manhood, sexy in their confidence, have more skills and knowledge than those brash young guys...I will almost always pick someone close to my... read more

Glamour photographer

Need some new pictures, please visit the web site of Frank Elposito to Kiss... read more

South Beach

We are headed to South Beach on Oct 25 and staying the night. We wanted to spend the night at a nice hotel on the beach, can anybody suggest a nice hotel to stay at. Additionally we would like to go out that night, but where. Any suggestions would be great. ... read more

A Single Male's Journey In The Lifestyle

I wrote a piece last year for a lifestyle website and thought I would share it here as well. Enjoy!  A Single Male's Journey in the Lifestyle I’m a single male. Of course when I refer to myself as a “single male” I don’t just mean that I’m a male who’s si... read more

Mile High Swing party

We have a friend that runs a private jet charter that wanted to know if people would be interested in a Mile High Swing flight. The plane would hold 20-25 couples. The plane could start from any major airport on the east coast.The starting point would depend on demand. Interested?... read more

Polyamory for Swingers?

Can Polyamory be part of the Swingers' lifestyle? ... read more

Party time

Dear friends, What do you think is the best day of the week for a swingersparty? Please your opinion. Monica... read more

New theory on why men like breasts

 I can't sleep so I thought I would catch up on the news and I run across this article with the headline "New Theory on why men like breasts."  Really .. we have to debate this topic? This article gets very technical and scientific about something which is obvious to me.  ... read more

What kind of photos do you like?

When you judge the competition (Sexy Summer Splash or another one), what kind of photos do you like? There are frank, cheerful, simply beautiful photos. What do you prefer?... read more

Have to wonder about some....

I find it really interesting how many people still do not read profiles. I know this is a subject that probably has been brought up already a million times before, but maybe just one more venting wont matter anyway. I have recently changed my profile over to reflect taking a break, took all my pic... read more



is any medicin or drink to increase desire of woman

any one can suggest us that is any medicine or drink to make her wild or icrease her sex libido ... read more


So, after literally YEARS of encouragement to join the lifestyle by friends, and 9 months of abstinence after the break of my 10 year (very sexually unsatisfying) relationship; I have finally made the decision that my overly sexually active personality needed an outlet. So far, I couldn't be mo... read more

Circus Erotica Party

Hi all The Little Liaisons "Circus Erotic"a looks to be a great party. Very yummy guest list. We haven't been on the scene for a while so really looking forward to return with this  spectacular event. Looking for some ideas what to wear. Would love to read/see what you guys t... read more

What type of pictures do you like/hate

What type of pictures do you like? Are you into the graphic ones where a gynecologist could offer a medical opinion or the endless bend over shots that make you want to sing Moon river. Are you o.k. with touch up or artsy photos? Share what you look for most and what makes you say yikes! ... read more

Hosting our first party... :)

 We are throwing a Sexy Halloween Bash however this is our first LS party. We are not worried cause even our birthday parties break 100+ and normally turn into LS parties by around midnight anyway ( we have some fun friends LOL ). If anyone is interested and has not yet been invited just let us... read more

Halloween Fun

 Hello :)  Just wondering what everyone has planned for Halloween around Florida...particularly the Tampa Bay area.... We are thinking about Fantasy Fest.....but also thinking something easier and closer to home might be good.... Any fun parties?  Just looking for suggestions :)... read more

That first time you met someone you know in "regular" life in a Club

It happened to us the 3rd or 4rth time we went to Trapeze a few years back. As we were getting drinks at the bar, we ran into a someone we've known for many many years. He wasn't  really a *friend* but we knew each other very well, knew each other's families and often met at social events. ... read more

A Double Nudge?

There have been other blogs about the nudges.  We always relpy the same, no problem with them, we don't send, but if we receive, we send a polite thank you message. Nothing more. Now in the last 4 days, we have received second nudges from the same couples we already thanked, now 5 times and ... read more

Swing Poker night recap

Last nights Swing Poker game was fantastic. Hours of laughing and sexy wildness. The highlight was when one of the girls lost the hand and had to chose between losing an article of clothing or performing the SP action card. She chose the Action card which was "give 30 seconds of oral s... read more

South Florida Football Sunday

Anyone interested in a Football Sunday lifestyle group. Get together watch some football and entertain each other during half time and after the game?... read more

visiting amsterdam

hi there , im visiting amsterdam from 6th to 16th oct, wanna have so much fun there , gimme ideas  :)... read more

Has swinging become to mainstream?

Has swinging become to maninstream? When I first became a swinger it seems as though it was more of an underground thing. People who were swingers connected, had parties and everything was "peachy". When Trapeze was in its older location it was the place to go and have a good "swingin... read more



Foot Fetish

Hi guys Nick (male) absolutely loves and adores beautiful female feet, barefoot in nylon or heels.....loves sexy red painted toe nails......loves to watch feet tensed whilst the lady is having sex.....anyone else with same fetish ? xxx... read more

Fantasy Fest 2012

We are going there from 20th to 28, staying at Shipyard, Truman Annex looking to meet like minded couples or select singles (w/pictures) to party with or just meet and have sexy fun with. We love to meet new people and have fun. We might be wild, but now actually crazy. Or see you there. R & K... read more

Fri 10/19/12 Trapeze

We are going to Trapeze in Fort Lauderdale on that Friday and it's a 3 some night, and would be fun to have  a third joing us. It would also be cheaper for all. Please write us in there interest. We have fun, where ever we go. ... read more

The best sites for fetish wear

We are hoping some of you guys can help us. We have been discussing our desire to get into the fetish scene, albeit only lightly, and really keen to know where is the best place to go to buy on line, unless anyone knows of shops in or around London or Kent. Nothing too outlandish, but something alon... read more


Planning another gangbang , looking for fit guys with verifications and clear up to date face pics with a mobile number who will not mess us about and who will turn up ! ... read more

Four fourplay

When I use to date I remember that seduction & mood was almost always a part of sex. The other night my spouse and I were out with another couple talking about our favorite experiences in the lifestyle. We both realized after talking with the other couple that our best experiences were ... read more

long hair or short hair on a man?

 ok everyone a couple poll questions....long hair or short hair on a man?, and why or why not?  ... read more

What's your opinion?

Which body parts of ladies you guys like the most? ... read more

cruise playmates

Hi there We are going on a cruise leaving Fort Lauderdale on Dec 7th. Is any other couples departing the same time. Would sure be nice to have a few Playmates onboard with us.... read more

Secret Society Now Available In Spanish!

I have had many Spanish speaking people asking me to make my books in Spanish so they can read them. Well I have just finished translating my current release Secret Society which is intended for an adult audience. This book is filled with erotica short stories and fantasies.     ... read more


Do not meet BELLACON they've been using female's pictures of 2 of our friends. They are fucking pieces of shit!!!! How fucking fucked up is that???? Using other profiles pictures to reel couples in! ... read more

Tall, dark and hansome....uh how about one or the other?

If I get called too short by some five foot nothing woman who wants to wear twelve inch heels I'm going to go on a murderous rage. I get it everyone wants their fantasy for filled of some dude carrying them into the bedroom and giving them half an hour of caveman sex, but isn't there something char... read more

Please help vote for your favorite

Fun and Games has created a logo but is having a hard time with what color hair to give our Swing Poker girl. Would love your opinion on which one you like... read more

Unicorns at the Swingers' Club

Okay. So, I'm a semi-attractive middle-aged woman (46), acting as a unicorn (not in spirit, but in body) and I occasionally head out to the local swinger club with the hope being to get a little action when my local FWBs are not available and I am needy.  What I find is One: I am usually the on... read more

We are going on a cruise Sep 30, 2012

We are going on Carnival cruise September 30, 2012. Leaving from Fort Lauderdale on Freedom 6 day. Is anyone else going? ... read more

Swingers clubs Houston TX

We recently moved to Houston and would like to go to a club. Which ones are good swingers clubs? we saw Club Cave and TheMystery Zone, how do both compare to each other? Is it more a dancing or a good combi of dancing and swinging? Any help to make up our minds would be helpful:-). XXX T&M... read more

Has a profile ever changed your mind ...

Have you ever gotten an email from a couple where the pictures were not impressive but the profile was so good that you decided to meet the couple anyway? If so, What was it about the profile that changed your mind?... read more

Austin F1 Race

So what type of swinger crowd can we expect to see or meet when F1 come to Austin in Nov? We would love to party with some like minded people when we are down there for the weekend.... read more

Couple = 2 People, Why does your profile only show one person?

Here is something that has bothered us for many years; - Couples profiles that do nothing to show you their other half. We have seen this again and again....usually there is 28 pictures posted of her from naked, to clothed, even face pictures...and either none or almost nothing of him...."oh... read more

Events in Paris

Hello à toutes et tous. Cette semaine fût très calme, enfin pas encore terminée. Pas mal de visites de nouveaux lieux, les photos arriverons bientôt. Un petit château, un loft, un appartement bourgeois.. que du bonheur, que des lieux atypiques. Tout ce que v... read more

What Are Nudges For???

Just something I wanted to throw out there.   I recieve nudges from people/couples but I am not able to figure out why.  The reason I say this is because when ever I mail or PM them, just to say hi, they ignore me.  It is funny really and quite interesting.   What I'd like ... read more

532+28=560... April's Mega Gang Bang 9/21-23/12 in NYC

On our recent trip to S. FL we had two GB's of April. Tuesday 9/4 where 11 guys fucked April for 3 hours and on Friday night 9/7 where 17 guys fucked April hard for 4 hours... Great trip... We are finalizing the scheduling for the Mega Gang Bang of April for the weekend of 9/21-23/12... Friday n... read more

For The Ladies, Why Are You In This Lifestyle?

Curious why you ladies joiined this lifestyle.  I understand our reasons, but we wondered if the Mrs reasons matched other ladies' reasons here on SDC. No poll, as that would control responses. Thanks!... read more

Live Oaks Bike Rally

We are going!! Anyone else? Classiccpl... read more

Horny in north ftmyers

In need for some sex I would like to be with a woman too I want tolearn ... read more


 We will be going over to the Naples/ Ft. Myers area in a couple of weeks. Are there any worhtwild swinging activites or good place to stay to meet others in the lifestyle? ... read more


Why are non-perfect couples and singles only excepting meet and greets from so called perfect couples or singles when their not in the same category? We see this alot from couples or singles. The so called Ken and Barbies, the gym rats, or the triathlon competitors are the ones claimi... read more

What is a few extra pounds...

A girl that is 5'4" is more than a few extra pounds is she weighs ? A guy that is 5'11" is more than a few extra pounds if he weighs ?... read more

Swapping VS, Swinging

We all have our own definitions, but just wanted to know what other people thought. Swinging versus Swapping is there a difference in your opinion?... read more

October Fun in South Beach/Miami

Hey Everyone: I have a suite reserved at the Hotel Astor on South Beach Miami in mid October and am hoping to make new friends.  Will be in town from Oct. 17-28 and looking forward to playing every night!  Two blocks to the beach, right in the middle of wonderful clubs, restaurants and lou... read more

Phillicouple's Blog

name="myVideo1" width="320" height="297" align="middle" pluginspage="" src="/player2.swf?fn=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" bgcolo... read more


 So we are new to the lifestyle and still exploring our interests. We were on the Voyeur cam the other night, and really enjoyed the response. We have been to a couple of parties/clubs now, and we are interested in maybe traveling to some place fun. I have noticed a few Desire trips though the ... read more

The start of something that has turned great for us

We love outdoor sex and exhibitionism. We have done our share in the car/van as well and are always up for more. One time while we were driving across the Trans Canada Highway in Manitoba, I had my skirt hiked up over my back with my bare ass and pussy plastered against the window while I was be... read more

Nick names for vagina

What unique names have you heard for Vagina... read more

Nick names for your penis

What unique names have you heard for a guys penis?... read more

Events in Paris

Hello à toutes et tous. Cette semaine fût très calme, enfin pas encore terminée. Pas mal de visites de nouveaux lieux, les photos arriverons bientôt. Un petit château, un loft, un appartement bourgeois.. que du bonheur, que des lieux atypiques. Tout ce que v... read more


 Life is to short to let a day pass you by. So enjoy each day with the one you love. If you can share with others even better. The more in the party the more to share in the fun.... read more


 Life is to short to let a day pass you by. So enjoy each day with the one you love. If you can share with others even better. The more in the party the more to share in the fun.... read more

Your best advice to new Swingers

I am contacted and approached by new swinger couples wanting to know advice and tips.   And I thought what a great blog topic! My top tip is usually learn how to gracefully say no.  It took me a while to perfect my turndown which is still respectful.  And on the flip side, fig... read more

Chatten op je ipad

Kan mij misschien iemand vertellen hoe je op je ipad kan chatten op sdc? ... read more


Just got home from the doctor. He recommended lots of hot fun and sex. The best thing to release stress ! Any real players out there ?... read more

Lifestyle Groupie!?!?!?!

So i have seen a bunch of people of the late that are calling themselves "Lifestyle Groupies" basically they like to hang out with us lifestyle people and experiance the sexually charged atmosphere but when it comes down to the end they leave and don't choose to participate in the actual s... read more

Erotic Poetry from Classic to Contemporary and from around the World

     We take our screen name--Sappholovers--in honor of the first poet of erotic verse in Western culture:  Sappho.         This blog will be devoted to sharing our favorite erotic poetry, and I welcome you to comment on the poems I p... read more

Erotic Poetry from Classic to Contemporary and from around the World

     We take our screen name--Sappholovers--in our of the first poet of erotic verse in Western culture:  Sappho.         This blog will be devoted to sharing our favorite erotic poetry, and I welcome you to comment on the poems I pos... read more


would be interested where the SDC members are going to. We know several clubs but have almost no contact to Swingers in Brazil even living here. Most of our contacts are abroad. Where is the best place to meet? We are from the Sao Paulo area e falamos portuguese tambem.... read more

Best and Worst thing about Swinging

What do you like best and worst about swinging? We dislike swingers that think just because your at a swing party your fair game to fondle. We love the open flirtation that reminds us of first dates.... read more

This week's perfect match

So today marks the start of the NFL season. Now I (him) don't consider myself a junkie, but I enjoy Sundays hanging out at the house, making some snacks, and watching the games. I'm a Falcons fan, but I like most NFC games (and a few AFC matchups). The problems with this scenario are that she just i... read more

What's in your swinger bag?

 Time to clean out the swinger bag.  This is the little bag of necessities I take with me when I go to LS clubs, or house parties.  Contents: a small packet of pain reliever  condoms, regular & XL lube  tooth paste & tooth brush small bottle of mouth wash&nbs... read more

Cap d'Agde

Cap d'Agde week begining the 14th, why not drop me a line if you are there too !? ... read more

Swinging all around the world

 * Unless you come to visit France, it is unlikely that we would meet physically. That does not stop me from wishing discuss swinging, libertine eroticism in your country ... in order to enrich my blog. Do not hesitate to let me know, I will speak about France and you about your countries... read more

Swingers clubs in Spain

Hi all, We hope somebody can help us. We're going on holiday for two weeks to Spain. We will be spending our first week at La Manga del Mar Menor (near Cartagena) and our second week at Alcossebre (near Castellon de la Plana). Does anybody know of any good swingers' clubs near either of the... read more

Coming to Cote d'Azur Sep 13-16

Hi We are planning to visit the lovely Cote d'Azur from Sep 13-16.  Of course, relaxation in the beaches, seeing cities all in the plan. But we would also love to have some sexy night time fun.  Any recommendations as well as couples interested in joining us would be much appreciat... read more

heads up!!

 is there a way to anonymously warn other sdc'ers about fake couples/profiles on the site? if not we think it might help weed out a good portion of the phoneys so that its easier to meet real people, if so how is it done? any advice would be great thanx yall m&j... read more

Authentic Lifestyle DVDs

Do they exist?  Most are usually just actors.  Is there such a DVD(s) that show real swingers in action?... read more

sandbar saintlucie inlet florida

out at the sandbar today saint lucie inlet had a great time who else was soaking up the sun... read more

curious if they ever ?

 I have looked all over the SDC website and we had some thoughts as to things that might be fun to do on here to get locals to correspond with one another . Do they ever have any fantasy football leagues for the gentleman ( and ladies if they want to play ) OR another idea DeeAnn came up with i... read more

Bisexual females... until it's time to play!

 i'm wondering how many of you have had this happen to you, because its happened to me a couple of times. i'm a bi female who truly enjoys both sexes equally and just last weekend i got together with a couple and the woman told me she was bisexual. the night was going nicely until we got to pla... read more

Men - I need your advice on hair removal

Dear Men of SDC,     When my wife and I are going to meet other couples, we both like to remove the hair from our genitals. She usually waxes, something she´s used to and can do by herself, though sometimes she goes to the salon to have it done professionally.   &n... read more


  HI EVERYONE... just realized of you are in a blosked area (where the ISP blocks sdc) you can try this as long as the user name and pawword are saved in your prowser. instead of lokkinginto which will being up a page you dont want to see try this read more

Paris tonight

We are in lovely Paris tonight (Sat, Sep 1) horny as ever, looking for a nice party or swingers club. Any reccomendations? Thanks  ... read more

On your birthday, how much sex is to much?

 If you like sex. If you swing. Is it a bad thing to have a lot of sex with a lot of people on your birthday? Will people come help with the a lot part?... read more

All around the world

 * Professionally curious, I'd like to exchange (instant messaging, webcam, mail ...) on how to practice swinging in the world. The dialogues are not explicitements sex (no sex on the internet) but can be honest, courteous and warm. * Professionnellement curieux, j'aimer... read more