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Minglers Review

We just came back from an excellent time at Minglers in Cocoa, Florida this past weekend. The owners and manager were very nice and made everyone feel comfortable, they had a large dance floor, several playrooms, and a smoking room , plenty of parking and there are two hotels you can stay at less th... read more

Trapeze Atlanta

Looking for some advice and input from my fellow freaks.  We will be in Atlanta  October 17th - 20th.  We have never been to Trapeze and plan on going at least one night. For those that have been, is there a better night to go and what can we expect?  Any tips or advice?  Thanks in advance fo... read more

Hedo II

We are looking to go to Hedo II in February and they have two sides Nude side and Prude side.  If you have ever been can you tell us which one is better.  We understand the comfort level but we have never been to a lifestyle resort.  So your advise and comments will be helpful,... read more

Rechargeable toys

Looking for the best cordless toys.  Ladies, what have you found that works?... read more

Unsolicited Dick Pics - Historical Retrospective Ouellette’s previous work for The Toast can be found here.Cave of Altamira, Spain. 40,00 B.C.EAn adult male Neanderthal sneaks quietly into a cave system near to his own. He shuffles past several sleeping female Nean... read more

Ritaback from brief trip toMoscow: 15/9 to 21/9

15/9 Another Monday morning. Rita woke and said her period had started. We had a little breakfast in bed and then I went downstairs to my "office" to start work. At lunchtime we went off together on a power walk. Rita then walked off to shops and I carried on working. Watched TV in the evening and a... read more

Hi my friends

We are Thai couple 37-31 yrs we will go to on 10-12 Oct nice to meet you..... read more

Totally shaved??

I have heard that being totally shaved is the best both for men and for women. Personally I love it that way. However I have not found yet what the best way is to get a nice shaved dick without irritation. Any suggestions??... read more

Citytrip, which city is really a MUST SEE CITY.

We love to plan city trips and now we want to know which city is a must see city and Why?We love to visit different cities all over the world, but especially in Europe.Off course when we do so we turn on our travel alert on SDC and are hoping to meet other nice couples in that city.But now we want ... read more

"Baby Vamp" in the LS

As a woman relatively new to the LS, I have, on occasion, felt like “Baby Vamp” Jessica from “True Blood,” for those of you familiar with the American vampire series set in the sticks of Louisiana. wonder if years in... read more

Travelling to Athens Greece

We're going to be in Athens from Oct 3 -5 and Oct 9-12. Contact us and maybe we can meet up and have a little fun... read more

Alice Springs, Australia

Interested in seeing what sort of interest there is around Alice Springs, Australia... read more

Are you a good lover?

Are you a Good lover!?!?Hello everyone, As of today we have been officially swingers for 3 months.  Ha ha ha...I wanted to mentioned that, to let everyone know, that my comments are purely personal opinion, and are based on recent experiences.  (Good to mentioned that not all of them have be... read more


We stay two days in Barcelona (Spain), 16 and 17 October 2014.Any suggestions for meeting and for swinger club and sauna?... read more

Desire vs. Desire Pearl

Does anybody have good insight on the differences one would find between the 2 separate Desire resorts in Cancun?... read more

Pics and fantasy

Send me pics and your webcam fantasyMaybe tonight I could .......... read more

Funny story

I went to the store the other day, and I was in there for only about 5 minutes. When I came out there was a damn motorcycle cop writing a parking ticket. So I went up to him and said, "Come on, buddy, how about giving a girl a break?" He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. So I called him ... read more

Vanilla hunting

Any advice or input on hooking up with vanilla couples, or singles?  We are in a much more limited LS area and the Mrs. Wants a better selection of guys than we are currently meeting via LS channels, I pretty much win no matter what with the Colombian women in terms of looks, but we are guessing sh... read more

Wrist bands at my events

Thinking of doing little wrist bands at my events to indicate sexual orientation and preferences..  Bisex, Straight, Full or Soft etc.... What do you think? x... read more

Clubs: Local or not?

For those of you who go to swing clubs, do you prefer to travel to such clubs or you are fine going to a local club ? Why do you choose one over the other? I have found a partner who joined me during the last week of the season in Cap d'Agde (Sept 11-18).  We know each other years, it was something... read more


We are new to lifestyle interested in meeting couple or  single female for fun and drinks. We are unsure how to meet people in life style and would love to meet a couple to show us the way of this lifestyle.... read more

It's PLAYTIME This Friday at Mingles, Colchester

It's PLAYTIME at Mingles, a Deliciously Fun Party Night at THE SEXIEST CLUB IN ESSEX ! Relax, Unwind and Indulge in our Erotic and Intimate playrooms, dance the night away to your favourite tunes and make some sexy new like-minded friends.Mingles is the Most Beautiful Luxurious, Intimate and Beautif... read more

Dates for your Diary - Mingles Club Colchester - SDC Priority Booking

We have some fantastic events coming up over the next few weeks.Mingles has a BYO Alcohol Policy, soft drinks are available to buy. Dress Code is Dress to Impress or Optional Costume for our Theme Nights.For Entry Costs visit our website, our website address is on our club listing.We are a FUN, FRIE... read more

cypriots are unreliable

It has happened too many times now for it to be anything other than deliberate and always involving Greek Cypriots.  Not only do they not turn up at the agreed place and time but also they  do not inform you that they have no intention of turning up.! So we sit like lemons waiting, dressed up to i... read more


While I enjoy writing blogs we are not normally the couple that blasts single males on blogs or our profile or anything else.  She likes to be shared, so we are single male friendly.  My blog today isn't to bitch and complain about rude, pushy or overly persistent single males but to complain abou... read more

Questions / Dares in Games

What Questions / Dares will you do during playing games with a couple ........ read more

Other Events in Key West

Does anyone know of other lifestyle events that go on in Key West any other time of the year besides Fantasy Fest????... read more

Some Nice movies to be watched when get time.........

Peoples have been asking about Cuckold or Swing scenes in Mainstream (Movies) so here you go.1) Mechanics of Desire -- One of the best! Husband can't get it up, so he encourages his wife to fuck other men, while he watches. The wife doesn't want to, but she agrees to save her marriage. The best scen... read more

looking for love

i think there are a few lonely people on this site that have stated they're looking for a long term relationship,I don't think this is the place to look,although love can be found in unlikely places i don't think this is it,maybe you'll have some hot sex with some nice people but love,i dunno.... read more

Quietish Week: 8-19 Sept 2014

8/9 Woke at 8 and Rita also woke but hadn't slept well and so went back for a doze. I went downstairs to to office stuff and conference calls. Went for a run at lunchtime and Rita went shopping. A quiet evening watching TV and then another early bed.9/9 Woke - made love and then had a busy day on of... read more

Extra long nipples

Does anybody else find ladies with long nipples (1") a turn on... read more

Sex Party Games

Anybody know any good ones? Extra points for clever or creative. First one I could think of is a variant of strip poker, but for sexual favors, instead. But I'm sure other people have done more original things. ... read more

Milan Kundera's - Slowness

So, this is a little experiment here. When I talk to men at LS parties, they tell me the importance of "getting inside a women's head" so I'm curious to see if that is somewhat true, even if the ultimate objective is to get her "to give you head." Has anybody actually read this book? How about "Dang... read more

31: We're on a boat, motha frackers!

Play We debrief from our summer's adventures: The various swinger parties we visited, including some from Tangerine's Dream (which we interviewed previously) . Villain Jon tries a mud-run, breaks his ankle and then uses his "handicap" to get laid. Then we party in lake of the Ozarks, party cove.... read more

rio cruise 2015

hi guys. we are booked on the desire azamara cruise out of rio in january 2015. we arrive in rio early, and are interested in joining others on new year's eve, or any other pre-cruise events. if you know of any pre-cruise events, please let us know. xxx... read more


We've had some interesting questions and comments arising from our last blog, HOW TO HANDLE THAT ALL-IMPORTANT FIRST MEETING. One of the most difficult issues is what to do if one half the couple, usually the wife (or girlfriend or whatever) is not really into the lifestyle. That is certainly our e... read more

Cap d'Agde in the middle of September?

Hi everyone,We're in Biarritz again and are considering driving over to Cap d'Agde for a day. Can anyone tell if there is still some 'action' going on there in this part of the season?And is there a specific part of the beach where we should go, or are there several places where we could find swing... read more

My Milf sexy green skirt

I have a sexy couple I play with on a regular base. The wife (MILF)is on sexy hpoa!! She is always dressed to impress!!!Heel,  hose and very revealing dress/ skirt... Always!! On this particular date .. She is wearing a sexy  green  skirt..  Omg she looked so delicious !! I could not contain ... read more

Interesting Artical RE: Oral Sex And Women's Health read more

fantasy fest

Hi all....we will be in the keys last week end of the fest wends till sundayit would be great to know of a small group of couples going so as to have our own after party - interested drop us a line at needfreinds3... read more

key west

Hi all....will be at fantasy fest the last week - wends on.... it would be great to get a small group together and have our own little after party interested - drop us a line at needfreinds3COUPLES ONLY PLEASE... read more

fantasy fest

Hi all.........we will be in the keys wends through the last week end of fantasy fest and would be great to have our own little after party - interested drop us a line at needfreinds3... read more

Straight Women and Couples?

For some time, now, whenever I see a profile of a single, straight woman looking for a couple, I wonder why.Don't misunderstand, I'm not criticizing or against it, and would be happy to have a straight woman play with us, but I wonder what is the draw for the woman.I totally understand why a bi or b... read more


First, let us introduce ourselves. Don & Wendy, DONWEN6 on SDC. We are new members on SDC in South Beach (Miami), although not new to the lifestyle, on and off for about 10 years, partially because of 2 kids; now finally off to college, business; now we're mostly retired at a very young age, lif... read more

How does the LS make a relationship stronger?

As a unicorn,  I have never been in a LS relationship.  Im curious though how this makes it stronger?  Is it power because you know who your partner is fucking? Who's to say they won't cheat or go behind your back anyways??? I don't belive in monogamous relationships at all. I don't think humans ... read more


I have found this site to be a bit on the disappointing side.  Isn't this a swingers site?... read more

Wife with a Hall Pass

This questions is for couples:  Has your wife ever met a single male alone and if so was the excitement as strong for the male as well as it was for the female. Let's start by posting your feelings, anticipation, excitement, whatever you felt before it happened...We will say we have done this seve... read more

Long Weekend in Istanbul: 1/9 to 7/9/14

1/9 Woke at 8.30 with a phone call and after I headed downstairs and got stuck into office stuff through till 11am when Rita woke up. Rita made me a milkshake and then I got showered and left for a visit to Osteopath for another session on my neck and the bank to get some cash. Parking was a little ... read more

Exploring California

Planning a trip to South Cali in October. Any tips for the play clubs in LA, San Diego or Orange County?... read more

Puerto del Carmen

In puerto del Carmen, lanzarote until Wednesday 11th September. Any single lady or couple for no string attached fun?... read more

Wheel of Time

Any WOT fans here on SDC?  If so, I would love to get your view point.  * Please note I will delete troll remarks as I would like to keep the comments on topic.  ** Warning - IF you have started reading the series you might not want to read this as it will contain some spoilers! My update on... read more

Dublin -- James Taylor 9/23

We are going to the James Taylor concert in Dublin on September 23 . . . . and we have two extra tickets in a great location. Are there are James Taylor fans out there that need tickets?  If so, e-mail me.... read more

can people learn to be frank?

Better yet  ... can you handle it?I am a very truthful with partners because I feel that there is never any wondering what went wrong.  People nowadays feel sparing feelings is less of a headache to deal with then being honest. It can back fire though when people don't take your explanation. Then ... read more

Fort Myers Area

We are Dave and Kimi, from Fort Myers, Florida starting this blog to introduce ourselves and get to know some more people from SW Florida.  We do around 3 parties per month and want to invite everyone to join us.  We also have lots of friends from up north who visit during the winter so we would l... read more

Istanbul Clubs

Any recommendations for a good night out in Istanbul? ... read more


Just had to post this little gem. Single guy expressing interest but falls well outside of what we consider to be something worth looking into. Elicits the following response: "It's been raining rejections here for me recently, I'm not getting any pleasure from the site, which is probably full of... read more

Blocked new site

Is it just me or does anyone else hate the new site? I just checked and apparently had blocked several couples which I would never do so If I blocked you sorry, it wasn't me as a single guy in the lifestyle you have try and be as polite and responsive as possible specially when I looked at some of t... read more

pussy rings

Interested to know if others find pussy rings attractive on ladies... read more

Burning Man

Has anyone been to Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, Nevada? It's on my bucket list for 2015 and wanted to converse with experienced Burners as to do's and don'ts.Plan on renting and RV and having it stocked and there on the playa when I arrive...using charter to fly right on the desert rather than ... read more

Fun Week: 26/8 to 31/8/14

26/8 We didn't wake  up till 10am to find the electric was off. Popped out to the roadworks to find out how long it was going to be. About an hour later it came back on. Meanwhile Rita and I had a great fuck until we both came. Had some brunch and early afternoon Rita went shopping. As it was raini... read more

Clubs in Istanbul

Hey Folks, Will be in Istanbul later this week, are there any places or clubs where swingers meet. I am a single male and would love to visit them if there are any??Cheers!!Ash... read more