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Does anyone know if there is any Swingersclub operating in Riga at this time?... read more

Punta Serena

Looking for feed back from anyone who has visited club.Know it is C/O------but if not a take-over--is it lifestyle friendly  (:... read more

Buscando mujer bi pqra relacion seria

Seria espectacular conocer alguna mujer bi que le interese una relacion estable con un hombre para asi disfrutar de este maravilloso mundo del swingers teniendo pareja.... read more

Rita in Moscow- 21/9 to 27/9//5

21/9 Alarm went off at 4am to wake Rita up as her taxi was at 4.30 to get her to Gatwick. Took her case down and had to call taxi driver to come to right place for pick up! Dozed for an hour. Read Times. Reviewed weeks trades and got text from Rita to say she had arrived safely at 11am. Then got rea... read more

True lies

Since some time ago ,we saw couplesthat are getting younger with the yearsand put new blogs now and then,&nbspalso debate others blogs like they know very well ,( lot of experience .)but when we check validation ups!!!none !!! and some have more than 10 years in this site.I know their answers` w... read more


Coming to Orlando October 17th to the 26. Need to know what is going on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 26th. Where do we go?... read more

Private Parties - NYC

We`ve explored on the site and have been to a few public parties in NYC. However, we`d like to look into private parties in our area. Anyone know of any in the NYC area? Either respond here or message us directly. Looking forward to the feedback.... read more

Sexpo London (Nov14th) - Anyone going?

Hi All,We are heading to Sexpo in London in November - anyone else going? Hoping to head to the party at Le Boudoir Club on Saturday night.Show should be fun - we had a blast at Erotica a couple of years ago.... read more

Verifying your ID

Good morning, just looking for some comment on the following. We recently were contacted by a single woman who asked us to visit a site to get what she called a secure ID. Now this seems to be a very good idea in practice and she claimed that she had met one guy and was attacked. Our method if deali... read more

December 3rd -6th

Xmas weekend away in the UK location yet to be decided ... Any offers ?... read more

California here we come!

We are going to California Oct 9-17 and are looking for some crazy fun! Swingers resorts? Clubs? Friends to meet up with? ... read more

Halloween Party

We are looking for a fun adult Halloween party the weekend of Oct 23-25.  We are in Columbus, Ohio but are willing do drive/fly for a good time.  Thanks for any suggestions!... read more

MSC Divina Clothes-Optional Caribbean Cruise

Hi there, we are trying to make contact with any couples who will be on the MSC Divina swingers` cruise on 16 April 2016 out of Miami. Would be great to make a few friends beforehand to meet on the ship!... read more

Bratislava, 25th to 27th of September - we like to meet couples

We are an  attractive couple from Vienna and hope to meet an open minded, high-level couple during that time in Bratislave. We enjoy lustful moment, ecstasy, pure sexual pleasure in many way, but also a nice talk and a good glass of wine... We are cited in a Hotel in the center of Bratislava and ha... read more

Female Photographer

Looking for a female photographer to do a tasteful sexual shoot with the hubby in the San Antonio area.Jess... read more

Who pays?

We`ve had fun in the past with single males and we always seem to pay for a hotel room as we can`t entertain at home. This can get quite expensive. We like to visit our local club with playing on site but it can be rather expensive for single males and I know it`s not for everyone. This all in consi... read more

Mile High Experiences

We deal with private jets all day and every day and have recently launched a new website dedicated to mile high flights for 2 to 50 passengers on very luxurious jets.I want to know who`s joined the club and if this sounds appealing.We joined in the toilet of a 747 on the way to Fiji some years ago. ... read more


Can any one offer insight to Ranch4play in &nbspEustis FL? &nbspHow does it compare to Secrets in Kissimmee?   Any feedback is welcomed. &nbspWe are think of checking it out soon.   Thanks in advance.  ... read more

Social week with Party Surprise at Home Houses.14/9 to 20/0233

14/9 Monday and after waking I was pretty much flat out all day on work related stuff. Rita went to the doctors and then shops. I went down to Kensington for 2.30 for a meeting with Ke about taking on a new product for shopping malls and was back by 5ish. Exchanged some emails with J&ampI re Lis... read more

What happens at home?

I attend parties! I love parties. I play with your boyfriends and your husbands. Sometimes you`re the instigator, sometimes you watch, sometimes you join, and sometimes you`re off enjoying yourself. Fun ensues throughout the evening and at the end of the night you leave together. BUT What happens ne... read more

What happens at home?

I attend parties! I love parties. I play with your boyfriends and your husbands. Sometimes you`re the instigator, sometimes you watch, sometimes you join, and sometimes you`re off enjoying yourself. Fun ensues throughout the evening and at the end of the night you leave together. BUT What happens ne... read more

Food Noir - Thursday

We have booked to go to the `Food Noir` dinner event at The Gore in London on Thursday night. Are any other SDC`ers coming along ?... read more

Want a part time lifestyle gig?

Looking for a woman with lifestyle experience in the Dallas area to help promote a new lifestyle oriented website.This would be part time to start, but could grow into full time. Let us know if you are interested or know someone who might be.Cheers... read more

Bad Romance?

Any one visited this place? What`s your impression? Cheers ... read more

Norwich England

We will be visiting Norwich, any advise on fun spots? Cheers... read more


Can anyone recommend clubs in London? Thanks... read more

Una pequeña ayuda

Me separe de mi pareja y quiero mantener mi perfil aqui pero como lo cambio a que ahora soy hombre solo buscanda?... read more

Unbelievable This story is literally incredible. It can’t be believed. A woman has been convicted and will be imprisoned because her lover believed her to be a man. In several sexu... read more

Hump Day Pool Party @ Risque Vegas

Join us by the pool from 12:00pm till 6:00pm.. BYOB, we supply the mixers &amp the snacks... read more

Clubs in Rome

Can anyone recommend clubs in Rome... Friends who are new to lifestyle and have not yet become members of a site are travelling to Rome. Whilst we can recommend the usual tourist hotspots, we both visited this gorgeous city prior to our naughty life. They are a Genuine couple and genuinely intereste... read more

Party Week Extrordinaire!:1/9 to 13/9/15

1/9 Woke after 9 and caught up with emails and read Times. Had a conference call at 11. Rita popped out to the shops and I stayed in all day. We had to invites to a party tomorrow night and also to meet up with another 3 swingers at Sanderson`s on Thursday. In the evening we drifted into a naughty... read more


Although we are in the lifestyle for sometime, we were never party lovers. We tend to prefer small house parties than clubbing or crowded parties. Now as owners of a lingerie shop, where clubwear plays an important role, we would like to ask you, experienced ladies and gentlemen, about your prefer... read more

Question...GETTING OFF

As a man, I`ve always thought that the act of sex is more for women than it is for men. Men can usually get off on practically anything and an orgasm is right around the corner. Women can get off also but there are several different layers and it`s very different from guys. Women generally want to f... read more

`Who Likes Us`

There is a `Who Likes Us`  sub heading in the Friends/Favorites section Of SDC.  Most probably do not look at this but it is worth your time to see who is checking you out.  Ours, 60 single males, 39.9 couples, and one single female.... read more

October-2015 Halloween Fun In Orlando-FL

Here are some Halloween theme events going on in the Orlando area. What events/ venues are everyone attending this October ? ... read more

Halloween Parties

Big Halloween plans? Will you be attending a party at:... read more


i am not looking for just somebody to webcam with. i am looking for a perv.write me why you think you are a perv... read more


looking for a real pervert to webcam with. anybody? send me a message ... read more

Ródos, Southern Aegean (Greece) from 11-08-2015 to 11-11-2015.

Ródos, Southern Aegean (Greece) from 11-08-2015 to 11-11-2015.I wish my Male half (Gil) will find some Lifestyle friends while on his work/ vacation in Ródos, Southern Aegean (Greece) from 11-08-2015 to 11-11-2015.  Might you be interested in meeting up with him for a drink or maybe more. Gil is ... read more

Notes from the House party

1. So many people played we have never washed so many sheets and towels on a Sunday - thank God for Football on TV ! 2. Lost and found: white top tank, leather panties, reading glasses. Items will be destroyed by fire in 7 days unless you text me to claim them back. I guess the reading glasses will... read more

Fantasy Fest, Key West: Who are going?

Fantasy Fest is knocking on the door. From Oct 23 to Nov 1, 2015.Who are going there?It would be great to meet some people, partying and having fun.    ... read more

Panty give away

Our tumblr blog is nearing 1000 followers. So we are having a contest. Just send us fan mail you can send here or to us on tumblr. Google we will come up follow us. Then send us video or pic suggestions. Either here or there . We will read them all the one we like the ... read more

The Ranch

Anybody have any info about The Ranch in Eutis, FL?... read more

5 crucial questions

If a good friend of yours that is planning to interview a swinger couple (not us), would talk with you and would ask for your help formulating 5 crucial questions to ask, what would you say?  When he came to us, obviously he didn`t know that we have a secret world and we are ourselves swingers.We b... read more

induced ANR/ABF We are going to try, anyone doing...what is your views and results?

Please English grammar teachers give this woman a break. Is not my first language. Now to the reason of my post. Me and B are seriously considering trying ANR to induce milk . Have any of you tried with good results? He said a few days ago he would like to see my breasts full of milk by December as ... read more

SDC - our 13th anniversary

Today we begin our 14th year on SDC. We`ve had a BLAST!  Just wanted to say thanks to SDC for 13 years of great service.. Brian and Karen... read more

For the women that prefer men who aren’t afraid to embrace their testosterone

For the ladies allowing men to be the aggressor! Picking you up kissing and touching, while groping you up against the wall before moving the party to the bedroom. Taking charge in the bedroom, I tell you exactly what I want you to do to pleasure me. You totally surrender, trusting me with your body... read more


1st party to be announced soon (October 1st week).Limited entries. ... read more

visit to thailand

hi guys. We are visiting Bangkok on 29th oct. Any one interested for a meet? tks... read more

Leaving for Sin City?

First blog ever, so take that into some consideration, please and thanks. The Frisky`s are thinking of relocating to Sin City. What kind of `scene` is&nbspthere? Anyone have pros or cons on living in Sin City? Are there any decent clubs like Collette`s in the Dallas area? Or is it more&nbspo... read more

Round 2

Tonight the feeling was different when we entered the club. We felt a bit more confident and felt more at ease but the jitters was still there but not as explosive as our first night. The patrons mingled and I checked out who was there, it wasn`t a busy night, sipping wine we headed to change and o... read more

Sex with a Stranger

Happy Labor Day&nbspEveryone!  I tried to blog yesterday, but I`m clumsy&nbspand after two paragraphs, I erased it accidentally.The title of my blog was never so inaccurate in regard to this entry.  I have been fortunate this past week and I saw three men that I`ve known for about two year... read more

Travel Alert

Going to Coco Beach September 18th and 19th for Sea Doo races and playimg!... read more


Showering thinking of the message of my husband who says he`s be home in an hour. I decide to surprise him dressing myself in a garter belt and heels . I left him a sexy message and a quick pic to let him know what he`s coming home to. Setting the phone down I head to the kitchen when I hear the doo... read more

5 important things to take with you for a romantic weekend

It can be difficult to find the time to keep your relationship as interesting and exciting as it was in the beginning. When things start feeling stable and just a little bit too comfortable, it’s the perfect excuse to get away for a weekend with that special someone and rediscover the exci... read more

Clubs in Rome, Italy

We`re hoping to have a good time at a club or private party in Rome. We`re looking for something modern and young and in the city or easy to get to.Does anyone have any recommendations? ... read more

Somos en Bogota` DC

Hola, Maria y me somos en Bogota` DC. Quedan unos 2 meses y viajar a la República Dominicana para que Maria y yo podemos visitar con su familia. Nos alojaremos en Fontibon cerca del aeropuerto. El propietario de hostal sabe que Maria y yo somos swingers y no tiene problemas con los huéspedes que... read more

favorite part of a meet and greet

When I go to a meet and greet I think my favorite part is the diversity of people.&nbspFlirting and actually making new friends.What`s your favorite part of going to a meet and greet???  ... read more

Splash Party

We are vending at the upcoming Splash Party on September 24-26 and are looking for a few ladies that would be happy to model our hot, sexy clubwear. If you are attending the Splash Party and would be interested in modeling, please message us. If you would like to see the clubwear to model, please ... read more

Jon Blue`s Party: 25/8 to 31/8/15

25/8 Slept like logs till the alarm went off at 5am - groan! Got ready and walked through from hotel to check in for BA flight. Eventually through security - all duty free and retail shops closed - so&nbsptypically Italian! Then stopped at the one cafe open to order drinks and a sandwich. Stil... read more

strangers in the night

This is a real life story and too good and must be shared. Two years ago we went to Punta Cana,. My wife is really hot. Her name is Kim and she is around 5 feet 7 inches in height. She is from NJ and is very fair and has a great slim figure. Even at 51 years she is just too fucking hot. Her ass is ... read more


What is everybody doing for Holloween. We are looking for a party to attend in southwest Florida. ... read more

About Last Night!

It all became real when we started showering together, grooming each other in anticipation of what may happen later on that evening. As I outlined him I was thinking I wanted him to look perfect but still my liking. As we got dressed I felt sexy and he looked so incredibly hot, I felt a thrill run t... read more

Yet another tiny naturist beach from Portugal

Praia dos Pinheiros is a tiny naturist beach on the south part of Portugal. Beach is in Lagos and located between Praia do Camilo and&nbspFarol da Ponta da Piedade. There is no official gateway, there is a steep path carved into stones which is very difficult to take. It is very tiny but secure ... read more

French Clubs

We read that there are over 300 clubs in France. However, all the web sites we visit only show the same 12. Does anyone have a list of them and share your thoughs on good, and bad ones. We`ll be there at the end of Sept incase anyone wants to show us the towns...Nice/Paris... read more

Spice in the winter?

We are contemplating some winter sun the week prior to Christmas this year and are thinking about spending a few days at Spice.......The general consensus seems to be that it`s pretty basic amenity wise and it has had some problems with food quality but on the whole is worth seeing through these iss... read more