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Clubs in Paris

Hey there,it seems there are a lot of swingers clubs in Paris. Could anyone advise which ones are worth visiting? We are looking for a place with nice and young couples :) thank you!... read more

Where The Dicks Hang Out

Used to be that `where the dicks hang out` was the mens room. Seems to me that also describes SDC Chat Room. I believe that at least half of the profiles I read say `no single me` yet the chat room has very little chat and lots of cocks. Mostly big, hard cocks lined up like mug shots up and down the... read more

What a Week for Hospitals!: 19 -28/9/17

(Those of a nervous disposition should avoid this blog!).....19/9 Woke at 4.30 am and dozed off to 5.30 and got up and got ready to leave at 6am by tube to head to Devonshire Place for the biopsy. Arrived 20 mins or so later and got shown to the room - a pretty Portuguese nurse took blood - filled f... read more

Hot Wifing in Key West

Looking for places we can meet good straight guys into meeting couple for Hotwife fun. Any ides, bar, resorts, good places to stay??... read more

Travelling to Toronto, Canada?

If you are looking for a sexy, couples place to hang out while you are in Toronto, look no further! The O Zone has plenty of dance, social and play space (over 10,000 sq ft), is close to the airport and many hotels and there are no hoops to jump thru to attend any of the parties there. Open every Fr... read more

Visiting Toronto?

Travelling to Toronto, either for business, family or pleasure? Why not add The O Zone to your list of stops, and attend a party where you can meet other lifestyle couples, make friends and have fun!? Our 10,000+ sq feet of social, dance and play areas give you many areas to enjoy the atmosphere and... read more

who ends a blog?

The last blog topic about the debates was suddenly without a way to post a comment. Who decides to end comments, the blogger or SDC?... read more


Ok I know this is not the old swingers talk where we had lots of interesting non sex posts...but I will toss one in and see what just happened???... read more


Every time I visit Paris, i spend a few hours in the `after office` &nbspof Les Chandelles, the best and more distinguished club échangiste in town.From 4 to 7 pm , you could find secretaries, their bosses, business women, and even married couples having fun before getting home.It`s uncredible ... read more


We`re vacationing in the Boston area the second week of October. Is there any clubs or bars with the lifestyle in mind you could steer us in?Thanks!!... read more

Did you when you got into the LS?

Thank you for your responses to `watching` your spouse have sex...follow-up question?Did you imagine enjoying watching him/her fucking someone else when you got into the LS?I can tell you...I had no idea that I would!!Let us know if you are the make or female answering please...Thanks!!... read more

Performance enhancements before sex?

We are curious to see if anyone takes any type of performance enhancements / supplements before it`s time to play. Both of us have tried different types of creams and pills and we want to compare notes. 1. Who takes them (male or female)? 2. Reason you take them? 3. What do you take?4. Do you feel ... read more

my guy is oh my

first of all let me say i`m not judgeing,just for you ladies who`s guy is bi and you`re at a party getting your groove on a suddenly you see a penis in your man`s mouth or yipes up his ass,does something click or snap in the back of your mind?or is it live and let live,no harm no foul o... read more

swinger club in Nuremberg

Anybody knows good swinger club in Nuremberg only for couples? Which has dark room or activity room for couples? Now we are in Nuremberg, would be good to meet with couples here as well...... read more

Nuremberg swinger club

Anybody knows good swinger club in Nuremberg only for couples? Which has dark room or activity room for couples? Now we are in Nuremberg, would be good to meet with couples here as well...... read more


Anybody knows good swinger club in Nuremberg only for couples? Which has dark room or activity room for couples? Now we are in Nuremberg, would be good to meet with couples here as well...... read more

Sex with a Stranger

ey There - Long time.  For those of you who followed my story here`s what ended up happening with my brother.&nbspOn March 8, 2016, I found my brother in&nbspMiami where he was in a psychiatric hospital.  It was his birthday (56), and I&nbspdrove to the hospital to be with him and let ... read more

Sex with a Stranger

ey There - Long time.  For those of you who followed my story here`s what ended up happening with my brother.&nbspOn March 8, 2016, I found my brother in&nbspMiami where he was in a psychiatric hospital.  It was his birthday (56), and I&nbspdrove to the hospital to be with him and let ... read more

Princess Cruise 10/27

Doing 10 night southern Carribean cruise on Royal Princess starting on Oct 27.   This is not a LS cruise but hope to find another couple or M/F single to share some special holiday time with.   Let us know.  ... read more

desire pearl

going to desire pearl end of february into start of march mail us should you be going at that time... read more

Does someone`s career matter?

Good evening SDC family,Question. How important is it for you, in the lifestyle, to know what someone does for a career (Who is also in the lifestyle) before you &nbsphave a play date with them? This can be singles or couples. Does someone`s career matter or is it none of our damn business?... read more

anyone else going (

www.lacegracegears.comsounds like fun..wwe are... read more

Bliss Cruise Line Nov. 27 - Dec. 4

Hi there, we are going to the take over LS cruise , who is Coming? ... read more

Swinger club London

Hi. We are traveling to London in November and we wondering if there were any good and nice swinger club in central London to reckommed?&nbspThanks.... read more


any couple or single man or single woman who would like to play with us tonight?... read more

Missing `Friends` Section?

In the left column on your screen there used to be a section I think called `friends`.  You could see who favorited you, who blocked you, etc.  It seems to have disappeared.Why?... read more

Watching you enjoy watching your wife/girlfriend getting fucked, giving a blow job?...if no, how long have you been in the LS? you enjoy your man watching you do the above?  ... read more

Should us blue eyed swingers avoid play with other blue eyed swingers?

Every blue-eyed person on the planet is descended from a single European who lived around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago, and who first developed a specific mutation that accounts for the now widespread iris coloration.... read more

Suggestions for 10/31 in Las Vegas

We`re going to be in Las Vegas for a few days, and it seems most of the Halloween parties are happening on the 29th. &nbspDoes anyone know of anything fun to do on the actual day? &nbspPrefer a party that allows little (or no) clothing.... read more

La Macarena in Velez Malaga begin mei 2017

Dear swingfriends,We are considering to visit La Macarena in Velez Malage early May next year but we are afraid that it will be deserted in that period. Did anybody go there this early in the season? Is the smoking really so bad over there? Do we need to book a specific room? Any advice and do`s and... read more

What not to do if you want your wife to swing.

I keep reading articles and forums with the topic of ‘How to get your wife to swing’.I don’t think there is any one particular way to get your wife to swing.To be honest, that is the wrong way to think of it, you really can’t get or persuade anyone to take part in and enjoy the lifestyle aga... read more

Swinger cpl

Hi we are a cpl from Pune India would love to connect with swingers across the world visiting India .. We are planning a trip to Goa soon intrested in meeting some hot and lively cpls over drinks and see where we land up any one in Pune or visiting Goa msg us pls... read more

Genitals Pics?

We`re new here so excuse me if the answer is obvious. Why is it that when i tried to upload photos for our profile pics they got disapproved because they had `close ups` of genitals in them? Almost everyone I see has sexy pics like that. I don`t get it????... read more

Collette NOLA New Years Eve

Anyone know if Collette in NOLA is having a New Years party? I tried to call and email but the email bounced and I haven`t been able to get them on the phone yet. Sounds like that would be a great LS place to spend the new year.... read more

Manchester UK

We are staying a week in the Uk and Wales in november and want to visit a club.&nbspCan anyone reccomend a swingersclub in Manchester or elsewhere in the Uk. &nbspAre clubs in UK to compare with, for example, the fun4two in the Netherlands? Thank you  ... read more

Rita in Moscow: 12/9 to 19/9/16

12/9 Spent most of the day on work related stuff and was due to head North when a couple of appointments cancelled and so adjusted my plans to stay at home. Watched A Kind of Traitor in the evening, chatted to Rita about her day in Moscow before heading to bed.13/9 Woke before 8 and heard Rita`s you... read more

joe and casy

hi am joe ,,,,,, and looking for a single male to fuck my wife casy good and hard while i watch ,,,,, anyone ?????? please... read more

Yesterday I had an extremely sexy night with my man!

It was a great wonderful evening!!! Mark and I had some nice dinner along the river, then we can`t wait to be home soon and have the licking fucking ) Just now i try to tell you how great it was... I will never forget the night!Dinner not yet finished, i felt my pussy is already wet and her temperat... read more

Sweetly September Cap D`adge

From 21-26 Sept Cap FUNWoooww Ladies and the Italian Stallion together with Bianchigal check them out on sdc, come back to the great village for the second time this year. Get in touch with us, we have large availability of space to host naughty orgy all around the village. Port Na... read more

happily swingle

so you`re a single in the lifestyle life,if you made a connection with someone you met at a sex party and that relationship grows,would you marry that person knowing what you know? would you stay in the lifestyle? or would you only marry someone who was never in the life i.e. a good girl or guy,not ... read more

Photoshop Help

No sex talk in this blog, sorry.          I receive documents that have graphics and photos.  I want copy and print them, but Photoshop will not allow me to do this. Anyone know how I can get around this?Thanks... read more

Puerto Rico?

OK, tell us about Lifestyle in Puerto Rico. Are there clubs, parties, LS `Hangouts`, etc? We haven`t seen much about it looking through this and a couple of other sites.Thanks!:)... read more

App vs computer

Has anyone compared the app vs using the site on a computer? It seems that the app is only showing a small portion of the profiles. I`m talking to someone and they say they aren`t seeing some of what is in our profile. I can`t make the comparison because the app has never worked right any time I`ve... read more

Which is `better`?

Vanilla sex or LS sex. In whatever combination you like it.Please note that is the one asking.  😎... read more

Lisbon? What and who to do?

We are heading over to Lisbon on the 24th.from what I see there are only 2 clubs neither overly central nor very open to newcomers (happy to be proved wrong).has anyone been and found a fun club to visit or sauna? Any like minded couple fancy meeting up? ... read more

Expecting and Swinging

So hoping for insight from the swing community on a somewhat sensitive topic. please be respectful before responding for my beautiful wife will be monitoring the responses. The question we have is, Is it taboo to swing while pregnant? if so why, or to what extent in reference to months pregnant. Is ... read more

What I`ve Learned in the LS Survey

Check out our blog directly here: us on Twitter here: @swingerdiary---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Claire and I would love if you would respond to the f... read more

Single in the LS Survey Results

Check out our blog directly here: us on Twitter here: @swingerdiary------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When people think swin... read more

Club cave in Houston

Is it still open? &nbspDoes anyone go? &nbspI know a potential newbie female that wants to watch other folks to start...TMZ has a constricted space, suspect she will feel crowded. &nbspClub cave was much more open but I have not been in several years...stiil exists and draws a crowd? Goo... read more

OH the Irony

You gotta laugh when someone babbles about having an `open mind` and deletes and block when someone gives an honest opinion of their convoluted fallacies.***on a side note***  If couples with a real bi-female always seem to have a reason NOT to stay in touch. Maybe someone oughta reflect on why th... read more

Star Wars Halloween party Oct 22

We have our annual Halloween party coming up on Oct 22,2016 in Northglen Colorado. If you haven`t been you should go and check it out.. We have great feedback from our parties. People look forward to them all summer long (we don`t have any parties in the summer) this years Halloween party is themed ... read more

Party planning

e have an upcoming party which we`re helping to host (UK Midlands with ANTLOU on October 8th if you`re interested) and thought we`d get some more ideas.We posted a blog before about getting things started which gave us some great ideas but we thought we`d ask a more general `what`s blown your minds ... read more

Funny Little Week - 5/9 to 11/9

5/8 Slept through till 8.30 and heard Rita`s youngest head off to work. Rita came back to bed and we chatted for a while before getting up and having brunch. Later I headed to gym and worked through afternoon. Rita`s youngest came back from first day at work and later we had a long chat about work a... read more


We are empty nesters and like the club scene. &nbspWe have flexible schedules that allow us to travel frequently. &nbspWe have gone to quite a few clubs, Atlanta, Florida, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Paris, Amsterdam and Belgium just to name some of the clubs we have been to. &... read more

2016 Freakshow Masquerade Performer Spotlights

Want to know more about our Freakshow Masquerade performers this year? &nbspThis is the place!... read more

London Paris Amsterdam

Going to these cities. Any recommendations on switch clubs or sexcpades?... read more

Generation YWF

Let`s face it, it`s hard for us younger people to find the same sense of community that the older crowd has. Many of them started partying around our age, and now they have friends that they`ve know for longer than many of us have been in a relationship. We have created a community for us to find, c... read more

Young Wild & Free

Generation Y (aka Millennials) are experiencing a second wave of sexual &amp relationship revolution. Swinging, Polyamory, and a myriad of other sexual and relationship dynamics are being explore with less and less taboo or social disapproval. Let`s use GenerationYWF to explore that further.We a... read more

Nfl predictions?

I got my pats over arizona...but pittsburgh over green bay is as likely...your predictions?... read more

@ Helpdesk or @ Webmaster - Site Enhancements

Firstly, I realize that there is a suggestion box and or direct ways to reach you. &nbspHowever, I am openly commenting and questioning site functionality because I think there might be a few other people that have the same questions and am doing this in the hopes that you won`t have to answer t... read more

Kinky Swingers of United Utrecht Perverts

Hi there, welcome to My Blog for those into BDSM, kink &amp fetishes! Me &amp the United Utrecht Perverts (UUP) are based out of Utrecht but all kinksters are welcome. UUP is an expressly safe, sane, and consensual community. Stay tuned for more :-) ... read more

Skin Dallas

Never been. Curious about it and want to get some feedback from those who have been before? Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Worth checking out?Thanks in advance!... read more


What happened to the Nudge Button.. It has disappeared.Chris... read more

San AntonioSensual Massage for Wife

Wife would love a sensual, full body, orgasmic massage, from another talented female in the general San Antonio area. Talented hands and fingers are fine, no oral expected.  Salon recommendations are also appreciated.... read more


CRUISE TIME! We`ll be on the Norwegian Sky from Sept 26-30 2016. We`d love to make friends and chat it up before we go. Then have a rockin` the boat time all together. Anyone going on this cruise that wants to party like rock stars, hit us up!... read more


In this lifestyle/hobby, what would define a slut, if they really exist?... read more


Hi everyone,We are going to Magaluf in the next couple of weeks and wondered if anyone can tell us if there are any swingers clubs in the area? If any one from that area wants to meet us for a drink and have some fun then let us know.Thanks xx... read more

Costa Rica or Panama living?

We&nbspplan to retire in Costa Rica or Panama...starting to visit this Spring to consider locations.  If you have visited and care to share city ideas we`d appreciate the help.  We are thinking the west coast, beach mainly. Truly appreciate any guidance...hurry March!!... read more

Alcohol and swinging

This podcast by the swinging milf was very interesting, She worries that the amount of alcohol swingers drink at parties is often excessive. She highlights&nbspa number of problems caused by booze the most innocent being the inability of men and women to perform men... read more


isn`t the purpose of this website to find your fantasy in this life style.. I joined 100 to find a woman to fulfil, mine &amp my partner fantasy through a threesome.. &nbspbut, for some reason, all i find is couples wanting to swap?? where can i find what im looking for?... read more


Hi Can anybody help is the any good swinging clubs in Manchester that anyone can recommend to use looking for a good night out with a little class ??... read more

Why so hard

Maybe were doing something wrong, but why is it so hard to meet people on this site? We live in North Dallas, a lively swing community, but we find it so hard to meet people, when we send messages out no reply. What are we doing wrong? We`re not into clubbing, but we do go to a few meet and greet th... read more