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Tasteful Pornographic Novel

I've written and published (electronically) a full-length pornographic novel. The story line follows a sexually adventuresome couple from high school through today (25 years later) as they grow sexually, emotionally, and experimentally. My question is this: Any thoughts on how best to promote the bo... read more

New version SDC

Since new version has arrived, we're noticing  in our "Activity Log" on our home page is showing we've "liked " couples that we have not ….. We're sure they are lovely couples, but we haven't sent them a "like" …..Anyone else experiencing that?... read more

Swingersclubs in barcelona

Hallo, Wij zijn 20 oktober in Barcelona. En willen daar een club gaan bezoeken voor paren. We zien er drie( club Oops en club open en club uhomo). Heeft iemand ervaring met een van deze clubs? Of weet nog iets anders in Barcelona ? We horen het graag. Xxx ... read more

Twice a week pump and dump gh slut avail

hosting near 285/exit 30 - chamblee dunwoody. willing to take all who want a turn in me. specializing in pump and dump action. always discreet. easy in, easy out. prefer endowed. but end of the day, age, race, etc. doesn't matter. ghgalks dot com has more info on me (as well as how to contact). marr... read more

Miami - Biscayne Bay Boating

Hi seeking interest in setting up boating group around MIA/Biscayne Bay. Who’s in and where / when would you want to meet up. The Bay gets crowded...any good “private spots” for playful raft-ups?... read more

Updated App problems

To the SDC IT department, cant upload any pics to emails or albums. Please help! ... read more


Formal recommendation to SDC to revert. Consider testing future versions prior to force releasing. There are way too many bugs right now, degraded, less user friendly format. Needs too much work to simply let it linger while getting fixed. ... read more

New SDC format... anyone else having problems?

Links that don’t work, small print and pictures, terrible layout... who the hell moved my cheese?,.... read more

Looking for couples our first time

Hello everyone We are just looking for couples who would like to go out and have a good time it will be our first time doing this so I wouldn’t want you guys to expect anything as my wife is very shy and quiet she has told me that she is very curious about this but i know she probably would go thr... read more

Life continues as usual.. : 10/9 to 23/9/18

10/9 Monday and truly overslept till 11am! Got up and got stuck into some work and carried through till early evening. We watched a little TV and then put our “sky” on and made love before falling asleep. 11/9 Again didn’t wake till 10am and worked. Rita overslept her blood test appointment ... read more


Is bisexuality related to age?... read more

Different Perspectives....

Lady Blind folded, feeling the cold pressure from the hard floor, strange voices ring out The pussy swells in anticipation, as the fast zipping sound occurs Muffled voices cuts the air, some strange some familiar, body heat gets close Strange hands touch the red lips, while you can’t move, but a... read more

Dating Apps

After several tries with dating apps we realized why we like swinging! And thought it would be fun to get other members take on such sites. Just a lighthearted dive into this topic.... read more

New Lifestyle Friendly BnB

Here you will experience the privacy and comfort of a beautiful , luxurious home. The adult-only property is comprised of only four bedrooms, providing an intimate feeling and allowing the highly professional team to be 100 focused on your relaxation and enjoyment. This Property makes the perfect b... read more

Play a lot

😍We are looking for full swap couples and females😘 to hang out with and see where it goes. Hit us up if youd like to get together! Mona and JacKik lovermanjjj Text 7542465445... read more

Allure Escapades Couples Partys

We host upscale Lifestyle couples partys. Always held at San Diegos sexiest venues. Next Party is our Erotic Halloween Party at Volcano Rabbit on Saturday October 27th 2018. Join the sexiness. Total buyout of venue. Dana & Michelle ... read more

Need advice

Good morning everyone..hope y’all having a wonderful day, me and my fiancé been in the LS on and off for almost 3 years now but now we are completely in it.. we enjoy the Ls but it’s hard to meet women who don’t only want to have sex with me.. we play together and party together but we don’... read more

Best way to get started

I am in need of some advice on how to join the lifestyle. So my wife and I have been talking about adventuring in the LS for about a year now. We dipped our toes in about 8 months ago and felt like we were being catfished so we backed out. And I mean all the way out and decided to regroup and see if... read more

info about funny places in Malta

Hi we are a couple who will be in Malta about 15 October 2018. Can you suggest us some funny place (SPA, Sauna, Disco, ...)? ... read more

Club advise?

My wife and I have been discussing about venturing out to a LS club. We are fairly new to this and we’re wondering which clubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are good to go to? We would like to go to one with mostly couples, we figure that there will be a few single guys but that is not what w... read more

Breast Fimrness and Enhancement in Tantra way

For those of you in life style and apart from usual fun one key area to try is breast firmness and enhancement for the ladyin ancient tantric methods used for queens at a time when there was no surgery available The brief description of this method is for a multi orgasmic female , male partner ... read more

How far would you go?

How far would you drive, not fly, to meet with someone?  Just a question that popped into mind.... read more

Liquid V for Men

I think the fact that the use of condoms often kills the moment for long lasting fantastic sex is well agreed upon.A guy recommended to me (Kristi) that he has had good luck with putting Liquid V for Men INSIDE his condom before putting it on for sex.  He says that it gives him increased sensat... read more

For all the Single Sexy Men

All of us in this lifestyle are likely fully aware that single men can have some challenges when wanting to meet up with couples or single women. So guys, If you're angry that single men don't get a break, you need to wonder. Or, why do some single men on the site have a ridiculous amount of validat... read more

Muchen, Belin and/or Prague

Hello everyone. We are traveling to all 3 places in the next few weeks. Are there any clubs or advice about Europe. All is very welcome. Thanks in advance. ... read more

Lessons learned from last weekend S1 E14

Pool party Forecast was thunderstorms on Saturday, and we had played on Friday night at home, so we were wondering whether we should go to that pool party or rest. But the party was organized by this great couple that we love so we decided to go. Lesson #1: nothing like a little afternoon nap to ge... read more

Vegas Sept 20 th

We posted our info about being in Vegas Sept 20th to the 25 th. But it seems no one else is interested. It would be fun to meet a nice couple there while we're at Caesars. Why is it that we get looked at and then no one responds? Our photos are recent ,so am I too old and is she too young ??? Whats ... read more

Searching for a photo

Hoping someone can help me out here...Was browsing profiles and saw a photo of a lady in lingerie with a bottle of champagne in one hand and handcuffs in another.... I'm trying to find it or one similar. Arranging a photo shoot and the style of this photo was just HOT!They would have been in the Tex... read more

Houses for a private party

Hello all,Does anyone know of any house or facility that may be available for rent to throw a swingers party?? Ideally medium to large size with the usual facilities required for the purpose ( showers, beds,...). Location : Tampa/ Lakeland/ Orlando or other Central Florida location.Thank you all,CHX... read more


Testing functions for the mobile site... read more

Sexually Transmitted Disease Gone, No Pregnancy, Would You Play Bareback?

You see many profiles where it is stated condoms only, but when you look at the photos, there is one of the couple bareback with someone obviously not their spouse.So got to thinking, what if there was absolutely no more issues with sexually transmitted disease, and there was no possibility of pregn... read more

Lack of Confidence

My wife and I have been members for quite some time, but it must be ten-year's since we have met anyone, on here or anywhere.I wanted to leave SDC, simply because it was always my wife who would be the boss when it came to meeting couple or single ladies, and as we hadn't been out to play it made se... read more


Looking for a hostcpl or male MFM ...Portugal, Spain, Rome, Moscow anywhere Europe .. Sep & Octany suggestions PM 😘 hotel host 😉... read more

Fantesy Fest 2018

We are so looking forward to attending Fantasy Fest again this year.  We are looking for hot playful couoles to hang out with.  We plan an early afternoon stroll down George Street each afrernoon starting from the Waldorf and returning by 4 or so, followed by  club hopping strol... read more

First meetings-How do you do them?

Hoping for some feedback from people. How do you handle first meetings? Dinner? Drinks? Straight to the fun!?! Do you prefer meeting for cocktails? Getting a hotel room and meeting in the lobby? Dinner? Set a date and time to attend a club?For those that meet with single males- Do you meet him ... read more

Fond Memories

I definitely enjoy it when my boy toy comes by ... read more

Cancun - Playa del Carmen

Hi All,We'll be visiting the Cancun/Playa del Carmen area in October. And we're wondering where we could go from some naughty adult fun? We know there are some lifestyle clubs in Cancun. But which ones are good and which should we avoid? Wish you all a hot and spicy read more

An experience we liked a lot!

It started with a little story my wife told me one night as we were in bed snuggling. She told me that once in her single teenage days her then boyfriend invited her to a party a friend of his was having. That night as she was getting ready for her boyfriend to pick her up, for some rea... read more

The e-vite to play hooky...

Leave... leave now and go get a room... text me the room number... I'll be close behind you...Kiss me... Suck me... Fuck me... Repeat until 5pm...... read more

Random Thoughts 1.2

The huntress enters the arena. A new conquest. No worries. It's time to slay him She is dressed in her weapons of choice with nicely french manicured nails and lipstick. In the arena, the ghosts of her prior conquests watch on. She is so ready He enters slowly. Watching his prey move with ease. ... read more

Board games

Which one are the best adult board games to break the ice and party in group? ... read more

Caliente Resort

Hello Everyone,Was hoping to get some feedback regarding potentially visiting Caliente for a weekend.Is it play friendly?  What is the crowd like?  Private parties?? We are not hardcore but do like to have fun and have never been to a clothing optional/nudist resort.I have heard that some ... read more

Tantra Chair

Hi!Has anyone used the Tantra Chair? We would love to hear your experiences!... read more

Sex toys

We are trying to find who knows how to buy sex toys in lebanon ?We are more then 300 members in lebanon and we hope to have support.Kisses... read more

Sex toys

We are trying to find who knows how to buy sex toys in lebanon ?We are more then 300 members in lebanon and we hope to have support.Kisses... read more

Crazy Weekend: 3/9 to 9/9/18

3/9 Woke at 10.30 - read Times - then worked through till around 5 and then had an early supper and chilled and start d to watch Series 2 of Osark. Did a favour for MsM to meet her new tenant and hand over keys to her apartment. Rita found her pashmina under the bed over that had lay in a heap for ... read more


We've had so much fun this weekend while riding in Arizona forests...... read more

Does swinger attraction pass through....

the stomach at all? If so, I know how to cook! Greek cuisine as well! Lolz... read more

Fantasy Fest

M&G Tuesday-Friday @ Galleon Tiki Bar 4PM, topless sun anyone?... read more


From 14th to 18th Semptember.......looking for single bull or groups!... read more

Hall passes

With all the arguments about the truth of these (single guys posing as a couple with a hall pass) we thought this would be an easy way to solve the issue (unless of course someone is very clever with photoshop....). ... read more

vacation curacau

any one that will be there from 1 aug till 1 ockt... read more

fine dine everywhere

come enjoy fine dine with class gentleman..nothing better than to surprise nice friendly couple with best dine..i will be always welcoming them..everywhere...... read more

Paris Club

We're planning a trip back to Paris at the end of September and were wondering about the clubs there. We've been to Overside in the past and would love to meet another couple or two from this site to show us all the best clubs in Paris..If you've been to clubs, your thoughts about them would be grea... read more

Just to break the monotony.....

 Click here to see my video ... read more

Ms. Aa.

A sexy and tall Texan lady awaits at the table. She looks so resplendent As the cocktails are served and conversations start, the chemistry is lovely Dinner is lovely as I gaze into her eyes. We verbally flirt with each other We head back to her place, kissing on the lift and in the corridors It ... read more

A slut surfaces

I walk up the steps, voices everywhere but in the corner. Loud noises of pain and pleasure The girls waiting for Sybian, others get tied up but the real action is deeper One Black dress with an open pussy. Pop, pop, pop. The white pussy gets fingeredBlack Men stand in the shadows. They get read... read more

Helena Walks

Greek goddess walks in a sexy black outfit and stunning red nails. SultryHelen of Troy launched a thousand ships, Her modern descendant doesn't disappoint Pull her up for a kiss. She is soaking wet. The sweet smell breaks the air You find a yummy feast between her legs. You start and the sweet jui... read more


A leopard dress rolled up while juicy lips are ready, waiting for the thrust Long manicured hands, stimulate, while head and eyes roll back in pleasure Labia is spread wide as I am riding west getting that deep rhythm right Television runs, no one watches as we make our own sexy sitcom As both part... read more

Random Thoughts 1.1

Whore, cum slut, slave, and submissive. These words are badges of honor for her Her Herstory is complex. The good and bad has made her resilient But she desires to submit to a master that provides a safe space When she first meets him, she is flush with emotions and nerves. She is awake Awaked from... read more

What Happened To The Bella Vita Boat Club?

And what happened to Barbie aka BlondFlasher?  Been a while, but she and "Ken" were a fixture at the old Plato's.... read more

Lessons learned from this past week-end S1 E13

We went out of town this weekend. Our best friends GuyFriend and GirlFriend invited us to a boat tie-up party. Wife and I knew we’d have wild sex with them on Friday night, but had not expectation for the boat tie-up. Those are usually for pretty girls to show their boobs and that’s it. We get ... read more

Recovery Week and Party Weekend: 29:8 to 2/9/18

29/8 Set alarm at 8.45 for a conference call. Good call but had woken feeling tired after a broken night with Rita’s tummy. Then carried on working through till after 1pm and then showered and went out for a walk with Rita into Portobello to buy a few things and get some fresh air. Then home and ... read more

Perfect Cuckolding - as I see it...

Parallell to all the amazing "onetime" experiences that I've had in this world, I'm also constantly on the lookout for the perfect cuckold relationship. The thing is that it's hard to find. I'm in a very good one right now and when it developed I had the opportunity to set it up "by the book", my bo... read more

I died and went to heaven

·                    I feel as if I had died and gone to heaven. Here I am, sweaty, feeling like a wet rag, a dull throbbing in my lower belly... Wait, wait, let me start from the beginning! I had been browsing Tinder and found I had a match with... read more