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Where's all the swingers meet in the Texarkana area

Hello!This is cajunlady3669,and i'm new to the Texarkana area.I'm from se tx and don't really know anyone here that's in the life style.I was told there's a group here in Texarkana called Tearkana swingers and that they are very friendly,and meet at some club here.I'd like to know more about this a... read more

What will women do when...

When Roe VS. Wade is overturned?  ( Sorry folks, but this current Judicial Nomination will most definately pass)  Do women that are forced to have babies now have more right to declair the father more responsible to pay for thier children? Will the men that share "responsibility" for the c... read more

Seven more U.S. service members were killed

Capping the bloodiest month for American troops since January, the U.S. military reported Monday that seven more U.S. service members were killed — all victims of increasingly sophisticated bombs that have been become the deadliest weapon in the insurgents' arsenal.  2025 Dead "Troops" so far... read more

Days Hotel

We have recently visited xtasia in west bromwich and had a real horrible time there, I must admit I was pretty wound up before we went in anyway, we stayed at the days hotel (formerly Howard Johnsons) and we were totally disgusted by the way in which it has been changed, there was no soap in the bat... read more

Any dinner rides??

We like to ride our Harley out to dinner.  Do the SOB members ever get together as a group to go to dinner or to Strokers or to any other bar etc.  Let us know when you do please. Kristi & Doc  ... read more

Killing Kittens.. London..

Hi everyone, we keep getting invited to these parties called killing kittens which are meant to be similar to the feverparties. We just wondered if they are for real and what they are like? Their events are pretty expensive like £150 and very little info on their web site so we'd v... read more

where can a bi-female go for fun

I have been looking for a nice place to take a fun vacation, but most places are for couples only that I have found on swing websites. "Club Desire spa and resort" So where can I go, to have fun, but be relaxed....  Anyone have any suggestions...... read more


As you might or might not know, there is one week until opening deer season here in North Texas. So Saturday NIGHTMARE (AKA Fireworks) myself and our 3rd lease partner who I will call K were all out at the lease doing some last minute work. I should also point out that Diana was out at the lease al... read more


HI peeps we would just like to say thanks to Ian + Trish for a great party last night also making us feel so welcome , great atmosphere , great people attending we hope to see ya guys real soon take care  PAUL+EMMA XXXX... read more

Haloween Party at Club Xtasia

WOW! what a great night even for us poor workers.  Thanks to everyone who attended the party.  Everyone was well behaved and extremely happy.  It was our busiest night ever, 564 people, there were some great costumes, the grim-reaper stood out being over 7ft tall, there were som... read more

Secrets party tonight ..who going ???

Any of  you  sexy people  going to  the  Secrets  party in south devon tonight ?  drop us a line   be nice to meet other  members....... read more


I firmly believe that there is always something good to say about every person, and I enjoy giving compliments. If you feel the same as I do, here's your chance to indulge. LOL! Say something good about anyone in SE Room. If they have outstanding traits (physical, emotional, social, mental, etc.), m... read more

Hurricane Wilma update

Hi to all of those of you that attend the regular Fetish Factory parties in Ft. Lauderdale.  Due to hurricane Wilma, there are some updates to upcoming parties. The HALLOWEEN party, originally scheduled for 10/29 at club Revolution, is now rescheduled for Saturday, November 12th at Club Collise... read more

The Erotic Zone

Oct.28th & 29th  Halloween weekendTGIF Friday is our Spirited Party!One night of celebrating Halloween is just not enough!~ For those that can't get away on Saturday, cum party with us on Friday! Wear your favorite costume and join in the FUN!!! We promise to be ghoulish and full of SPIRIT... read more

HALLOWEEN PARTY TONITE 9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop

Friday 28th is HALLOWEEN AT OURPLACE Saturday 29th is HALLOWEEN AT OURPLACE FANCY  DRESS  if you wish  9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop  NO WORKING GIRLS REAL Swingers REAL SEXY PLAY AREAS SIMPLY THE BEST SWINGERS CLUB IN LONDON couples single girls ( as always polite guy... read more

Just have to say it out loud

I bought some new pants yesterday and I fit into a size 8.... Damn I am proud of myself.....(Sorry - I needed to express it somewhere...) Laloca... read more

A Little Help please

Would like a little help in the manner of opinion. To all of those Ladies who use a Strap-On dildo either for their lady friends or their mate. What type of Harness do you use? What do you reccomend? We have been searching for one and the choices are too many to comprehend! We have decided that the ... read more

Oh, that old chestnut again!

Many moons ago a topic appeared on the old version of SE about the names people use on this and similar sites. We have had mail from a few single guys recently with names that put us off before we even read what they have to say! What should people avoid when choosing a name? Why should they avoid i... read more

Last topic, promise!! lmao

So you go to a party and you know that one of the couples at this party has a little secret... You know for a fact that she's on the rag, yet she's playing!! Are we missing something here, isn't that kinda dangerous? Is there some new gadget that allows women to do that without endangering othe... read more

Fair play, is it truly fair?

LADIES Why is it OK for my wife to throw the VETO card when a couple wants to play, yet when I do it, the other couples female half throws a tantrum supposedly equal to or greater than a single male does? (of which I highly doubt) Why can a woman get a pass on throwing the veto card, yet t... read more

Single Males

I would like some advice please.  I am a male half of a swinging couple who have just, unfortunatly, split up.  She would like to continue in the lifestyle, a decision I fully support.  I would also like to continue, however, I now find that venues are in short supply as, quite rightl... read more

for Vix, Jules and Diz

8th Grade final Exam Do u remember   All this and no computer to find the answers?   What it took to get an 8th grade education in 1895 Remember when grandparents and great-grandparents stated that they only had an 8th grade education? Well, check this out. Could any of us have passed... read more

fed up with cpl swingers wanting to swing alone ?

after several weeks we have had emails and chatted to the male part of a cpl and we are abit shocked at how many wives and partners of these men seem not to mind them playing alone while there at home with the kids .....please can you help me with this question ladies and gents would you let your ot... read more

Wilma gives a HELL of a blowjob

It's late, I'm tired, and I just got power back about an hour ago (with 3 innings left in the world seires of course - I have a charmed gift of only watching sports when sports history is in the making, but that's a different post).  So 2 1/2 days w/out power.  I missed cable much more th... read more

Yes I did a name and location change

Yes I had to change my name on here and other "adult" sites due to the gentleman I WAS seeing publically putting my information online (home phone and all) along with "For a Quickie Call". He had all my names and a majority of my photo's so a fast change in location and information was in order. I... read more

A Democrat speaks out against abortion

Reality Vs. Rhetoric in the Abortion Debate Monday, October 24, 2005 By Martin Frost I am normally reluctant to write about the highly charged issue of abortion, but this time is an exception. For those of you who consider all abortion to be murder, you should stop reading now. These remarks are di... read more

AMSTERDAM ...NOV 24 to Nov 28

We are in Amsterdam 24Nov for 4 nights, anyone else doing the trip. Planning a visit or 2 to the clubs and looking for company.   Be happy   SWING... read more

You really have to wonder...

And our nominee for idiot...sorry, optimist of the week is the bozo who sent us the following email.  Won't tell you his name but suffice it to say that he had no picture and not one word in his "profile". "My name is ********, i am Greek, 33 years old, and i will be in Belgium next Friday.I re... read more

The Erotic Zone

Oct.28th & 29th  Halloween weekendTGIF Friday is our Spirited Party!One night of celebrating Halloween is just not enough!~ For those that can't get away on Saturday, cum party with us on Friday! Wear your favorite costume and join in the FUN!!! We promise to be ghoulish and full of SPIRIT!... read more

Sligo Meet ?

Hi, We are thinking of organising a 'meet & greet' session at a sligo hotel with a small buffet and decent bar etc.  If we make a group booking in advance then we might also get the rooms a little cheaper.  We were thinking of about 10 couples ( ie. ten double rooms ) at around about ... read more


Last Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in my lawn chair, drinking beer and watching my wife mow the lawn. The neighbor lady from across the street was so outraged at this that she came over and shouted at me, "You should be hung." I took a drink from my can of Budweiser, wiped the cold foam from my... read more

Can they show this on cable?

Dish Network Program Guide: 8:00AM Channel 214 DP: Hurricane Central: Wilma Looks like Wilma is going to have a fun time at Hurricane Central, and they plan to show it on the air! :)... read more

london clubs and bars

Hello all, a couple i know are going to london 6th november(sunday) and they are thinking about having some fun while they away, they are looking for a club or bar thats not "in your face" and is laid back. They really want to try things out but dont want to feel uncomfatable as its there first time... read more

Game Time

Game time ... Describe me in ONE WORD, just one word! The next person post ONE WORD about the previous poster. See how many strange things people say about you!This could be fun! See what they say about you! INTERESTING!!!! Ha!       I know this is close to “Random Comment... read more


Some peeps are having problems with the SE chat room, it freezes and sometimes fails to display text. If you are experiencing such problems please notify HELPDESK as it is very likely that he can help you resolve this problem.    ... read more

three wishes

A Husband takes his wife to play herfirst game of golf. Of course, the Wife promptly hacked her first shot rightthrough the window of the biggest house adjacent to the course. The husband cringed, "I warned you to becareful! Now we'll have to go up there, find the owner, apologize, and seehow much ... read more

SDC Night Days Inn 29th

In the afternoon on the sdc nights lots of people meet up in the lounge at the days for a chat and get to know you. We are not able to go to the sdc night but we will be going over in the afternoon to say hi to a few of you sexy people. So if you going in the evening,  come over to the Days inn... read more


We will be in Berlin 2-3th November and in Prag 4th November.We would like to meet some fun couples or we want to know if u have to some advice about swinger clubs of theese cities.with best wishes.. Berlinde hic Turk swinger yok mu?   ... read more

I'll try anything once Ohioans needed!

Hi There! Me and mine are looking for some Ohioans to get down and have fun with.  We are hoping to make friends (with benefits).  Ha Ha! We are looking for single females or couples of both or one sex to join us on the weekend of November 18th ( our 7 year anniversary).  We want to m... read more

fun4two Nov 4th & 5th

Hi there we are a soft swap cpl from Ireland who are visiting Rotterdam for a weekend and will be visiting fun4two on fri and sat nite 4th & 5th November. Please let us know if u are travelling there at same time and maybe we can chat online and plan to meet there If not see you all soon in fun... read more


We are going to Florence in November for a few days. Anyone know of any clubs there we could visit. ... read more


hi we need your help we are going to erotica this year and to the erotica ball after can anyone tell us a good b&b or hotel in the area that will not break to bank ... read more

Visiting all 46 States

If we were to visit all the States in one trip: Where would be the best place to start to get the real feel of being in America ? Where would be the place to leave till last , giving us the feeling of wanting to go back ?... read more

A Question about women.

What does a woman mean when she says she is afraid of losing herself?... read more

PARTY TONITE 9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop

PARTY TONITE  9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop  OURPLACE4FUN  NO WORKING GIRLS REAL Swingers REAL SEXY PLAY Areas SIMPLY THE BEST SWINGERS CLUB IN LONDON Tonite couples single girls n ( as always polite guys in moderation) 9pm til 5am Londons  Finest and Mos... read more

Best on-permise Las Vegas clubs

Any suggestions for best on-permise Las Vegas clubs. Thank for your help :)... read more

I hope this room is going to liven up a bit

Cripes, We've been away nearly a whole week, I've pissed off the Spanish, lost a suitcase and found it, Mrs essex has spent more than I can afford yet again, had Delhi Belly recovered and the Board hasn't changed.... Rumour has it that there are now 500 of you in here...  so why is it so quiet... read more

Xtasia on the 29th

Just wanna say were in the Days on the 29th and we'll be in the bar from about 2.30ish, were looking forward to a fun filled night. If ya wanna find us, just look out for a scantilly clad red devil. LOL Donna and Tommy xxx... read more

CHINE Meeting shangai

we   are married couple going to Chine 22-30 November...and looking for perfect  couples................... lets meet in CHINE  ... read more


Off to fun4two 5th nov  staying at the Campanile hotel.  Are you there ?  like to meet for a drink  before.  Then  Down in Amsterdam for a few days . So if  your out that  way  drop us a line ...... read more

The Erotic Zone

TGIF Friday Oct. 21st is our Wacky Hat event! Wear your funniest, favorite or just down right craziest hat and join the fun at The Erotic Zone, THE place for the most fun in the DFW area!  Call us at 214-763-3087 or 214-763-3711 for directions or information. Visit our website by accessing the ... read more

TMI request

I have a confession to make.  One of my fantasies has still not been fulfilled (pun intended).  Yet.  I am still a dp virgin.   No, this is not an invitation topic.  I am hoping you will share your experiences with me.  Is it all that?  Am I missing out on a... read more


We will be at Fun4two on the 11th of november and in Amsterdam for the week end Anyone to show us the club and eventually play with us? Any interesting night spot in Amsterdam,sex club,bar,... Thanks for the informations JL and MA   ... read more

Making a Mistake

Well, we've just had a few days spoilt by not thinking. I took Mrs Essex away for her birthday, cheap flight down to Cadiz the southern tip of Spain, nice hotel and a few days of exploring Saville, Jerez and cadiz.  It was great until...... I did most of the packing the previous night ready for... read more

Hi Everyone

 ... read more

Hi Everyone

 ... read more

New Orleans

I know I saw a topic asking about New Orleans but I simply couldnt find it to post this in...so here goes. lol. I think the question was thrown out about mardi gras but it doesnt matter I guess. Just wanted to let them know...whoever it was....that New Orleans is open for business and partying as u... read more

Lanzarote 3rd - 10th November

We will be in Lanzarote staying in Costa Teguise from 3rd to 10th november. Any members there at the same time, (or residents) who would like to meet up, drop us a mail via our profile. Jackie & Mike ... read more

Costa Del Sol November 12th to 16th

Hi there. We are taking a well earned short break in the Benalmedena area between these dates in November. Would love to meet up with any visiting or resident couples who are up for some relaxed fun! Please feel free to drop us an email if you're interested and think our profile looks like a go... read more

2nd annual Exotic Errotic BAll in CO springs

Hi out there. I have heard on the radio and the exotic erotic ball at rumbay on the 29th of october. I can not find tickets or the time it starts. Anyone here in the Springs know about the specifics? Thanks, Juseeinco... read more

The 13th Floor October 21st & 22nd.

The 13th Floor Hello all from The 13th Floor. We are sure everyone has been busy getting their costumes ready for Halloween next week. Sewing, shopping, long lines at the check out counter, traffic, it's enough to make you crazy. Well, we have the cure!!! What a better way to unwind from the hustle... read more

Simpsons on Arab TV

But they are making a few changes: "From American Beer to Arab Soda Homer Simpson's ubiquitous Duff beer will now be soda in the Arab version of the show. Hot dogs will become Egyptian beef sausages, and donuts will become popular Arab cookies called 'kahk.'" Can you see Homer dropping his mouth ope... read more

The Erotic Zone

TGIF Friday Oct. 21st is our Wacky Hat event! Wear your funniest, favorite or just down right craziest hat and join the fun at The Erotic Zone, THE place for the most fun in the DFW area!  Call us at 214-763-3087 or 214-763-3711 for directions or information.       Our Sat... read more

cruise ncl spirit jan 8 2006 11 days anyone going

we  would  love  2 meet  a  cpl  or maybe a  single  for  fun  time  during  the  11 days  cruise  from  new york  if  you  on  the  ship  get  back  we  can  meet ... read more

The Nursing Home Police

The Nursing Home PoliceEthel was a bit of a demon in her wheelchair and lovedto charge around the nursing home, taking corners on one wheel, and gettingup to maximum speed on the long corridors.Because the poor woman was one sandwich short of apicnic, the other residents tolerated her, and some of t... read more


Hallo we are planning 2 weeks holliday in Aquafinity or San Marcus Inn ,next May 8th-22th,will hope to meet couples for friend,fun and.....   please mail: lg_2@hotmail.it... read more

Extermination Run Nov 5th in Las Vegas

We're going to be attending a Bike run scheduled for November 5th, Starting at the Teamsters Local 631.  All proceeds from the run go to the family of "Big Larry" a local Firefighter/EMT who is battling cancer.  Since I can't put a link up to the website, please e-mail us for det... read more

Hardsoilder7 going away party

Soldier Party Cum Help us send our Favorite soldier off in style.. HARDSOLDIER7 He will be transferring to Washington in November And then off to IRAQ in February. Party is at SANS October 22.. Saturday There will be an after-party on the 11th floor after Sans.. Please RSVPto Dallastxgilr &nb... read more

Some facts for Us

If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have producedenough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee(Hardly seems worth it.)If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas isproducedto create the energy of an atomic bomb.(Now that's more like it!)The human heart create... read more

SDC Mixer this Fri. Oct. 20

The Sans Soucis official SDC Mixer will be held on the first and third Thursdays of each month(Oct. 20, Nov. 3, & 17). Meet all the hot and sexy couples, ladies and single males. The party starts at 6pm and goes until 2am. Everyone will be welcome to come enjoy $2 well drinks and domestic beer f... read more

SDC Mixer at The Sans Souci

SDC Mixer with our new sexy lingerie girls! The party starts at 6pm and goes until 2am. Come enjoy $2 well drinks and domestic beer from 7 to 10pm. Cover at the door is $5 per Non-member male with no cover for the ladies. Come enjoy Taylor Nicole Productions Lingerie Event and you will see a variety... read more

Riga, Latvia November 4 to 6?!

Hi,   We are going to spend a weekend in Riga, November 4 to 6. Is there anyone that has any information about what's hot and wild in Riga? Anyone going there the same weekend? Love to get some info and have some fun.     Kisses... read more

Updates to Clubxcite

Hello we hope everyone is doing well, sorry we havent been updating the forums we have been going through some personal medical probs with Stacy but she is doing much better now.. Chat night is every monday from from 10 pm now to 10:30 pm now. Our Halloween Ball is just around the corner and we are ... read more

fun4two November 4th 5th

hi everyone, we are visiting Rotterdam for a weekend of fun in November and would really like to meet any other cpls travelling there at the same time. We are a soft swap cpl and really like the sensuous type meeting as opposed to the full on approach. We would also like to chat with you if you hav... read more


To our favorite Houston Vixen from the SA/Austin Perv Dinner Group... We salute you... Get well girl!! ... read more

Great Party

Thank you for those that came to the Leather-N-Lace party. We hope that you had a good time and enjoyed yourself. Hope to see you all soon.... read more


"I checked into a hotel on a business trip recently and was a bitlonely so I thought I'd get me one of those girls you see advertised in phone booths when your calling for a cab. I grabbed a card on my way in. It was an ad for a girl calling herself Erogonique, a lovely girl, bending over in the p... read more

sexy cruise

Does anyone know of any sexy cruises? Location not important, Carib, Med, etc. Looking for hedo style at sea.... read more

swinger cruises

Anyone know of any sexy cruises? We'd like to find a cruise ship with a hedo type environment. Location not important, Carib,Med, etc. anywhere there's action.... read more


a blind man was standing on corner waiting for the city bus, up walks a man with his family of 5 kids and wife,they wait for bus also, soon bus stops there,driver them bus is almost full that only 6 people can get on, so blind man and the father decide not ride, but walk, while walking the blind is ... read more

Question for the ladies

Do you as a woman enjoy watching a man masturbate? This has been a topic of conversation recently so we were curious to see what others thought...and if yes, what are your favorite aspects? Lets hear it all ;-)... read more

PARTY TONITE 9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop

PARTY TONITE  9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop  OURPLACE4FUN  NO WORKING GIRLS REAL Swingers REAL SEXY PLAY Areas SIMPLY THE BEST SWINGERS CLUB IN LONDON Tonite couples single girls n ( as always polite guys in moderation) 9pm til 5am Londons  Finest and Mos... read more

Photo shoot

Photo’s for you   After the last photo shoot Michelle was determined to get Phil back and give him a surprise as well. So armed with the yellow pages she rang round and found a photographer that she hoped would give her what she wanted.   When she phoned she took the bull by the horns a... read more

young cpl would love 2 meet in Florence

Hi were off to Florence Oct 19-22 very long weekend if any other cpls would like 2 meet (for some sexy fun)  then please drop us a line        Adam Zoe xxx... read more

The Erotic Zone

TGIF Friday Oct.14th ~Naughty Lil School Girl Nite!~ Everyone Lovesssssssss those naughty and wild school girls, Ya know the ones, the badddddddd girlz! But cum one~ cum all!~ even if you are a GOOD girl, hehehehe, we can teach you better !We are really getting geared up for THIS theme event! It i... read more

New Houston clubs

This is from an article in the Houston Press: Three more sex clubs are in the works in the Houston area, sources say. A proposed 12,000-square-foot club in Clear Lake would be Houston's largest. Sam says his contacts also intend to open a club at Interstate 10 and Beltway 8 and a large resort with ... read more

Good gawd, here we go again!!

Has anyone been keeping tabs on this?   houstonpress DOT com/Issues/2005-10-13/news/feature.htm Interesting point of view from a guy that purchased a membership on another site just to get a story..  Some quotes came from a member that were hi-jacked from the forum without their permi... read more

I heard myself sounding like a Republican today

As part of my job - I am the operator of my agencies food bank and we have a policy limiting people to using it every 90 days. Had a guy show up - who had been to it twice in past 30 days (the 2nd time - my assistance by mistake gave him groceries) And has referred at least 4 of his very able bodied... read more

The 13th Floor - October 14 & 15

Fun, Frolic and ??? at The 13th Floor. We have had a busy few weeks here at The 13th Floor with many terrific parties. And...Halloween is just around the corner, so this weekend it's time to simply enjoy all the activities that happen here at The Floor every week. We will be having our usual Friday ... read more

Something new to Debate

Now I just wondered how many folks out there have a fetish and what does that fetish entail? FETISH:  Not something I've seen debated in here too often! I'm not sure I personaly have a fetish but we've seen pics and been to clubs where some different aspects (In our view) are enjoyed. Now slapp... read more

Fata Morgana - Sunday 23rd October

Visiting Fata Morgana for the first time on Sunday 23rd October. Has anyone got any tips for making it as enjoyable as possible.... read more

Swinging during Nov-Dec?

Can anyone tell us if the scene slows down during this period as we are looking to go away if folks are more interested in family/shopping/xmas parties etc. I know there will always be someone out there to play with, but we want someone special ;) Let us know as it's our first xmas period here ... read more

I'm bored...

YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2005 when...    1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave. 2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you. 5. You... read more

amsterdam clubs

we are visiting amsterdam for the weekend in november and are wanting to visit a club on a saturday night.  We had originally intended to visit club paradise but the most recent reviews give it a bit of a slating.  We are not adverse to single guys at all but appreciate that too many can ... read more

Lets get this board moving........

SEX, SEX AND MORE SEX Tell us your most erotic moments in a swing situation.... read more

All Harley Drags State Finals in San Antonio

Sunday, October 23rd  For all you motorcycle fans out there join us Sunday, October 23rd for a morning ride to the ALL HARLEY STATE FINALS at San Antonio Raceway. If you’ve never seen a drag race like this you will be amazed. See Top Fuel, Nitro and Alcohol Harleys reach speeds in excess of 1... read more

TripleTs Annual Leather-N-Lace Party, The Sans Souci, Sat. Oct. 15th

TripleTs Annual Leather-N-Lace Party is coming to The Sans Souci this Saturday, October 15th. Cover at the door is $25 per couple, or $15 for those on guest list. The party includes lots of contests along with a scavenger hunt. The official sponsor of this event is... read more

TripleTs Annual Leather-N-Lace Party at The Sans Souci, Sat. Oct. 15th

Check it out! Information inside to the #1 party this weekend.... read more

Hamptons Halloweeen Baaassh 10/29

We are Having a Party here are few details HALLOWEEN BAASH DATE: OCTOBER 29TH WHERE: OUR HOUSE IN THE HAMPTONS huge outdoor pool ( HEATED) and Jacuzzi all food , and mixers ( it is BYOB)DJ, bartenders, and of course WHEN: 8 P.M.  If interested Please email. here or ... read more

Do You Kiss With Your Eyes Closed?

I personally like to watch my partner so I tend to keep mine open...  Not too sure I've ever kept them closed for any period of time..   What do you like........ read more

What is your ideal outcome?

  Find "the" couple to play with long term. Variety is the spice of life, we will always be seeking new partners. Experience as many partners as possible. Looking to add others to our primary relationship (polyamorous) We have no expectations from the lifestyle. We are just curious right now, s... read more

Fun4two 5th nov.

Hi  off to try fun4two on the  5th nov.,  anyone else  out that  way  at the  same time.  Also be in Amsterdam 6th and 7th.... read more

Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0)

dont forget to put http : // and all the www's...infront.. lol        incident.net/works/miseanu/nues.html you should come across a line of women all ready to strip infront of you. click on them and they show you theyre booty's..... enjoy   ;-)... read more

London Sat 22nd October

Myself and Wildkitten will be staying in a 5star Central London hotel on Sat 22nd, looking for a couple or another Bi female to join us for some dinner, drinks and debauchery.... read more

Mels birthday Bash at clublick

hi there just a quick note too thank everyone who attended my birthday party at clublick last saturday and for all those that dressed up for me in uniform thanks for a great night that i will not forget. once again a big thankyou xxxxxx love from mrs wildnwicked  ... read more

Loungeparties Party in North London 21 Oct

Private party for couples and single girls. There will be a social to have a few drinks and rooms to play for those who want. No pressure just a fun evening with sexy friends.   Only have a few places left, already have 75 confirmed. That’s mostly couples (20s to mid 30s), 3 single girls in ... read more

Christmas Break...

Hiya all, We are looking to get away at Christmas from 22nd for 10 days. Any bi-females or couples that can reccomend anywhere and perhaps join us for some fun...  ... read more

SpookTacular Weekend Dances and Pool Parties, October 28 and 29th

Club Hpresents...SpookTacular17th annual Super SpookySuper Sexy Halloween weekend Bash&Super Nude Clothing-Optional Pool PartyFriday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29, 2005Friday NightPajama/Lingerie Dance 8pm to 1amClothing Optional Pool Party 10pm to 2amSaturday NightOrientation 7pm to 8pm... read more



den haag netherlands

hallo, we want to visit den haag, netherlands for a weekend in december. Weekend of 9-10-11 december. We are looking for a couple (couples) who want to meet us. Tussen haakjes, we spreken Nederlands, aangezien we uit vlaanderen (belgie)komen. Groetjes erwin en kathleen... read more

Going to Munich 10-16

We are travelling to Germany next week.  Could anyone give us any ideas about any adult clubs or fun we could have while there, or better yet, are there any locals that would like to show off their fair city?... read more

Ungrateful Katrina Homeless...

I know, I know...you don't want to hear this, but with all the "hoopla" about the "K" evacuees, and thier plight, I thought I'd give you a perspective of how some things just don't "go the way they should", since we are all applauding and critisizing the Govornment's handling of the situation..... read more

Weekend Trip to Rotterdam

Hi there, we are taking aWeekend trip to Rotterdam Nov 3rd to 6th and would like to visit some of the clubs. It is possible that we will go the fun4two at least one night, but maybe also experience any of the clubs in Rotterdam. We would appreciate if you could take the time to recommend some that w... read more

Who do you miss ?

The board has been very civilised of late, bland even. What happened to that Geezer Doubleactuk ??    he's been very quiet and I do miss those no holds barred matches he instigates especially with Jellybabes, now they are real grudge matches.  ... read more

PARTY TONITE 9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop

PARTY TONITE  9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop  OURPLACE4FUN  NO WORKING GIRLS REAL Swingers REAL SEXY PLAY Areas SIMPLY THE BEST SWINGERS CLUB IN LONDON Tonite couples single girls n ( as always polite guys in moderation) 9pm til 5am Londons  Finest and Mos... read more

Purse, or warehouse?

Judy has a purse, and she carries it with her everywhere we go. It's about the size of a suitcase and it weighs more than some small cars, but she handles it with an effortless virtuosity that defies the laws of physics. I was convinced that there must be things in the bottom that she hasn't seen fo... read more

Oct 7th Bar Meet

Hey guys looking for something to do tonight Friday Oct 7th we will be hanging out for a Bar Meet at Aura NightClub in Pleasanton. This is just to hold all you sexy people over until the next Meet N Greet Saturday Nov 12. http://litensweet.com/Aura.htmlAura is not a Swingers Club just one of the HOT... read more


Well, it took me a while but I finally got here. Actually, my decision was easy after I found out I didn't have to pay anything to join. () I'm just glad I didn't piss anyone off enough to nix my application. LOL! We've been to Sans Souci twice a couple of years ago and both times the experience has... read more

Why I fired my Secretary

WHY I FIRED MY SECRETARY...  Last week was my birthday and I didn't feel very well waking up that morning. I went downstairs for breakfast hoping my wife would be pleasant  and say, "Happy Birthday!", and possibly have a present for me. As  it  turne... read more



A sober nerd topic..

What is the purpose of family? I belong to quite a few discussion boards and ran across a topic last night that really sparked my attention.. Thought I would share with my fellow nerds... There are people that see family as a destructive institution because it puts itself above the go... read more

Any suggestion?

We are from Paris France . We are looking for a short break  from the 28th of October  ( we can take a plane after  6 O’clock PM on the 28th evening), and we have to be back in Paris no later than 8 O’clock AM on the 3rd of November morning. We will be going on vacations with our girlfriend ... read more

"The 13th Floor" Oct. 7th & 8th TAILGATE PARTY

"THE 13TH FLOOR" OCTOBER 7TH & 8TH TAILGATE PARTY Join us Friday night the 7th for our regular non-themed party.   Saturday night the 8th, we will be rolling out the welcome mat for our neighbors to the North. Tailgate Party "The 13th Floor" style!! Come on Sooner and Longhorn fans, let's h... read more

Cancer Surgery update

I got my skin cancer surgery done today, and it went well.  There is hurting some from the sutures that I got. ... read more

Should politics change your thoughts about play partners

Husband and I spent a very enjoyable Saturday night with another couple (NOT from on here) Then - today - got an email from one of them that was about terroism, how Bush is winning the war on it, etc.etc. The email was one that if posted on here would have been written by Freak or Frank (Destin) So ... read more

Right to die

Without politicizing it, do human beings have a fundamental right to end their lives? If so, should we empower our doctors to assist it? What if they're terminal? What if they're not?   IMHO, if you want to check out, then C-ya... ... read more

Too fucking funny! (but not very sexy)

steakandcheese com content detail.asp?id=22724&Type=1&Page=1  ... read more

Doofus Husbands..

Why do husbands IM you and ask if it's the wife, and when you say it isn't they get rude and close the chat window?  We had one single male do that in the last 3 years and yet we get married men do it daily... Single men are getting a bad rap, it's cheating husbands that suck!!  Ladies, do... read more

Fun for All the Family

  http:/www.planetdan.net/pics/misc/georgie.htm... read more

The Sans Souci Annual Halloween Costume Ball

 The Sans SouciAnnual Halloween Costume BallSat. Oct. 29, 2005Costumes are RequiredMember Reservations Start Now$40 per Couple and/or $80 per tableSingle Ladies - $20 Standing Room Only (SRO) Non-Member Reservations Start Tue. Oct. 18th$50 per couple and/or $100 per tableSingle Ladies - $20 SRO... read more

Annual Halloween Ball

The Sans Souci Annual Halloween Ball is on Saturday, October 29th. More information inside.... read more

papillon des alpes address

Does anyone have the address of the owners of this "swing resort"  we are still awaiting money due from them that was verbally agreeded since July, all emails have been unanswered, and SDC will not put out review of them on the club site- maybe they frightened to upset anyone paying advertising... read more

TGIF Wet T-Shirt Contest

TGIF Wet T Shirt Nite! Oct.7th, 2005 is our TGIF Wet T Shirt Contest Party Nite! Every time we have this event it is WET AND WILD!!! A definite DO NOT MISS party! Women, bring that *special* custom fit T shirt over to The Erotic Zone to get WET and wild in!! Half the fun is just in being IN the co... read more

Dominican Republic

We are planning to go t dominican republic from 12 noverber ,about 10 days.   Anyone is going ?... read more

antalya sea and sun still

we will be in antalya between7-11 october.we wouldlike to meeting nice couples.... read more


Hi Folks, I was asked a question and thought you would all like to know the answer. How do I search for members who are part of the SE ROOM community? Now I know some have already worked it out but for those who have not... Go to 'Search' and at the bottom of the page you will see 'Communitie... read more

Cuna where art thou!!!!

I am truely missing my favorite mind bender.  By the way folks, this awesome sexy wonderfull (okay time to put the boots on)  lol  have been devoting their time to relief efforts for Huricane Katrina at the base in San Antonio.  Last time I had the pleasure of talking to Cun... read more

Urgent help required

Hi everyone   I need help... I am so confused by my email inbox, I don't know what to think or do anymore.   It seems there are women from all over the world waiting to meet me and use my body for their own sexual pleasures, this is despite my need for endless medication from Canada to ke... read more

Columbus Day Regatta

Hi there party people, One or two of girl (see pics 6, 7 & 13 in my profile) and I would like to go to the Regatta for one or two days with some nice, fun and sexy people. Only looking for couples or groups where the female to male ration is equal or grater to 1. Hope to hear from you... I... read more

South Padre Island Bike Fest

Just over a week away to the SPI Bike Fest. Who on here will be going? We have a 4 bedroom house with a pool and spa just right for partying!... read more

Home Page Layout

WTF - (For want of a better expression). What happened to the column that had the featured member and featured video - it was here this morning and gone this evening Anyone know whats going on?... read more

Hey your not gay!!

My weekend discovery... Inside...... read more

Meeting People

OK..   Thought I would start with a question... We have been on the scene for a few years now, we like to think we mix well with most folks and appear extrovert in other peoples company. Now, appearances can deceive, you see when it boils down to it we are both quite shy especially when yo... read more


The Pope arrives in heaven, where St. Peter awaites him. St. Peter asks the Pope who he is.The Pope: I am the pope.St. Peter: Who? There's no such name in my book.The Pope: I'm the representative of God on Earth.St.Peter: Does God have a representative? He didn't tell me...The Pope: But I am the lea... read more

Desire resort, Mexico December 23 to 28?

Hi, Anyone planning for a visit to Desire during Christmas? We are going to spend five nights at Desire and love to get in touch with other couples that will be there at the same time. Kisses... read more

Collective Nouns

A bit of word play , invent new collective Nouns for groups.... read more

Single bi-females

Ok, I'm going to start posting topics like the last one more often!! We have one single bi-female coming over tonight and another wanted to meet tonight as well, but we waited about five minutes too late, and she made other plans... She wants to see us next week and if all goes well, play all next w... read more

PARTY TONITE 9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop

PARTY TONITE  9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop  OURPLACE4FUN  NO WORKING GIRLS REAL PEOPLE REAL SWINGERS REAL SEXY PLAY SIMPLY THE BEST SWINGERS CLUB IN LONDON Tonite couples single girls n ( as always polite guys in moderation) 9pm til 5am Londons  Finest and ... read more


I'm a token Yank (although I don't yank anything), and I'm quite honored to be in the SE Room. I've never been to Europe and don't expect to ever enjoy the opportunity, but there are people there and that's what I want to learn about. I'm not a spy, and nothing said in here will ever get out of her... read more

Amsterdam 5th nov.

Booked  and ready to go.  Off to Amsterdam for the weekend ,going to Fun4two sunday,  thought  would give it a try. Then back to  Amsterdam monday and tues.  If your there at the same time, or can reccommend a good  place to stay near the club drop us a line. ... read more

majorca october

we are on the island for a week starting 12th Oct. Anyone fancy meeting up, we are in the resort of Magaluf... read more


I've been pondering a few points raised in a conversation with some friends lately and wondered how others felt about who should and shouldn't possess nuclear power. we were talking about it a few weeks ago in a very mixed room and the chat was very interesting to say the least. Now ... read more