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Hedonism II / III

I'm having a bit of a discussion about this on another forum... There have recently been 2 pole dancing competitions that have given away a trip to Hedonism (one to II and one to III) The discussion came up because a girl was not given the top prize (even though she probably should have won) becaus... read more

Creating an Adult Video Site or Online Novelty Store

Does anyone have any experience in pursuing this as a revenue generation tool?  There are so many different sites out there and so much information, that I am not sure where to start or even if it is worth pursuing. I have always wanted to break into the adult industry in some way and I figure ... read more

Paris 1-5 November

Hi,we will be in Paris 1-5 november... Any proposal?KissesPF... read more

in honour of the stupid people

In  case you needed further proof that the human race is doomed through  stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods.  On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert  (printed on bottom) --'Do not turn upside down.'  (well....duh,  a bit late, huh!)===============... read more

22nd oct 10 days in Dominican Republic North x

staying at a lovely Hotel ,,,, if your there mail so we can spice up your life x with sun sea sex on the beach ,, lol ok and good food and drink .  xx kisses us.  You never know whos around xxx off this sdc site.... read more

This Weekend at The Silver Minx!

Don’t Forget to  call and sign up for  our Halloween weekend October 31st  and November 1st Friday night promises to be full of Fun and Fantasy! Your imagination is your only limit! Start of this weekend with great people, tasty food, and fantastic music. Cum play in our ind... read more

This Weekend at The Silver Minx

  Friday NightCouples - bring in another couple with you and both receive 50% offof the suggested donation. Singles also welcome.Come in for a fun-filled, sexy Friday night at the Silver Minx.As always, we are BYOB and by reservation only.Saturday NightJoin us for a Saturday night that is as S... read more

Clubs in Hamburg, Germany

Can anyone recommend any Swinging clubs in Hamburg, Germany? Thanks... read more


ok then plans have changed and now we are booked for a weekend in Netherlands on the 21st Nov, where we plan to visit fun4two at least 2 nites. Please let us know if you are gonna be there around that time and maybe we can say hi!!! westcorkc2... read more


With the economy, election and everything else going on out there in the world I thought we could all use this... It made me smile, hope it makes you smile too :) A lecturer when explaining stress management to an audience, Raised a glass of water and asked 'How heavy is this glass of water?' ... read more

wife is shy

hi We are married couple and very open and willing to enjoy this life style. But she is little shy and we do not know how it proceed. We met few couple some looks ok but thet are very fast some not approved by my wife. So situation little bad. Please advice. Further I am piss drinker can I drinks o... read more

People that are not real.

Frustrating!!! To say the least. We are here in this site to spice our lives. Not to get frustration, lies, or BS. Singles that pose as couples. Couples that have no intention to meet. People that think that being here is a guarantee to end up in bed with whoever they see. Please be real! We are h... read more

Oral sex

Hi Dr Ziggy My question is this, and i am sorry if this has been answered previously; i fully understand there is a risk of std when performing oral sex but is there an increased risk of std transmission when ejaculating into the females mouth. Cheers  ... read more

Oral sex

Hi Dr Ziggy My question is this, and i am sorry if this has been answered previously; i fully understand there is a risk of std when performing oral sex but is there an increased risk of std transmission when ejaculating into the females mouth. Would be interesting to know how many swingers ... read more

can get so close, then....

Sometimes when having sex it can take a long time for me to cum or it won't happen at all, despite how turned on I can be.  It definately has nothing to do with not enjoying what's going on.  I can come so close to an orgasm for it not to end up happening, at a blink of an eye.  ... read more

Help with this economy....

 We're all feeling it, this economy is putting a damper on some of the things we used to take for granted.  But we're all still here on SDC.  Why? Because it's a great site and it fulfills a lot of our desires we otherwise wouldn't be able to discuss with "vanilla" friends. ... read more


What do you do if you have a date or party to attend and you start your period? Do we have to cancel or is there another option?... read more

Lets have a Dance-off

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlAKnSCRWQM&eurl=  ... read more

Being New Here...

 So this is the first blog post WE have added here. Understanding this community for what it is, we're wading in at our own pace and exploring at will. The most kick-ass thing about all of this.... I have the most amazing, wonderful wife. She has a bit of a wild side as do I, but I know what ... read more

Seeking a Traveling Partner..

Hello Ladies, I am seeking a bi female for the weekend of nov 14th & 15th to traveling with me to seaside heights new jersey..I am going to visit a male friend there..it will be a fun-filled weekend..so if interested drop me a line.. thanks, kitten... read more

Home alone with nothing but my DIRTY mind to keep me company

  She wanted sex and knew where to get it. Her husband was asleep in their bed and she knew this would be easy and she could get her fix and be on with her day in a matter of minutes. She walked into the room and closed the door. Quietly she removed all of her clothing and placed it on the dre... read more

Paris swing clubs

We will be in Paris next month. Any recommendations for swing clubs there?... read more


which condoms give the most natural feel during intercourse... read more

Your favorite pornsite ?

What is you favorite pornsite? Our is www.youporn.com  ... read more

+250K Tax Increase

Just curious as to how many would actually be affected by this... ... read more

is there a woman that doesn't like it hard

Pretty much every time I meet a couple or single woman and I ask what they like I am told that the woman likes it hard. Now I appreciate that there is hard and then there is HARD, but I don't think I've yet met a women that didn't like it hard, that only wanted it nice, slow and gentle. Does ... read more

new look for sdc

Ok just for fun how many is in favour of the new front page on Sdc, we personal do not like it. Would be good to hear peeps opinions.... read more

un consejo no citen parejas sin validaciones

estando en el ambiente por casi 4 anos mi esposa y yo decidimos no citarnos con parejas que no tienen validacion. generalmente  van a cancelar la cita a ultima hora o van a  embarcarlos eso sinifica que no van a aparecer a la cita. por lo tanto para evitar malos ratos y decepciones le suge... read more

do not waist your time dot date coules without validation

being  swingers for almost 4 years we decide from now on not to date any couples without validation .from our expirience they canceled the date at the last minute or do not show up. take our advice do  not date couples without validation you will avoid disapoinments.... read more

poll Chest hair (on the man lol).

Hi  With so many men with with no chest hair either due to shaving or not having any, we are wondering how many women do like the man to have no hair on the chest?  we definitiy like bare in other areas (balls and cock) R & V... read more

The arrogance of ignorance

Pine Ridge Statistics (The arrogance of ignorance)               The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation sits in the southwest corner of South Dakota. It is 11,000 square miles (approx 2,700,000 acres), or roughly the size of the state of Conne... read more


For awhile we got a kick with seducing a young fellow or another. After meeting in some watering hole we'd invite him home for a nightcap and Mrs. Icarus would raise the temperature by changing into something "more comfortable". Most young guys would get so uncomfortable as to leave, redfa... read more

Worldwide Financial Collapse...

Is anyone else reminded of the end sequence from the movie "Fight Club"?... read more

SDC guilty of questionable/unethical brand marketing?

With the recent interface change to the log-in page, we've noticed a trend: Many of the profiles featured are inactive members (many of whom have not logged on in over a year). Chances are these members have not received any communication about their former participation on this site now being used ... read more

besy party places in central florida?

i was wondering where the best swingers parties are located? we love ranch4play, and tastebuds! if you have any suggestions respond to my blog!... read more

Delhi's real couples for fun n frnship.

  we are interested in finding out is there any real couple friendship club or any coule group in and around delhi and is there ant gud n real cpl ready to mingle with.  ... read more

Delhi's real couples for fun n frnship.

  we are interested in finding out is there any real couple friendship club or any coule group in and around delhi and is there ant gud n real cpl ready to mingle with.  ... read more

How ca we do?

We are going to Fantasy Fest next 23 and 24 Octuber and my wife is going to have the period those days, is it something we can do to avoid the visit? Luis and Olga... read more

amore real


Etiquette of the lifestyle

I just found this section of SDC and love it. There is a lot of good information here. My husband and I are new to the lifestyle, and we're both very excited about it. Our relationship was an open one before (we could see other people apart) so I don't think jealousy would be an issue. E... read more


For me,personally,one big plus to this lifestyle is how freeing it is to "be real" with people & with myself That's why i'm put off when I meet a man or lady in the lifestyle that seem to use it as a pass to "put themselves in a couple" JUST to hook-up or the reverse pose ... read more

Hedo III Prices

We're getting ready to book our next trip to Hedo III and are wondering where we can get the best prices. ... read more

WE are very exited Newbies, scared of all the diseases out there. How do we take care that in this lifestyle?

We have been watching from the fence time pass on us just scared of what diseases may be brought on us by somebody we have not before.  Every profile that you read you find that either people say they are clean and drug free or they demand that.  But at the end of the day you have to take ... read more

O.J. Found Guilty? Is this just racial injustice?

Some people think he is guilty of murder. Is the media just out for revenge?... read more

drum circle community - SE Florida

Around the world, there are thousands of drum circles, many of which take place on the eve/night of the full moon.  As a firedancer, I enjoy going and dancing to the rhythm and finding a natural and transcendent high.  The crowd is primarily composed of percussionists, hippies, swingers, d... read more

Sometimes No

Sometimes..... Sexy Single Females Sexy Single Males Yummy Couples I can not say yes to Everyone! Sometimes NO.  Not to mean go to hell, or leave me alone.  I once tried to explain to someone IF I was every person who showed me an interest I would never leave the house I would be on m... read more

Can swinging reduce the spread of Aids - more sex is safer sex

The general public perception of swinging is not overwhelmingly positive and many people would probably say that those that swing are increasing the risk of spreading sexual infections because of the sin of promiscuity However, one can advance a very convincing arguement that swinging can play a pa... read more

Wife want to play with a male as I watch

Hi my wife is instrested in playing. I love to watch how can you meet signal guys that would be instrested. I am straight and my wife is straight. We live in colorado springs.... read more

SDC Listings for Dummies

SOFT SWAP - No 'dick-in-the-other-chick' action FULL SWAP - Lets have sex rather than recreate a playboy softfocus DVD   Why the HELL can't couples put on their profile what they accurately are.. is there anything more maddening than mudhuts couples saying they are softswap because 'they don... read more