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History of Halloween

Halloween is a popular holiday that takes place on October 31. In the United States and Canada, children dress in costumes and go trick-or-treating. Many people carve jack-o'-lanterns out of pumpkins. Halloween parties for children feature fortunetelling, mock haunted houses, scary stories, and ... read more

First Time and The Mystery Man

          My husband I had talked for years about fucking other people but never got past the occasional role play in the bedroom.  Our time in the bedroom had become routine and boring. Over time we lost interest in each other, and before we knew it ... read more

Hedo II Jan 3 to 10 2010 - Any one going

Give us an hello if you will be there during that period or if you have any tips.  This is our first trip. ... read more

Planning a ..

vacation in  January. We are looking for something different than Hedonism or Desire in the Carib / Mexico.... any ideas or suggestions? Our Thanks!... read more

Deenies Hideaway

Hi   Has anyone been to Deenies since they have remodeled the place and what is the crowd like on a Wed night ? R & V... read more

hedonism 2-jamaika

  we will hedonism 2 with 4 to 18 november, we wait nice meeting... read more

hedonism 2-jamaika

  we will hedonism 2 with 4 to 18 november, we wait nice meeting... read more

Comprehensive Sex Education

October is Sex Ed Month of Action and organizers from Advocates for Youth, Catholics for Choice, Choice USA, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Sierra Club, and Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom are joining forces to tell Congress it's time to finally ge... read more

Mobile Dungeon

TIMES are hard for German prostitutes. Tough times in the S&M game, where dungeons are in short supply. This enterprising dominatrix has converted a Renault van into a dungeon, complete with dungeon features.  No longer do German masochists need to travel for humiliation. Now they can feel ... read more

Our Story (We Wish!)

Boy meets Girl.  Girl tells Boy she is bi-sexual.  Boy and Girl fall in love and become a couple.  Couple meets a young, beautiful and fit single bi-sexual girl.  Young, beautiful and fit single bi-sexual girl becomes best friends with couple.  Couple and young, beautiful, f... read more


S&M is the creation of new possibilities of pleasure, which people had no idea about previously. The idea that S&M is related to a deep violence, that S&M practice is a way of liberating this violence, this aggression, is stupid. We know very well what all those people are doing is not a... read more

A theory on the evolution of the female orgasm and a reason to have group sex or multiple partners

Anthropologist-primatologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy suggests that female orgasm evolved as a spur to having sex with many different males. “Based on both clinical observations and interviews with women,” writes Hrdy, “there is a disconcerting mismatch betwe... read more


As I skim through this blog is see a lot of comments on corporate welfare (meaning the writer thinks corporations aren't paying enough taxes).  Well if we were smart we'd have a zero corporate tax. Say I've got a company making tires. If my company does not make a profit&nbs... read more

Gimmie a break

  The government has been providing health care to millions of Americans for many many years.....they're called soldiers and their dependents. My father joined the Army at a young age and me and my 2 siblings were born in military hospitals. We enjoyed free heath care including everything fro... read more

Flogging Waived

The scheduled public flogging of a female Saudi journalist, has been waived due to intense media attention. The Saudi king's decision to waiver the flogging of the journalist who was sentenced as she was involved with the TV show in which a Saudi man publicly spoke about sex. Public talk about s... read more

Beaumont Texas

Ok so we have  to spend a week in "Beaumont" out of that week we will "feel the need" The need for swing. After searching the net, I have found that "Beaumont", is shall we say " NOT ON THE MAP". We are looking for someone to give us the 411 on were to me... read more

Temptations in Cancun

Ok peeps,  Here it is, there are a couple of people that have committed to going to Cancun.  We are trying to make it a totally fun time for everyone, and of course the more th merrier. u can check out the web site on your log-in "SDCtravel". let me know i f that may interesting ... read more

SoBe in December

we will be in South Beach Miami first weekend of December. anyone knows of an event or a party that weekend? thx... read more

Observant waitress - it made me laugh....

A man and a woman were having dinner in a fine restaurant. Their waitress, taking another order at a table a few paces away noticed that the man was slowly sliding down his chair and under the table, with the woman acting unconcerned. The waitress watched as the man slid all the way down his ch... read more

Beer Cupcakes

Just in time for Halloween. Beer Cupcakes. Yes, I know, beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore. Those crazy bakers @ cacaobakery are bringing you the finest .Check out the Chocolate Ale, Spiked Lemonade and Blue Moon Cupcakes! Made from scratch. Who even does homemade anymore?Believe me, these cu... read more

Prudish America Does It Again

At 5:30 AM, here's what Mr. Williamson was doing: "I was in my own home, cooking breakfast, making coffee, packing a box," he said. He said he is in the process of moving. And he was doing it naked."Apparently some lady had walked across a portion of my lawn, because there's a trail o... read more

Exotic Erotic Ball

The Expo is open on Friday October 23, 4PM to Midnight and Saturday October 24 Noon to 6PM at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA. Exotic Erotic Ball, is part Mardi Gras, part burlesque, and part rock concert, yet totally unique. The Exotic Erotic Ball is a celebration of human sexuality and free... read more

Las Vegas is wonderful

Been here a few month, the fall weather is great this year, stady 88 hi and 65 low avg. 6.  (mmmlol) So far  so good. Guys and ladies are select. They cum from all over the country to let loooooose and enjoys. Iman is a very welcoming person. Cum guys and party . "Vegas style". ... read more


I dont know what change everyone wanted that voted for him. I sure hope it isnt the change that he is pushing. Lets see, more government digging deeper into our pockets, socialism, bank failures, Czars, oh my. What change is it that you wanted to believe in anyway?... read more

Strangets Place You've Had Sex

I know there will be some wild locations.... read more

Coping With Sex Problems

Here is a pretty good article that should probably be adhered to or at least read. If the tendency is to scoff at it now and some of it eventually comes true and you are no longer part of SDC we wish you well in advance! http://health.usnews.com/articles/health/sexual-reproductive/2008/09/04/c... read more

Why Do Women Have Sex?

The posted Yahoo link is an interesting read. Apparently the "folks" around the Austin Campus have less to do than one might think! As with any research study one must want to understand the premise behind the research and establish a belief in the results of the research. http://news.... read more

Harder is Better

A recent study of men in 12 European countries, (8,576 men) who responded to the survey sponsored by Pfizer was released on Monday. Spanish men were the most concerned about their erections. The survey was conducted in April and May. Here are the percentage of men who would like to experience har... read more


    FREE AIRLINE TICKETS !!!!!!!  I just wondering ??? I need to ask this ques... read more


v r planning to visit pattaya from 2nd nov to 6th nov. rama kien resort..... read more


v r planning to visit pattaya from 2nd nov to 6th nov. rama kien resort..... read more

Social Night near Cardiff Wed 21st Oct

Well it's nearly time for this month's pub soical night, the last two months have been really well attended with between 30 and 35 attending. We currently have 46 booked to attend. All couples and singles are invited to attend whether you are new to the scene or just looking to make new contact... read more

Los Angeles Gang Bang

Gang Bang Party in Burbank, CA on November 14, 2009.  We are looking for men over 50, married or not, in a relationship or not for a Gang Bang Fantasy Night for my partner.  Your mates are also welcome.  Email me here and I will give you the details. Dallasbill... read more

Los Angeles Gang Bang

Gang Bang Party in Burbank, CA on November 14, 2009.  We are looking for men over 50, married or not, in a relationship or not for a Gang Bang Fantasy Night for my partner.  Your mates are also welcome.  Email me here and I will give you the details. Dallasbill... read more

Sorid Swingers Sex Sessions Threatens National Security

Shades of Mata Hari or Julia Child.... The Sun reports on  a 48 year old woman, who is the personal assistant to the Rear Admiral, who is in charge of procurement and delivery of nuclear submarines, was outted after photos of her at swingers parties were circulated about and she was recogniz... read more

Swingers Can't Body Paint

Once again, the moral judgement police were in action this past weekend in Grand Island, NY as 300 couples took part in the Swingers Convention, "Entice the Falls." Attorneys contacted hotel management, and they have been assured that any questionable activities will be off the agenda ... read more


Who could believe that the BIG APPLE should become a disappointment when it comes to adult activities?? Searching the net before leaving gave us instantly the feeling that not much was going on, most likely have the former Republican Governor Rudy Giuliani had high impact on the non exist... read more

Kinky is Not a Diagnosis

Action AlertNational Coalition for Sexual FreedomKinky is NOT a Diagnosis Help make history by signing the DSM Revision Petition now! The diagnoses in the DSM-IV-TR still subject people who practice BDSM, fetishes and cross-dressing to bias, discrimination and social sanctions without any scien... read more

New Hellfire club in sunbury on Thames

 Hi  we are now up and running in our new club in sunbury on Thames. The club is refurbished to a high and clean standard, with beautifully themed seperate rooms  all in main club area. An orgy room a stunning show room which is by the bar where the voyeurs amongst us can enjoy.A bo... read more


We are planning with my italian girlfriend to spend a weekend full of fun and joy in swinging clubs in one of these places beginning of November (7 - 8). Any suggestions where is better? Up to now we have only been in Amsterdam once club Paradise. It was nice but now we are looking for something mor... read more

couples or singles does it make a difference?

There are some couples and and single ladies that prefer to play with single guys or single girls over playing with other couples...what's your preference and why? please be candid...... read more

Fever Parties and other "exclusive" private parties

Hi, we were wondering whether anyone can tell us their experience with Fever Parties. We are thinking about going next time one is held. We read all the articles in the media on the website and are very excited about it. Should we believe all that is being said and is it worth the trip to london... read more

The biggest fetish party in the world is in 2 weeks!

Halloween Fetish Ball Advance discount tickets now on sale @ FF & Online Visit the official website for the ... read more

Vanilla or out

Just curious how many people feel the need, either for business and social reasons or both, to hide the fact that they live the "lifestyle" but act otherwise. Is this not another form of living in the closet, whatever the reason?... read more

Straight Couple Sues Gay Cruise

An Italian couple are suing a shipping line for £2,800 (about $4,500) after claiming they were not told a relaxing holiday they had booked was in fact on board a ship hosting Italy's first gay cruise. The middle age couple claimed they had no idea they had booked their holiday on the gay cruis... read more

Ms. San Francisco Leather Contest

Don’t miss the FIRST Ms. S.F. Leather title contest of the 21st Century! Friday, Oct. 16 - Ms. SF Leather Meet & Greet - Emceed by the fabulous Sister Sarah Femme! Meet the contestants and judges! Try to figure out who the MYSTERY JUDGE might be! CA Community Bootblack, Blast will be th... read more

First time with two guys...

I was 26 years old, just fresh from the University and was working in my father’s construction company. To be a woman, engineer and the daughter of the owner was a non-standard combination, hard to survive for the almost all-male environment. As I was very naughty, the workers on site didn&rsq... read more

VENUS Berlin

VENUS 13 kicks off today in Berlin, Germany. It's the largest International  Erotic Trade Fair in Germany, attracting thousands of visitors each year to checkout the latest in everything Sexy and Erotic.It is precisely this colourful mix of professional product information and adult entertainme... read more

Swingers Hotel Approved in UK

If you follow Swingers News, here's an update on the "Ram Inn" in Gloucester, UK, the proposed swingers hotel and sex club. Permission has finally been granted and they are good to go. As you may recall, the planning committee denied their permission last month.Club Mystique will offer bo... read more


Even if it isn't for real, our solider's need to be serviced.  As long as the Women are clean and don't give our solider's anything.... read more

Netherlands Sets the Standard for the World

A leading sexual health organization has praised the Netherlands for its liberal approach to sex, which has helped the country achieve one of the world's lowest abortion rates. A study released by the US-based Guttmacher Institute found there has been a global drop in the number of woman choosing to... read more

Exotic Erotic Blood Drive

The 30th annual Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo has announced its ninth annual blood drive is set for Friday. The blood drive will take place from 2-9 p.m. at the Blood Centers of the Pacific’s Irwin Center, located at 270 Masonic Ave. in San Francisco. Blood donors that give one pint of blo... read more

Indian Sex Workers Deployed

The Indian Army is deploying 200 prostitutes, trained as soldiers, to preserve the mental health of the "women starved" soldiers to make them happy.The committee finally came up with the solution that since it was not possible to provide street whores directly to the soldiers, then profess... read more

it goes both ways

respect goes both ways I am appreciative of all contact and invites but if I imply I am straight why am I still being persue by bi -individuals (male). So to snorty couples we all have our hang ups lol. I am into the eroticism and your wife which you should be too. Post bi if bi !... read more

Less Squeaky Condoms

The FDA in the US just approved their latest version of FC2-Female Condom. Made from lighter material, more user friendly and it is less squeaky. It apparently is not currently available at the retail level as the older FC1 is still on the market. According to their website, you may or may not fin... read more

Pussy Energy Drink

Pussy, the new natural energy drink is made from a mix of white grape juice and limes, then infused with six selected botanicals. Pussy believes in natural energy - because it's better for you. Pussy has personality. Thier Pussy site tells us: pussy is spontaneous, entertaining, optimistic and FU... read more

Just curious

As a single male and only been on the site for less than 1 month I would like to ask. Is there any room for single guys or is swinging really for couples to have fun. As I kind of guess if I was here with my lady I would want to swap with a couple and not a male.  It is fun t... read more

How kinky are you ?

I have fanied about all sorts from wresling in chocolate with sexie bi fems having the men lick it off after. lol mmmmmmmm allso  being tied up dangling upside down,,,,,, legs open for men too hold on too me and swing having sex ,, lol  I know but i like ... read more


Hello, to start with a couple of month ago there was a blog about how to reduce the lack of single women in the lifestyle. The Blogger had the idea to let play the wifes by there own. Let's call it wifelending, would you feel secure enough in your relationship to do so and if yes, are there some wom... read more

black cock experence

very recently been exposed to black cocks and have very mixed experiences. te first oe was a wow!!! the second even better but subsequent few disappointing inspite of their claims.....can others share their experiences with black guys....personally looking for very well hung black guys on the East c... read more

Hidden Beach Resort

Well we have returned form another wonderful trip to Hidden Beach Resort in the Riveria Maya about 80 mile south of Cancun.  More and more Desire folks are showing up. As always it was a great group of folks. Some swinger, some just nudist and some first timers for both and a a couple of single... read more

Identify Theft and Penis Enlargement

Juarbe, 40, a Philadelphia man, was sentenced to 4 1/2 to 18 years in State prison this week. He pled guilty to 42 counts, including identity theft. Authorities say stole the identities of eight Lehigh Valley residents to rack up $88,000 of bills in their names, partly to buy penis enlargements f... read more

Post Your Latest Lay

ijustmadelove.com provides you with the opportunity to click the exact spot in the world where you just had hot bodacious sex. You click whether it was indoors or outdoors and check which positions you engaged in, then post. Middle of the Atlantic? Yes. Hosted by Google maps, see which country gets ... read more

BDSM Club Spanked with Lawsuit After Injury

From SF Weekly:"On the evening of Sept. 8, 2007, a woman was bound by her hands and feet and hanging from the ceiling. So far, so good. As a devotee of San Francisco's BDSM scene, she was attending the Power Exchange sex club, then located on Otis Street; her male companion had strung her up wi... read more

National Bisexual Coming Out Day

The Bisexual Index, a network of activists, wants everyone to know the "B" in LGBT is out and about.Bisexuals are being urged to come out of the closet and into the public eye on National Coming Out Day, which is scheduled for October 11th in the USA and October 12th in the United Kingdom.... read more

Las Vegas swing club

Hello - were headed to vegas twice in the next 2 months for a convention then a Bday party . The first visit was a few years ago was to a place called the Green room and it was horrifying for my wife. Guys wacking off just a low end place.  Can anyone recomend a good couples swing club....like ... read more

Las Vegas swing club

Hello - were headed to vegas twice in the next 2 months for a convention then a Bday party . The first visit was a few years ago was to a place called the Green room and it was horrifying for my wife. Guys wacking off just a low end place.  Can anyone recomend a good couples swing club....like ... read more

Las Vegas swing club

Hello - were headed to vegas twice in the next 2 months for a convention then a Bday party . The first visit was a few years ago was to a place called the Green room and it was horrifying for my wife. Guys wacking off just a low end place.  Can anyone recomend a good couples swing club....like ... read more


Why is it some men dont like giving it ORAL  too woman  but  think a woman should suck and lick them ? Some  just like too kiss and play only with fingers and need too have sex  strat away  and then cum so fast ,, Do a woman turn aroun... read more

pleasure and business don't mix "lol'

To people with business posted on the site then have a block to there link "lol". A semester of business class wouldn't hurt. Yeah I need a photograher ,It's harder than you think !... read more

when there is nothing to say say nothing

A word to bloggers ' If a fool do not open his/her mouth no one will know they are'. It's a tat distasteful to post your hatred, bigotry and unpatriotic views  by means of this platform. If you all had something in your mouth you wouldn't be talking as much, "I'm just saying"... read more


It is funny how much time people are spending on writing back and forth to each other never managing to hook up for a date in real life. We are contacted non stop by other people wanting to meet up some day, as soon as we are getting more down to details it seems like people always have something to... read more

What is a normal, single guy to do?

Dont want anyone to take this the wrong way, but I am trying to figure out how a single guy, that enjoys the lifestyle but isnt currently dating someone else in the lifsteyle, can be involved without looking like the creepy predator or overly aggressive guy.  I am not so diluted to think that e... read more

Condoms For the Blind

 An Association for disabled people in Zimbabwe is demanding that condom packs be written in Braille to help its blind members to engage in “safe sex”. “We are also sexually active or even more active than able-bodied people and we need the same protection from the Aids sco... read more

travel to Amsterdan

Hello we will be in Amsterdan 15-20 october,looking for a sexy-fun couple to the zone... Hola estaremos en Amsterdan del 15-20 de octubre,buscamos pareja sexy y divertida de por alli...                   &nbs... read more

come on..........

b you know pretty toes are where its at.....we always admire a woman who takes the time to maintain beautiful feet...to us this is the extra mile....gotta love those pretty toes......belly buttons are nice as well nothing like a sexy inny on a flat tummy... read more

the only thing we have in common Is sex

The swingers community is unique but no different than that of the regular society. I have encountered racism, classism,prejudices of all sort that being said we are made up of people from the society 'smile".... read more

For us it was....

pretty much a joint decision! We'd found out pretty early on in our relationship that we both loved watching porn in all its various genres.. and then one naughty night we said "all this looks soooo much fun... how would you fancy doing something like that for real?"  - A few weeks la... read more

Questions on AIDS Vaccine

Unrevealed Analysis Weakens Claim of AIDS Vaccine "Success" Since researchers announced their clinical trial findings on Sept.24, on the HIV/Aids vaccine, much buzz has occurred. Questions abound on all sides from, why was this data released prior to the upcoming open AIDS vaccine meeti... read more

UN Best Places to Live

An annual report by the United Nations has found that Norway has the highest standard of living for its citizens. 182 countries were ranked according to "quality of life." This study was done prior to the worldwide recession.The top ten was as follows:   1. Norway   2. ... read more

Swingers Names UK

What do these names Paul, Catherine, David, Mark, Emma or Sarah have in common?  According to yet another study based in the UK, this research found individuals with these names were young, educated and were likely to indulge in swinging. Fever Parties was responsible for the poll. ... read more

Leather Leadership XIV

The Leather Leadership Conference XIV, Great Lakes/Ontario is pleased to announce a Call For Presenters. The Leather Leadership Conference XIV, Great Lakes/Ontario is scheduled for April 9 - 11, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan at the Metropolitan Hotel Located at the Metropolitan Detroit Airport (http... read more

Crack Your Nut

USA TODAY informs us, the pistachio industry in their first ever national ad broadcast, spent $15 million on their dominatrix campaign.The $800 million domestic pistachio industry still hasn't recovered from the recall of 2 million pounds of pistachios after last April's salmonella contamination sca... read more

7 degrees of separation

Most people know the theory (or at least will have seen the film!) 7 Degrees of separation, where we can link ourselves to anyone else on Earth in 7 steps - or something like that.  Well, and this is more of an observation than anything else, but has anyone noticed this when going through frien... read more

So here is the thing about anal sex ....

ITS LIKE GIVING A BONE TO A DOG...Ya never know where you will get it again so u are always trying to bury ur bone in case u dont get any later... ... read more

Ski holiday

We want go skiing in France for one week in Januari or Februari. We want to rent a luxuary chalet for 8 till 12 people with sauna an jaccuzzi. Who knows where we can find a chalet like this? And are there some couple who wants to join us?... read more


What in the world is this rumor about Glenn Beck raping and killing some young girl back in the 90's? Google "Glenn Beck rape". ANYONE ELSE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE RUMOR THAT GLEN BECK RAPED AND KILLED SOME GILR BACK IN THE 90"S ?... read more


What in the world is this rumor about Glenn Beck raping and killing some young girl back in the 90's? Google "Glenn Beck rape". ANYONE ELSE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE RUMOR THAT GLEN BECK RAPED AND KILLED SOME GILR BACK IN THE 90"S ?... read more

Boobie-Thon 2009

The 8th annual Blogger Boobie-Thon is underway and runs thru October 1-7. October, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Bloggers from all over send in pictures of their boobs.  During the Boobie-Thon the dressed breasts will be on the front page for everyone to see, and for $50 you can see bare... read more

miami beach

any recomendation in miami beach? ... read more

Friendship Bracelet for Sale

       DETAILS INSIDE...... read more

London Fetish Weekend

After its fabulous debut last year, The London Fetish Weekend kicks off again on Thursday 1st October 2009 with a whole weekend of outrageous events.Runs through Oct. 4, 2009 ... read more

Best/ Worst Male Lovers

In a recent poll of 15,000 women in 20 countries, Spanish men were the deemed the best lovers, followed by Brazilians and Italians according to OnePoll.comRussian men were too hairy, Germans had poor hygiene, men from America were too dominating, men from Holland were too rough. Interesting survey.W... read more

Scents or After Shave?

 I love smelling nice after a bath or shower before a date lots of lovely scents and oils. If we was animals thats how we would get our mate from our very own smell ? So do you think better not too cover our very own smell ??? just bath ,, lol kisses jo xxxxx... read more

early success of aids vacine

Hi With the very early 33% success rate for aids test cases in Thailand, at what per cent would start to thinking of going bare again? Figure there is no 100% guarantee on product even plane travel or getting out of the bath tub.... read more

My first swinging experience

I married to my first wife when I was just 29. After diner and lights off every one knows what happens next? My wife had polio and scoliosis she enjoy the sex so much with all the back pains and leg pains we had two wonderful daughters. When I ask her a bought swinging she said "no on... read more

Just Getting Started

As a couple, we are very affectionate.  It is like we are glued together; like we need some physical contact at all times when we are together: holding hands, caressing, kissing, leaning on each other.  We were like that from our first date.  We were cute and cu... read more