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Couples Faux Pas

Since we've got yet another "how single males suck, here's some common sense" blog going, I just thought for fun I'd do a blog on couples behavior.  Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone. :-) Since I am a single guy (oh nos!), I'll use the perspective of a single, obviously the ... read more

Cap d Agde - apartments

Maybe not so much a blog as a quest for information.   We went to the Cap this summer for the first time, stayed at the Babylone hotel - super!   We are now planning our second trip next summer and are considering an AGN apartment as an alternative to the Babylone for accommidati... read more

Brussels' Fetish Festival 2011

Saturday October 29, 2011. While in fetish-Holland most people will head towards The Hague, for Slaves for Passion, G. and I went from Kortrijk for the weekend to Brussels. Fetish festival combines a 2 day fetish fair, play night on Friday and fetish party on Saturday. We signed up for the party onl... read more

Party Erotique Dallas

 What a great party! We need more events like this in Dallas. Ran into quite a few old friends who commented how much they miss the older clubs and going to a place where we could dance and buy a drink. Good to see everyone!... read more

SDC blocked in Turkey - How to meet swingers there?

We have just come back from a wonderful vacation in one of the world's greatest cities, Istanbul. We can strongly recommend a visit there. But if you want to meet other swingers via SDC, you are damned in Istanbul!    We had looked forward to test the swingers' scene in Istanbul,... read more

beware this is what she sent me

Original Email: single mom here with a wonderful 14 year old daughter, i want her to learn from a good man like i did so. i know she can make a lot of mistakes in the beginning this needs to be kept in confidence i have a lot to loose here becareful... read more


beware everyone theres a women on here new going by the name deanna wanting to hook up her daughter thats 14 no less into the lifestyle could either be a cop or a very sick person please watch out for shes a single women on here... read more

new to this site

I'm new to this site and I'm liking it. I'm a single, straight, friendly male looking for fun and a partner in crime.... read more

Lifestyle goes way beyond swinging

The lifestyle is mutch more than just shareing your sexuality with yogur mate, it is almost a religiĆ³n way of living, where YOU share EVERYTHING with your couple, the best thing can happend to a vanilla couple is knowing That His/her couple is planning to go out of town for the weekend and the othe... read more

you know your a swinger if....

 you panic when you misplace your digital camera ! You invite friends over and watch porn ! you invite friends over and make porn. Youve watched someone do a tequila shot of your wifes bare ass !... read more

How to combat sexual stage fright?

Thanks to great friends I've been given a solid solution, but since there is more than one way to skin a cat, I would like to know how do YOU prevent your weekend warrior from becoming a fallen soldier. Usually just the invite for me to be with a couple gets my vice president roaring to enter the o... read more

Men on cam

Now is it just us or are we the only once who think it ridiculous to see half men's faces on cam in the chatroom? Or even worse, seeing them jerk of all day/night. Is that supposed to be the description of sexy fun on the swing chatbox? Any thoughts?... read more

What makes for a GOOD Lifestyle House Party?

Having been to any number of Lifestyle parties, be they at clubs, private locations, or at an individuals home, I'm always fascinated by the opinions expressed afterwards as to whether it was a bad, ok, good, great, etc. party! In your personal opinion, what makes for a GOOD Lifestyle House Party? W... read more


 We are headed to Iniquity this Saturday, 10/29!... read more

Drives us mad

Something that really drives us mad is when we send out a party invite to people.... we always say a quick yes or no reply would be appricated......... what upsets us is when you go back onto sent mail, your e-mail has been deleted without a thanks but no thanks reply..... BLOODY RUDE... read more

Thank you xxx

We organised a party at F.Club last night..... Just wanted to thank everyone who came along..... To all those guys who gave my a very very sticky smile.... hats off to you    We had a great time thank you.. We also want to thank F.Club for looking after us all... They really looked aft... read more

Have a Seat

Ok Ladies and Gents...We have a blog named "Take a Knee" and upon consulting with its author , I have obtained his permission to post a take off with the subject being the beautiful, mature , ladies of SDC that are 50yo or over. To voice your admiration of one of these beauties there is on... read more


We have some friends coming from differant parts of the country to join us at F.Club on Friday, some from abroad too... Can anyone help ?? does anyone know the full post code for f.club and aslo if peeps are tavelling on tube whats the nearest station.... we have been there many times but we just k... read more

When is to friendly

 Hi, something we have been wondering, when you meet a couple and it just clicks, socially and sexually and you exchange numbers and agree to meet again. When you do and it is just as good the second time,all good, then two years on you are still meeting and it is still great. When does it beco... read more

Sloppy Seconds And Hot Wife Issues - Phony

We questioned the ligitimacy of a blog, actually two blogs by the same poster, one about "sloppy seconds" and the other asking help to find a rich 8 inch male for his hot wife. Of course we got deleted, and then we get this e-mail.  Keep in mind, the person posting the blogs total... read more


Looking for a pair of TG Halloween tickets for the Saturday.... Can anyone help or suggest another party. Thanks Es xx... read more

Halloween Weekend South Florida House Party

Planning on being in south Florida Halloween weekend.  Shortened 4 night trip limits going to Fantasy Fest, so hoping to find a houseparty somewhere in south Florida. Anyone planning? Thanks!!... read more

Traveling looking for fun

My handsome and myself are traveling from the london ontario area to pittsburgh and are hoping we will be able to have a bit of fun along the way  if your interested let us know... read more

What is the point of the Flea Party protests?

The Flea Party has been camped out on Wall St. for a while now. Are there any there who have a coherent thought?... read more

Threesomes & Moresomes!

I have been a member of this site and others like it on and off for some time now. I have always been intrigued of the thought of being with a couple and helping her man satisfy her or a group where a group of guys are pleasuring women. I am 100% straight and don't have any interest in men. I was wo... read more

Free entrance ticket ..

Free entrance ticket for any lady interested in going to THE CASTEL PARTY tommorrow 15 october..send me a email..... read more

My first party...

OMG! Tonight I will attend my first..(!!)..Greedy Girls Night Party in Amersfoort (NL) I'm still at work..but very excited already!!..According to the instructions of Erofeestjes...Got my sporting bag with towels, party outfit as proposed by a more experienced gf, also here at SDC..I think I'm ready... read more

Santiago - Spain

hi there After a few weeks on the camino de Santiago we are ready for some swinging fun! Let us know if you are in or around Santiago in the next few days. X ... read more

Desire week 43...

We can't wait for our first 'Adult' holiday.... Any advise ???? Nic and Lee..... read more


just want to say a massive hello to the few couple i know going to this event and to all the couples im yet to meet....only 2 days left till the big night!!! thank you zac and jasmin for organising what is to be a night to remember for sure!! sooo excited xx... read more

Economy and the swingers lifestyle

In this down economy it is interesting to see new trends develop in lifestyle circles across the globe. House Parties seem to be on the rise significantly, while some clubs may be struggling with declining numbers of visitors. How has the economy affected you directly? Do you see any changes hap... read more

What does a WOMAN mean when she says MAYBE

I need your help in understanding what my wife REALL MEANS, when she says MAYBE to swinging. My wife is a gorgeous blonde model. Very sexy and very nice girl. We have been married for more than TEN years and have a happy marriage and have one small kid. We have been to swinger clubs like Miami Ve... read more

My wife's Valentine's Day celebrations

My gorgeous sexy HOTWIFE was invited to celebrate Valentine's Day by her handsome sophisticated Bull who is a wealth and classy gentleman. He arrived at our apartment building in his beautiful Bentley to pick us up around late afternoon. I had spent the day prepari... read more

Looking to learn the lifestyle

 We are looking to join the lifestyle of having a female playmate. We want to share experiences with a woman, and between my wife and I, to spice things up in the bedroom. ... read more


Hi, we are  two sexy females ages of 21 and 22 ,  that are Located in Austin Tx. We are very open and curious with our sexualities  and  decided to venture out to host the best Halloween Erotica Bash in central Texas. Sarae and I ( Amya) , are welcoming all people in th... read more

The Uncontrollable Swing!

We have been in the lifestyle for quite sometime now and have gone to our fair share of lifestyle parties and clubs, in all places we have encountered what we like to call the "Uncontrollable Swing". The "Uncontrollable Swing" is what happens when there are no boundaries and pretty much anything go... read more


Someone ...... Male.... please explain this to me. WHY do you wear socks during sex ?  You cannot get them off your feet ? What ?  I also see alot of Profile photo's that have men wearing socks. TOTALLY nude.................................but for .....................SOCKS.  UHM ???... read more

Incorrect age in profiles?

Being relatively new to SDC, we are wondering why some people choose to have incorrect age in their profiles.  Shaving a couple of years of your age is nothing new and happens in many conversations around the world each second :-)  But it puzzles us when you see profiles where the age is f... read more

Looking for the best Holloween Party in the NYC area

I wanted to get some info and feedback for the best holloween parties that are in the NYC area. Let me know your past experiences which are good and what ones to stay away from thx... read more

visiting bahamas

give us a hail, we'd like to chatt with you and learn where you will be visiting... read more

Looking For Rental In Florida

We hope some of you Floridians can help us in finding a condo / house for rent by the week. Have been looking online but many agents seem to be flakes...If you will. We are flying into Ft. Myers in March. We will need at least 4-5 bedrooms as their are two couples (and kids) staying. Oh, did I menti... read more

www.teasie.com - Sex Toys and more: The We - Vibe II

With 9 exciting new modes designed to provide maximum climatic stimulation (Low Speed - High Speed - Throb - Wave - Pulse - Ramp - Tease - Ascending - Cha-Cha) and sensually designed to please you and your partner, it’s easy to understand why women and couples around the world are saying "... read more

Meet & Greet

Let's Meet at Fantasy Fest! Fat Tuesday's at 3pm on Wednesday the 26th! Spread the word!!! ... read more

Room Available for Fantasy Fest

Tues-Sun $900. Own room... Perfect location! There is a 5 night min for Fantay Fest, so trying to find someone who can stay the whole time. http://www.artisthousekeywest.com/... read more

Most Amazing Porn Movie Ever

I have come across to the most amazing porno movie I ever seen http://xhamster.com/movies/329160/monstr.html  and I wanted to share with you. What's the most amazing porn movie you have ever seen?... read more

Virginia Beach?

Greetings all....wifey and I headed to VA beach for a getaway this weekend and wonder if there are any locals here with suggestions as to clubs, or things like that...done some searching on there and other places but they all seem to have poofed away.... Thanks! ... read more

New Artist

<img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="http://c.gigcount.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bT*xJmx*PTEzMTc5Nzk*NzczNzYmcHQ9MTMxNzk3OTQ4MjI*NyZwPTI3MDgxJmQ9cHJvX3BsYXllcl9maXJzdF9nZW4mZz*xJm89/NGMyNzU1ODY3OTQ*NDBjODk*ZmViYzViMGI1YzhkNzE... read more

Virginia Beach suggestions

Hey all, The fam is headed to VA beach for the weekend. Any suggestions as to clubs, theaters for naughty shows or the like? Thanks!... read more

Random Shit

Rule #1 of the Internet: Nothing you put online, even for a second, can ever be taken down. Drink that in & know it kids.... read more

Steve Jobs RIP

 Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away. One day after the "big" announcement of the iPhone 4S. Thoughts?... read more

The Bait and Switch

No too long back I had the privledge of being subjected to some interesting behavior. The behavior was this: The email chime goes off, and I come to the computer to look and see just who it is that is writing to me. It is nice to hear that sound when your email box is not overflowing. At any rate... read more

Thailand First Timers :-)

We are hoping for some advice on how to best spend 17 days in Thailand; Tao, Koh Samui and Bangkok. We arrive on a friday 21st Oct to Samui and will fly back home on 6th Nov. Last 4 days in Bangkok. Obviously we plan to scuba dive in Koh Tao, weather permitting. We should have min a week in ... read more


We recently visited Les Chandelles in Paris. It seemed to be better promoted than a few other ones in the Paris so we did go there one Friday evening.  Impression was good one as we did enjoy few drinks, dancing, had a talk. We felt lack for light as you could bearly see to whom you are talking... read more

Dream profile

I don’t know if this happens to everyone but, do you have that super favorite dream profile you have a crush with? Could be a C, M, or F, but that profile you always find yourself going to it and checking those pix over and over again, yet you want to keep it like that fantasy crush and neve... read more

Pet Peeves

 Everyone has a couple of pet peeves that just torques you jaw or make you roll your eyes. What are some of yours and why.... read more

Camino de Santiago!

Hi all We are starting our hike on the camino de Santiago tomorrow. We can't wait to spend the next few weeks seeing some beautiful country side. We will be in Santiago on October 14 for a few nights of rest and relaxation. would love to hear from anyone who has done the camino or anyone who ... read more

SDC items like flags

Where do all the printed stuff come from. I would love to put a pennent or flag on my sailboat on lake grapevine texas. Thanks Don... read more