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photography ...

hey guys ... we're looking for a couple to swap an evening of photography with in the next month or so ... miami or atlanta, given flexiblle timing ... anyone interested?... read more

Why do creationists have faith in just about everything but facts?

Forty percent of Americans believe in Creationism and 21% are undecided. In other words, 61% of Americans do not believe in evolution. That knocked me on my ass! Seriously. A survey of 32 European countries, Japan and the U.S. revealed the U.S. ranked 2nd to last (the Republic of Turkey was t... read more

still hoping to meet new friends

 on the Mariner of the Seas that sails from Rome, Italy on Nov 2nd and ends in Galveston on Nov 18th...if anybody is on it and would like to meet, please send us a msg, we will be checking and we can meet at the adult pool or somewhere on ship.  Hope to meet you there...Isabel and Max...on... read more

Booty Shake Video Constest Slow Streaming

SDC servers are not up to the task of hosting a video contest.  The videos load too slow for evaluating the video entries.  I don't think that many people have time to view very many of the videos.... read more

Hurricane Sandy

 Sorry to say that we are stuck in Boston. Hope to be in Atlanta by Wed. Trapeze on Wed. night and Friday night... read more

If you had to date again?

We have a single friend that has been in the lifestyle for a long time and is having a hard time imagining a relationship that was not involved in the lifestyle. Do you think you could imagine yourself in a monogamous relationship if you started dating again?... read more

Events in Paris

Lundi 29 Octobre 21h Paris IIIeme Gang bang pour Karine.     Jeudi 1er Novembre 17h Pantin La soumission de Miss J. Miss N. sera sa domina perverse.   Vendredi 2 Novembre Pantin 13h Le Gang Bang Hard de Sof.     Vendredi 2 Novembre 21h P... read more

Kissing or touching in public - which is more excusable to the non-swinging community?

Just a quick blog to resolve a small bet for fun :o) We were out with another couple having some soft fun when the following questions came up.  'Kissing or touching in public - which is more excusable to the non-swinging community?'. Imaging being in a normal but lively bar with anothe... read more

Stickers - Window clings

I would love to have window clings of the SDC logo but without the SDC letters in it (to avoid vanilla friends looking it up.. ). I think this would be a great way to only let those who already recognise the logo design know you're in the LF. Anyone else thinks this could be a good idea? ... read more

New York Clubs

Can anyone recommend a good club in NY to play at? We are late 20's/early 30's and want to play with people of a similar age. We come over in early December. Any advice would be a huge help :)... read more

Freedom of the Seas Lifestyle cruise, Nov. 11-18-2012

We've been able to uncover 125 couples members of SDC going on this wonderful cruise. So far, the list includes the following couples. If you're going on the cruise but aren't listed, please add your names!! We're gonna have a blast!!! ... read more

Newr couple,,,too cautious?

We have had 4 experiences in the past,,,female half here liked them very much but is really cautious about the internet thing,she is really shy and not sure about clubs yet either,,how do we meet couples and get her to loosen up more?... read more

Tonight, is Erotic Halloween & Saturday is Original

 We kick off our two night Halloween Erotic tonight, Saturday is our Original. Remember to allow extra drive time from south of the big city, see prior posting for more info. Our, doors will be opening early admission to the house for pre paid, VIP memberships, and annual party passes holders.... read more

Desire vs. Desire Pearl

Hi, We are thinking of trying Desire Pearl in Jan of Feb of 2013.  Wanted to see if anyone has been and get a little feedback.  We have visited Desire Cancun and Desire Cabo and wanted to see how Pearl differs Thanks D and L... read more

Some Thoughts on Polyamory

The Answer is Both: A Polyamory Tangent   People are generally uncomfortable with relationship arrangements that go against the cultural norms of the society they live in. Marriage, in particular, is an institutionalized way of organizing relationships based on rigidly defined social... read more

London Clubs for Single Str8 Men on Mondays?!

Can anybody recommend a good club in London to go on Monday evenings for single straight men? Thank you. x... read more

Kom naar showboat in Feestmaand December

    Erotiek en gezelligheid, en zeker ook in de Feestmaand December ! Zijn jullie van harte welkom op de showboat ! Donderdag 06 December (Bunga Bunga Party vanaf 14:00) Vrijdag 14 December (SM Fetish Kinky Party vanaf 21:00) Zaterdag 22 December (Swingers Fantasy Land vanaf 20:0... read more

How many meets in 6 months (poll)

So how many genuine meets does anyone from this site achieve in say either the last six months or since you joined. We have been in the scene for about 6 weeks now, and were lucky enough to actually meet, play, and have a great time with a fairly local couple after the first two weeks.... but trying... read more


MALDIVES  ISLANDS - FREE CATAMARAN SAILING BOAT Notice to all my friends! I have this possibility to share with you: From November 2012 to April 2013 I am working in the Maldives Islands for a international charter sailing company If you want to come for a holiday, you are welcome: cat... read more

The Most Interesting Swinger in the World

Mr. Bubblebutt is the most interesting swinger in the world because: 1.    If he thinks about a woman, she begins ovulating 2.    His penis is so large , it has a penis 3.    All of his bodily fluids smell like flowers 4.    The G spot was... read more

New Years Eve in New York?

 Hi guys! We would like to spend new years eve in New York, and we need tips.   We would love to hear about others experience, where the hottest places are, how to get into those parties, and if any of them are big and fabulous ;) Do we need to book long in advance? Looking forward... read more

hoping to find some new friends....

 we are on the Mariner of the Seas from Rome, Italy to Galveston Texas from Nov 2nd, 2012 to Nov 18, 2012 .....we would love to meet some new friends that may be on the same trip...please contact us here or on could meet somewhere on ship like at the adult pool...hope to hear from you soon...I... read more

New Year and Christmas in NYC

  This is going to be our first time in NYC and we are quite nervous. So many things to do, so many places to know and so many swingers to meet. Besides the fact of our obsesive compulsiveness when dealing with reservations (apparently everything has to be booked several months in advance for t... read more

Austin: November 18 United States Grand Prix Formula One

So who from this area, Austin, San Antonio, even Houston, will be going??  We have a hotel downtown Austin, would like to get out Saturday night. What is the best club in Austin? Thanks in advance!!! ... read more

Hitting the G Spot....

Dear Fellow Pervs, Have any of you read about the latest operation that a lady can have to enlarge the G Spot??? See the following article and please lets hear what you sexy ladies think, is it true???? Cheers, Simon http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2221321/Hitting-G-Spot--800-injecti... read more


We are new at this. Not much seems to be going on. Not sure how to go about things on here. How do we get validated. How do we get friends? How do we meet ppl? HELP!... read more

To NUDGE or not to NUDGE??

This is one of those old age SDC questions/issues that many couples/singles already have a strong opinion about. Most people on the site that are adamantly AGAINST the idea of the "nudge", will have no reserves about stating that in their profile. Now, being a big fan of full disclosure, ... read more

Vanilla Alternative

Only one more night.... cos saturday night will be ou first visit to the Vanilla Alernative Club and Hotel, we cant wait. Anyone else going this weekend?... read more

Stranded on Swing island

Heres the scenario:  Youre trapped on an island with two guys Guy 1- an ugly out of shape guy with a huge penis (picture Ron Jeremy) Guy 2-a great looking, in shape guy with a small penis (picture a young Brad Pitt with 3") Who would you swing with?  They are both deaf mutes, goo... read more


Having a quiet beer in Bexleyheath anyone care to pop in and say hi ?j... read more


Having a quiet beer in Bexleyheath anyone care to pop in and say hi ?j... read more


Having a quiet beer in Bexleyheath anyone care to pop in and say hi ?j... read more


Having a quiet beer in Bexleyheath anyone care to pop in and say hi ?j... read more


Having a quiet beer in Bexleyheath anyone care to pop in and say hi ?... read more

13th Floor in Dallas Closed?

 We heard the 13th Floor in Dallas got shut down.  Anyone know if it is true and if so, why?  If it did that would suck.  It was one of the better clubs in the area...... read more

Is either presidental candidate the answer

Regardless if your party affiliation do you believe your candidate is the best person to represent you. I have added a third voting choice if you think both parties have stayed to far from the middle and you wish their was a third choice.... read more

Saturday Oct 20th, Welcome Club 2250 to Club M4

Club 2250 has merged their members to Club M4, the celebrations continue this Saturday!!  Hope to see all of you sexy couples at M4! ... read more

Party tomorrow (Oct 19) in London?

We are in London and are looking for a party with fun couples for tomorrow night (Fri, Oct 19).  We also have a nice large hotel room in Central London and can host upto two other couples in our room. Please write to us directly if you are interested.  Only couples please. Eglij... read more

A trip to sharm el sheikh - Egypt

Hia Just to let u all know all what you hear about egypt in the media is not 100% true Specially about freedom in tourist destinations, like sharm el sheikh & hurghada You can still come here and have your privacy with no problems as before And talking about sharm el sheikh and what you hea... read more



visit of Italy

Hi for everybody! We,Dmitry and Irina, going to visit Italy from December 29 untill January 5 in Rimini and also want to see Roma and Venice,glad to meet with nice people for make fun together!... read more

Overside Paris

We had a great w/e in Paris 13/14/15 Oct Club Overside we totally recommend we had great fun very relaxed but difficult to find..... ... read more

just to get friends?

 curious if some people are on here just to list a long amount of people as friends?... read more

House Party Etiquette

So you get invited to a well known house party. You show up around the time that your invitations suggests, you mingle, you chat with other guests, you get hit on by a few other couples, but just when it looks like everyone is about to get naked, you both realize there is not one... read more

Are You A Master Debater?

I wish just once.... ONCE there was a debate where there were questions created by each candidate for the opponent and they were placed in a fish bowl and the opponent drew a question and had to answer it. Each candidate would draw 7 questions of his opponent's creation. And,   eac... read more

What is your sure-fire way to meet new people?

I'm surprised to see new people on the site who are disappointed that they aren't flooded with offers, invites within hours of setting up their profiles.  That rarely happens unless you are incredibly attractive, or a single bi-female.  My sure-fire way to meet someone - an LS club. &nb... read more

Do you reach our or wait to be contacted?

There have been some discussions lately about whether people are really meeting on here and at what rate. The addition of the "who looked at me feature" has perhaps heightened this feeling. So it begs the following question...when you see a profile you like to you reach out or wait to me c... read more

Initiation Into Swinging By A Travelling Dutch Couple

By: Me Written on October 16th, 2012     It was in 2003 that we were introduced to swinging and all of its joy and horniness . We actually got in touch with a lovely Dutch couple 28m24f who were traveling to Goa,India in the winter of 03. Initial contact was made throu... read more



Ladies: What matters most Girth or Length?

What matters most girth or length? A thick cock or a long cock? ... read more

Need some tips or are we just ugly

OK, what are we doing wrong, a week on this site and not one couple has shown the slightest interest in us.... yet on another site we had quite a lot of success, so, are we ugly or just doing something wrong here???... read more

Meet & Greet Socials & the BEST INTRODUCTION LINE EVER

Since we have been in the lifestyle, we have been to probably 20 or so Meet & Greet socials. Meeting people at Meet & Greets is a completely different thing than meeting people at a actual lifestyle club. A club like Trapeze, which is a huge Swinger's Club here in Atlanta, can be intimid... read more

Il like this

At  Monet-Marmottan museum:  http://www.marmottan.com/ Z.              ... read more

Freedom of the Seas - anyone going this year?

Hey guys! We are a young married couple from London going on the Freedom of the Seas cruise 11-18th of November 2012. We are flying London to Orlando, FL and staying in Orlando for 1 week and going on the cruise for 1 week. Let us know if you're local to Orlando, Florida, have been there or ... read more

Looking for help with developing new Swing action cards

Swing Poker is expanding fast and we are looking for your help in creating new actions cards. Swing action cards are sexy and funny actions that losers of poker hands will perform. Cards like: 1. Bite his/her bottom and than gently kiss is better 2. Give a one minute lap dance to winner 3. ... read more

Is what one drinks in any way a reflection of ones sexual liberalism?

We were contemplating what drink to take with us as a gift to our next 'blind' date at ones house when it dawned on us that we are yet to meet any swingers who are non-alcoholics!  Do non-alcoholic swings exist? This lead us to wonder if there is a social pattern regarding sexual liberali... read more

Time vampires !?!?

So what's the story? A couple live within 30 minutes drive, they add you to their 'favourites' and send you lots of messages over a number of weeks.  Yet whenever you make a date to meet they always cancel at the last minute? Fake? Not as they are on their profile?  Just plain shy?... read more

Time wasting people

Is it just us or has any other couples came across couples on this site that message you to ask for a meeting , they text you 5 6 7 times call over and over send your very flattering messages about your pics and profile and how much they have in common with you , then you set a date to meet up and ... read more

Swinging in Goa India

So many couples visit Goa India from Europe and India, can a swinging party be planned at Goa in this winter........any one keen to participate...... ... read more

Party Time in South Beach Oct 17-27th

I'm hosting a series of very private and exclusive parties at my suite two blocks from the beach! Enjoy an intimate gathering of up to 8 sexy, respectful and open minded fun seekers and meet new friends.  see my profile for details and pick which day you can come!... read more

Face pictures...

Is it me? Or does it bother everyone when someone expect to see your face pictures and not be willing to show theirs? I understand if a person feels a bit worried about their job, church what friend or family what ever... But why would they expect a face photo of another person but not want to show... read more

La Mirage - Maspalomas

relatively new to SDC but not to swinging style, we wonder if anybody already stayed at La Mirage resort in Maspalomas? How is there new location? We perhaps plan to stay there a few days around year-end.... Cheers... read more

Lets have fun

 Fun is the medicine that makes life happy.... read more

The Swingers’ Guide To Islam

An interesting read.  http://www.theglobalmail.org/feature/the-swingers-guide-to-islam/419/ The Swingers’ Guide To Islam By  Aubrey BelfordOctober 11, 2012   On a hill in the centre of Java, thousands of Muslims regularly turn up to a religious ritual with a surp... read more

People Come and Go, But After They Cum Where Do They Go?

After 10+ years we've met many great people here.  Many leave because of divorce, health, move, find a new web site, or something else?  We left London for a few years and, upon return, discovered that many of the people we once knew from this site have all been "seen recently". ... read more

telling or not

after a great night of fun with some verry close friends ,a question came up, its a simple question, should a women or a gent ask or tell there partners or parter what they ,like or dont like in the heet of passion or should they before hand? so that every one has a great time.... read more

Halloween Dublin

Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for the Oct Bank Holiday weekend in Dublin. Last year we peacocked up and hit a few bars in town.  Thinking of doing the same this year. Just wondering if anyone knows where one would might bump in to like minded indiv... read more

Carnival Magic 10/28/2012

Halloween at sea.  Looking for some company........let us know... read more

A single guy comes to sdc

 Don't know that anyone will ever look at this, but thought I would chronical my growth and experience in the lifestyle.  First, a little background on me.  I traveled as part of my job for a long time.  I was sometimes invited to join couples, be watched with wives, etc, and so ... read more

Why are pics important?

 I am chatting with a fairly new couple who are excited to meet another couple with whom they've been emailing and chatting and texting.  However, they've not seen any pictures of this other couple.  The no-pics couple say they are hesitant about sending pics because of their jobs, an... read more

Amsterdam/Europe hotspots???

We are planning a trip to Europe in November....we booked a few days in Amsterdam and them plan to take the train and tour a couple more countries. Trying to plan the rest of the trip..... So, travelers what areas are your favorite? Where are the sexy hotspots? Swing clubs? We would also love to ... read more

Cruise Nov 11th - Nov18th 2012 - Port Canaveral Royal Caribbean FREEDOM of the Seas

Cruise Nov 11th - Nov18th 2012 - Port Canaveral Royal Caribbean FREEDOM of the Seas We are looking for others that will be attending this lifestyles Cruise. Drop us a line if your planning on making it. ... read more

Vaginas and sharks have something in common! Learn more here:

http://www.chacha.com/gallery/2303/vajayjay-fun-facts... read more

Noname clubbing sex or at home with sam friends?

Trying to figure out which one suits us better. So far we prefer the club sex, less complicated and easier to find playmates. So please tell us your thoughts on that issue. ... read more

GEMS CLUB, the hottest new party of the SOUTH!

Come check out and see what all the hype is about with GEMS! Our next party has over 160 of the sexiest couples from over 7 states. WE are a strict membership group allowing only the best of the best. No single males allowed! Check out our profile for information!... read more


Have not been either club in a while, which one would be better tongith Trap or Deenies?... read more

AVN events in Las Vegas

Who has attended these events? Can you get through everything in one day? What about the after parties. Are they worth the money?... read more

Gran canneria

Hi all use sexy bi females and couples , me and my hubby going to be in gran canneries from the 27th of October until the 30th .we are hoping to meet like minded people for lots of horny fun !!!!!! Please drop us a line if use would like to hook up :):):) hornyjp xxx... read more

Safe oral

 We are new to this lifestyle but are enjoying the journey so far ,but as with anything new in life we come across some conflicts ,we are totally inlove and we have the utmost respect for each other as we can clearly see from loads of profiles of people we have looked at ,due to the love and re... read more

Profile Photos

 I know that there has been millions of post about this topic bt for the sake of just asking. Isn't easier to just put a few bodyshots and some nude all body photos even if you blur the faces, than to put graphic photos, we don't mind looking at a dick or pussy or some sex action, by all means ... read more

Party 2nite in Oakland /San Leando CA

First Friday Freak Fest Find Friendly Folks For Freaky Fun Fri Oct 5th 10p-4a in San Leandro 3 play areas(1 for Couples only) Glory holes and maybe our tent :) We provide snacks condoms n hand towels BYOB and bath towel for shower use Residence so please keep noise down Donations: Single La... read more

Fantasy Fest 2012

Having trouble finding airline tickets into Key West....or don't want to drive 8 hrs round trip? Maybe you are looking for a new adventure.... One of our community members is a private pilot who will be offering private flights into & out of Key West for the duration of the festival. Single... read more

Quien estará en desire en Halloween ?

Avísanos para hacer clic,,,... read more

Quien estará en desire en Halloween ?

Avísanos para hacer clic,,,... read more

Total waste of time and money

Been on this site a year ! All the people we have met and have verifications from we have met on a free site elsewhere ! This site will soon be getting binned , never get any mail , all we get sent is just invites for party 2 3 6 thousand miles away !!!!!! ... read more

If you caught your wife in bed with another woman..

If you came home and found your wife in bed with another woman would you be....... read more

Desire properties - Cancun vs Cabo

We enjoyed Desire Pearl this past April shortly after its opening as a Desire property and enjoyed everything about it.  We had so much fun, we began making plans for a return trip and realized the prices have almost doubled.  I began looking at other Desire properties as folks we met ... read more

First time to famous Fun4two next month

We are really excited to be finally on our way to that famous place in the Netherlands.  Please tell us some sexy stories and/or experiences that you have  had at FUN.  Is it a similar place to Fata Morgana?   And of course, any sexy couples or single ladies that are p... read more

Lifestyle/Adult Resort

We would like to go to a Lifestyle/Adult Reosrt, we've never been.  Can we get some input on which is best? Desire, Hedo, Caliente, and even seen Rama Kien in Thailand.... We are planning on a 14 day stay, want to take full advantage of th resort and our time there, which is being naked as... read more

Looking for bar with private room in Fort Lauderdale area

Wondering if anyone knows a nice bar with a private room to hold our Swing Poker games?... read more


 Life is to short so take each day as it comes. Enjoy it to the fullest and never regret . As long as you always do right by others and to yourself life will be good. Adding more and more sex will make it a lot better : )... read more

So we have finally moved from fab to here....

Hi, well after everyone telling us how good SDC was and also trying out some great parties we have finally decided to set up an account on here ourselves. If you have met us before then please feel free to verify us on here. We are Tiffany and Mike from Leicester and our username for the other site ... read more

Reasons people sign up on swing sites

Yes, I understand it is a site about sex but I am not convinced that the main reason most people sign up on swing sites is to have sex. I am dedicating this biog to finding out not why you signed up but why you think most people signed up on Swing sites.... read more

Hidden validations is a big mistake!!!! or I be wrong?

 ... read more