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We have been fortunate to meet some great play partners in the Chat room and play with quite a few more online when its impossible to go out but we still want to have some fun. What I am wondering is why it isn't used more.  It is usually familiar faces in there and we wonder why more people do... read more

Does the single female swinger really exist?

Despite being occasional swingers for around 8-10yrs we have only ever played with other couples. This is despite being open to the idea of playing with and being certain that we would both completely spoil a single female should one lucky lady ever grace our bed. Are we doing something wrong? Can a... read more

Orlando clubs for bi girls

Looking to see if anyone knows of any bars or clubs in the Orlando area where bi girls might frequent... Thanks in advance!R&P... read more

swingers clubs en cd de mexico?

alguien nos puede decir cuales son los mejores clubs en cd de mexico? que opinan de coliseum, esta muy cerca de nuestro hotel el aria isabel... read more

Lauderdale Boat Show

So is anyone going?  Curious minds want to know?  ... read more

A Question For Single Males

Simple question:  Why as a single male does your lead profile photo show one of the following 1) you as a couple, or 2) a female alone?Shouldn't the photo indicate you are a SM?  Or do you feel that is a problem so you try to deceive?Consider, we are SM friendly, but we check out profiles,... read more

How To Survive Swinging

How To Survive Swinging Welcome to the movement called swinging!  It’s not a lifestyle that’s taught in school, it is simple, like being gay or lesbian, a feeling that’s innate.  It’s a feeling that many of us act on, some of us sooner, others later.  Some of us just act ... read more

Picking up someone in public...

We have met several great people on SDC, and had some great times.  We also KNOW that the people we meet from here are in the lifestyle.  Recently, we found a lady that we both find quite attractive - single girl (at least we think she is).  We don't know her personally, but she works... read more

Night Clubs!

Pinellas County we are headed there this weekend and wanted some advise on night clubs?... read more

South Bay FREE Meet and Greet!

Hello sexy people! On November 15th, we will have our South Bay Meet and Greet, and I already have 30 couples who RSVP'd. These are only Meet and Greet so you can meet new people, talk in a non-pressure environment, and enjoy a drink and dancing with some new friends. If you click, then you can deci... read more

First move or not

So we have been in the lifestyle for a good many years now, and it still amazes us that we are stillHaving to nearly always make the first move when in comes to meeting new potential partners .So my question is this do you make the first move or are you a wall flower ŵaiting for others to approach ... read more

Christmas Party in Southend 14th December

On the 14th December we will be hosting Mistletoe Magic in Southend a party for approx 150 Swingers in Essex and surrounding areas.We are really excited as our last party was fantastic and everyone had an amazing time.The party is an opportunity to party in a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, to... read more

Post Desire Recovery Week! 21/10 -26/10/13

21/10. Rita slept on flight on flat bed - I didn't this time.  BA flight arrived ahead of schedule and first 2 bags arrived firstbut our third bag last! So much for priority baggage! On the way home in very wet weather stopped for coffee and a sandwich and had to pump up one of the tyres. Home ... read more

spice world (www.spicetales.com)

Www.spicetales.comSo Ive started a blog which ive based on prepping you for your holiday in a lifestyle resort....each month we talk about a topic thats important....a few explanations, tips not tits and a few funny tales. Have a read and enjoy xxxx... read more

2013 Fantasy Fest

What was your twist on Fantasy Fest this year??  In comparison to previous years, thumbs up? Thumbs down?... read more

Movers/moving company in South Florida

Hi I was wondering if anyone on here owns any movers or moving company. Please contact us.Thanks... read more


We are visting P.R. on 9-16 novmber. We ar looking to meet ho people for fun times an look for a areato buy a eirement ome in!! WANNA HELP? email us... read more

Erotica After party Special @ Ourplace4fun

Erotica Ticket Holders FREE Membership OFFER see Applicable Dates Below Simply Pay the Door ContributionOctober 25th Friday Couples 20.00***Guys 50.00*** ***(Friday All New Guys must Pre Register and have a BOOKING NUMBER)***Single Females Free Arrive anytime 10pm 5am BYOBOctober 26th Satu... read more

Sex swing

Any tips as to which sex swing to buy ???..or not to buy..?... read more

Her Squirting For The First Time

We had been talking to a single guy for some time. He is from Belgium and was visiting our place and we decided to meet him. This guy had a decent thickness and length as shown in some pics of his tool. My wife loves big cocks, mine is 8 inches long and thick as a g... read more

Erotica Ball

Hi sexy peeps,We will be attending the erotica ball this weekend so if any of you would like to meet up please feel free to get in touch.We are staying in a hotel nearby so can meet in the loby for pre and post drinkies.Looking forward to meeting you all.Stewart & CeCe xx... read more

Pushy People

Hello everyone, We are a new couple to the lifestyle but I wanted to write a few words about pushy couples. We read a lot of profiles and every single one of them mentions how much they dislike pushy people. Yet for some reason we hear stories of pushy people still existing in the lifestyle. How doe... read more

Baby Sitter Issue 2

Here is the solution!!! 3 swinger couples meet. They toss up. The couple who lose takes care of the kids. How is that? :)... read more

Ebay or SDC

Today I decided to sell or swap some of my electronic and musical equipment which I don't use recently thru a website like Ebay. Then I realized that it is a similar feeling when I log in SDC, too. Ok, I don't sell my wife or my wife doesn't sell me when we swing; but still I had this strange and fu... read more

Our First Squirt

      It was 29.08.2013 3 days after our wedding anniversary. We was watching part 3 from season 3 of “Swing House”. Stephanie and Hector were newcomer couple to lifestyle. There was a good chemistry between this couple and Emily & Sergio couple from beginning o... read more

A confusion of terms.

I came across two terms today that confounded me because of the context that they are used in.  And, I'm really wanting an understanding of why they are used and what they really mean.  So, any and all feedback is appreciated after this blog is posted.The first is "bed-hopper".  So, I... read more

Guys Sexual Proclivities from Getthefive.com

A marketing company in the US just published this rather unscientific, but interesting view of men and sex.  Reposted here for your consideration; any surprises to you?We recently polled 141 men asking them a variety of somewhat intimate questions. Have you ever had sex with multiple partners (... read more

Eyes Wide Shut im Traumschloss in Frankreich

XVII EYES WIDE SHUT EVENT IM TRAUMSCHLOSS 15. - 16. Nov. 2013Exklusiv Event der Kristallgrotte im monumentalen Traum- Schloss. Einzigartiger Original Event nur für Paare. Meldet euch jetzt für den XVII Eyes Wide Shut an!Als 1999 das Meisterwerk "Eyes Wide Shut" von Stanley Kubrick in die Kinos kam... read more

Trip to Flordia

We're wondering witch is better Haulover or the Roof top this time of yr. And is the a Lifestyle area at Haulover ?... read more

lovercoupe travel

come 29 november in holland we hear proposals!!!!!... read more

Party Time

Is there a couple out there who are going to the AdFab Halloween party on the 25th, who would like a bi-sexual female to join them. ... read more

Mexico and Desire: 5 to 20/10

5/10 Watched TV through evening and then got ready to take taxi at 9.15pm to head for Torture Garden. Arrived just after 10 as it was opening and headed inside and had some fun and tequilas. Soon after P&S arrived and we caught up. We then danced and just after midnight P&S left and we ... read more

Does that make them happy or turn them on..??

Hi everyone.!! Am curious to know why some folks show interest and agree to meet severally but never show up or cancel at the last minute..Does that make them happy or turn them on..??Note: Talking about profiles with real validations..... read more

Baby Sitter

Why doesn't SDC run a baby sitting company, also. Looking at the mean age of the members, major problem looks like where to leave the kids. ... read more

How did you chose yoru profile name?

I am curious to know how people came across in creating their profile name.  Personally, that was my codesign in the Navy.  Yes, I was in Naval Aviation and I've got this profile since I was nothing more than a horny single male.  Slowpez stands for Slow Lopez...  I took my time ... read more



Decoding What A Couple Is Really Saying

How do you decide after meeting a couple if they are really into you?  Let me start by saying that we, as a couple, never take one for the team, and we expect the couple we are with to take the same approach.  Lately, we are seeing a trend that is becoming very hard to read.  Couples ... read more

sex chair . . . have one? want one?

Do you have a favorite chair to "use?" Many, many years ago we went to a place out in Denver that had these cool "sex chairs" in some of the rooms.  We returned a few months ago . . . they were still there!  Weeeeeee . . . . had a great time there too with a very special SDC friend.&... read more

New Orleans - Collette's or Jasmine?

We are headed to New Orleans the weekend of Nov. 7 and would like to hit one of these two clubs on Saturday night.  Any opinions or suggestions would be really appreciated!!... read more

Sometimes I'm not sure what's worse...

Was married and did my swinging as a married couple, sometimes (most) the couples would invite just me over (she was always a stick in the mud) and we'd play.  Now I am single and I feel like a pariah!  True, there are some single ladies out there, but now they all seem 'standoff-ish' when... read more

Message to all friends

Update on Mindy as promised. After 4 long hours of spine surgery and 3 in the recovery room, Mindy is now recovering at home. Still in lots of pain and unable to swallow since they had to operate from her neck. She is finally smiling again and showed her sense of humour is still intact, she said I a... read more

New York - Bliss

We tried Bliss at this Thursday night, Oct 17. I don't like to talk in a negative way mostly;but, man, what is that!!! Probably we saw all the characters in Grand Theft Auto, there. Old and dirty building; inattentive crew. Maybe it is better on Friday or Saturday but... New York really needs a good... read more

The best area in Spain for swingers?

Hi, We're planning to buy a place in Spain, initially for holidays, escaping English Winters - and eventually to retire to.We'd be very interested to hear if there are any locations that are more popular with swinging couples - especially couples who have chosen to settle there. Any suggestions... read more

Me or her....

Every time we have loved largerly I always think: it's for my pleasure, or for his pleasure, or for both of us. What about you?... read more

Less than perfect women...

I have met so many women, that unfortunately think of themselves less than what they should, and maybe is because i am a "less than perfect" kind of guy... But i measure the beauty of a woman not just in the appearance... You don't need to have a perfect body to be gorgeous... You just have to feel ... read more


I just started inducing lactation. My boyfriend loves it and I love that my boobs are fuller and bigger. I have to pump to relieve the pressure in my breasts and now I have so much extra milk. Has anyone else tried adult  nursing or induced lactation? How long did it take you to have a full sup... read more

where to go in cancun except desire,temptatiom

were looking to have fun the 30th thur the 4of nov and want sometimes that is life style friendly.... read more

Soft Swap - NOT

Just curious why couples that are full swap all the way would only set up their profiles as soft swap and looking for soft swap?  There must be a reason for people doing this, I have seen it on more than one occasion.  Really just wanting to know the purpose and reason for doing this.... read more

Florida alligator

We were at this incredible house with the most awesome couple We ever meet......having drinks at the garden I just noticed an 8' foot alligator passing by...the guy then told me that there shouldn't be any worries that it was their pet and lives with them.We keep our conversation for a while but the... read more

To men over 40+

We are a couple in our 40s/50s.  We prefer couples, even single men in that relative age bracket. The problem we find is that most women in this age group, still look great, but their male companions are "a few pounds overweight".That usually means, the men are so fat, they can not see their pe... read more

New here and looking for adventure!

Hi, i'm an athletic and energetic guy with a laid back attitude, i would like to meet new people and share new experiences, my situation is very dynamic, because of my job i will be living in malaga but i also have a house in scotland, i can travel anywhere so i wil be looking to host guests, and al... read more

Round 1

Sitting at a bar, sipping on a cold beer and I see someone casually checking me out a few seats down.  We steal quick glances at one another and when our eyes meet they lock onto each other, unable to look away.  A slight devilish grin flashes across my face and your cheeks blush.&nbs... read more

Couple doing vacations at Lisbon.

Do you come on vacations to Lisbon an you are singer. Stay at our home, we have an additional room for you and we will enjoy 4some.... read more

Last night in Dubai

So tomorrow we return to Saudi but this evening we have been invited to a party hosted by fellow SDC friends. Thanks to Steve for the invite.Hoping to make new friends as we will be back in Dubai next month.... read more

Watching: Your Wife Having Sex

The first time. You may be overwhelmed. Your wife is your wife. You may feel the need to protect her when she begins to be penetrated someone else. However, you must relax and go with the flow. You need to allow her to be pleased and find pleasure in watching the show.  If you're all ... read more


Going on holidays to Grand Canaria on 5th Nov looking for fun and pleasure... read more

Body rub crazzzz

Ok well went for my monthly massage todayHave a new girlIt must be a vibe I give off but they seem to love fingering my assI like the idea of experiencing what a female would when they get thisis that weird?... read more

"Molly" & Me. (A Response to "Molly" - What's your take?)

This is exactly as I remember it.  So, take it as it is.  Other partakers may do it more, or less, their opinions will be slanted by their own personal experiences.13 years ago, MDMA was commonly called "ecstasy", regardless of the variations between pills and"pure caps", I jumped into the... read more

TG HALLOWEEN 2013 Torture Garden

Hi everyone, does anyone have 2 tickets to TG Haloween for Sat the 2nd November to sell?... read more


I have noticed that there are 3 or 4 zodiac signs that seem to show up more than other signs on this site.So I want to take a poll to confirm.The question is not what your sign is but what do you think are the 3 most common zodiac signs amongst swingers?... read more

Enter the Red Unicorn.

This is a bit of an introduction of me, my moral code, the lines I'm willing to toe and cross, and what's forbidden in my personal rule book.  You may or may not agree with it.  So, I'm sorry if I offend anyone, I'm not aware of your lines of decency.  I cross my own from time to time... read more


How about those single female profiles on here, the ones that think they have a GOLDEN PUSSY and are to good for everyone on here. The ones that post blogs about jerks and assholes, when the problem is that they are a stuck up bitch......Who has encountered one of these?  Not so much on couples... read more

What was sex like for you 20 years ago...that would be 1993?

  I was just starting college. I was still with my high school girlfriend. I didnt know what I wanted sexual. I was like the typical guy. Maybe had sex about 6 times. Little did I know I was about to join a fraternity and sex would be wild from then on. P... read more


Dear fellow swingers:Some of you may have contacted me for some "discrete" IT support, and I have thanked you from the bottom of my heart for your business.  Now, It is time for me to give something back to you.In the past month or so I, Walter, have seen a rampant virus that has hit a lot of p... read more

Jerks in the Lifestyle

As a new single female on SDC I am learning that lots of single males here don't understand the meaning of the word preference and are being very rude about it. Also if I want to meet up and ask if you would pay for the place why do guys get all upset and nasty about that? About to give up on the si... read more

lifestyle resorts thanksgiving

Hi All:we were hoping to get away for the long thanksgiving weekend.  thought of hedo ii or desire cancun.  Any suggestions? reviews are hot and cold.  This doesn't seem to be an event weekend so we were wondering if these places are good on off weeks. thanks for any replies....x... read more


We are going to be in Paris from 29/10 to 3/11.  Our plans were to go to Moon City on Wednesday night for their couples only night and then Chandelles on Friday night.  For those of you who have been to either and suggestions would be greatly welcome.  Or if you have an idea of better... read more


Hello all, anyone know of any swinger/fetish clubs in Lisbon, Faro area?ThanksA.... read more

Anybody else at Desire Pearl this week?

If not, at least we will have the beach beds to ourselves. There Oct-14 through Oct -16. ... read more

Trapeze Sundays

at what time is good to go on sundays? ... read more

Porn versus real sex..

http://biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=42523... read more

Obediant Submissive Woman

I am a strong, intelligent, and very secure woman with so many sexual desires and fantasies. All of my fantasies are fulfilled and made to happen through obedient submission with my Dominant man (Dom). I do as he sexually instructs me, and without question. Women on this site love to be taken and us... read more

Wow ! What a night !! Our Sexy Essex Social

What an absolutely fantastic night ! thank you to all those who came along, bit sad a lovely gentleman who was joining us was a bit poorly but hopefully we will get to meet him at our next event.Everyone had a great time, DJ was superb.  110 swingers having fun with there clothes on ! Roll on o... read more


hello is there any couple going to the amazing fun4two in rotterdam new year... read more

Dubai for Eid

Hi againHad a truly awesome evening at Buddha Bar and met up with Jenna and Charlotte from Fabswingers (just such pretty girls but so so naughty).Looking to meet up with any SDC members this week whilst we are in town as may be a few months before we are back again, so drop us a line and let's make ... read more

Looking for Hookup

Hi guys,Any nice fit couple would like to hang out with us, we are traveling in europe will be in Rome on 16th and will do party in barcelona at 17 and 18 if any good couple is in Paris we can play on 21st of October.... read more


Kids suck on women tits as a baby so do men, but at the end of the day, men loves these more & held on even longer than the babies as part of natures comfort zone for men. So, who has more claim of occupancy in this situation & how?... read more


Hi allSo at the last minute we ended up in Dubai for Eid - hurragghhh !!!Off to Buddha Bar and Bar 44 this evening - perhaps see you there..... read more


I believe both men & women enjoys the romantic part of cock sucking. While men moans at the pleasure of getting it, some women likes it all the way deep throating or sucking it on dildo. Please, give your opinion as to why or who you thinks or why you think you enjoy it the most.... read more

Halloween.21 Days Until the greatest day of the Year !!!!!!!

Every year me and the misses do a couple themed costume. Which I'm sure most of us do. Some have said,"Hey Sean you take Halloween to an Extreme." To include those people is my wife. Whatever I do what I want!!!!!!!!!! My wife has no problem voicing her disdain about me taking her spot light one day... read more

desire halloween

Hi,is anyone going to Desire Riviera Maya oct 26 till Nov2. looking for new friends.pete, renata ... read more

Any fun swing clubs in Vegas??

Hitting Vegas Dec 5-8 and wanted to see if anyone has any good club recommendations??... read more

Any online outfits for the ladies that can be recommended?

One of the most favorite part of our swinging adventure is dressing up and finding that PERFECT outfit for the night!Local shopping is fun but wanted to see if anyone can recommend an ONLINE place....... read more

Hot Wet White Pussy in Ft. Meyers FL. 10/30/13

Hi, I am Suexx27 and will be in Ft. Meyers Fl evening of 10/30/13 and my hot wet pussy is looking for some BBC to fill it!!!I am on Yahoo IM or your can email me if interested Hi... read more

Need Entertainment At your Halloween Party?

The Dollhouse DFW is the Hottest new Burlesque Review in town! We are offering an amazing special for upscale quality, sexy entertainment for a steal! Have the best Halloween party on SDC! Email me if you'd like to book us for your next Party!!!XxArielwww.facebook.com/thedollhousedfw... read more

This time we could...tell us

Incase you didn't notice we're still here.After one year we're still around but no "new kids on the block" anymore and wauw..We still have a great nice warm feeling with all of these great sexy, hot, erotic moments.That's why we're here, or not?Is there another reason you're on this site,we want to ... read more

Just want to get laid

Any women near massapequa, NY who just want to have great sex ... read more

Every swinger is....

Do you notice how many profiles say the same things?  For example, we are only looking to spice it up, we have a perfect relationship, or we are down to earth.  Who states that they are a drama couple or that they are looking for replacements?  What are some of your favorites?... read more


We will be traveling to Rio de Janeiro for a weeks vacation and were wondering if there were any LS clubs there or what the nightlife is like for LS couples.... read more


Honesty is hard to  find,..But if you find it your neck hairs it tell you!If you are friendly... read more

Dr Nights Resort

Has anyone ever been to DR Nights resort?.  We would love to know your thoughts on it!  Would couples enjoy staying there?.... read more

Tumblr....a visual glimpse into the consciousness of our fantasies

I love tumblr. It's always nice to see the dashboard with all the people I'm following, and their sexy pictures. Ranging from artistic black and white sex shots, to downright naughty gangbangs. So instead of just following, we created our own blog. Well, I say we, I mean me (the male). What's so gre... read more

Swingers Party Tonight

swingers party tonightANOTHER DECADENT WEEKEND  cum party with us at London''''s Sexiest Swingers Venue style and real swingers the friendliest club in townOurplace4funPURPOSE BUILT for funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnPlayrooms grope room voyeur friendly with ambient and elegant surroundings  with ... read more


Hi , Not sure if this is the right section to add our question but here goes ! Travelling to Gran Canaria in november and we are looking for a self catering apartment recommendation with in walking distance of the nudist section on the beach in Maspalomas  ?  Something reasonably... read more



Blurred Lies

I have always been a sensual guy who likes to subtly touch people in group settings. I have always felt that I was respectful in this endeavor: subtle touches on the shoulder, perhaps an open hand to the small of the back or knee if I am getting the right vibe.  A recent situation, however, has... read more

Work in Dubai

Looking for construction role in dubai currently working offshore das island uae drop me details T... read more

Lacking chemistry...

We arranged to meet a couple last weekend at a local club. As the night progressed we had fun getting to know them, but there really wasn't any physical attraction there. We managed to kind of get out of there early, but we're wondering, what do other couples do if they're just not feeling it? We've... read more



The GOP took their football and went home.

The GOP has been planning this shutdown for a few years.  They are on record admitting so.  So why not own it now?  Why are they denying it?  It will be interesting to see how this plays out but all indications are that the GOP is imploding and the party is more divided now than ... read more


wife wants to try a DP and we have fantasized about it she feels more comfortable we me on the bottom. I am not sure what to expect as far of how it feels and neither  does she. any couples who do this and any suggestions... read more