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Lower Cancer Rates in L.S.Men

http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/284512.phpJust read this... read more

Beta is MUCH better!!!

On Monday, I was asked to be one of the beta testers of the new 4.0 version of the SDC site. I have to say that the new version is INFINITELY better than 3.0 that most people hated. I was on the point of letting my membership go but the new improvements are wonderful! I have nothing but praise for t... read more

Hotel Sex party tonight

I will be hosting a hotel sex party tonight in los angeles county for info and adreess please message me or tet 562 55 5408... read more

Death of the SDC Community?

We have just been told that you cannot post new comments to a community you are a member of. Only the owner of the community can, there was an option in the old site where the group master could allow members to create new threads, but it is not available in the new site yet. We have no idea if or... read more

Naked Karaoke

OK, I know this might be weird, but bear with me.Mrs. JBP loves Karaoke. We're planning a party (lifestyle) at a friend's home, and Mrs. JBP has requested that we do Karaoke as part of the evening's activities.Has anyone done this at a lifestyle party?  How did it go over?  Any tips or suggestions... read more

Cape Town recommendations?

We will be in Cape Town in January for a few days before heading off to the Winelands, just wondering if there is much of a scene to be recommended? Clubs, parties, nights etc. ... read more

Clean decent straight guy fun

I will be travelling through the US early 2015 and looking to meet up with like minded couples and groups for swinging. Can anyone recommend good clubs to go to for meeting up. At this stage I am looking at NYC,Florida and LA/San Fran... read more

Nobody is 'updating' anymore

Either the search function is up screwed up or UK SDC profiles are rapidly becoming inactive. We've kept the same search criteria for years (couples.fems - validated - full member - has pics - updated in last 2 weeks)... 5 years ago this would produce about 15 pages of UK results...  last year it w... read more

New Year's Eve In South Florida

Looks we will be in Puerta Vallarta for NYE, but some good friends from up north rented a house in Ft. Lauderdale and are looking for someplace to go for NYE.  Anywhere in south Florida.We have always enjoyed the Trapeze on New Year' Eve, but it does get packed, and this couple is looking for somet... read more


I know that we should all enjoy our pleasure when it comes,but i'v been to some parties and clubs where the lady "squirted" what seemed like an endless flow of whatever "squirt" is and just soaked the floor and bed and it wasn't even their home.am i wrong or should you save your "squirting" for your... read more

Hippie hollow

Enjoyed getting nude... read more

First contact

We are looking for a little advice. When sending that first email to a couple should it be short and sweet? Like "Hello guys!" Or something a little longer. We prefer a longer email intro to the short ones. What do you think? And does one show more interest and the other just casting a wide net?... read more

2 Weeks at Home in London - Opera & Torture Garden!: 12/10 to 26/10

12/10 Woke at 8.30 and read Times until Rita woke at 11. Chatted and then had breakfast in bed and we watched the F1 race at Sochi. After we made love and Rita came twice. Got up and showered and Rita popped to shops. Had a quiet day watching TV and we went to bed early as we were tired 13/10 After ... read more

Observations for New Couples

If you and your better half are as jaded as Tove Lo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh2LWWORoiM, know exactly what you want, are on exactly the same page, and neither of you is choosy about partners....this post is not for you.On the other hand, if at any point, before considering swinging or ... read more

How many of you enjoy watching your spouse ?

One of the most exciting thing about being a swinger is enjoying the moment of seeing your partner or spouse down on her knees between some guys legs sucking his cock then letting him fuck her doggie style and even share her with another man or woman.... read more

Phone sex

Hi new to site looking to have a little cam and phone sex hit us up if you want to play ... read more

Do you carry your commodore with yo?

Does mo old mean you have to carry you of around?... read more

A little big browniemeat for your sexual health!!

A blog on a blowjob from a willing wife,Hubby watching :This is a verbal tray from Jack the browniemeat! A treat for the hungry hot wife in you and her vouyer hubby loving her to have all the fun with him beside .. I have always found it odd that there are women out there who do not enjoy giving ... read more

Seeking in Dallas

Greetings,I'm not sure if SDC has a place to post seeking ads/feelers or if this blog shows up anywhere else on the site besides my profile so if it's the wrong spot would one of the moderators please remove it and sorry for the hassle...Having said that-If you have a look at my profile you'll s... read more

Sex With the Invisible People in the Room

This point is not about group sex, although that can be a lot of fun. I was writing in an earlier comment about how people go into the LS for a lot of different reasons. Ironically, sex is not always the primary one. I have seen people go into it, because they like the social environment and the kin... read more

Excitement at the BO...

"I'll take a 2 peice dinner and season fries." I told the clerk. "Would you like anything to drink with that?" The clerk asked. "I'll take a diet drink." I said. "That will be five dollars and five cents." The clerk said as she put out her hand. "Isn't that a little much for just those three items?"... read more

Everybody Lies

Part of the challenge for me (and probably the reason I get along well with scientists and engineers) is that, as a writer it's just in my nature to look at things and analyze them a certain way, I like to know how systems work, not only out of intellectual curiosity, but so I can operate in those s... read more


Hello to the community. In my passage through the world SW I have known people who are well worth to know because in addition to sharing my sexuality with them, we have become friends (It's the way I personally think is part of the philosophy of this alternative lifestyle) However, in these last wee... read more


hi All hot people,,,,,,,who like this  kind of SEX????????... read more


Last week we got a nudge from a new member here on SDC.... They seemed ok....We chatted for some time, and exchanged mobile numbers.... Exchanged some pixon Whats Up ... Seemed that the chemistry is there between the new couple.......Agreed on a midday meeting in a coffee shop....Prepared ourselves ... read more

October 28-30

We live in FL and have some free time October 28 (Tues) to October 30 (Thurs) - any suggestions on great resorts or parties that have something going on during those 3 days? We can go anywhere in Florida or hop on a plane (4 hour flight max). Email us your suggestions & thanks in advance... read more

swinging vs cheating

my wife  and ihave an  open relationship,no questions  as long as we  say it to the other....that being said  she still  goes on websites,she thinks i dont know about,looking to meet  others for encounters.......she says she wants  to stop swinging,but she wants sex on the side w/o perm... read more

Let's talk lubes!

Being in this part of the world, lube imports are pretty much limited to certain brands and types. Yet, there are so many kinds out there. From the range of flavors to the base substance and the physical effects (hot, cool and tingling...)What are your favorites? And why?So far, we looove silicone ... read more

Mike and Ann's blog

Going to Vegas for Halloween , should be fun . Having a bit trouble finding a couple we both agree on. I think we are too picky . It does seem to us that there are few couples that are equally matched in terms of appeal....anyone finding this? We realize the female is the main attraction here but... read more

Seeking advice.

My wife and I have discussed participating in swinging for a few years now.  She has been at least curious, if not willing to commit.  I created this profile without her knowledge, and thought I could ask any women/couples for some advice in how to proceed with her.  I don't know if I should pus... read more

How to spot a scammer

So I log in to SDC this evening and see a number of new users who have joined - I rarely take notice but a bright young thing stares out at me and beckons me to click with the username LOVERWALL. She, like me, lives in Berlin. And she is single. And she is here looking for true love.Ah bless!So mayb... read more

The PArty CArried on After Norway: 29/9 to 1/10/14

29/9 Monday morning and woke at 8 - a bit weary still from previous day's journey from the mountains in Norway. A busy day on office stuff and a couple of meetings at the office. Did some weights. Rita spent most of the day shopping, washing and trying to get stuff dry between showers. We left for Z... read more

website design

Is it just me or is this website full of bugs?  Not to mention a horrible navigation skem and confusing layout design.    ... read more

Maspalomas November

Heading down to the Canaries next month.Only for a week and will be more for R&R than anything else, needed of late.Some great food (if you head there find Rustico, great German restaurant) and a bit of reading and catching some naked rays.Might be able to have some fun, but still checking our b... read more

Lanzarotte christmas

We are spending Christmas and new year in lanzarotte this year 😃 what could be better naked sun bathing and maybe some fun too 😉... read more


Recently the hubby and I were playing alone at home and we got a little wild. I ended up with a seriously abraded vaginal area due to spur of the moment sex and lack of lube. Also, many years ago I kind of broke his junk and he had a kink for a number of years.How many have experienced these issues,... read more

Heading to Orlando

Just a quick question We are hoping to visit Orlando or Clear water in early January for a week of R&R just the two of us looking for some recommendations for clubs worth visitingBeen checking the web but can't beat local knowledge.....Thanks... read more

adult b&b in playa del carmen

hello all i have now officially open an adult b&b in laya del carmen. i am odferng a special rate for all sdc couples . please contact me for more details.its a four bedroom unit accomodate 10 to 12 person 5 to 6 couples.  its on the 20 avenue. and close to everything .... read more

Swingers Red Room Meet and Greet by MekaBella

Meet and Greet at Spring Hill hotel in Virginia Beach. MekaBella's Red Room party will be held on Oct.31. Meet&Greet is on Oct.24.... read more

Swingers Red Room Meet and Greet by MekaBella

Meet and Greet at Spring Hill hotel in Virginia Beach. MekaBella's Red Room party will be held on Oct.31. Meet&Greet is on Oct.24.... read more

So is it Thigh Highs/Stockings or all Natural

We have had this conversation with many couples as well as single males  were most of today's women don't wear thigh highs nor will they wear garters and stockings.  But, when we meet couples/single males there seems to be a big interest by the male that my wife is wearing thighs/garters/sto... read more

So, is it time to update your profile?

If your profile was set up before 2012 and it still says you’re newbies, it's time to update your profile.If your profile includes pictures from that cruise you took in 1985, It's time to update your profileIf you and your ex broke up and no longer swing together AND you each have new profiles on... read more

No Single Men

If you have a profile that clearly states that your not interested in "Single Men", why the heck do single men send you nudges and emails seeking to engage...do they not read profiles before they transact. I am certain there is a place in the Lifestyle for single men but when a profile clearly state... read more

Budapest from October 15 through 26th

We will spend 10 days in Budapest, arriving next Wednesday 15th and staying until 26th. Any Hungarian couple to meet, have a drink and have fun ?... read more

Aditya Pooja

We are Aditya Pooja mumbai.  LLove to meet couples for fun n drinks .. Love travelling to different destination n meet new lovely couples around the world for friendship n adult fun.  ... read more


anybody wants to webcam?... read more


hi were in belgium/holland 17 and 18 october looking for a couple to have some fun with at our hotel or club... read more

Sharm el sheikh

13-20oct 2014 anyone in Sharm wanting to meet for drinks and fun message us xxx... read more

Deenies Hideaway

Is Deenies closed? Been calling for 2 days with no answer or email response.... read more

Second Chance?

My profile says I am usually not available, it might sometimes take a month or more until i can work something out,  A little while ago, I had plans to meet 2 guys ( separately), As Im getting ready to leave, in both ocassions, I get a text saying they cant meet me because something came up, I know... read more

Roof Top Swingers Resort in Hollywood Beach FL for Halloween.

We are CUMing back to the Roof Top Swingers Resort in Hollywood Beach FL for Halloween.    http://www.rooftopresort.com/ We are staying there for 10 nights & 11 days, our longest yet.We'll arrive on Saturday Oct. 25th and depart late day on Tues. Nov. 4th.SHE (we) likes to stay BUSY nearly 24... read more

Video Production Help

We have a bunch of lifestyle pictures and film clips of ours that we would like edited into a cohesive flow that we can play for friends on the TV.  We are not very good photographers or videographers so the quality of some needs to be enhanced if they can.Does any one know of a service that can do... read more

First Time

How did you feel or what did you think about the first time you shared your spouse?... read more


I woke up this morning with a stiff neck.At my age I guess its the best I can hope for.... read more

looking couple massage in amsterdam

looking a couple massage from the couple for my wife and me in our hotel,is there any body sharing some info pls,last week of octoberRgds... read more

Does size really matter?

We've heard stories from many people how the size of a men cock matters. Rather it be the width, length or both. Some may say it doesn't matter just as long as you know how to work it. Some women rather have it filled and deep. Some women says it's painful.What are your thoughts?... read more


We will be in Istanbul from Oct 16th through Oct 19th in Taksim area. Anybody will be visiting the city during our trip? We'll be interested in some fine dining, a little bit of dancing.....and perhaps more if there is a 4 way connection.....Let us know...oxoxo...R & B... read more

"Coming out" as a swinger?!

Recently John and I did a news segment regarding swinging. I have always been open about my lifestyle and have come to realize that not everyone is afforded this same luxury. My question is what (if anything) keeps you from "coming out" so to speak about being a swinger?... read more

Cuba December 2014

We will visit Cuba for Christmas and New Year. Would like to meet another open minded couple. We are sane but adventrous.  Kisses.. ... read more

Fantasy Fest 2014

We have a nice hotel room in Key West on Duvall Street with two queen beds for 4 adults Oct 22-27 that we cannot use.  Please let us know if you are interested.  Total $3,172.... read more

desire cancun

Anyone going to desire cancun for pleasure fest? Nov 15 thru 20. Love to know if anyone else going ... read more

Leather Pants

Any ideas of where to find Leather pants for a guy who is 6'4 in the Dallas, Texas area?ThanksB and T... read more

Living Sexy

We hope you are all Living Sexy. If you are going to be in Las Vegas for the SDC Takeover, we just wanted to let you know we will be there and would love to talk to you about your sexy life and feature you on the Swingers Radio Living Sexy right here on SDC.  Just shoot us a message at our profile,... read more

Add a poll

We have fixed the "add a poll" function. To test please let us know if you like this or not... read more


Poor Communicators, Socially Inept or Complete Avoidance?Are we now in a generation of people who are poor communicators, socially inept or just completely avoid dialing and talking on cellphones?Are cellphone no longer used for talking? Three incidents this weekend and one this morning left us... read more


Hoi allemaal,Naar aanleiding van mijn vorige blog over squirten, ben ik heel benieuwd geworden naar het aangeven van grenzen op een date. Allereerst heel gaaf om te zien dat mensen zo enthousiast en open reageren! Maar wat me opviel, is dat er kennelijk bij het fenomeen van de vrouwelijke ejaculatie... read more


As indicated on our profile "Vanilla Hunting has become our favorite pastime!"  Vanilla hunting is what can be described as I suppose as being "seduced" by someone or a couple in the lifestyle and invited to participate in some of the fun we have.  It can be a man, woman or couple.We go to Lifesty... read more

When to "friend" on SDC?

I'm cautious not to step on toe's but I also think that 'friends' and 'validations' on SDC add value to a profile reach to new friends.So - question to you fine folk - When do you "friend" someone here? After a few words shared in the chat room? When you have exchanged one or two emails? When you ha... read more

Split your infinitives and dangle your modifiers…

To boldly cum where no girl has cum before.  And, without knowing his name, it was difficult to introduce him to others in the lifestyle.  And yes, we’re glad to say she had much to be happy about.  (Might as well end a sentence with a preposition while we’re about it) Grammar is one of the ... read more

Excitement??? Not so much.

Have a question for couples that have been in the lifestyle for a few years. We were talking to day about the great friends we have made in the lifestyle over the last 10 years, but we just seem to be loosing the excitement that we had with the lifestyle in the early years. It's almost like a "been ... read more

Loosing momentum...

I'm looking for ideas to help momentum... We know each other almost 14years (though for much of this time she was in North America and I here in EU, we now at least live in the same country). We've both been frustrated about the lack of activity in our sex lives and a recent trip to Cap d'Agde put n... read more

Key West summer 2015

Now that we will not be returning to the rooftop resort ,we are looking for a nude pool hotel,swinger friendly in key west.anyone know of any.thanks Luisa n Joe... read more

Wanting to play in Argengtina

We are in San Rafael Argentina for a few more days and was looking for some fun to get into. Does anyone have any suggestions?... read more

A WIld Party in Norwegian Parties: 22/9 to 28/9/14

22/9 We both didn't wake till gone 10am having slept like logs. We had breakfast in bed and got up at midday having dealt with emails etc. I went for a run - it was very warm! Came home via office to sign a cheque and have a catch up with staff. After I got home Rita went out shopping in Enfield and... read more

kiss that Ebola goodbye Dallas!

Well maybe not kiss Ebola. Today I got a text message from another LS friend living in another state asking if the one case of Ebola had LS'er freaking out. My first thought was "NO...and why would/should it be a concern?" We have not traveled to West Africa or been around anyone ( that we know of )... read more

Fantasy Fest 2014

Fantasy Fest 2014 is almost here!!!  Finding a place to stay is not easy or cheap but we have 5 nights reserved (22-27 Oct) with two queen beds at the Southern Most Hotel in Key West on 1319 Duvall Street.  We are looking for another couple to split hotel expenses with.For more info - contact Lon... read more

“…but we’re not sluts!”

“blah, blah, blah…but we’re not sluts!”We’ve seen this on many profiles, so we aren’t picking on anyone.Heck, we had it in our profile at one time or another.It has a nice ring of moral certainty to it…after all, when we were in high school, god forbid we would be called sluts.But, let... read more

Looking for Subs, Sluts, Slaves and Doms

Looking forward to our very popular Fetish Night at Mingles Club Colchester tomorrow night Thursday 2nd October.Come along and enjoy our fun and friendly atmosphere with other like-minded adults. Bring along your favourite toys or enjoy using our selection of equipment provided by The Colchester Col... read more