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Awesome 1st trip to swing Atlanta

Brent awesome party at comfort inn. Met some awesome new friends we had a blast. Let's do monthly hotel take over parties. Lmao we would definetly show up   Once again AWESOME job thanks Brent.  Cari n Ant... read more


its pretty rude when you answer a speed dating request, several times without even a response by the advertisers and then get blocked by them, seems like to me they don`t know manners very well... read more

couple we met at xclub

We met a couple at xclub haloween party round 1 , next day while wr driving at the trafic light they gave us their sdc bit we lost it please when u read this add contact us.Thanks... read more

Ravishatx Masquerade Ball!!!

We are getting amped up for the fun Friday night! &nbspIf you`re going, shout out to us on here. &nbspThis looks like the kind of party we have been wanting for a long time!!... read more

Lifestyle Photography?

In a past life I was a professional photographer...I`m wondering how much interest there would be in Lifestyle photography?The photography would be similar to boudoir but geared toward the lifestyle.The shoots would be professional in all aspects, it could be couples, individual male or female photo... read more

Miami Velvet

We are attending the masquerade ball at Velvet this weekend. We used to be able to find it under parties and join the guest list which allowed for others going to see us and exchange emails, costumes they are wearing, etc.. Miami Velvet does not appear anywhere on this site anymore. Anyone know why?... read more

Halloween in San Antonio, TX

Does anyone know of any good Halloween parties this weekend around San Antonio? Any help is greatly encouraged. ... read more

SDC mobile not playing well with Android?

Seems like every new feature / change is an epic fail...latest is if I bring up profile pics the x and or close button does not work and I have to log off...plus the android back button takes you to random places.  Anyone else or is it that I am a technofeeb? :)... read more

Couples judging other couples?

Recently a couple I know shared that another couple (who they know) rilled their eyes at them do to the fact that they are open to play with single men. &nbspAre any of the following situations that you have judged another couples play style because it doesn`t match with your own?... read more

Another week! 18/10 to 25/10

18/10 Monday morning. Spent most of the day working. Not a great day and during the evening watched TV - bed, made love and slept.19/10 Tuesday much the same as Monday. Ordered some wine. Must be a low biorhythm cycle for me and was quite glad to get to bed, cuddle Rita and sleep.20/10 Woke at 7am a... read more

Couples playing with bi males

Wondering if swinging couples that have a fantasy about bi or bi curious fantasies with men actually do it and try it or is it just a fantasy?... read more

New swingers

Good morning!!  We are new to the lifestyle and are interested in advice.  We have played once and I loved, however, are  interested in advice.  Be well!!... read more

Swingers Hotels in Londond

Traveling to London and would like to stay for couple of nights in a swingers hotel if there are any. Any recommendations?... read more

Menages Nashville

We have been to tthe Trap in Atlanta twice and are planning on going to Menages in Nashville for NYE.  Is there a locker room similar to the one at the Trap?   How about the playrooms?  The trap has several rooms that a couple or three can get into.  Does Menages have something similar?... read more

Do your kids know?

We`ve often wondered this.We`re very `open` at home. We walk around naked and always have, talk openly about sex, show affection etc. Our kids seem pretty relaxed. They`re both just beyond teenagers now. Our son is more savvy and we suspect that he `suspects` but has only ever dropped a few suggesti... read more

Clover Hotel Birmingham

Has anyone been to the Clover Naturist Hotel in Birmingham? If so what is it like, any recommendations? ... read more

Last minute fantasy fest

Looking for couple to rent our extra room for fantasy fest. &nbspGalleon Resort on Front St. (Google it, its fantastic). Ocean view condo 2 bed, 2 bath. &nbspCheck in 10/24, check outdetails. Possible option to check on on 11/1.   Only 900 for week! A steal as hotels are going for 500 per n... read more

Fantasy Fest 2015

We will once again be attending one of our favorite events of the Year! Can anyone recommend any spots where we will be able to meet new Swinger&nbspfriends, a club or bar?&nbspAny Sexy Parties we should not miss? We will be attending 10/29-11/1. Any help is appreciated.... read more

Fantasy Fest 2015

We will once again be attending one of our favorite events of the year! Can anyone recommend where the `Lifestylers` typically hang out, a Club or Bar? Any Sexy Parties we should attend? We will be arriving 10/29 thru 11/1. Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to mak... read more

Spice Lanzarote

Thinking of going to Spice, Lanzarote. Has anyone been? Any recommendations?... read more

Polyamorous Bi Couple

Hi all,  &nbspwe have been thinking about living with another bi couple for quite some time now.The benefits are enormous,if we could only find the right couple.We are writers and creators,and have a very good lifestyle in a most beautiful mountain area,with plenty of skiing,golf,horse riding a... read more

Partners ID charm?

So I got the email about the discount on the Partners ID charm...I was wondering what other people thought of the charm, the description seems interesting about the thought that went into the design.I`m wondering how popular it is. If we as a couple were wearing it out, how many people in the lifest... read more

Sexual Energy: Truth or Myth?

Having been raised in Dallas I was thought terms like auras and energy were for people who did yoga and were on too many hallucinogens, thus labeled it as `new age, hippie talk`. Yet the older I get and the more life experiences I have, I am starting to understand that people do give off an ... read more

Couple where the wife is the only one that plays

Couple here where the wife plays with the couples as her bf loves to watch..not bi just into the husband and wife dominates and makes my bf watch...it`s a cuckold hotwife fetish..what couples are into that..it`s a rare thing..we are in SouthFlorida..let`s us know... read more

family vacations

we are going on a family vacation with the child and was just wondering,,at a Caribbean family resort has anyone ever ended up meeting other swinger couples their on the same family vacation and end up hooking up?... read more

Halloween club party?

Myself and a sexy friend are looking for a party to go too. Which is better TMZ or the club in San Antonio? Please &nbspgive me some feedback so we can plan. Thanks.... read more

`Swing Party` Game - new version release! Will spice up any party!

 “Swing Party” GameWe really count on your feedback!www.goswingparty.comWe have deployed updated version of our game for swingers. We have added couple of features and improvements requested by community:- Android TV support: You can run the game on your TV (if it’s Android TV compatible). Yo... read more

A Play Date

It seems silly in some ways. We are all married, we have all had sex, we have all enjoyed, yet it is still a date. We have the jitters, the sexual tension, and the butterflies. Why do we still call it a date? Maybe we need a new term to go with the new lifestyle.So, after an amazing 1st `date`, how ... read more

Vacation in south Florida...

We will be vacationing in south Florida from 14 April to 5 May 2016. Initially on the MSC Davina clothes-optional, eastern-Caribbean cruise, thereafter chilling in Miami and along the Keys and in Key West. Looking forward to meeting some hot, sexy couples along the way! ... read more

Need a hot lady to fuck my hot husband whilst I`m away

It`s become a fantasy of mine to set up a play date for my husband whilst I`m away. I`m away from Monday the 26th to the 29th October next week. We live work east London . Ideally it would be a meet with drinks and if you so wish to fuck each other`s brains out then move on to a hotel? My only wish ... read more

Photoshop Help

OK, this is going to be a strange request.  I have Photoshop, but no idea how to use it.  I want to make a present for Mrs. Euro, she loves George Clooney.  So, I want to have his body/likeness added to a photo of the Mrs., in a very intimate position, as a birthday present.  Really intimate.Any... read more

Rant -

I may get a lot of grief for this but my gosh... Why can`t people keep their mouths shut about sexual relationships between friends? If I wanted a public display for more potential partners then I`d ask. Now I refuse to consider anyone that I believe is in association with those that do that. I Fuck... read more

My Encounters Details

I am not the person who usually share the experiences but since last few weeks my mind has changed and am feeling like sharing..this is my first blog so please excuse as the para and sentences may not be arranged or phrased properly. I am writing what is in my mind and not reviewing anything that i ... read more



Strangest Experience

What`s the strangest, most odd, weirdest experience you`ve had in the lifestyle?... read more

New York and New Jersey

Hiwe are moving to NY in the new year and would love to have information on the local scene for fun.can anyone help please? Thanksxx... read more

Bologna, Italy

Hi, we are going to Bologna in November. Pls let us know where is the best&nbspswinging place to visit??? thx.... read more

What a woman wants

What a woman wants, is that you don`t treat us the same, as we are all different! And don`t judge us don`t generalize or compare us don`t underestimate us, and don`t treat us without respect. Unless we ask for it.But that would be pretend, or at least, sick, as true humiliation perhaps would come fr... read more

Cuckold couple

We are new to the cuckold lifestyle, not new to swinging..wondering if there were other couples in the south florida area who are into cuckold and want to set something up ..let us know... read more


hello there. we would like to ask if wearing a simple anklet on one of the ankles would bring us any more attention. we want to be naughty when we go out tonite but do not want it very obvious :p... read more

If I Do Not Reply ....

.... it`s because I am ignoring you just like you ignored me! In every post and in my profile I ask all to be fair in showing their face and their goods. Still, 99 ignore that I should get to see yet they still reply. This tells me that others allow themselves to be ignored or why do so many ignore?... read more

Bisexual couples

We are fairly new to the bi world and qould love to find bi play in new York city . Any suggestions &nbspor recommendations? ... read more


Dammit is today a beautiful swinging lifestyle day in Florida or what?... read more


Got a message to day from a new member of SDC as of yesterday, single male, something like 1STIMEFUN.  Profile had nothing, no photos, very little description.  He showed as a couple, but in fact, he is not. He did send his photo with his message of interest, but he sounded like he was automatical... read more

Taking a couples `Virginity`

I`ve been thinking about this quite a lot lately since the hubby and I are looking to lose that very thing. I`m curious how people view it. please vote and expound upon it if possible. Thanks please ignore spelling mistakes... read more

Missing the attached Pics when sending emails

Gang, has anyone experienced this. I`ve sent a couple of emails attaching private pics to other members,but they`ve replied indicating the pics were not included (and I positive that I attached them as I`ve done that in the past).Long and behold, I checked my sent folder, and yes, only the words sho... read more

Hiding faces

Why do most hide their faces in their profile pic(s)? If you really think about it, who would ever see your face on here except for another member? And if someone you know finds your profile on here, it`s because they`re here for the same reason you are. `We saw you guys on that sdc site.``Oh yeah?... read more

Is that couple a swinger?

How many times you were outside with your partner having a nice afternoon on the beach, a romantic dinner, shopping in the supermarket or simply walk on the street and in your mind popped up this question?I guess and bet thousands times!!! And your partner, whispering in your hears says ` What do yo... read more

Profile Photos

Just curious, how many photos are realy necessary in a profile to capture other`s attention?  And are photos more important than the way a profile is written.  Just tried to look at a profile of over 100 photos, got lost, tired, bored, after the first 25. But that is just us, we just might have a ... read more

Club Partner

Looking for a HWP male or female to go to EDM / other parties with. MALES, yes I need to see your HORN and FACE. Be fair if you want a reply. Ladies DO matter, we should get to see, too, when making decisions just like you males get to see! Women are on display, men should be as well... read more

Entertainment Suggestions for the 2017 Swingers Cruise

While there are many people who enjoy seeing women dance nude,&nbspthere are equal number who would prefer more variety in&nbspthe evening entertainment than&nbsphaving&nbspsimilar&nbspstrip shows every single day of the entire cruise.&nbspWe do enjoy seeing erotic dancing, b... read more

Why are you here?

This pull is mainly for experienced couples. After some time in this lifestyle, what does a couple enjoy?... read more

Average Week!: 28/9 to 4/1015

28/9 Woke up and soon after Rita was getting stuff together with youngest to drive him to Uni. They left after midday and I went to the gym and the rest of day on work stuff. Rita got back just after 6 and after a light steak supper we decided on a naughty night as we now had the flat to ourselves... read more

Recognizing people you know at a meet and greet.

Curious to know, how many times has anyone gone to a meet and greet and see people or couples that they know.  Not just recognize, but know.  Either from work, the gym, social media (facebook), or some other means.   We have always considered attending a meet and greet and wondering how often th... read more

decrypting profile pics

When you see this, it means that:- no pics: lazy- no pics, single guy: voyeur- no pics, single girl: is really a single guy- only selfies: has no friends, and hasn`t been getting any sex for a while!- only pics of the lady: UUUGGGGLLLYYY husband. or fat. or both.- pics in an expensive car: small pen... read more

Blocked Profiles

After reading a blog last night I went into some new settings we had not seen before. It was under the who likes us section and noticed the block feature. We`ve never had a reason to block anyone or be blocked that we know of. Well we had two couples that were blocked, how crazy is that!! We immedia... read more

Just a little rant...

How odd!!! I posted a Speed Dating request a couple days ago.  Today, as I looked for any type of answer or interest, I found a couple that&nbspcopied and pasted my request to their profile.  They took out a sentence or two, but the rest, ponctuation included, is the same.Odd or weird or lack ... read more


Consejo para un hombre que vivio la vida del swinger connsu esposa que ahora es su ex, que ya no tiene a su pareja y se quedo soltero, que le gusta la vida de swinger?... read more

Fantasy Fest

We will be making our first trip to Key West for Fantasy Fest- any recommendations? Who else is going?... read more


It &nbspis common for married couples to reject the ones that don`t live together...I suppose they`re afraid &nbspthat the woman is not a girlfriend but a hooker...OK, it makes sense...( even if you could not care what a gogeous &nbspwoman does for living ) But, and in fact, which is th... read more

Ever Been Blocked For No Reason?

A random couple wrote me a message on here, and asked me about the couple that I know in person about the house party they invite me too. I replied back to the random couple and told them. ( If you would like to be interested of want to be at there house parties, you need to contact them and they ... read more

Swinger bars in San Antonio, Texas

Does anyone know of any friendly swinger bars in San Antonio, Texas. I know of Players but that is all. Are there any vanilla bars friendly to swingers mingle? Thanks in advance for any information on this blog. ... read more

Profile review

Been needing to cleanup and edit my profile but a bit lazy about it and fresh out of ideas honestly. I`m curious if anyone would mind checking it out and providing helpful feedback.... read more

How to read a profile

`We don`t play on the first date` my husband will always find something wrong and we`ll never see you again after the first date`we don`t kiss` drama couple`Great with his tongue and fingers` very small dick`likes women but prefers men` I am not going down on you, girl, but you can eat me`husban... read more

Funny profiles

It`s always fun to see what people put in their profile:- have `newbie` in the profile name and show 25 validations- soft swap couples that say `must wear condom`- `laid back` followed by 100 Do`s and Don`ts- `classy` 300 pound tattooed lady- `edukated` and `proffesionnal`- `discreet couple` with fa... read more

Swing Clubs in Berlin

Hello friends can u guide me on swing clubs in Berlin, specially which welcome single guys on Fridays and Saturday .. i am there in Berlin on 9-10th Oct... read more

sexy kik swinger group

Check out our fun sexy kik group at #irswingersfl....a group of real swingers that enjoy sexy times with diverse like minded couples.... read more

Normal NYC Bar where swingers KNOW

Anybody know of a regular bar in NYC where `swingers` can go to just hang out, and possibly meet up. (not a party)?... read more

Going to Paris ...

So, we are going on a trip to Paris at the end of November, the plan is to visit our favourite swinger clubs there and we were thinking that maybe someone would like to join us, have fun together ... not necessarily at the swinger club too )C`mon let us have fun :)... read more

Is it just me...

Or are most couples / singles on here for "how hot am I checks"? Seems like 10 % play...... read more