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idk really know how to use this websiteUghhh help me please!!... read more


idk really know how to use this websiteUghhh help me please!!... read more

The Opera and a Party Weekend: 25/10 - 30:10

25/10 Up and a light breakfast before Rita took the car and headed to her osteopath for a massage. I headed to the gym at midday and Rita was back just after 2pm. We both felt horny and so headed to bed for a great fuck session that lasted an hour. Rita mentioned that her youngest had started to loo... read more


we are going to desire in November 12 and 13 after the Pearl 14, 15 and 16 and return to desire 17, 18 and 19 any couple that is in the same time?... read more

New validation setup

Do u like the new validation screen-set up?... read more


Our weekends are so crazy with work and the Mrs schedule that we hardly ever find time for any swing activities on the weekends. We miss all the good parties and all the club activities. The only time we do get a chance to play is during the week, the time when majority of couples are not available.... read more


We have been trying to meet fun people for a while on this site now. Really having no luck, does validation help???? Thanks Eric and Michele ... read more

Todays joke

My wife and I are into S&ampM...she sleeps and I masturbate....... read more


Anybody can recomend nice club in Amsterdam or party tonight?... read more


We always have shopped at Lace to Lust in Ft Lauderdale but it has closed 😩. Are there any local places in South Florida anyone could recommend?We are leaving for Desire Pearl in just a few weeks and need yalls input!Thx... read more

Las Vegas

Heading there in a few weeks...any advice or ideas/placesThanks!... read more

Las Vegas

Heading there in a few weeks...any advice or ideas/placesThanks!... read more

Hotel Fantasy Fest

We have an extra room in Key West if any one is interested.We are open to negotiations. Available October 28-30. Please contact us if you have any further questions.... read more

Add Titles and Tagging to Videos

Adding titles and allowing members to tag your videos will help users find your video when they search the site, &nbspExample: Hot Couple, Toys, Sexy Sky...... read more

Long Weekend in Berlin & Sexy weekend with Super Friends!: 10/10 to 24/10/16

10/10 Got woken at 10 by Ox opening bedroom door at 10 to say she was leaving and to close front door behind her. Rita was flat out still as she hadn`t come to bed till 4am apparently. I read Times and then at 11 - feeling better now compared to yesterday, went upstairs to do some work stuff. Rita c... read more

Hotels on South Beach

We are thinking of heading to South Beach for a few days next month. Any suggestions on where to stay?   We would hope to stay at a hotel with a great pool and bar. Additionally, a HOT  atmosphere would be great. Price is a consideration. So all you hot Miami folks let us know. ... read more


(Here`s something I found interesting. What are you`re thoughts?)    &nbspAs most of you already know, Pornhub by the numbers is unarguably the world`s biggest porn site online. What many don`t know is that because of this they have an entire internet division devoted solely to the trends, res... read more

nov 23-27 in waco

Made a trip to Waco to check out our Rv Site at Speegleville Park for Nov 23-27 for the www.homesteadfair.com/ wonder if any fellow swingers will be up there.... read more


Does anyone know of any lifestyle clubs in Augusta Georgia? And if so, how would you rate them. ... read more

The Thrill Is Gone

Is it just us, or has the site lost its flare?? When we first signed up (several years ago), the sight did a lot of hosting events in or around our city for couples to meet other couples and singles alike, posting new pics and videos of new couples and singles, and constantly kept us looking forward... read more

which club should we go to for our first experience?

Right so we have a bit of a problem, &nbspthe last train in London to get home is at midnight which means we could only stay for 2 hours. &nbspWHICH SUCKS! &nbspSo we want to be able to take a taxi from Wycombe. &nbspSo the club would have to be on the outskirts so its not outrageous... read more


Will be in Dubai next week.... Any opinions and suggestions.... read more

Single man at Caliente

We were heading to Caliente this evening for the weekend and had a single guy was going to meet us. And called us and said they wouldn`t let him in anymore. does anyone know what brought this about? When I called and asked the front office,they said they didn`t know why they change the rules. &n... read more

RV swinger parties

Show of hands how many of you also enjoy RVing? Where are great swing friendly places to stay in Florida?... read more

secrets hideaway orlando

Hi After a very bad week at the rooftop resort,we are looking for another swingers resort in florida. Has anyone been here .How is the pool and rooms. does it have a hedo vibe. hows the club and food. thanks... read more


can anyone tell us what the BMFC nights at arousals are like we have not been for a few years and are thinking of going in December... read more

Del Mar

Hi in Del Mar for a few days travel or host ... read more

stated age in listings

I expect and accept some discrepancy between stated age  and pictures and actual age once meeting in person. I offer to all people skype call that I call `show and tell call`. Nothing to hide, see everything one has interest in. What really irks me when people state age 100 or even higher. What was... read more

Guys approached by Couples in a regular Bar

Have any guys ever been approached by a couple at a regular bar? We have been trying this out lately and have mixed success. Figure that it just depends on the place and the right guy. What do the guys think if this happens? Any ideas on how a couple should approach a guy?... read more


Sexyy people of CANADA,swingers, straights and bisexualsOn Saturday, October 29th, 2016, inside the lavishly appointed St-James Theatre in old Montreal, Monde Osé welcomes you to a provocative Halloween Ball themed POP. POP-ART INSTALLATIONS +LIVE ART on beautiful nude bodies+TANTALIZING VIDEO PROJ... read more

The Craigslist ad

“This ad is for a woman interested in a relationship with two straight men aged 36/44, who are single and housesharing, solvent and working. It’s a sort of wifey/sextoy role with emphasis on company and camaraderie. It’s perfect for someone with very strong sex drive. She would be ready to liv... read more

Vanilla sites

I wonder if anyone has had any success with meetings through&nbspvanilla site?... read more


off to San Antonio for the weekend, anyone want to meet? see what comes up?... read more

Sweden Karlstad

We will take a trip on saturday &nbspand we want to here from people close to Örebro Västerås and around... read more

Random BBC pick up in Dallas area

What are some of the best bars/ clubs &nbspto pick up a random BBC for good times... read more

Deenies Hideaway

Guess we`re out of the loop. &nbspHaven`t been members for awhile but was going to join today .... till I went to the website and saw that they`re closing in a few weeks : (... read more

Looking for fun in cleveland

If any couples are in cle area this weekend we have a suite at the ritz(attached to the casino) three couples attending as of now for full open orgy. If interested let us know!!!... read more

Indoor Cycling

I am looking to get fit and cycling is how I want to do it. I am currently looking at the Schwinn AC performance indoor bike. Anyone with suggestions?... read more

Loose end Heathrow hotel tonight

We are at a Heathrow hotel tonight both of us and at a loose end ...... read more

Down & Up Week! 29/9 - 9/10

29/9 We both woke early and after Y left for work, Rita and I made love. Rita and I had a heated discussion about her son that was draining. Rita then popped out to the shops and I rang to make an appointment with the new consultant for next Wednesday. After a light breakfast together I had an exten... read more

time share condo for January

Who would like to share a condo in 5 star resort in Mexico? Reply to arizonajerry... read more

private parties @ Fantasy Fest

Any `off the grid` private M&ampG or other parties in Key West during Fantasy Fest??... read more

PLAYDATE Wanted OCT 14/16

Its is a special day for my Queen and i would like to surprise her with a sexxy female or cpl to enjoy a hot wet night of fun &nbspMsg me if you are interested. Hope to hear from you soon. ... read more


H you allwe are on vacation from 14 oct to 24 oct in Wales   any swinging in Wales , or who we could meet for some fun?!... read more


... read more

Border Bash weekend

Looking for a couple to drink with... read more

Fantasy Fest 2016

any hot young couple need a room from the 27th to the 29th, right on Duval Street?... read more

Not a sex topic

I love the new ad for the synthetic motor oil...with a straight face they say `made from natural gas not crude oil`...with emphasis on `natural`...like we grow natural gas as a plant in a national park and it protects cute mammals from extinction...the facts...converting methane to lube oil is very ... read more

Evacuation form Matthew

We have 2 guest rooms. If you are being evacuated and can`t find a place, let us know.... read more

Should We Do It?

Wife and I are about to embark on a threesome with a hot black male. It was husband`s primary idea but wife finally came around. A sex therapist advised us against it saying that in her experience with other couples who were into swinging is that after the initial thrill and enjoyment it tended to... read more

Swinging in Thailand where?

Any tips for swingers destination in Thailand?Where can we meet nice couples?... read more

Cruise 2/13/17-2/18/17 Out of Tampa

We changed our cruise date. &nbspHeading out of the Port of Tampa on 2/13/17 and coming back on 2/18/17. &nbspAny other hot couples going? &nbspIt`s our 21st wedding anniversary, so help us celebrate! &nbspShe may entertain a single male. &nbspGive us a shout.... read more

Elderly Male

Traveling to Belgium 15th October. Anyone know of a good club / place to visit over that weekend... read more


To all the sexy couples out there. New exclusive swinger events are in town. Come and join us for some fun in the sun.JUICE is hosting lifestyle events for a selected circle of open minded couples in luxury surroundings with a rammed full and exciting entertainment program. Our big launch eve... read more


This seems to be based near us. Does any one have any feedback about it?https://www.harmonyparties.comd and s.... read more