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`Last Online` gone from search now.....

As of today, it appears the option to specify when someone was last online in a search has disappeared.Even though they took away the `Last Online` indicator in profiles a while ago, they left the `Last online` option in the search engine. Now that`s gone, too.Why on Earth would we want our search r... read more

Busy Work and Fun Week: 20 - 29/10/17

20/10 Woke at 8.30. Read Times and did emails. Got up and woke Rita and got ready to take tube to Cromwell for pre registration. Involved BP, pulse and ECG - all fine and an explanation of investigation week after next. Then home. Rita popped out on to look at a flat in Cricklewood that she liked fo... read more

Another feature lost/gone...

Want to attach a pic to an email? Or to a blog posting? Nope, only a full album via SDC, or you have to find on one your phone or computer.The helpdesk response:  Hello,You can do that only with pictures stored in your device or PC.Regards,Luis... read more

Amazing couple will be at Belgrade 23-26 December

We would like to enjoy at Belgrade with nice single girls and nice couples. Is there any action at there ? Swinger parties-home parties-public games ?   ... read more

Validation section changed?

Did the `all Validations` link go away?... read more


An extraordinary international event that repeats every year, dedicated to selected couples from all over the world who are invited to celebrate together the Magical World of Flirt.We will spend a wonderful evening at FLIRT CLUB celebrating HALLOWEEN NIGHTOn the same night, we will celebrate LADYARA... read more

LE DIAVOLETTE - Saturday 28th October

An extraordinary international event dedicated to selected couples from all over the world who are invited to celebrate the Magical World of Flirt.Themed event, only for selected couples and single women We will spend a wonderful evening at FLIRT CLUB: selected, young, sexy couples from all over th... read more

Help please

How can I change my current location.  I tried going into the location part and it only pulls up a mapwhen I click on the location.  Thank you.... read more

Pearl Desire

Is there any difference in the rooms and are you treated differently when you book a vacation at Desire through a much cheaper website instead of using the Desire/Pearl.com?  ... read more


Hi friends..just want to know if Viagra really helps for longer sex? Any side effects..... read more

How to organize a good house party

This is our view - not trying to impose it - just sharing a few thoughts1. Definition:&nbspA successful house party is a house party where every guest has a happy smile on their face when they leave, i.e. they have had an orgasm. Or more than one. 2. Number of guests: because of the above, the ... read more

Back to Work! : 11/10 to 19/10/17

11/12/13 - Oct. Well the next 3 days were solid work and early nights - Rita not pleased but a lot of work to integrate my son back into the businesses. Friday evening we went to see Blade Runner - a long, mind blowing and sometimes disturbing film. We had some tequila and thoroughly enjoyed the fi... read more

Barebacking with others

This is Mrs Naughty writing this post. Haha it’s always me writing blogs. More and more I see single males and couples (that are clearly not their spouse) posting in the chatroom and on their profile bareback pics and vids. As a female this is a complete turn off to me to see this and it basicall... read more


Hello Gang,  Newbie here. I am single and new to this which I guess is two strikes against me.&nbspI am wondering if anybody has tips, suggestions or ideas to better meet people on this site for a single guy.  This is a great site filled with such wonderful people.Have a great day,Fitandfifty... read more

Las Vegas Swingers Halloween Parties 2017!

Hi! We are wanting to go to one of the clubs for one of the Saturday Halloween parties here in Vegas...which one is best?This will be our first swingers event. Nothing too crazy, fun but also chill.Thanks!... read more

Quick advice for young single guys at a party

1. &nbspYou don`t need to yell that you have a large dick.&nbspThe wife spotted it, and you, as soon as she walked in.2. You don`t need to follow her everywhere she goes. If she goes to the bathroom, she will be back.3. If you are between 20 and 40, your official age is 35. Most women don`t ... read more

Last week in South Africa: 4/10 to 11/10/17

4/10 An early rise this morning and a glorious sunny, hot start to the day and so Rita and I went for a 30 minute walk up the beach. Rita then sunbathed for about 3 hours and I walked into town for a great, relaxing Thai massage and a very good haircut at a salon in the Pearls Mall. The weather then... read more

vacation in canary island info request ...

hello , we planning 1 month winter vacation in canary island for the first time , we are going to be there beginning of February , we will be very happy to get some info about the area ...swingers life , nudist beaches and any other info ...thanks &amp kiss... read more

Which Is The Best Country In The World For Swinging?

Noticed that someone had written a comment in the Ireland post below that the country was probably not a good place to practice our hobby.That got me to wondering which is, in fact, the best country, all things considered, in which to set down roots if the primary objective is to pursue an active an... read more

Cherry Box Club Swinger Parties

Just heard from the Chef...looks like its Champagne, caviar and shrimp cocktail tonight for our 80`s Zombie Homecoming party! You can buy tix at Eventbrite and you can check us out at www.CherryBoxClub.comHope to see you tonight!XO, Maddy... read more

Very little play generated on this site in Ireland

It seems that SDC is not generating the interest for people to play, in Ireland, so far this year there has been only 10 validations. It looks like there are only people with lifetime membership and keyboard pervs using the site as a brochure or to perv at pictures. Other sites are gaining traffic w... read more


Does anyone know what is happening to abfabs. Last time we were there there were lots of notices on the fence around it. Is it closing. ... read more

South London Swingers Club

Hey Wondering if anyone has been to South London Swingers Club.....Open to suggestions of other clubs. &nbspWant to go Saturday night and she has a plan to invite a single guy she`s into atm....... read more


My wife and I are new to this site and also to the swinger scene.  Can someone explain how speed dating works? Also what is the best way for my wife and I to meet people?  Sorry for the questions but we have never been on any site like this. thank you... read more

Have You Ever......

.......been in a situation where you are walking to a restaurant, and you see a couple sitting and as you walk by the female smiles at you (me), and the male looks up and smiles?  The Mrs.noticed nothing.Did they recognize us?  On another site where we are `verified` (to no use) we show our lovely... read more

Welcome To Israel

Hello &amp Welcome To Israel! For your sexual adventures, The male part of the couple is Looking for You Hotwife/ Subwife/ Slutwife &amp Cuckold couples! Happy Vacaton Gil ... read more


Hoping for some feedback on the loft in atlanta. What do you think of club, what kind of turnout do they get for daytime, weekday, or weekend events? Any other comments appreciated. What are some nearby hotels and other than cocacola, cnn, Olympic park what else is there to see in atlanta. Looking a... read more

Fun and Sunny Week in Cape Town: 26/9 to 2/10/17

26/9 We got a wake up call at 5.30am and then at 6.30, E - our game warden - called us to see if we were going on the morning safari. We declined, I read the Times and then went back to sleep till 9.00, when Rita going to loo woke me. We then got up and got to breakfast and at around 10am L&ampC... read more

Halloween Coustume contest

I have what I think is a great sexy and fun costume for this Halloween.  Looking for a great (hopefully upscale) bar costume contest in San Antonio.  Any ideas? Don`t want to go to Players or the like.... read more

Speed Dating or clubs?

Curious how most couples on here meet up with others.  Is it through speed dating, random email or even clubs?... read more

What Is The Strangest Experience You Have Had In This Hobby?

So what is the strangest, does not have to be weird, just a bit different, experience you have had during your time in this lifestyle?Example, I (Mr.) during the time I was a single male, one repeating partner, when she reached orgasm, she would yell very loudly `fire in the hole`.&nbspAnd she w... read more


We rented a property on Duval Street with 4 separate bungalows 10-26 to 10-30, we still have one available for $1150.00. If interested let us know. ... read more