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Desire Pearl Nov 14-18

Would like to chat with New Friends or anyone attending DP on the above dates. Mr & Mrs. Jones will be doing a live podcast during that week. It'll be wild. Let's start the party now!! ... read more

The Mystery Dom

Know this: I am addicted to you. I have tasted your mind, and I cannot forget its flavour.” I have always been someone who is ready for adventure, maybe now even more than ever. The thrill of jumping into the unknown… meeting strangers and just vibe, no hesitation and no boundaries. Yes, I... read more

Driving pictures. Why?

So, I’ve noticed several profiles where the main  picture is someone in the front seat of their car. Is that really the best one can do to represent themselves on a swing site. Am I missing something? I’m driving... OK, not getting it. Any explanation? ... read more

Van GOD los!

In mijn jeugd werd seks gezien als iets dat alleen binnen een monogaam huwelijk mocht bestaan en alleen achter de slaapkamerdeur werd beleefd. Ik groeide op in een kerkelijk milieu en alles wat met genot of lust te maken had was in principe zondig. Omdat ik een serieuze jongen was, geloofde ik wat... read more

Van GOD los!

In mijn jeugd werd seks gezien als iets dat alleen binnen een monogaam huwelijk mocht bestaan en alleen achter de slaapkamerdeur werd beleefd. Ik groeide op in een kerkelijk milieu en alles wat met genot of lust te maken had was in principe zondig. Omdat ik een serieuze jongen was, geloofde ik wat... read more


Buscamos casais jovens e/ou trans para swap! Se tiver Tumblr, mais sobre nós em @lustfulsecretssp... read more


Buscamos casais jovens e/ou trans para swap! Se tiver Tumblr, mais sobre nós em @lustfulsecretssp... read more

Rita Recovering! 22/10 to 28/10/18

22/10 Monday morning and woke after 9. Rita slept through till 11am when she woke up and realized she had appointments and a bucket of things to do starting at midday. Never seen Rita moved so fast. I worked through till 1pm and then went to the gym. Then home and caught up with a few things. Rita ... read more


We are headed to St Martin for two weeks coming up, thought I would check and see if anyone was going to be there! we will be there 11/18-12/3! let us know if you want to have some fun at the beach!!... read more

new clubs in ROME

Has anybody heard of or been to ONE DELUXE club or LUNA PRIVE club in Rome.Apparently they are in the city about 30 mins. from the city center.... read more

Kinky Couples Party Review

What can easily be described as a cash grab had some redeeming merits. When is Rome, this is a party that goes on during fantasy fests final night. At 300 per couple it is billed the hottest party of its kind. Well except for the lifestyle person who is full exhibitionist, this is not a venue reall... read more

The Sexy300

Hey sexy come join us at the Sexy300 party on Nov 17 ... read more


HiSomeone who can recommend a good burlesque club and a good strip club for couples in London?... read more

A Place For Fun!

Hello, we are a couple in the DFW metroplex looking to find some fun dogging sights. We enjoy watching other people have sex in pubic places, but its hard to find these places. If anyone has any ideas let us know.   ... read more

Flagging idiots

There should be somewhere on SDC where we can flag idiots for others to beware. I call them idiots. Some would call them single men posing as a couple, people trying to get pictures out of you or simply bored people playing with you. I got another one yesterday. And to add insult to i... read more

Have Either Of You Had An Affair While WIth This Spouse, Before Starting This Lifestyle?

Was a question on another site, some of the answer were amazing. Especially from thefemales.  Many said they got into this hobby thinking it would stop their husbands from cheating (!!). Wow, not a good reason.But to the question, have either of you had affairs out side of your current marriage... read more

How many people have you brought into the lifestyle?

Just wondering because I know I have brought in at least 5 women into the lifestyle. So how many people have you personally brought into the lifestyle? ... read more


Hosting our very own Meet & Greet at a new and innovative bar called “Coquitos” in Downtown Hollywood this upcoming Thursday Oct. 25th at 8:30pm. We count with a Full bar, great music, dance floor, big screen tv, stage, karaoke and an awesome semi-dark atmosphere perfect for meeting, h... read more

TRAFFIC LIGHT PARTY at The Biggest Club in Essex!

EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE FIRST ESSEX TRAFFIC LIGHT PARTY!!Join us at the SEXY NEW Members Club in Clacton for a Fun and Friendly Party Night!Need a Hotel? we have our own hotel connected to our club...Members Club boasts a licensed bar, dancefloor, sexy ambience, fantastic music,  dungeon,... read more

Maragarita’s Pricedure: 8/10 to 14/10/18

8/10 Despite hitting bed early I didn’t wake till 10.30 and Rita slept through to 11.30. I had breakfast and Rita slowly got ready to head to Hans Practice for her final lipo treatment. Worked through till just before 3pm and then via Sainsbury’s to pick up some shopping I got on a 452 to Kn... read more


YES! As your UNI-HOSTESS, yours truly, Kate Michaels from Darkroom Photography will be a hostess virgin no more! Plans are already underway for this 3 day NYE TOTAL HOTEL TAKE OVER! We have multiple parties planed this year, a very naughty slumber party, and of course Darkroom Photography (DARKROOMP... read more

cap d`agde

hello. any couples could give us tips when best times to go there and hotels? place to go to have some fun. we love fmf and fmfmthanks... read more

New SDC on Mobiles

It is totally unusable. Contains so may bugs I would be emabarrassed if I was the developer. Can I suggest it is taken off the site until someone at least gets this piece of software to work the way it is supposed too... read more

2nd Week Recovery for Rita: 15/10 - 21/10/18

15/10 Monday morning and was hoping for a quiet day but in fact didn’t leave my office desk till nearly 6pm Got a reply from the Royal Opera House re my complaint, which was both gracious and generous. Rita went off to Hans Place for another massage following her procedure last week. I arrange... read more


Sziasztok szilveszteri partit keresünk,akár külföldön is.... read more

sex communities in Germany

hey guys, we're looking for local German sex communities. any recommendations/ references?thanks XXX... read more

Midwestern lady

A tall beautiful midwesterner enters the room with a wonderful smileShe stands apart with a great personality and makes me feel so welcomeWe chat and drink like long lost friends. The chemistry is so amazingIt first starts with a kiss. So deep, passionate and sensual. What a ladyWe undress and her b... read more

Lessons learned from this past Friday S1 E17

We decide to go downtown Bid D for a Meet & Greet at a place called Tutta's - a great pizza restaurant and bar. 160 sexy couples on the list. I see people I'd like to meet. But my bet is that there will be 100 people maximum because of the never ending rain this week. And I set a limit: we gotta... read more

Serious Profile critique pleas

Hi. We would love if you guys would read and critique our profile. We see to keep attracting the wrong singles and couples based on everything from attraction to interest to sexual preferences. It would be nice to get the good, bad and ugly from a few couples and singles. Thanks.... read more

Foot fetish

SDC needs to do a foot fetish  photo contest. Gotta love sexy girl feet, right? ... read more

Blue Martini Phoenix and other stuff

We went to the meet and greet about a week ago. Nice place friendly people.  Met a couple J and A that were very cool types.  She is sexy, sensual and very fuckable.  Another older couple were interesting.  The music got pretty loud when it went live.  My wife was gett... read more

good looking couple in dubai

Hi we are 35/31 attractive and well travelled couple from India now in Dubai .you can add us on kik-coupleforcouple143 to plan a meetup... read more

Amused Me

Just seen a speed date where a couple were looking for :"VWE white or mixed race or black but nothing else"Just amused by the nothing else - how about 8/10 Asian 1/10 White and 1/10 black - does that count :-)... read more

Erotic Music

We want to share our erotic playlist with you. Search on Hansvg123 in Spotify. Then select playlist Erotic Loungh. Enjoy 😉... read more

Spice it up with a video or photos

I am available to shoot videos or photos of you, in my area. Check out my profile and message me to chat. I work in marketing during the day. I certainly would be discreet and open to your ideas. Thanks.... read more

Lessons learned from this past Saturday - S1 E16

Yesterday started like an epic disaster. We planned a date with a great looking couple from out of town. Initially it's drinks after dinner. Then it turns into an invitation for dinner with a local sports celebrity in the mix - they bought a very expensive package to go see a game. We don't know who... read more

Pro Tip: Gag reflex

Forgive me if this has been covered, but we stumbled onto a way to suppress the gag reflex during a blowjob (or anything else for that matter) and it is very easy.   Simply place your left thumb under your fingers and squeeze like you are making a fist.   Squeeze firmly, but not ... read more

First Gumbo

We have been anxiously waiting for the weather to turn cool because that marks the beginning of the fall gumbo season. The first cool day is here and I wasnt going to miss the opportunity. So while my lovely lady is showering, I am in the kitchen getting the gumbo started. One must always rememb... read more

Picture collectors

During the past couple of months I have had a huge increase of couples asking me for additional photos and then radio silence. Even when its a one for one exchange, same nonsense. I now have decided to decline photo request until after we meet. My question is what is the thrill of erotic photos of... read more

Hot Wife loves to dance

What A awsome night as I went out on the Dance floor feeling good.. Yes I love to dance, moving across the dance floor feeling like I own the floor!! As his Wife admires my Move in her pink mini skirt and sexy legs!! Placing my eyes straight up n down thinking Wow she is So Beautiful n Sexy, Thinkin... read more

Any Cap d` Agde rentals 2019

We are looking a Apartment or studio to rent in Cap Naturist Village for two people next year from around the Saturday 13th July 2019  for a week or maybe ten nights. Please get in touch with the full cost & any pictures.... read more


Hello: We have been a member here for sometime. Why do member on here, do not put there right age in. When you do a search for a age & you get 20's 30's & you are looking for 50's..60's. They  put in 69..80.. or what ever age number & you look at there picture...ya right....lol ... read more

Miami NYE 2019

Our first time in Miami, we arrive on 30th December 2018, can anyone suggest a Club or private party for New Years Eve 2019.  X... read more

Lessons learned from this past Sunday - S1 E15

Wife realized on Friday she had the Monday off, and felt like playing on Sunday night. Can you please get friends together real quick? Just say it’s to watch the Cowboys game. Lesson #1: Don’t tell your husband he is going to soon have sex with friends when he is driving, his mind will wander o... read more

BBC in Berlin

Hi all, I will be in Berlin in 25 October. I want to make a BBC suprise to my wife. It has always been her dream to be fucked by a black male. If anyone interested let me know. Thank in advance ... read more

2/10 - 7/1018: Post Ibiza Week Partying

2/10 Woke after 8 to find I had no internet and so spent 30 mins trying to report it and resigned myself to not having it for the day. Instead watched a recording of the Russian F1 and then unpacked the suitcases. By then then the internet was back and started work. Sky came and installed a new ... read more

Toronto - wanting to swing sun eve & mon eve

Hi, We are in Toronto on Sunday 2 December and Monday 3 December - where should we go to swing? We have seen several clubs which are only open Friday’s and Saturdays - but no clues for Sunday evenings and Monday evenings. Does anyone have any advice for clubs or even contact websites / apps ... read more

Sexual appetite

What are natural methods to increase libido?... read more

My Friend`s Halloween Party

My female friend is having a swinger house party after 7pm on Saturday October 20th 2018. It will be located in near Winston, Georgia, she is looking for only couples and single females that will be interested of coming to her party. I do know her in person and I have permission from her to invit... read more

Honolulu and Waikiki

We are going on vacation in early November and wanted to see if anyone had suggestions or recommendations of things to do while we are there.... read more

Super Sexperience Dive Team

Hi, Any Sexy Divers for the next Sexperience 2019? Please join us... read more

Disney Cruise - October 19 2018 New York

Yes, it's a Disney cruise for the kiddies. However, we were hoping to meet other like-minded adults on the cruise to chat and hang out with (not in a sexual way). Lifestyle couples are always fun to get to know. ... read more

why hasn`t the SDC Cuba cruise sold out?

so I sold my cabin on the Bliss cruise, earlier this year and switched to the SDC cruise. but there seems to be much more demand for the Bliss cruise. am I missing something?... read more

New Interface

Am I alone in thinking the new interface is clunky and almost impossible to use on a mobile device?... read more

Looking for `Bliss Cruise` Cancellations for the Nov. 11-17, 2018 `Independence of the Seas`

We are wanting to attend the November 11-17, 2018 Bliss Cruise. We are looking for anyone who needs to cancel their existing reservation. We are looking for a balcony, window or interior cabin. Respond here or KIK magicandcrystal   Thanks in advance.... read more

BDSM In Paris

Will be arriving in Paris next week and wondering what clubs might be worth checking out that mix the lifestyle and BDSM? Any suggestions.... my first visit to Paris : ) Thanks in advance!... read more

“Old SDC” is now an option!

On my phone and tablet, I’ve been suffering with the new beta version of this site for the past week. There is a new menu option (old SDC) which allows us to use the old, tried and true version. Woohoo! Thank you SDC!... read more


Hello all, I will be in Munich with a partner and was trying to explore the club scene there. Can anyone recommend a good one? The ones online seem to admit single men every day and I am always leery that those are not genuine clubs. Thanks so much... read more

Halloween Party, (Need a sexy server suggestion)

We are hosting a sexy halloween costume party this year, it's a vanilla party ( a few lifestyle couples will attend but mainly vanilla) however all will be a bunch of sexy cool people. The theme is sexy, risque kind of party with a truth/dare wheel as a trick or treat theme. There will be some wild ... read more

Fantasy Fest Kinky Couples Party

Hi We will be at Duval Gardens Thursday thru Sunday of Fantasy Fest. Is anyone planning to go to the Kinky Couples Party Friday, Saturday, or both? Advance tickets are $500 per couple both nights...any ideas?... read more

Where are all the hot wives, QOS and single females at?

Lots of talk (endless emails) but no action? I guess no one believes I truly love to watch my hot man pleasure other women. Oh well their loss. ). ... read more

Le Boudoir London

Anyone have feedback on the club that they can share? What to expect? Thoughts? Any tips? And is anyone going to the kink event tomorrow October 4th?!?!?!? First time visiting London : ) ... read more

Have you ever..

Have you ever found your old partner (in this case ex girlfriend) here on SDC? I introduced her to the lifestyle but after the separation she wasn't in the lifestyle anymore what i knew. I know she found herself a new partner and im glad she did :) But now a couple of weeks ago i was going thro... read more

What a day..

Our profile states we are a bi couple. It is who we are and what we like, it is not hidden. So.. when people message, it is rightly or wrongly assumed on our part that people have read that and seen our orientation.  Doesn't always go that way! Chatting to someone today and it comes r... read more

24/9 to 1/10/18: Party time in Ibiza!!

24/9 Woke at 9.30 is and we slowly rose. Had some me tea and toast and between some work calls got packed for our week in Ibiza. We got a taxi after 1pm to Victoria and then hopped on the Gatwick Express to Gatwick. Whole journey was an hour door to door. Checked in quickly and then went to the ... read more

Fotos en Publico

Saludos a todos, Primero les contamos que nos encanta ser vistos y jugar un tanto en lugares publicos. Ahora bien, le pedimos que ideas nos podrian dar para tomarnos fotos en lugares publicos. que lugares les resurtan eroticos? para tomarnos fotos sensuales llenas de erotismo y morbo. Tambien nos gu... read more

Key West

Hi,Is there anything lifestyle related on Key West? Can't seem to find anything, or even any swingers in that area. We're heading there next week, and are open for some adult fun.The same applies for Miami Beach area. Any venues, clubs where to meet nice, like minded couples?... read more

How to have a good time at our club

Lately, we have seen so many new members at the Club,often new to the Lifestyle, that it's time again to talk aboutwhat the Club is about, what to expect, but mostly:"How to have a good time at the Club"First of all,Club Hedonism is NOT like the usual night spot wheremost patrons keep to themselves ... read more


Wife and I going to be in Nashville on a Thursday night.  Wondering if there are any local/downtown regular bars were swingers go.  We have been to the clubs in Nashville and had a great time but would like to see if we can get something going naturally with flirting and such.  Any ad... read more

We want erotic pics taken

We would like to have some really sexy and erotic pictures taken of the 2 of us.Suggestions on who to handle this for us? Would like outdoor pics and just alot more of just her.Thanks for your time.... read more

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