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Honesty gets punished and dishonesty gets rewarded??????

Let's see if anyone can make since of this one.  I'm still shaking my head and thinking "No, surly this can't be real". We've raised our children to do the best they can to be truthful and honest. They can come to us with anything. Any punishment would be less if they told us the truth.  ... read more

Saturday UT Championship Game



Off to the  carribean on the  Arcadia in Jan. Loads of people on board  are you ?  Seems theres a few swingers already going. Drop us aline be  nice to meet for a drink............ ... read more

Thanks for having me

Thanks for having me in your group. We are a couple, and we run the bi couples community here on sdc. We have the same problem, but in a couple sense. When we first started swinging and put our profile on a board, we stated we were both bi. We got absolutely no action, so we put that he was straight... read more

The 13th Floor 4th Anniversary

Brrrrrrrrrrr The weather is really getting chilly. Cum warm up with us here and help us Celebrate the 4th ANNIVERSARY of THE 13th FLOOR.   We’ve gathered the tables and chairs around the fireplace for a warm and sexy weekend!! Cuddle up with friends (in one of your favorite spots) and remin... read more

Valentine's Party for our Genuine Couples group

Dear members - Obviously this is a long way off, but we know how busy you all are! Some good friends have kindly agreed to host a Valentine's Party at their fabulous house in Rickmansworth on Valentine's night, Tuesday 14 February - what better way to demonstrate your feelings for your loved ones!We... read more

The beast..

What sort if any, animal characteristics do you display during the heat of passion?  You know what I mean..  Like when your toes are curling up and you get that rush of adrenaline through your body that makes you just wanna fuck the hell out of your spouse or playmate.. Some of you m... read more

JAMAICA for Christmas

Anyone going to Jamaica for Christmas or any advice for first timers as to bars and clubs besides the obvious. Resort close to Montego Bay.Max ... read more

The Sans Souci

Thu. Dec. 1: The official SDC Mixer in the DFW area. Meet all the hot and sexy couples, ladies and single males from the chatroom. The party starts at 6pm and goes until 2am. 21 and over will be welcome to come enjoy $2 well drinks and domestic beer from 7 to 10pm. Cover at the door is $5... read more

Saturday Event Location Changed!

We have postponed December 3rds Hotel Winter In Wonderland. We will be back at the Hotel sometime again in Febuary.   We would like to invite you to a night out with us and our sexy friends. At the Appaloosas Gentlemen Club and Showbar. December 3rd 8 pm 5975 Terminal Drive Colorado Springs, ... read more

In Vegas - Dec 17 - 21

We'll be in Vegas Dec 17 - 21. We're looking for sexy, under 40, couples and singles to hook up with for some fun!  Anyone interested?... read more

War news from the best source--the soldiers

Politicians--of both parties--spin the news to their favor or to promote their cause. The media spins the news to their own bias and to sell more ads. Only the soldiers have no reason to spin the news as they put their lives on the line every day. See a story about their story inside.... read more

Dating and War

Getting a war lecture from Dick Cheney is like getting dating advice from Michael Jackson... read more

Grand Opening of The Silver Minx

 We are a brand new on  premise party house in the area and our first party will be Friday December2nd ! Cum out and lounge in our 8 person hottub <indoors> and dance and play the night away, we are BYOB and have a hot and cold buffet for that much needed energy that you'll burn off ... read more

Another Republican, Another Conviction

Story moved inside for brevity. ... read more

The Erotic Zone

TGIF FRIDAY DEC.2 ~ EROTIC ANIMAL NITE!~   Let's get Hot and Wild! Show off that Animal Magnetism!   It's gonna be a wild weekend at The Erotic Zone starting off with THIS TGIF EROTIC Animal party!   What kinda animal are you? A Pussycat? A Tiger? It's ALL good! Come out and b... read more

Rules and Regulations

Are there any particular guidelines you should go by when experiencing a midlife crisis? Just how old do you have to be to go through one, especially when you have no idea when you're at your midlife point anyway? Is this just a guy thing? Could it be that you just want to buy something that makes ... read more


A cabbie picks up a Nun. She gets into the cab, and notices that the VERY handsome cab driver won't stop staring at her. She asks him why he is staring. He replies: "I have a question to ask you, but I don't want to offend you" She answers, "My son, you cannot offend me. When you're as old as I ... read more

A TECHY QUESTION on Sidekick 99

I Have just hit a problem with my new PC...   I've always used what I considered to be a great personal information manager, SIDEKICK 99 yes it's old! but it kept all my contacts and other info simply and efficiently the way I like it!  All I get is a silly message telling me a previ... read more

No title

In here the text, description, location etc ... read more

Lifestyle Bicyclists?

There is SO MUCH interest in bicycle riding, road riding, throughout Texas, wondering if there are lifestyle folks who also enjoy taking to the road.  Would be a fun combination: pedal and have a GREAT ride by day, and drink and have a GREAT ride by night as well!... read more

For those new people with all those questions this site seems pretty helpful... read more

Snowballing...good, bad or what??

Wondering what people's thoughts were about snowballing after giving a hot, sexy let's hear what everyone thinks! ... read more



3 Americans Dying Every Day in Iraq

As the war in Iraq drags on, less and less attention is being paid to the daily carnage there.In addition to the hundreds of Iraqis dying every week, an average of three American troops are dying every day there. In the first 24 days of this month, 76 GIs have lost their lives. 2105 dead soldiers s... read more

any texians out there

looking in the austin area       lollie n chuck here chuckg12000 yahoo   be glad to chat with yas ... read more


YEP! A JOKE FROM ME....  which is a joke it'self as some say I lack a sense of humour!  anyway....... the following was sent to me earlier today: A woman, pregnant with triplets, was walking down the street when a maskedrobber runs out of a bank and shoots her three times in the abdomen.L... read more

The Erotic Zone

TGIF FRIDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING PARTY!Friday, Nov. 25th is our Cowboy's and Indians After Thanksgiving Party! Where the Cowboy's and Indians Cum Together to have a whooping good time!It's time to let off some steam! Come on out to The Erotic Zone and party! You may email or call us at 214-... read more

bi nights in uk clubs

We go to Xtasia often and was wondering if anyone has been to their new bi nights and are they well attended?  Also can anybody recommend any other bi nights, in particular what is chameleons like on the bi nights? love mel xxx  ... read more

We'll be in SoBe Dec3

Hey Sesy people!!! We;re  a couple from NY and we'lll be in SoBe Dec 3-6 For a  spesial occ... !!! We cant disayed wich club/lounge is HOTT on Sanday nite....Reilegh Sanday nite pool party or Pearl...We need Your help guys!!!!Open foe sugestions!!!! And if You're fun ,sexy,and open minded ...... read more

SwingStock 2006 - The Wildest Party on Earth

Join us for the wildest party on earth, July 12 - 16, 2006, just north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN! SwingStock is whatever YOU make it to be. For details visit .See YOU There! ... read more


Hi Everyone, Just wanted to drop a line and say hi to everyone in the group and thanks for Essexuk for letting me join :) I have been trying to post before but am having trouble accessing parts of the site due the the router/firewall (think a new one is needed lol) I have on the home network pl... read more

swingersvilla lanzarote spain

We regularly visit the swingersvilla lanzacarnal in lanzarote (canary islands - spain). Its really a great place to meet new people (dutch, spanish, german, english). They have nice facilities: new pool, cosy bar, nice rooms, whirlpool and great food. Prices include food and drinks! They also offer ... read more

Jordan understands

Jordan King Calls for All-Out War on Islamic Militancy Thursday, November 24, 2005 AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan's King Abdullah II urged his new prime minister Thursday to launch an all-out war against Islamic militancy in the wake of the triple hotel bombings earlier this month that killed 63 people.I... read more

CHICAGO 26th to the 29th of November

GOING TO BE IN CHICAGO FOR A FEW DAYS WOULD LOVE TOVISIT LOCAL "HOT SPOTS".............SUGESTIONS?????  WANNA JOIN ME................... Hope you will help Love all Sego... read more

Iniquity's Sinful Formal Ball - Sat, Dec 10th - Dallas, TX

Sinful Party presents Iniquity's Sinful Formal Ball Saturday, Dec 10th It's that time of year again! No, not that silly, it's time for everyone to get Sinful all dressed up! That's right, brush off that tux (or rent it first, then brush it off) and get out the evening gowns and sparkly shoes, it's ... read more

PARIS 9-11 december

A short break, weekend, in the beautiful Paris. Any "hot" swingers who wants to meet us....???  ... read more

Swinging Nude Sailing Adventure!

Hi to all our SDC Friends ~ We now have almost 50 "Fun in the Sun" couples who have expressed interest in our intimate winter holiday!  Please contact us at to join in on the fun!... read more

No new mail today

... read more

Big Thanks

Big thanks to everyone that attended our Naughty In Neon Event on November 19th..What a bunch of sexyyyyyyyy neon :) Our next 2 upcoming events are as follows.. December 3rd 05 Clubxcites Winter Wonderland in Castle Rock Colorado January 7th 06 Clubxcites Mix and Mingle Presents Sexy Boots this... read more

A Big Thank You

On behalf of Sexbomb69 and Dizzythumps, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that turned up to our birthday do on Saturday 19th at arousals. It was so good to see so many of you there, friends and some that we hadnt met before, and we hope that you all had a real good time. Lots of ... read more

Things NOT to say .

We were on bed the other night..............and i felt a bit "frisky." Said to my wife,"How do you fancy a  bit of "the other ?" "Not on your life !" She replied. "Is that your final answer ?" Said i . "Yes." "I`d like to Phone a Friend." That`s the last thing i remember.................... read more

Hot Topic/Racial Preference and Swinging

It has always been our habit to read profiles completely when looking through members on SDC.  We don't see it very often, but every now and then you see a profile from a white member that seeks whites only.  If you look around you rarely see black, hispanic, or other minorities ... read more

Visiting chicago for Christmas

Anybody been and have any advice on bars, clubs or hotels for lifestyle encounters or fun? Anybody interested in showing us around or any advice in general about what to do and see?Thanks... read more

Sandals Resorts

Are Sandals resorts in the Carribbean Swingers Resorts or just nude resorts?Anybody been?Max... read more

Thanksgiving Weekend at The NEW 13th Floor

It’s official. The Holiday’s have begun!  The weather is changing, the hustle and bustle is beginning, and the family gatherings are being planned. It’s enough to make you want to PARTY  AND  FORGET  IT  ALL  After all the turkey has been eaten, and the last ... read more

Friday UT Game / This weekend

Where is everyone watching the UT game (go Horns) and what's up this weekend....... read more

a few handy tips

      HOW TO TRANSLATE PERSONAL ADS: WOMEN'S ADS: 40-ish....................................49 Adventurer.............................Slept with all your friends Athletic..................................No tits Average looking......................Has a face like a b... read more

keep it interesting

have just seen an interesting thread on ST. answer the  question posed by the previous post and pose your own question in turn. Got it? then I will start: have you ever shocked anyone by touching them where they didnt expect it and did it turn them on?... read more

One more for tonight

One nature made, and one man made, but still, outstanding works of art! Inside... read more

Frigid, and yet not so much!

Inside... read more

Must be better than the rabbit (one more try)

Inside.... read more

Iraqi Leaders Call for Timetable for U.S. Withdrawal

CAIRO, Nov. 21 - For the first time, Iraq's political factions collectively called today for a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign forces, in a moment of consensus that comes as the Bush administration battles pressure at home to commit to a pullout schedule. The announcement, made at the ... read more

Does the truth hurt?

I was just about to add something relevant to the feedback thread for the new site appearance, when I encountered the following message: This topic is now blocked as it is deemed inappropriate for ST. You may still read it but answering this topic is no longer possible, thank you. Please explain why... read more

Old style is back for a little while untill....

Hello guys We had to revert to the old style SDC because we found some issues that were not easely fixed. However before we are starting again switching over I will let have more members testing it (we had about 40 but I guess it was not enough) Issues found were basicly Mac Issues and going back an... read more

Corruption in Iraq

I know this is a relatively long article, but, appearing as it did in American Conservative magazine, I thought some of you might find it interesting.  It's about the pervasive corruption that is Iraq, and it's about your money.(inside)... read more


The club is looking for a floorman. For more information, please contract thesanssouci.... read more

The Sans Souci

Looking for a Floorman for the club , please contract thesanssouci for more information.... read more

Florence in November

Hi, to all. We will be in Florence from 26-29 November, any cpls out that way fancy meeting up get in touch. Or anyone know of any clubs to visit in that area lets us know please, Need a treat for Mr ANG's birthday.... read more


Whaddya call a lesbian with Fat Fingers???   Well Hung!!... read more

The Women Executives

It is late fall and time for the yearly national Marketing conference. Executives at the corporaton from all over the country meet in Miami for meetings, classes, lunches, dinners, networking events. The first day she arrives, she checks into her lavish hotel room, that the company has paid for. Sh... read more

egypt travel december

Hello..we will be going to egypt in december (cairo assuan luxor)Any couples  goes  egypt in december we would like to meet them.We are still open to offer of dates.... read more

chat room probs???

struggling a bit to get in to the  chat room ,, what are we doing wrong.?... read more

Devons best party.

Usually post on here  when going away somewhere  and  have  met some really nice people  through this  in  England  and europe.  Itwas  nice going to fun4two  knowing  other   members  were there.  Tonight off to the Sec... read more


What are you thankful for this thanksgiving?   I am thankful for...... read more

Unsolicited Contacts and use of our hotmail ID

OK...   Answer this one....... We've been getting lots of requests from guys looking to contact us....   hence the earlier post about rudeness..... It would seem that our pics are on a site called face-pics......    Now we are not subscribers to this site, never h... read more

So, what's the absolute worst movie you've ever seen?

 ... read more

New Look of the Site

Well what can I say, I am pleasantly surprised this morning that the changes that have been implemented are quite good.  The new site theme is so much better than the old one and doesn't hurt your eyes lol.  All in all it's a change for the better and for once I haven't got anything to moa... read more

Look at this!

Sometimes I come across a picture or quote that I want to share.  I hate having to wait until the appropriate moment, which is usually never.  So, look at this!  In relation to nothing.  For no particular reason.... read more

Amsterdam 25th. - 27th. Nov.

We will be in Amsterdam Friday 25th. to Sunday 27th. on our first visit. Like to visit Club(s) suitable for NON Barby and Ken types. Anyone want to meet up, show us around and hopefully have some fun too. Any advice on the do's and don't's and places to stay or visit. What Clubs to visit e... read more

Songs to fuck by

What are the top ten best songs to play while having sex?    I'm making a mix CD and need suggestions. :)... read more

The 13th Floor Nov 18 & 19

The “NEW” 13th Floor Dallas’ most exciting on-premise swinger’s group!  Cum see the changes, feel the new energy, and enjoy the ambiance.  The Bordello room is a huge hit. The portrait room has a sexy feel all its own. The new seating areas are cozy, inviting, and a wonderful plac... read more

Saturday Night at Allure

Join us Sat Nov 19th at Allure Desirous Glitter Party!Desirous Party of Houston is bringing their sexually energized party to Austin! After Hours, Inc will also be there with their sexually energizing toys! Door prizes will be given away throughout the evening. Come do your Sexy Xmas shopping e... read more

Easy Jet

Hi everyone. We are new to the group and are hoping to get to Malaga next year in either April or May. Just to let you all know that Easy Jet released their schedualed flights for Malaga last night. It goes right up to the end of September so start planning your trip now. Just to remi... read more

Anything but politics.

 Any blame game gets you blocked.  Talk about anything proactively.  Blame thinkers of another persuassion, and you are banned.  If you think me a friend, and are banned, get over it.  You broke the rule.  Up to and including myself. We will see how long people can go. ... read more

The Erotic Zone

Our TGIF Friday will be the infamous Wet T Shirt Contest!!! If you haven't been to The Erotic Zone's Wet T Shirt Contest, you simply have been missing out!!! This is a well attended and Sizzling HOT event!! To top it off, THIS WEEKEND you can find 100 reasons to attend! We will be celebrating both... read more

For those of the political persuasion

In here the text, description, location etc... read more

I.M on SDC and MESSENGER programmes

Is anyone else fucked off with R U D E and I G N O R A N T idiots who call you on these programmes and expect you to carrry the conversation?  You type something and get 'LOL' or at best a one word reply! It's usually a bloody male half of a couple or a single guy who when he discovers he has ... read more


I just wondered why so many people have been eager to join the SE ROOM and are not supporting what should develop into a community.. There are a number of peeps who have endeavoured to post on the board but the response is slow to say the least. The chatroom is always empty ...   so are w... read more

Check out Secrets Parties.

Off to  SECRETS party in south devon on sat. Good night out,, anyone  else  going, be nice to meet up with other  members,,,  ... read more

whats happening to this site?

This site is getting a little dull at the moment,, polictical postings, odds and sods with no link to swinging. Not  much in the way of  mail back and forward.  Seems the  largest part of the site is from across the  pond.  People we have  talked to have writt... read more

New Dates

Hi ... We finally hve a stable internet connection! Storms are a bitch! Speaking of storms ... we were book for Desire in February. It was supposed to our 1st anniversery trip. We spent out honeymoon at Desire last year. Now it looks like the resort is closed until at least March. We haven't change... read more

Super Fucking Psycho Sexy

   Cage comes down and traps her on the king sized bed wrapped in cool sheets naked. She does not seem to mind as she rolls around rubbing on pillows like a hungry house cat. Just now she sees me, her head tilted forward looking at me like dessert. It seems I have caged a little beast. She motions... read more




Hi Everyone.... read more


I found the piece inside on an old Hard Drive, I'm not sure where it came from or who the originator was but it made me smile and think a little about the way not just our children but us adults too manage their lives! We seem to be ever developing more chores to clog up our lives and create stress,... read more


I know the lifestyle is not like high school, but I do know that people will gossip.  It is only natural for some people to pass on stories and experiences with others.  I try my best not to tell tales, but lets face it.  Most of us have shared at least one story about someone el... read more

Nauti Bi Nature New Group

As you can see, Austin is coming OUT!!  We've got our own Community on SDC. We're just getting started so help us out by spreading the word and encouraging your friends to join.  You can use this Forum to make suggestions as to how to make this group successful.  One of the things tha... read more

Just for the hell of it..............

Hey........ it's my birthday on Friday. As everyone else puts posts in that are not entirely connected to swinging, I thought I would too.... ;0) Sammi -x- ps.... moan all you like or congratulate me, either way i'm sure this will make for fun reading....... read more

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition, Food, Game

I'm always looking for fun and meaningful things to do with the family for the holidays.  Is there anything you do with your family to make this holiday special?  Besides sit around for hours eating?  What about the food?  What's your most favorite dish?  (Besides your spou... read more


Here's the deal... Having another Perv Dinner this weekend, one of the topics that came up at the last one and will undoubtedly resurface at this one.. If, you are a soft swap/swing couple and you're actively looking for a single female, is the male half of the couple allowed to penetrate the singl... read more

Before Iwas married

Before I was Married. I was a very happy person. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. There was only one little thing bothering me...It was her beautiful younger sister. My prospective sister-in-lawwas twenty-t... read more


Thanks to all those that mailed! We will be at Erotica this Thursday (17th) if you're around please say 'Hi' and if you're allowed out to play after.. XX... read more

Bi in the USA

So it it simply true that it is easier to be a bi male or bi couple in Europe than in the States?  It's interesting to us to see the large British contingent here. Hey, we are sorry about the Revolution.  Take us back, please!   Are we Americans generally more repressed or more invest... read more

Sexual Clichés: a short profile browsing...

"100% straight, but not homophobic"Many profiles of couples with straight males have this text in the "Bi-sexuality" field. This has been confusing me for some time now. Specially because I don't seem to find profiles where the girl is straight but feels the need to state "straight but no homophobic... read more

Bisexual nights

We are aware of Liaisons in Rochdale having a Bi night on Tuesdays, are there any other clubs in the Manchester area with well attended Bi nights?... read more

Going to Kansas

Hi all,We will be going to McPherson Kansas next weekend.Was wondering what there is to do there.Would appreciate any help on any Swingers clubs,nude bars,titty bars. Mike&Vandy... read more

New to Lifestyle and want to know how to stay disease free?

HI Ya All!! I am sure this topic has been gone over before somewhere, but just the same we are courious and want (NEED) to know. How do we stay disease free?? We are now disease free and want to stay that way forever!!! We know that useing rubbers is one of the best ways (only) to stay d-free with ... read more

Naughty In Neon - 11/19/2005

... read more

Prague 21st - 24th Nov

We are going to be Prague from next weekend and were wondering if anyone was interested in some sexy fun with an openminded couple. Can anyone recomend sexy places to go for this adventurous duo, we believe that there are no swingers clubs open during the week, anyone know of any? xxx... read more

Kissing question

OK...  Now there are a few members who just don't kiss...  I don't understand why as it's something most of us enjoy, which leads me to the question: Why do folks close their eyes when they kiss ?? Is it really that bad? or is it that we are all so bloody ugly that closed eyes makes it mor... read more

The New SDC Look is almost done !!

Hello guys It is almost done....some already know about it as we invited some of our members to take a look at it. It will have a lot of new features, and specially the look did changed a lot. The Navigation in the top was totally redone, it will have it all and easier to find. It will also find s... read more

PARTY TONITE 9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop


AMSTERDAM 9th & 10 Dec Strip/Live Sex Club

We would like to try a strip/live sex club but haven''t a clue  any ideas... read more

Whos the quickest?

In here the text, description, location etc... read more


Hi everyone!This is the welcome article of this forum with info related with the Male Freedom Community.WHAT IS MALE FREEDOM COMMUNITY?This community was created to debate the male bi-sexuality theme. Until now, there wasn't a place for bi-males to share their thoughts about the way they live their ... read more

cruise over Christmas

We are embarking on a 10 day cruise from Fort Lauderdale on Dec 23. We will be on board Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the sea. If anyone else from this site will be on board drop us a line.... read more

Cruise over the holidays

We are embarking on a 10 day cruise from Fort Lauderdale on Dec 23. We will be on board Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the sea. If anyone else from this site will be on board drop us a line.... read more


hi is anyone going to erotica and the erotica ball on saturday let us know as we could meet and say hi. we are staying in the premier travel inn at kings x   up4fun... read more


Having a few days in Miami and we plan to party all day and night!   Our profile tells you a lot about us but beside the sexy fun we love house music and can often dance all night.   We plan to go to Space on Saturday (went last year…what an incredible place) and we would like to find ... read more

The case for keeping religion and politics separate

By Alan Elsner 2 hours, 6 minutes ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Conservative Christian televangelist Pat Robertson told citizens of a Pennsylvania town that they had rejected God by voting their school board out of office for supporting "intelligent design" and warned them on Thursday not to be sur... read more

Why can't our politicians give us national healthcare?

Op-Ed: Pride, Prejudice, Insurance11/9/2005 by Paul Krugman The New York Times, November 07 2005 General Motors is reducing retirees' medical benefits. Delphi has declared bankruptcy, and will probably reduce workers' benefits as well as their wages. An internal Wal-Mart memo describes plans t... read more

Anybody from DFW that wants to ride & party?

Hey all: Check us out.  We are looking for some fun couples/singles etc. to ride and party with.  Dinner?  Bars?  Rallies? Poker Runs?  Parties? Boating?  Give us a try.   Kristi4U  ... read more

Italy November 20-26

We will be in Bologna,Venice and Florence for the week of November 20-26 and would be interested in meeting couples. Does anyone know of any clubs in this area? Swing or strip.   Thanks P and C... read more

Coming to Michigan next week!

Hi everyone!  We will be coming to Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids next week for the "Naughy Nights" parties on November 18th-19th. We would love to see any of our SDC friends that are attending or live in the area. Anyone else coming??? Kisses, The SXYs... read more

Birthday Memories for a Beloved Member born on Nov. 13th...

i will be out of internet range on this, i wanted to post this topic as an opportunity to offer thoughts and prayers on behalf of one of the most respected, beloved, admired and missed members that has ever touched the lives in our household... and our most sincere and supportive offer of ... read more

Tenerife at Christmas..

Hiya , We will be in Tenerife from December25th-1st Jan, Any couples or bi-fems want to meet up let us know..   B & D X ... read more

Is there a plonker in the google house....... ;0)

1- Go to Google 2- Type in the word "Failure" 3- Instead of clicking "Google Search," click "I'm Feeling Lucky." 4- Giggle 5- Spread the word before the people at Google "fix" it.  ... read more

Texas Constitutional Amendment

So...Texas legistlatures decided they needed to amend the constitution of Texas to state that marriage is a union of a man and a woman...even though Texas law all ready states that...And the counties in Texas voted overwhelming to approve the amendment... EXCEPT for Travis County - where I read more

"One thing I can give George W. Bush"

"One thing I can give George W. Bush, he is at least smarter than anyone who voted for him." ... read more

The Erotic Zone

TGIF FRIDAY Nov. 11th is ~Veteran's Nite Celebration~! SHOW YOUR PRIDE!!! Wear something Military or wear the USA colors proudly! Feel the Freedom! Join us at the celebration of Life and the Pursuit of Happiness, lol The Erotic Zone Way!  Call us for any info or questions, we would love to he... read more

Erotica at London Olympia 19/11/06

Is anyone attending Erotica in London on 19/11. We are going on 19/11(Saturday) and will be staying the night at The Country Inn Hotel in Kensington. If anyone would like to meet up at Erotica, then please let us know.... read more


hi wanting to know if anyone was planning a trip to Chamonix over the winter, as i have an appartement there and intend to have some swinging fun there. will be there from the new year till may any takers?????... read more

The NEW 13th Floor

The “NEW” 13th Floor  Thanks to all of you who joined us last weekend for our  Unforgettably   Sexy   Opening Come join us this Veteran’s Day Weekend . Our mood will be “This one is for the Boys!” Let’s go girls, use your imagination and see how sexy we can... read more

Bikers in Cali ?

In here the text, description, location etc... read more

92,000 US troops told to prepare for Iraq rotation

2055 Killed...15477 wounded...Where are the WMD's?... read more

Nov. 13-20

We will be at Hedo 3 from Nov. 13-20, anyone else there at that time drop us a note.  We will be thrilled to make your acquaintance. Kisses, Sophie... read more

Wed. Nov 23: Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner and Dance

We would like to invite you to come in to The Sans Souci on Wednesday, November 23rd for our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner and Dance. Come enjoy the start of the holiday season with us with $2 well drinks & domestic beer from 7 - 11pm with free food from 8pm until its all gon... read more


We are headed to Vegas for the weekend, Nov 11-13.  Anyone else be in town?... read more

Visiting Fort Lauderdale, Friday, Nov 11th

We will be in Fort Lauderdale on Friday the 11th. Thought we would visit the Trap. We are from Atlanta and have been to the trapeze there several times. Any members like to show us around? ... read more

Someone's got a secret..

Guess who it is and what the secret is... They're regulars to ST... OMG, you're gonna bust a gut when you find out what it is....  ... read more

The Erotic Zone

TGIF FRIDAY Nov. 11th is ~Veteran's Nite Celebration~! SHOW YOUR PRIDE!!! Wear something Military or wear the USA colors proudly! Feel the Freedom! Join us at the celebration of Life and the Pursuit of Happiness, lol The Erotic Zone Way!    Nov. 12 Sexy Party is YOUR theme choice!!! This ... read more

New Year Party

Hallo.. We are planning to travel and spend the new year some where far from home any hot plans for new year party lodmar... read more

Damn it, get some sense in you!

Have you ever wanted to grab someone by the shoulders and shake some sense into them?  Well I have.  And in regards to the swing world, following are the people I would grab by the shoulders and try to shake some sense into them: 1.  The single bisexual female.  Damn it, wake up... read more

las vegas at christmas

we are going to las vegas for christmas...would love to hook up for some sexy fun. plus any info on clubs or couples parties would be great..also going on to yosemite and san fransisco... read more

It's hard to be a GOP'er this year because you have to believe that;

1. Jesus loves you, but shares your deep hatred of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton. 2. The United States should get out of the United Nations, but our highest national priority is enforcing U. N. resolutions against Iraq. 3."Standing Tall for America" means firing your workers and moving their jo... read more

Erotica (UK)...17th November [Rpt Thread]

Thanks to all those that have emailed already! Anyone having a party..doing dinner (or each other!) after? Want to? XX ... read more

Dream Box and sharing , watching cables

  hi,, we bought our new Dream Box and we would like any one to teach us how can we make sharing and blabla .. to watch cables and privet chanels thanks lodmar... read more

benidorm dec 4th-12th

we are in benidorm for a week on the dates above, anyone care to meet up?... read more

Report Warned Bush Team About Intelligence Doubts

A top member of Al Qaeda in American custody was identified as a likely fabricator months before the Bush administration began to use his statements as the foundation for its claims that Iraq trained Al Qaeda members to use biological and chemical weapons, according to newly declassified portions of... read more

Alicante ?

Hi (us again!)   We will also be in Alicante 10th, 11th of December if anyone fancies meeting up ??   Hugs, Saucytwosome xxxxx... read more

Fun4two ??

Hi, We will be at Fun4two on Saturday 19th November. It would be nice to meet up with any other couples who may be there at the same time ? Please drop us an email if you will be there. Hugs Saucytwosome xxxxxxx... read more

North Goa

we are in north goa from the 21st  november till the 4th december if any one else is out there please give us a shout we could  meet for a drink etc christine  ... read more

PARTY TONITE 9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop

Saturday 05th SWINGERS PARTY  AT OURPLACE4FUN LONDONS SEXIEST SWINGERS VENUE  9pm til 5am SWING til ya drop  NO WORKING GIRLS REAL Swingers REAL SEXY PLAY AREAS SIMPLY THE BEST SWINGERS CLUB IN LONDON couples single girls ( as always polite guys in moderation)&... read more

Fun4two in February

Has anyone been to Fun4two on a Sunday during February? I know the attendance can vary from week to week, but are the winter months usually quiet. We went once in October and it was nowhere near as busy as in April. It is a hell of a way to go if it is likely to be almost empty... read more

Msg for GuitarChick

GuitarChick... I just wanted to let you know that I did email you but the email bounce back with the text below.  I had no other way to get ahold of you.  Did I do something wrong? I'm Sorry if I did.... -------------------------------------------------------This is an automatically gener... read more


>>> > > Help desk >>> > > >>> > > Helpdesk: What kind of computer do you have? >>> > > Customer: A beige one... >>> > > >>> > >>> ------------------------------------------------------------------- >&... read more

This is a strictly mathematical viewpoint goes like this:What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life?Here's a little ma... read more

10 Nov- 20 Nov Santiago Chile

I will be in Santiago Chilefrom 10th to 20th november. Any members there at the sametime, (or residents) who would like to meet up, drop me a mail via my profile. Love   Kat... read more

Hot Rod Condoms

  Has any one tried Hot Rod Condoms?   How did they work?... read more


HI Paul+Emma here hotel booked for sat/sun looking maybe hook up with sum sexy locals , feel free to msg us back n we will get back to ya cya xxxxxx... read more


hallo, we are visiting koln- cologne in the weekend of 9/12 and we are wondering if there are some people who want to meet us ? Greetings erwin and kathleen... read more

Confession... I'm a pussy!!

Botox injections HURT!!!    ... read more

EROTICA (UK) '05...????

Anyone going on the 17th/Got any plans for an 'after event' party?? Perhaps we should arrange one...any suggestions?... read more

Posters: Put event city on the subject line

In here the text, description, location etcHi everyone!!I'm new to the site and also new to the Atlanta area.  So I'm browsing this section to look for interesting events where I can meet people and makenew friends.  I'm looking at all these postings and I find that I don't recognize where any of... read more

Swingers Hotel in SWITZERLAND

  Papillon is a Swinger Friendly hotel located in one of Switzerlands finest Alpine resorts Catering exclusively to lifestyle couples and Single Females the hotel offers a wide range of activities both at it's location in Verbier and with organised excursions to local swing clubs Open all year... read more

Arousal Swinging club bonfire Night

  Arousal swinging club (UK Dunstable) Bonfire Bash Well were not letting off any fireworks and were not having a bonfire But We will be partying from 10pm to 7am   Contact us on here for more details  ... read more

The NEW 13th Floor - Under New Attitude

Your NEW hosts Bruce and Vicki   Welcome You to The NEW 13th Floor   NEW Attitude!  NEW Hosts! NEW Playrooms!  NEW Design!   To celebrate their first weekend as hosts of the NEW 13th Floor Bruce and Vicki invite to you to join them on Saturday Night November 5th   Whe... read more

Houston November 11-13

We will be in Houston between 11-13 November for a motorcycle show. Write to us if you are interested to meet. Kisses and hugs, A-A... read more


Denver Voters OK Marijuana Possession By JON SARCHE, Associated Press WriterWed Nov 2, 7:40 AM ET Residents of the Mile High City have voted to legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for adults. Authorities, though, said state possession laws will be applied instead. With 100 pe... read more

fun4two sat nite....

Will be at  fun4two  sat  night   and central Amsterdam sunday  monday. be nice to  meet up for  a  drink ....... read more

WILMA missed the Moon Flower Resort and Spa.

Wilma missed this part of the Yucatan.  The Moon Flower Resort and Spa isthe only Lifestyle friendly, Clothing optional Resort in the Yucatan.  Smalljust under 7 acres, Laid back do what you want kinda place. Deep pool, niceplay areas w/swing.  Jungle is as nice as the Beach, besides ... read more

Do you believe everything you read and hear?

Do you believe everything you read and hear? we see a lot of cut and paste here and at times if you take the time to disect some of these so called quotes they make you think! How do you evaluate truth from fiction?  What makes a statement true for you? For example:  Our prime minist... read more





The Erotic Zone

TGIF Friday Nov. 4th is ~ FLASHER/LINGERIE WEEKEND~!This Weekend why not be a lil risqué? Plan on grabbing those Trench coats and be a Flasher! OR... if Lingerie is more to your liking, come in what makes you feel ohhhh so Erotic, after all you are coming to The Erotic Zone!Saturday November 5th is... read more

Okay boys and girls, get ready to be really, really scared now!

Posted by spatula on Nov. 01, 2005. If there's one thing we can say for certain about the Bush administration, it's that they will shamelessly use fear as a weapon to control the masses. That's why they can't mention 9/11 enough, ran the terror alert system up and down for political reasons, asked ... read more

The Sans Souci this weekend

Thu. Nov 3: SDC Mixer with $2 well drinks and domestic beer from 7 to 10pm. $5 cover for single males and no cover for the ladies. Fri. Nov 4: Friday Night Party: Come have a fun night with us and get rid of all that stress. Unescorted ladies get in every night with no cover Sat. Nov. 5: Tease to Pl... read more

Cabin Fever

  We needed firewood. The stack out beside our house was getting a little sparse. A friend of ours, John who owned a cabin in the nearby mountains and had told my wife, Karen and I, to let him know when we ran low because he had more there than he could use. He’d told us he was planning on b... read more


State your opinion on a specific topic.. Next person try to counter that point whether you agree or disagree. Next poster state your topical opinion on whatever you hold a strong opinion. Next person try to counter that point whether you agree or disagree. You can piggyback the current topic or sta... read more

Minneapolis - Sensual Harvest Dance, Saturday, November 5

Event: MPC Sensual Harvest/Dear Hunting Party!Date: Saturday, November 5, 2005Place: A Hotel In Downtown MinneapolisTime: 7pm to 1am.Who is Invited: YOUWe would like to invite you the Minnesota Party Connection Sensual Harvest Dance, or as some folks call it... the Dear Hunting Party, because ma... read more

Is it normal to be jealous the first time you swing?

During a recent conversation with another couple, the topic of jealousy came up with newbies. We said there is no room in the lifestyle if you wish to keep your marriage in one piece, they said it is even normal to be a little jealous every time you swing. Opinions... read more

Calendar of naked men

Ok, I've started early, and looking for a Calendar of naked men for a Christmas present, anyone have any ideas where I can get one?... read more

WIEN 05 th Nov to 09th Nov

Please some advice about WIEN's nightlife and good clubs;)... read more