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Olympic Logo or Porn?

Beauty, as they say is in the eye of the beholder. It's also contingent on ones' POV. The current uproar in the UK, is over the 2012 Olympic logo. The controversy stems from observers who view the geometric, fragmented design as "child porn." According to sources, over 200,000 peo... read more

Ten Top Reasons to Have Sex

 Results from a 10 year Welsh study are out.  Here are 10 of the Best Reasons to Have Sex.   1.Less heart attacks and strokes 2.Lowers blood pressure and stress  3.Reduces depression 4.Prevents osteoporosis  5.Keeps colds and flu at bay 6.Prevents prostate cancer ... read more

World Aids Day

Tuesday is the 21st anniversary of International World AIDS Day.  Dec. 1, 2009, the world will observe a day in recognition of a devastating disease that continues to affect millions of people each year globally. Since 1988, World Aids Day has been a time to raise awareness about the seve... read more

Rubber Ball

Skin Two presents their 18th. annual Rubber Ball, Dec 11-12, in Central London. Get your fetish groove on. This year's Rubber Ball 2009, will be held in a new and very exclusive venue, one of the largest private houses in central London, built in 1775 by Robert Adam for the famous explorer, Lord ... read more

Pure Chocolate

i was asked what was my best ass fuck so here it goes ....i had this chocolate girl with short hair cut.. firm arms... small titties ...thick thighs.. and a fat ass...i mean the type of bitch i could fall in love with i had talked to her before about fuckin her asshole..but she was kind... read more

Player's Club in Texas adds another location...

Player's will be adding another club by taking over the location previously occupied by the now closed Allure. Now there will be two Player's clubs to get your freak on, one in San Antonio, one in Austin. Your membership is good at either club Grand Opening for the Austin club will be New Years Ev... read more

Cheating or absent of love.

  Cheating destroys marriages because spouses lie and get caught. But some couples who say they have found a way to enjoy the company of others without the deception. It's called the "lifestyle," or swinging, an arrangement in which couples have sex with other couples, and there is n... read more


Se creean muchas citas de ultima hora, la pregunta del millon es  :  cuantas de ellas se responden y cuantas de ellas se cumplen, llevamos muchos anos en este ambiente y nunca, por este medio,  hemos podicio contactar a nadie, nuestros contactos siempre son por otros medios.... read more

Videos for income

Does anyone know anything about making videos for income?  Please drop me a line.... read more

love lips

anyway is fine but lips rule!!!!!!!! lol... read more

love lips

anyway is fine but lips rule!!!!!!!! lol... read more

Any size, any way... all the time!

I don't have any preference. I just like to lick, kiss and eat a pussy, no matter what size, shape or form. If the lips are big then I can pull them out, spread them wide appart and the dive right in with my tongue straight into the hole... ummmm just thinking about it... If the lips are ... read more

She went in the room with him by Sexybibife

My sexy latin wife Bibi and I consider ourselves ‘softies’, that doesn’t mean we don’t have porn star fantasies.   We met Jane and Bob through SDC, a very sexy couple she is a sexy brunette with Italian like factions, and he is well-built, Latino man, the kind of guy t... read more

CAUTION - This is a HOT Story !

This Fantasy of ours started from a dream. When I awoke, my beautiful Maria was peacefully sleeping by my side. Her slender body was curled up against me. I gently started brushing her hair and face with my hand, admiring he beautiful face and how lucky I was to have her. Maria is 5’6" La... read more

Dans une ruelle de Paris

 j'avais envie...  De folie Courir Danser Dans les rues Au rythme De la musique Puis Discretement S'engouffrer Dans une ruelle de Paris Sombre La Tu m'aurais Relevé ma jupe Plaqué contre un mur Tu m'aurais prise Jupe releveé Jambe &eac... read more

Envie d'une Coquine

 J'avais envie De folie Courir Danser Dans les rues Au rythme De la musique. Puis Discrètement S'engouffrer Dans une ruelle Sombre Là Tu m'aurais Relevé ma jupe Plaqué contre un mur Tu m'aurais prise Jupe relevée Jambe écartée ... read more

Unexpected group fun!

  We have been out of the lifestyle for a while, but that was all about to change. I'm Scott and my wife is Tina, she's a blonde haired, blue eyed goddess. She's 5'8", 135 lbs with 36D's and completely shaven with a clit piercing that drives her wild when you pull on it with your teeth. Sh... read more

Stalkers ?

 Have you ever had a stalker ?? I have one .... good thing he told me he was spying on me at one  of my meets ...... I had a swing-date up saying where i was going and the pub,, lol Never gesssed i would have a man there .. getting off on seeing me  ..... he mails me and cha... read more

What makes a Woman good in bed ?

So what makes a woman good in bed for you ??????????... read more

Letter to my girl.....miss you baby!

We arrive in Miami and the temp is around 85 and it feels perfect, after checking into our hotel we are getting ready to go out to dinner.... I have worn a blue tie with blue shirt and black pants, hair pulled back into a tight long ponytail, the sun has lightened up my hair to a golden blond...l... read more


We totally agree with this blog: we stay in NYC in January 2009 and we felt that HOT games and glamour situations are ZERO. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find adult fun in the BIG APPLE. We try to contact several NYC couples weeks before our coming and only 1 couple answered us (then we had fun togheter int... read more

The Day We Met Jason and Rebecca

The Day We Met Jason and Rebecca     It had been a great day anticipating meeting our new friends Jason and Rebecca.  After chatting with them and looking at their pictures we were excited about meeting an extremely sexy and good looking couple.  As the day wore on my nipples ... read more

Taxpayer Funded Sex Change Operation

A man living as a woman, in a all male prison in Norfolk, VA, has asked a federal judge to provide additional electrolysis treatments as she awaits a decision on whether she can get a taxpayer funded sex change operation. "Michelle" who was convicted of killing her wife Cheryl in 1990,... read more

How I Became a Swinger

Several years ago, before I met my beautiful wife, I was casually dating a HOT little 22 year old named Makenna. I am almost 10 years her senior at that time. OK, I live in Boca Raton Florida across from a University, so needless to say there are an abundant of college girls in my condo community... read more

Proceedings Against REDHOTPIE

The ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) is alleging Jetplace Pty Ltd. the operator of created and published fictional profiles on its website and used them to send 'flirt' and other messages to registered users. The ACCC alleges Jetplace engaged in misleading con... read more

Trial Of The Century

If It Doesn't Fit You Must Acquit How can we forget those infamous words of Johnny Cochran? Now we are presented with a new Trial Of The Century as related to the terrorist KSM and the planning and implementation of the 9/11 attack. Several questions have arisen such as 1. should a mili... read more

Swappers Face Being Stoned to Death

Iran's moral police have arrested a dozen couples for engaging in illicit sexual acts, including swapping partners, the conservative Jomhuri Eslami reported on Monday. Iran Multiplication, a website ran by the couples and another individual, promoted extra marital sex, which is illegal in Iran. ... read more

A new friend.

A New Friend Chapter 1    I settled into a bar stool at my favorite bar when you come rushing in and take a seat next to me.  I have never seen you here before but you start to talk to me right away.  You order a martini  and began to tell me about the bad day you had.&nb... read more

70s and 80s party 27th November

Lots of interest in this party judging on the bookings taken on our website looks like its going to be a fun night.x... read more

Amsterdam 4-6 December

We are planning with my italian girlfriend to spent a hot weekend in Amsterdam (4-6/12). We will be probably in Fun For Two on Saturday. We are looking for other beautifull, sexy and horny couples to join us and play together anywhere. Kiss  ... read more

SEXPO Melbourne

SEXPO, Nov. 26-29, 2009, Sexuality and Adult Lifestyle Exhibition is the worlds largest adult show.  Sexpo boasts international performers in all aspects of adult entertainment. The aim of the exhibition is to provide a fun vibrant atmosphere for like minded people - to enjoy and find inform... read more

Cuba Offers Free Penile Implants

Cuba has announced that it is offering government-funded penile implants free of charge to its citizens across the island. The initiative will be available nation-wide as part of its national healthcare program. According to urologist Juan Carlos Yip, the procedure will be carried out in patients... read more

Chairty Benefit

 You are cordially invited to Friends with Benefit, a special charity event on behalf of the family of Wicked's Heth Mares. This star-studded affair will feature appearances from several of the dynamic stars of Brad Armstrong's acclaimed Wicked release 2040 and is slated for Monday, November 23... read more

Coming to the UK

Hello All, We are a young couple who are over in the UK on the 4th December and attending a party at Abfab Heathrow. We are looking for a couple around our age to meet up with us on the night, If anybody is interested and want to know more please contact us. regards Adonis... read more

Bad Moment at a music convention

A very shy director goes into the bar at the grand hyatt and sees a beautiful woman sitting at the bar. After an hour of gathering up his courage, he finally goes over to her and asks, tentatively, "Um, would you mind if I chatted with you for a while?" ... read more

Ain't It Funny How.....

 Ain't it funny how we want the best things in life, but yet we don't want to pay for them? *  We want the economy to be fixed instantly, but don't want to pay for it? *  We want tighter security at our borders, but don't want to pay for it? *  We want the latest and greates... read more

Husband and wife golf lessons

A husband and wife love to golf together, but neither of them was playing like they wanted to, so they decide to take private lessons. The husband has his lesson first. After the pro sees his swing, he says, "No, no, no, you're gripping the club way too hard!" "Well, what should I do... read more


Olympia, London-Erotica is one of the most attended consumer adult lifestyle shows in the world as well as being a daring and enthralling event with thousands of adult products, live stage shows, shopping, and art galleries. The Erotica exhibition is in its 14th year and is aimed at freethinking ... read more

London Sex Survey

Time Out London, has just released their 2009 sex survey results, 45 per cent of respondents were male, 55 per cent were female. Here are just a few kinks, desires and fantasies.... 27% of respondents said their favourite sexual fantasy involved more than one partner. Multiple partners Ideal c... read more

anything going on in rome,italy nov 25-29

we'll be in rome nov 25-29.  anything going on?... read more

anything going on in rome,italy nov 25-29

we'll be in rome nov 25-29.  anything going on?... read more

DEFINE EXPERIENCE!Is their a double standadrd!

DEFINE EXPERIENCE!? Do you have to be a part of the good ol boy network to have experience.You know what I am talking about.The back door deals made in smoked filled rooms.Catch my drift?Connected to the Establishment... Black and White candidiates are held to different standards.... read more


From Nov. 20-22, the Olympia exhibition space in London will once again be taken over for the annual Erotica exhibition. Erotica is one of the most attended consumer adult lifestyle shows in the world as well as being a daring and enthralling event with thousands of adult products, live stage sho... read more

Cinekink San Francisco

Call for Entries - CineKink 2010 - next deadline 11/20! We're seeking films and videos, of any length and genre, that explore and celebrate the wide diversity of sexuality. Dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, we're look... read more

Cheek Swab DNA Compatibility

Gene Partner, a Swiss company, is offering couples the opportunity to see if their DNA is compatible. The idea is that people tend to be attracted to those who have immune system genes that are dissimilar from their own. Rachel Herz, author of "The Scent of Desire," who teaches olfactio... read more

Red Light District

Opening today, Nov. 18-Feb.21, 2010, at The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, American artists, Ed & Nancy Kienholz, created in their Berlin studio: an installation of Amsterdam's famous Red Light District. "The Hoerengracht," " Whore's Canal."  The project ... read more

Red Light District

Opening today, Nov. 18-Feb.21, 2010, at The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, American artists, Ed & Nancy Kienholz, created in their Berlin studio: an installation of Amsterdam's famous Red Light District. "The Hoerengracht," " Whore's Canal."  The project ... read more

The last time you played

The last time you played who was it with?... read more


Hey its me. Guess who backseat Island... read more


Hey its me. Guess who backseat Island... read more


Hey its me. Guess who backseat Island... read more


Hey its me. Guess who backseat Island... read more

Purrfect Party Scam???

As a long time lifestyler, everytime we go to a party we like to know how much we are going to pay and for what....even if you call it donation (which implies that is optional), or entry fee....what I dont get is when somebody comes to you and asks you if you are attending the after party...We thoug... read more

New Lifestyle Resort...Would you like to see new ones?

For the most part there is Desire, Hidden Beach, Hedo and a couple resorts in Rurope that cater to the lifestyle. Are you interested in seeing more lifestyle resorts open up? Would you be interested in the opportunity to invest in a Limited Partnership that would hold a minority equity stake... read more

New Lifestyle Resort...Would you invest?

Would you be interested in the opportunity to invest in a Limited Partnership that would hold a minority equity stake in a new Lifestyle Resort located on a secluded Caribbean Beach? A truly limited number of shares would be offered to the first 100 "partners". In addition to ROI to the LP... read more

Los Postes Del Placer

“Amarra bien sus muñecas a los postes de la cama” dijo Claudia mientras acariciaba los muslos de Carmen. Ricardo miraba como las manos de Claudia subían por los muslos de Carmen, quien se encontraba arrodillada al lado del hombre al cual ataba con una soga blanca, los nudos... read more

LittleSins back in Germany

The famous party presenter LittleSinsNL is back to Germany and will present a very exciting x-mas-party in Beverly (Solingen). On 19th of december 2009 there will be the LITTLE SINS X-MAS PARTY for couples and ladies only! Nice suprise ... we hope that there will be a lot of people... read more

Counterfeit Condoms

Fake condom producers in China were recently busted, when authorities found bare-chested employees lubing latex condoms with vegetable oil and packing them in unsterilized bags. Oil degrades latex, therefore rendering the condoms virtually useless, not to mention the large possibility of bacteria t... read more


queremos ir al crucero del 2010, nos puedes decir el itinerario y costos .......gracias... read more

New Mistress Law in AU

The new family law act  and federal laws in Australia states makes provisions for maintenance and division of assets for de facto couples, mistresses and same-sex couples came into effect on March 1 and any disputes are heard by the Family Court or the Federal Magistrates' Court. The laws gi... read more


I checked into my hotel at around 2pm, I was extremely cranky from the jet lag, the lost luggage, the cranky airline staff and the bitchy passengers. I made it to my room where I noticed that the king bed that I requested, was magically 2 full size beds, ugg nothing more annoying than getting what y... read more

UK and Codes of Practice

As the UK continues to roll out their "Vetting and Safeguarding" system, implications for anyone not vanilla is severe. Based on the premise of "bringing the profession into disrepute," this is considered sufficient grounds for dismissal. Everyone, whether paid in a "re... read more

T.J. points of veiw good read check it out....

Amendment VIII Document 10 Thomas Jefferson, A Bill for Proportioning Crimes and Punishments 1778Papers 2:492--504 Whereas it frequently happens that wicked and dissolute men resigning themselves to the dominion of inordinate passions, commit violations on the lives, liberties and propert... read more

Japan Fetish Ball

November 14, 2009 Brought to you by the Tokyo Kink Society Extreme oriental underground! 2009 theme - Japonica bringing the world of fetish to Japan - bringing fetish of Japan to the world Fetish Art, Shows & Performance! DJs! VJs! Dance! SM Dungeon Space! Galleries, Shops and Fantas... read more

Nice game

Oh my, what a game with the Eagles and Cowboys.  I can no longer call the other teem the Girls..... very painful. I a'm officially here to say how good the Cowboys are and the Eagles SUCK.  This is for my friend, I guess your havin a good night in TX.... read more


Dec 4th - Dec 6th we will be in Tunica Ms to Celebrate my wifes 40th and would love to have old and new friends come and join us for the Celebration.We have a room at Fitzgeralds for fun times anyone interested in meeting up with us send us an email on he... read more

Natural lubricants

We would like to hear everyones input on what they think is the best natural lubricant, and why!... read more

Playing the game

                  My wife don´t like to meet and fuck with people closed to us, she prefers people of the other country, state, city.Every wednesday i play soccer at the Sport Club. The Sport Club have just on... read more

Kinky & Twisted at LAC

Greetings to the Twisted, Kinky and Fantastic Members, Guests, Sponsors and Supporters of LACPB, (Lifestyle Alternatives Centre Palm Beach.) THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE MADE LAC WHAT IT IS AND FULL OF POSITIVE EDUCATION, EXPERIENCES AND MEMORIES  FOR OUR MEMBERS, GUESTS, SPONSORS AND SUPP... read more

Best Swingers Clubs in NYC

It has become increasingly more difficult for clubs everywhere to provide couples with entertainment, parties and spicy fun."The lifestyle is targeted by law enforcement, and you hear about clubs and parties  being shut down everyday, says Redd, a local event planner, adults should have th... read more

Obviously or Obviously wrong?????????

My sister have a boyfriend who is trying to convince her to be part of the swinging lifestyle. I know my sister, she doesn't go down like that. Now this is the interesting part, it's obvious that he's cheating on her. The clues/ evidence are everywhere. Everyone that know them knows it but my sister... read more

What does "not homophobic" really mean

I keep seeing the term "not homophobic" under the bisexuality section of the profiles for the male of the couple.  What is this suppose to mean?  Thanks.... read more

Male Birth Control Pill

University of Washington researchers are looking for male volunteers to help with the decades old, on going quest for the male birth control pill.They need healthy males and are willing to pay them $1,300 to play guinea pig. No sex is involved, just sperm. Already, the volunteers are declining...The... read more

Famous Amsterdam Sex Theatre Stays Open

The prominently known landmark erotic theatre in Amsterdam's Red Light District, Casa Rosso, is being allowed to stay open. The owner, Jan Otten, who has been part of the establishment for forty years, though it was all a joke when authorities announced they were not going to provide the appropriate... read more

School Sued For Punishing Teens Over MySpace Pix

INDIANAPOLIS - Two sophomore girls have sued their school district after they were punished for posting sexually suggestive photos on MySpace during their summer vacation...... What are your t... read more

Croatia / Valata / Elements of Sense 2010

"Elements of Sense" We like to orginise a free holliday swingers meet and greet in Croatia, Autokamp Valata. For that we have made contact with the lokal swingers club (********) next to Valata. For this we are in search for couples that would like to join us to make this part... read more

MEMBER BLOCKING- power or necessity

So why should a member be blocked? What do you think? Should it be used as a reason to show power over that membership, or to keep that person from seeing you and your pictures, or from all out feara of a person on the Internet?... read more

Is Money Really That Evil?

Given I made a post that stated If money were to be considered the root of all evil would not the opposite be true, lack of money is the root of all happiness and I was subsequently blocked by the creator of the blog for what are probably considered "creative differences" and n... read more

martian swingers

A Martian couple landed on the earth. The emerged from their spacecraft and went up to a farmhouse. They knocked on the door. When the farmer and his wife answered, they announced that they were from Mars and wanted to come in to chat. The farm couple extended their hospitality and they all seemed... read more

sweet nipples excerpt

...she had nipples so pretty my shaft throbbed at first mouth watered and my eyes widened to take it all in i had to have them in my mouth so i grabbed her and pulled her close...leaned down with my wet tonge and tasted them... ah so sweet!!!... read more

Trip to Hedo ll

A group of people are planning a trip to Hedoll im late May.  I wanted to post this to see if anyone else may be interested.  don't be shy, it's all about the fun.  I know times are hard, but, this is the time to let loose.  Vacation with good friends and good people.  Wahoo... read more


Haley is entered in December's Issue of Easyrider's magazine "Foxhunt" contest! We would like everyone to go to and vote for her! The issue is out on newsstands Nov. 3rd. You may vote one time per email address. , lets all vote for Her! Thanks! Hal... read more

Boulder Cops Smash Naked Pumpkin Run

The 10th annual "Naked Pumpkin Run," where nude runner's wearing only shoes and hollowed out pumpkins on their heads run through the streets of Boulder Colorado, was stopped due to fear.For this year's event, over 100 police officers were placed throughout town to arrest the runners with c... read more


Did you like what you saw? by LakotaWarrior Posted: 2009-09-04 19:52:10 Report ... read more


we love DVP check out our little film on our profile xx xx xx d and a... read more

Halloween party

 The Halloween party at the Hellfire cub was a hit we had a fab group of people who attended some regulars and some new members all said they would be back. Lots of play and naughtiness roll on the next part on the 14th November our masked ball.... read more

Stop Lying

I often spend my time perusing through profiles, checking out theirs as well as their friends and it amazes me how vain some people are when it comes to their age. Now I'm no spring chicken and I have to admit when I first signed on, I fudged off a few years. It didn't take me long, however, to real... read more