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Progressive Dinner Party and eating food off the host naked body.

Has anyone heard of this? We are going to such a party and wanted input, feedback and suggestions. Sounds lijke it will be a total blast bu... read more

Attire for Mediterranean Cruise

Pleae advise on typical attire for the Mediterranean Swingers Cruise.  Its our first experience with this sort of event.  Are there theme nights etc?  Luggage is limited so we have to pack wisely.  Greatly looking forward to the cruise. Larry and Anne... read more

coming india???

Hi We want to know do u have any plan to visit India, Kolkata ? We love to meet u guys Ria and raj... read more

Does this cross your mind?

Why do people who would not invite you to their parties want to come to yours and cause all sorts of issues to stop you from having yours? They contact your guest and just make it sound bad but they have never partied with you so they make up issues and convince a person that is it true and cause ... read more

Progressive Dinner Party and eating food off the host naked body.

Has anyone heard of this? We are going to such a party and wanted input, feedback and suggestions. Sounds lijke it will be a total blast but we wanted to learn more.  ... read more

looking a good swinger party

hi my wife and i r looking to go to a party  if anybody no,s of 1 plz drop us a line .we were at 1 in dublin a while ago and mrs horny was licking pussys all over the place lol .she z she wants do do it again very soon .thanks hornjp... read more



VA Secret?

Hi, wondering if anyone is familiar with the "VA Secrets" group?... read more

Why are profiles and posts written in different language other than English??

Are their any comments on this subject? Does it mean I am interested only in people that speak that particular language. Does it mean I dont have a  good command of the English language? Let's hear your thoughts. I am not trying to be offensive to anyone.... read more

Tokyo, Japan

We are currently on Tokyo (a place I can highly recommend for anyone who enjoys travel). Anyway: We are not here to swing, but one of course always is interested in the sexual aspects of a trip as well. If anyone has any suggestions for sexy things one should do or see in Tokyo, we would appreciate ... read more


Can some one please explain to me why do single people go through all the effort to put out a profile "supposedly" seeking couples. Actively email us first, chat, text and even go through the effort to meet with us, on occasion only to flake out in the end. Single guys who talk a big game.... read more

LBD party @ Harrison's

We are fairly new and just want to know from the regulars what time is the best time to show up at Harrison's? The guest list is impressive and we are looking foward to it!!... read more

Fear and loathing in her vagina!

We found this both sick and funny at the same time! Decent of him not to confront her about it, and lucky not to be diving at the time either! ... read more

Sexy Translator - French, Italian & Spanish

Mrs. SEXY will help translate if needed...... read more

Unanswered mail

Why is it that fellow swingers blatantly choose to ignore letters sent to them from fellow swingers, seemingly with increasing regularity ? Surely the common bond between all " genuine " swingers is that we are all seeking the same end result so is it too much to expect that we should... read more

looking to have a Orgys,3somes,ganbangs,5on1 or just any thing

I am in the mood for some fun and need some videos for my profile any one like to help me out.I been looking to have a ganbang,3some,5on1,orgy i hoping to get somthing going give us a try you will have lots of fun we are very open. ... read more

What if you moaned with pleasure during a TSA enhanced pat down?

Would they give you a happy ending?... read more

To Cuckold, or Not To Cuckold

What is a cuckold...... A Cuckold is a sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife's pussy is her solely property and she alone. She decides which men she will fuck, even if it means denying her husband. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males she chooses to fuc... read more

Don't be a manly man

This is a public service announcement thats kinda embarrassing and sorta ewww. But since there isn't any women on here willing to sling leg for me, it doesn't hurt my chance of getting lucky. For years and years, people has waxed on about "hair is ugh"..."shave it if you want me to... read more

our first swingers club night ;o)

 WoW!! we did it (ok with a little push from a sexy couple) but we have been to our first club with other couple's yay!! us ... it was a bit quiet and on a night which was also open for single men (friday) but due to the fantastic people we went with we had a really chilled out enlightening nig... read more

Have you told your gynos?

This is for the married ladies: Have you told your gynecologist that you are a swinger?  If so, how did they react?  And if not, what excuse did you use to get your STD screening?  I told mine, who I'd been using for many years, and to my relief, he was quite cool with it, very profes... read more

Evanescence...and the promise breakers

If you are around long enough you run into folks. They are those that write funny messages to you, and you think, "What the hell does that mean?". Case in point: send me an IM here, but I won't answer.... unless your hard when you send it... After looking at the title of this particu... read more

Napa Valley for Lifestyle couples who like wine

David and I would like to put together a private tour for Lifestyle couples.  We know several hotels that we can book in the Napa Valley area as well as tour companies that we can put together.  We have been with a Lifestyle couple for the last five years and had a blast.  The ideal n... read more


There seems to be a sweeping epidemic of removal of pictures and profile literature taking place. Is there something going on the REST of us should know?... read more

Same Ole Shit

Who stand's for the American workers ???Surely, not the politician,who only stand is to enrich themselves at the American workers expense. Listen to the bullshit that comes out of Washington, "The American people want stand for this, that or the other". Whats really being said is the mo... read more


Hopefully, this hasn't been asked before! If, when I meet a LS couple, (it's not the same with single ladies), and I become too friendly with them before we play, I find it difficult to play with them at all but remain friends. But, if I play with them in a short period of time and w... read more

Dont Panic Over World Population Shift! Relax!

It's a known fact that Asian population is booming.So stop worrying about it.It's going to happen.Does not mean they are taking over the world but on the oher hand there is a possibility. lol More young kids in China learning English than the whole U.S. population.Now that's a fact. Believe it.... read more

OK Ladies..We hear you loud..Who is your pick??

What Hollywood Lady would you want to go down on Jessica Alba Jessica Simpson Cindy Lauper Wilma Flintstone Lets start the voting now.... ... read more

Meet and greet

Many thanks to Jane and mark for organising a great evening.  Arrived later than expecvted due to west end tourists!!  This was our first SDC social and we really enjoyed it, we met some wonderful people but ran out of time to say hello to everyone.  Looking forward to the next o... read more

Mens choice

Right lads. An entire night in the scratcher. Who's it gonna be?... read more

Ladies, you choose

Ok girls. Who's is gonna be?... read more

Time of day to play

Just something to chat about, but what time of day do you like to play?  I've known that a mid day get together to be very good for some, early evenings for others, and the wee hours of the mornings for the remainder.  Any preference?... read more

Looking for another fem for me to play with!!

Looking for another fem for me to play with!! Maybe going to adult theater with my bf, and meeting another hot horny girl to make my bitch in every way... Imagine yourself engagaged in a 69 with Rae while I am filming the two of you. Your sweet pussy is pressed against her warm... read more

Looking for another fem for me to play with!!

Looking for another fem for me to play with!! Maybe going to adult theater with my bf, and meeting another hot horny girl to make my bitch in every way... Imagine yourself engagaged in a 69 with Rae while I am filming the two of you. Your sweet pussy is pressed against her warm... read more

Does a person's sexual nature represent their personality in a clearer form

Stripped away from everything else; morals, ideas, opinions, etc. #1. Does a person's deepest and most secret sexual fantasies say something about the person in his or her purest form? Does the way he or she behaves in bed say something? #2. Also, what does it say about a man who fantasizes... read more

Born That Way

Where did you get your thrill-seeking (swinger) personality and bedroom talents? Did you learn these from your parents or was it predetermined by your genes? Nature? Nurture?... read more

Is society less biased toward lesbians than toward gay males?

... read more

Are we THAT different, men and women

... read more

Is masturbation a necessary expression of one's sexuality?

... read more


This topic is an obvious sequel to another topic. Like most sequels there is success or failure or just so so results. In this case I am not sure how to measure either and the poll certainly won't be scientific. Each member can make up his/her/their own mind(s) about any over or under whelming resul... read more

Veterans Day

I know this isn't related to swinging, but I just want to thank all my fellow veterans that I served with and those whom I never was lucky enough to serve with. I appreciate my family being there for me when I decided to join. Even though I am out now and happily remarried to the greatest man alive,... read more

Favorite Type of Swinger Party

 Which type of party is best for meeting new friends ?... read more

"Nobody knew quite what to make of him, or quite what to think... but there he was, and in he walked"

RE: Hello..regarding blogs. Hello Montse, I appreciate the effort on your part to reach out to me but I must say that I disagree with the present system that is in place. You and/or others who own the site are free to run it as you see fit but you are blatantly protecting well established inst... read more

We know of La Mirage

We have actually not been to La Mirage but we know Mandy who also has the Venus Club in the Cita Centre. We have heard very good things about La Mirage and have visited the club many times. Would recommend both highly. Hoping to visit in February.... read more

Males - shaved, trimmed or bushy?

What's best for play?... read more

iPhone 4 and FaceTime!

Just wanted to put this out there as had a thought earlier after I'd just finished a FaceTime video call on my iPhone with a friend of mine. I was sat at home in London doing not a lot while he was sat in his hotel bar in Las Vegas introducing me to several people he'd hooked up with and was about t... read more


 Very excited to be working with the Guild of Erotic Artists at Erotica on  the Friday along with Ken Clarke who is doing a body cast on me. ... read more

No judgements allowed

Since the subject has been broached how about a little factual accounting. No negative responses to postings will be allowed. So here's the question: If you read but do not post, is it because you do not want to get involved with the negativity that sometimes follows? If a poster replies th... read more

Calinte Caribe

We recently purchased a trip package to Claiente Caribe at a charity auction.  When would be the best time to go???  These things are always so much more fuun when it is packed!  Any suggestions?... read more

If I put a sign on my truck offering to donate to the Susan Komen foundation

I just had an idea. If I put a sign on my truck offering to donate $5 to the Komen Breast Center for every hooter shot I got going down the road, do you think it would end up costing me a lot of money?... read more


Oh dear ! you really have missed the point. Just because we cannot prove where the liquid is stored does not mean that it does not exist. It is widely accepted that the liquid comes from the paraurethral ducts (The Paraurethral ducts are also known as the Skene‘s gland after the Scottish g... read more

Pantyhose,Stockings & Sexy Underwear

All of us are here because we share the same life style , sometimes when we meet or set a date to meet other couples and while waiting in the lobby or the resta urant we start to wonder and ask ourselves if we will go along with those new couples or if they will be our type ext......... As a s... read more

Pre & Post Parties @ Eyz Wide Shut Tampa

EYZ WIDE SHUT Tampa's Premiere On Premise Lifestyle Club & Couples Playground Discount Admission for cruise guests that show their itinerary Eyz Wide Shut is located 5 Minutes From Ybor City & Channelside **NEW LONGER HOURS- SEE BELOW**   **Open 7pm Fr... read more

Unanswered mail

Is it just us ( on our normal site as a couple ) or is the lifestyle descending into a dark pit where people just do not seem to posess the most basic of good manners and reply to letters sent to them ? Even if someone thinks us too old, too ugly, or just simply not a couple that they fancy how hard... read more

Meet & Greet

Hi, Count on us for that idea. Kisses... read more

Erotica 2010

Which days will u be going to erotica?... read more


We had an unwelcome visitor at our Halloween party.  A protsestor known to the area for picking on lifestyle clubs.  He is from a city 2 hours north of us and traveled down to pickett, preach and scream at our members.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to deal with someone like thi... read more

Political bickering *yawn

Is anyone else tired of the back and forth? Everyone has an opinion and from my experience if someone is passionate enough to voice theirs, they almost never want to hear yours. All the arguing, what a waste of time! You might as well convert Islam to Christianity or try to convince the 700 club to ... read more

we WANT people to say hello, and do the same!

why would ANYONE be upset at others saying hello and being sociable?!!!  we have seen MANY of our swinging friends out in public at non-lifestyle events and there are always pleasantries exchanged - as long as there is discretion to the topic matter and surroundings, what is the issue... just f... read more

Clubs that invite single men for couples

We are from San Antonio, Texas and we have heard about clubs that have a special section for single men to meet couples. Most of the clubs we have been to only have one or two single men and most of those just sit and get drunk. I love when my Wife wears a short skrt and no panties and when men look... read more

new clubbing guide book on the scene out next year

Sex in the Cities   The Adult guide to clubbing and parties in the UK and Europe   Synopsis   Sex in The Cities is the adult guide to what many refer to as ‘The Swinging Scene’ to all the clubs and parties that cater for adults in the United Kingdom and mainland Euro... read more

Running into people from the LS

Just throwing something out there. A few days ago I was shopping with my kids. A couple that Mr. Scout and I have met said hello to me. They asked how we have been and said they haven't seen us in awhile. We are actively involved in some volunteer work. I assumed it was someone from there. I recogni... read more

Hedo II vs. Desire Resort

Hedo ll vs. Desire Resort. We were interested in going to one of these two places and just wanted the opinion of people who have been to either or both places.... read more

Looking for a fun single girl for this obligations

I am a female looking for a single girl for a 45 year old male friend of mine to have a great time.... he is about 6 foot tall.... maybe 180 lbs. Im guessing. Great personality!!!  We are all goin to the Lonestar Bike Rally in Galveston this Friday, sat and sunday. You would be with all 3 ... read more

A Different Condom Question

The Majority of people in here list "Condoms Required", fine no problem here. The question being, what type do you prefer? Personally, I have never used but often wondered; Do those Ribbed condoms do anything for you ladies? Hype or enjoyable? Seems more a question for the Ladies but y... read more

The Kaibosh

I have run into situations on occasion where the female half of a couple (considering that it is all about her anyway), is super interested and wanting to get together, and by chance an experience does happen. Going forward the male half puts the kaibosh on it saying that while the experience was gr... read more