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Does any one can recommend as on swingers party or club for tonight in Miami?... read more


Does any one can recommend as on swingers party or club for tonight in Miami?... read more

Cpls inviting EOLO1 beware

We have been talking with EOLO1 and were planning on getting together, we play as a cpl on the phone we were trying to set up a nite to play and told Alex that I was away on business and would return on Friday so we could get together then, as soon as we finished talking on the phone he IM'd us and ... read more

The SMs do's and do not do's part 2, because 1 wasnt pathetic enough

Thanks to my last set of tips, those steam from piss single males learned some valuable lessons. Now I am here with a few more, to help them suck just a little bit less. Tip 6 Be impressive Not only should you take the potential holder of your spooge out to the finest restaurant, you should also... read more

Spice Lanzarote 5th-12th April 2012

 We are going out to Spice Lanzarote from 5th to 12th April 2012.  We have hard the place is fabulous but would love to know who elese is going so if any other similar couples are going we would love to hear from you!... read more

How Was Your First Time Adding Someone Else ?

Was your first time adding someone else to your fun as you thought it would be? Did it play out how you expected it to? And do you still see them? ... read more

Report on Nikkisnylons meeting in London, November 19th

Hi All! Having just got back to Spain from England, we wanted to say a big personal THANK-YOU for all 92 who attended my Annual get together meeting in London on November 19th and the smaller informal get together on the 18th. As always we were uncertain of attendee numbers, - as it is still a... read more

Balancing The Lifestyle

How do you balance the lifestyle with the rest of your life? Many of us have lives that we need to protect away from our extra curricular activities; while others can be "outed" with their swinging ventures within their lives. I am now finding that as I venture into a new direction, ... read more

Looking for advice

We are new to the LS and SDC and wanted to see if someone can help us avoid some mistakes. What is the best way to meet someone we are likely to feel comfortable with, private parties or SDC events at clubs and resorts? Any advice about the SDC events in Jamaica or the Dominican Republic? We really ... read more

New community - Iceland

Hi there, if you are interested in Iceland then please check out the new community called - very surprisingly! - Iceland! :-) XXX... read more

Enhancing the South Florida Swingers' Scene

As I look through personal ads (i.e.craigslist) and other mainstream dating sites, I have discovered that many couples and singles are bypassing the swingers dating sites and relying on other means of connecting with others in the lifestyle.  Moreover, I have noticed the same thing in... read more

The do's and do not do's for single males, because pitty sex is still sex

Everyone knows single males suck ass, but here are some tips that will not only help you scum of the earth be at least tolerable or get some couple to see how I’m better than the rest of these dudes and get me some sympathy sex. Tip 1 Flattery gets you everywhere. All women love a good com... read more

Traveling to Brasil

To anyone that went to Brasil can you add any details you may want to share. Such as best time of the yr to go other then Mardis Gras, best places to stay or see, any reccomendations you may have. We are planning a trip to Brasil in 2012. ... read more

SDC Ski trip, 2011

 Looking forward to the trip, even though it doesn't look like there will be much skiing! We're going to be there a little early - arriving on Sunday. Drop us a line if you'll be there too. D&M xx... read more - Sex Toys and more: Fetish Fantasy Elite Vibrating Strap-On

When your fetish-play demands the best materials possible, only the Fetish Fantasy Elite line will do! Made from 100% medical-grade Elite Silicone, this ultra-premium collection is body-safe, hypo-allergenic, and sculpted to excite. Elite Silicone quickly warms to body temperature and conforms to t... read more

This is way better than facebook..

I'm liking it here. this is way better than face book! lol... read more

Happy Thanksgiving FFF

We are very thankful for our family, friends, and our freedom.  And the ability to enjoy the people we have met on this site. Cati & Ron... read more


To all who have questioned Me and Been Unwelcoming......... I am very active on this site in chat, on Cam and play. I have posted these blogs that I have written and have posted on other sites . I Posted them here so I would have them to refer to on profile. So those who believe this is some sort... read more

Fox News Viewers Found To Be Less Informed

"Fox News viewers less informed about current events, poll shows  A new survey of New Jersey voters comes to a provocative conclusion: Fox News viewers tend to be less informed about current events than those who don't watch any news at all." LA Times And in other Breaking News:... read more

Mrs. O from MR. O'S Pro-spective

So, by now you are all well acquainted with Alexandra Ohara. My Wife and Favorite Playmate in the Lifestyle.  She has shared many thoughts over the last 2 years, some humorous and some more intimate. However, throughout her time on here, many have asked about her husband and her relationship wi... read more

For my faveorite playmate

Walk on over to me baby come and hold me tight, Push me up against the wall make me shiver in delight..Feel your breath hot on my neck as your hand runs up my thigh, Your rock hard cock pushes against me as I say your name with a sigh..Feel my nipples getting oh so hard as you whisper in my ea... read more

Top 10 Female Fantasies and more

Top 10 Women Fantasies!!! I thought i would Share Some of my own and some Statistically!!! Enjoy and i hope it helps you in the boudoir!! Domination (her dominating you) Women love a big strong man who can sweep them off their feet and carry them into the happy everafter but you may be... read more

What we tell people about the lifestyle and for Newbies

For older or younger men and women who enjoy sex, one of the hardest parts of wonderful relationships is monogamy. The opinion of others, the desire not to hurt your partner and avoid feeling guilty are all among the reasons people appear to stay monogamous. But we all know that when the opp... read more

Cum Play with Me

Pretending to be yours for just one night, I come around looking just right, To your front door in my spike-heeled boots, Anxious to see if the outfit suits. Taking your time as if not to tear, You lift up my skirt and then say “wait here.” On go the lights of the Flicker... read more

If these walls could speak

If these walls could speak, Would they talk about us And the things that we’ve done, As silently they witnessed? Would they tell of how you would anxiously shove me Face up against them, as soon as I’d step through your door, Your left hand holding my neck firmly, the right... read more

Amazing Sex with Mr. A

I was totally worked up and longing for real cock or just the touch of strong hands. I wanted to cum so bad. The kind of of orgasm you have from head to toe and your body quivers. Well last night he found himself wanting me lustfully and intensely after working till 12 am. Once I logged off ... read more

Foods to increase sex drive and Libido

The right food can enhance your love making and increase your libido. Using particular foods can create a hot sensual atmosphere. This revelation goes back centuries, for example, Greek and Roman cultures enjoyed ripe fruits and exotic dishes before making love. Diet plays an important ro... read more

MMMMMM Fantasize with Me

At night I lay cozy in my bed, While images of you dance through my head. You are standing there naked for me to see. You are beautiful and vibrant, a total fantasy. You walk slowly towards me with that look in your eye. That wanting, haunting look that gets me so high. Come closer my lo... read more

Bring back Loving feeling When alone at Home

I hear allot on here about lost romance and fire in the bedroom and a whole lot of ice. Time with your partner being colder than a snow storm. This is so sad to me!! Playing in the lifestyle SURPRISINGLY can be beneficial to your relationship with you spouse. This is possible as long as you ... read more

What I Want and Need

Walk on over to me baby come and hold me tight, Push me up against the wall make me shiver in delight..Feel your breath hot on my neck as your hand runs up my thigh, Your rock hard cock pushes against me as I say your name with a sigh..Feel my nipples getting oh so hard as you whisper in my ea... read more

I found this amazingly HOT

I see your tongue pink between your lips and I want it between mine And I struggle As you lick torturing me I try to get away but Not really Running out of room begging for more up against the wall that has been scuffed by my stilettos Again You pry apart my thighs and tell me to ... read more

Nympho or just Insatiable

I want sex in the morning, I wants sex in the afternoon and evening too. I want it anywhere and all the time. I am like an energizer bunny, I just keep going and going and most just can't keep up. If I am not playing with you, I am playing with my toys or boys. I can play for hours and hours Most of... read more

Our Fave Toys

I would like to tell yall about my artillery of toys ones I own and would love to own. This will be a great way for you to know what I like and why. Also it will help you choose a toy to join our party!!! So here I go .....I have ones 8 inch soft silicone like toy I call pinky it feels so real and g... read more

Make Up Sex Love and Lust

We have decided to end the banter back and forth and take a break from the emotional battle. We choose to watch a neutral non sexual movie and cool off steam. Its pouring outside and the windows are open. I can feel the summer heat and the rumbling thunder. It explosiveness is very similar... read more

Playtime with The Mr.

Suddenly I feel your hand around my wrist, dragging my fingers out of my ass as you push my wrist upwards, into the small of my back. With your other hand you push me down onto the bed until my breasts are pressed against it, then, guide yourself into my pussy. You shove into me hard, forcing ... read more

Sexscapades one of our play stories

Sexscapades one of our play stories I had a hot 4 some with hubby and Lifestyle couple who were fun and extremely sexy!!! We all played until morning. With a 4 some there are so many combinations of fun. You can do mfmf, fmf, mfm, and swap. Let me describe the setting , playmates and a few er... read more

Best G-spot Positions

You all frequently see me hitting the gspot and squirting over and over. This I do alone with my hands but i would like to teach you how you can do it in various sexual positions to heighten your love making experience. Here are three of my favorite positions that hit the spot!!Remember these are ju... read more

GSPOT BIG O Squirting

I want to write an instructional and informational blog to all of you that have watched me squirt over and over. Sometimes, you have seen me do it 30 seconds apart and gush and scream lol. I love your amazement! I love giving you an amazing experience that's real intimate and passionate. I hope that... read more

6th Annual Desire "WEEK43" Group Oct 20th 2012

6th Annual 'Week43' Group. Dates: October 20-27th 2012 Cost: $360/night ($2520 week) Garden View Hello Everyone Come on out and join us for what will be a great week at Desire. As in every year, we will have special events along with games and prizes for our members. If you are inter... read more

6th Desire "WEEK43" Group

6th Annual Desire 'Week43' Event Oct 20th - 27th 2011   Hello Everyone Come on out and join us for what will be a great week at Desire. As in every year, we will have special ev... read more

Single males eat babies and were behind 9/11

Fox News is reporting that we have made contact with alien life on Mars and the first words they uttered were translated to read NO SINGLE MALES. Because even green, three booby aliens know that single males are the root of all evil. Hell I ran over three puppies on my way home to write this blog. B... read more

Virus when loging in to SDC

Hi When i log into SDC i get a popup from some site called rude something ? and it infects my computor as it keeps poping up even when i am no longer on SDC .Anyone else getting the same and also any idea how to get rid of it ? Sue Dave xx... read more

Is Swinging Becoming Too Mainstream to be Considered a Lifestyle?

Swinging, swapping, dogging, threesomes, soft swaps, group sex and full-blown orgies.  Maybe you have noticed the myriad of swinger related websites and online communities on the internet.  Is swinging becoming too mainstream to be considered a "lifestyle"?  I welcome your w... read more

Club Luna --Rome

We have been in Italy for 3 months--visited various clubs,Krystal-Venezia,really upscale, 1st class club,in Bologna is Bolero Palace, a well appointed club, large, but for some reason not well attended, in fact on one Friday and Saturday nite only 8 couples---in a facility that can hold 200+ couples... read more

The Element of Surprise

I went to Trapeze the other night, found one nice looking single guy on the dance floor. I looked at his eyes, felt that we connected, walked toward him stood right in front of him and did not say I word. I opened his zipper took his penis out and put it in my mouth, after a few minutes he was ... read more

Double Penetration

I experienced double penetration recently. It was the most intense wonderful experience ever. The two gentlemen were very well endowed, and I almost fainted from the intense pleasure. It went like this, the first gentleman is on his back and gets a powerful erection; at that point I slowly sit on hi... read more

Preference for the Lady's

I really don't know if was posted in the past, what is the preference for the lady's do you prefer a uncircumcised or circumcised penis in your partner.... read more

Seagate Hotel & Spa @ Loreli Hotel

We would love to hear from people who have been to the Seagate Hotel & Spa in Ft. Lauderdale about their experiences there. We are trying to decide if it is a place we should try when we head to Florida in December. Thanks for any and all comments, Rick and Jackie... read more

Visiting Puerto Rico Dec 15-19

We are visiting PR with another couple In December and would like to meet some couples and get some ideas of where to go and what to do, if it is lifestyle friendly even better. I'm from the island but have been gone too long to know anything anymore. any pointers? PS. ( Se habla español) ... read more

hot in Berlin

 We will be in Berlin the coming weekend and are looking forward to some excitement! She is in a greedy mood, so is there anything happening in town? Or what club should we go to? ... read more

Erotica London - 18th-20th Nov 2011

Well its nearly time for that time of year!  Getting excited woo hoo!!  We will be in the Hand & Flower on Friday evening, and at the show on Saturday - look out of the red balloon!! Hope to see you there xxxx  ... read more

At The Moment of Contact

There you are, naked, awaiting your lover of the moment.  Women what is going through your mind as you feel his cock make first contact with your pussy?... read more

Getting It In.

So we are a married couple that's a little ahead of our time, married for 6 years going on 7 and new to the swinger community but not new to the lifestyle. we are having a hard time introducing our friends to our world. in their eyes we're freaks and its cool but we have taking it to the next l... read more


Male half of alumarine working in London mornings of 26th and 27th of November (unfortunately better half working in Irelandn:- (  ), looking for accommodation for 2 nights that is not a total rip-off.  Has anyone any reommendations ?   Regards to all, D... read more

couples massage

Myself and a lady friend  are looking for someone in the San Antonio area that might know of a good place to get a sensual couples massage. Does anyone out there have any ideas. ... read more

Arouse Your Sexual Energy with TANTRA MASSAGE !

TANTRA MASSAGE   The act of giving and receiving a tantric massage is a very intimate act. Because of the trust and openness that tantric massage requires, it is very important that the giver of the massage is someone that the receiver absolutely trusts and is comfortable with. * Tantric mass... read more

We love to have a guy watch us!

My wife and I love to hang out and have few drinks with a guy. We love to kiss, touch, make out and get very erotic and sensual while being watched by another guy. Both of us get very hot being watched and love to see the guy get hard and stroke himself. If the vibe is right she may let the guy touc... read more

Lingerie: A turn-on, or simply an impediment?

Dear All,     My wife and I have been discussing the value of lingerie. I say that it´s an impediment - somthing that stands between me and what I want. When I see some fancy thing with loops and lace, all that really comes to mind is "man, how difficult is it going to b... read more

Do you like the new blog format???

Well...Do you?... read more

where are all the bi couples & bi guys in Los Angeles???

Surely there are tons of sexxy bi m/f couples & bi guys here in Southern California. i have occasionally hooked up with hot couples for a mfm threesomes and the guy opens up a bit for bi play. mostly, though, it seems there are alot of couples here on SDC whose profiles show no indication the guy... read more

Erotica London 19th Nov

Hi guys How many of you have been to Erotica before? It looks like we will be going and hope to meet up with some friends there.  We are going to Nikkis Nylons after party to allow Lilly to show off her new seamed nylon stockings Let us know if you have been and what you thought of it ... read more

Married or not… you should read this. Marriage.

“When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want... read more

The Carnal Cabaret aboard the HMS Libertine London 26th November

Any questions dear Sir? This blog is for questions any potential or booked guests might have regarding the party we are running on the 26th November about our Battleship moored on the River Thames. Ask whatever you want, from whether condoms are supplied (=Yes!) to what to wear (= 1920's styl... read more

Penn State Employee & Catholic Church Love Children

In a nationally televised news conference yesterday, Pennsylvania Atty. Gen. Linda Kelly described the allegations of child sexual abuse against a former Penn State assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky. Rightfully so, her commentary was indignant towards the accused and Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, a sen... read more

1st Time MFM

We are going to try for the 1st time this weekend MFM. Been talking about for years and finially found the right guy. Any suggests or any exciting stories about your 1st MFM. ... read more

Fun anybody?

Take a look at my photo album (first ever album) Just looking for some playmates... intersted?... read more

An indecent proposal for the lady....

Hiya sexies, I thought that it was about time to make a blog related to swinging for a change.....I recently had an experience which I would love to repeat as it turned out to be truly lovely. Instead of organizing a meet in a hotel, I instead booked a lovely place with a spa, the website spasee... read more

Erotica - What to do after?

 Hi all, We're planning on going to this year's Erotica festival in London on Saturday 19th November. Can anyone tell us of any nearby parties or events that are going on that evening that we might enjoy? Thanks Jack and Linds... read more

Floppy cocks when it matters....grrr...

The two of us enjoy swinging very much, but Mrs VirgoSins is getting a little frustrated with men that are sexy, good kissers etc., seem to know what they are doing but.... to either get it up when it matters, or it goes all floppy as soon as they put a condom on. Its happened to her ... read more

To Date or to Swing.

so im a single guy, i enjoy the swinger life, i meet great couples, and single girls, and the relations we have are great. but i took some time off from swinging and started to date, but i feel a little  bit not satisfied with my self and is not about the sex. so my trouble here is, what should... read more

Is the "lifestyle" losing steam...or is it just the are we have moved to?

From the late 90's to the 2000's the lifestyle appeared to be growing in full force. Parties were everywhere and attendees were growing almost exponentially. Has this all changed? Or has the lifestyle gone from "fashion show-esque" to more underground?... read more

Is the "lifestyle" losing steam...or is it just the are we have moved to?

From the late 90's to the 2000's the lifestyle appeared to be growing in full force. Parties were everywhere and attendees were growing almost exponentially. Has this all changed? Or has the lifestyle gone from "fashion show-esque" to more underground?... read more

Is the "lifestyle" losing steam...or is it just the are we have moved to?

From the late 90's to the 2000's the lifestyle appeared to be growing in full force. Parties were everywhere and attendees were growing almost exponentially. Has this all changed? Or has the lifestyle gone from "fashion show-esque" to more underground?... read more


1. How scientific is tantra?   Tantra is a science, an art and a lifestyle. I will give you an example of what I mean. It may happen sometime, that a person has an amazing transcendental experience which arrives quite spontaneously, looking at a sunset, or swimming in the sea, or making love ... read more

to orgasm in mind!!!

If last night was certainly a very exciting experience, the night passed without much difference, couples who attended the scene as it is not encouraged and always seemed like another boring and tedious night, the nightclub offered a show with a dancing girl in the tube and a stripper, dances sexy b... read more

Thailand fun x

we are in thailand for the next few weeks! we are on koh phangen and koh samui before heading back to phuket. if there is anyone interested in us and would like to show us a fun night get in touch xx... read more


Anyone got any information on this subject, please contact us. Thanks Joe and Nikki... read more

in amsterdam 3-7nov

 ill be in the centre of amsterdam the next this weekend send me an email if you wanna get together!... read more