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'Sex party' organiser and former rowing team-mate of the Duchess of Cambridge left red-faced by email glitch

'Sex party' organiser and former rowing team-mate of the Duchess of Cambridge left red-faced by email glitch Self-styled 'sextrepreneur' Emma Sayle sent an email invite to the discreet Killing Kittens Christmas Party But she was left embarrassed when a virus saw replies circulated to all... read more

Hedonism II for New Years.. Anyone going?

 We are going back to Hedonism II for new years... anyone else going this year?... read more

Imagination running wild

There is nothing sexier to me than a mature woman who has kept her figure and cares about how she looks. Many profiles mention that they work out regularly to stay fit. We belong to a nice fitness club and there are so many middle age women there that really look good with their tight abs and sweet ... read more

Is the phrase "work hard, play hard" worn out yet?

A girlfriend of ours refuses to respond to profiles that read "work hard, play hard" anywhere on it.  It's funny and we think there should be an award for Work hardest, Play hardest couple.  What annoys you about otherwise interesting profiles or sexy couples?... read more


hi all,i will be in miami from 9 to 23 dec,i intend to go to trap and valvet,just wana invite someone to join me there.any one say yess here:) ... read more

advise on first time MMF

I need some advice, We have been married for 29 years, she has never had another man at all. We have talked about a threesome MMF and sometimes she is interested and sometimes not. It has been my fantasy for ever!! She now says that for the next month we can try different things as long as she does ... read more

Sea Mountain

Hi All, We are thinking of taking a long weekend and trying Sea Mountain in California.  We have a few questions;  what is the best airport to use?  and what is SM like?  Thanks... read more

New videos of couple in kent

We have loaded two videos on to our profile, so our question is this.... will it make any difference, will we start to get more contact from other suitable couples, or are we wasting our time. Also, we would love to have some feedback, do you like our video, or should we delete them and start again ... read more

Celebrating the New Year in Barcelona

hi We arrive to Barcelona at the end of December. Celebrating the New Year in Barcelona. We would love to meet  Swingers,to join parties,and to know any swingers info. Also we will be happy to receive recommendations about  the best  Swingers Club in town. can you help... read more

April is BACK in S Florida

We are having a Gang Bang of April this Friday night 11/30/12, starting at 8 PM and going as long as the guys last. No one admitted after midnight... We have moved to S. FL and can't wait to continue our pursuit of many hard cocks to fill all of April's holes. Condoms required for pussy and ass fu... read more

living life

im a bi female,that love living life to the fullest,im drama free and love for it to stay tht way .... read more

Camp site close to Miami,FL

Hi, We are planning to go camping some days in the last two weeks of December close to Miami,FL., Do you have any advice?? Willing to drive: 4-5 Hours Max. Thanks in advance!!... read more

Do you wear sunglasses when youhave sex?

Writing this one out of frustration. People write to us and we are semi interested and since they dont have a face pic available, we have to take the extra step of asking them for a face pic.  ( We think it is silly to have to ask for a face pic but so be it. ) Then the couple sends us a face p... read more

What Would You Do??

How would you react if you saw a really good friend, a close neighbor, or a family member on this site?? ... read more

Message to Guys

Long lasting does not meen playing with yourself for 20 mins.... read more

Inappropiate before meeting

I know how I want to deal with it but we need some advice, suggestions, comments on what we should do about this??? A couple contacted us to meet,we exchanger a number of email and phone # to confirm they are a couple. Arranged a meeting date time and place. Everything sounds good so far no r... read more

Visiting Phuket

Hi... I will be visiting Phuket in February 2103, I like to have a nice girl to accompany me to stay at the Rama Kien for a week. we will have an open mind and good time, it is a life style resort, thus an open mind lady is a must... xoxoxoxo... read more

the game

Looking back, its been a long time. Since then, have seen many different stories. Many kinds of people. All kinds of them with all kinds of joyful experiences.   Sometimes it makes me think - which is the most exciting part? The knowing each other moment, the laughter and fun part, role play... read more

Short Story #2 - Afterschool Special

 Michelle had a daily routine. She made sure she got her son Patrick up on time, had breakfast ready for him, and walked him to school every morning. In the afternoon, she’s always there waiting for him outside of school so that they can walk home and talk about his day. Because she was l... read more

What kind of fun can be had with a pool table?

Am looking for some new and original game ideas involving lifstylers and a billiards table. This will be at a gathering of friendly couples and singles, all previously acquainted in some manner or another.  No one will be a complete stranger.  It will be at someones home.  The host... read more

Photographer Needed

 HI Guy .....we are looking for a straight one that might like to help us out with pics & videos of us together we want to update our collection Please forward a facepic thansk Nicole & P x ... read more

Amsterdam 2-6,Jan 2013

 Hi  will be visiting Amsterdam from the 2-6 of Jan 2013, we are looking for hot couples for dancing, bar hopping, eating, coffee shop hopping also, and the best of all having hot sexual fun., are there any hot couples out there that want to show my wife a hot time, she is a hot Latina Chi... read more


We are attending the San Antonio, TX Black Friday Pub Crawl for the second time from Dallas.  Fantastic party!   Where is the most partying going to happen ? Heard people are staying at the Hampton and the Springhill Suites.  Which one will be "the place to be"... read more


 Hello Guys,  what do you think about cuckolding fantasy ? ... read more


Men are visual animals. I am no different. I like it when a woman makes eye contact while playing. I think it is a turnoff when a woman is looking at her guy the whole time or seems to be drifting. I like for a women to look back at me when I gently pull her hair during doggy style. I like it when a... read more


Hola!!! estoy un poco molesta con una situación.. Yo soy chica sola y pues por lógica somos exigentes. E conocido parejas intercambiamos fotos, vídeos y otras cositas.. Pues la pareja me llama la atención pues decidimos intercambiar números y ahi empieza lo malo. Todo perfecto al principio lueg... read more

How Much is BS Nowadays

We have been full member for quite some time and have recently been contacted by more trial member that seem unrealistic and simply fake, or quite possibly pic collectors or predators. Trial members questioning our authenticity and our level of experience in the lifestyle. Our profile has also ... read more

Age is just a number

Maybe it's our imagination, but having been on SDC for 4+ years in a (relatively) static lifestyle community, it seems that some profiles never seem to age, except possibly in reverse. Is it even possible to roll back the odometer on a profile? ... read more

Communities/Parties in Maui, Hawaii?

We are just about to move to Maui, Hawaii (at least part time) and are trying to figure out how much of an LS community there is there. Does anyone have any tips for, or experience in, Maui?... read more

What 1 thing blows your mind during sex!

The wonderful lifestyle and all the treats it can bring, very simple question, what 1 act blows your mind or has been the most memorable event you have experienced? ... read more

Hall Pass

Should couples give out free passes to each other to play alone????  ... read more

partner in crime for LittleSins

Hello all, I've joined this site to find women to go to LittleSins parties from time to time. As a guy alone it's impossible to gain entry to these parties, which I totally understand. Now I don't see many single lady's profiles here. Have I come to the right place? Or would it be better to jus... read more

Short Story #1 - Something Different

It was late one morning and Miranda had just finished running her last errand for the day before she had to pick up the kids from school that afternoon. She had no idea what she would do with herself. As she settled down on the side of the bed to relax, the phone rang. Without looking at the caller ... read more

Ipad viewing

Just wanted everyone to know that the best viewing of the SDC website on Ipad that I have found is to use Puffin web browser. It will run Flash and its fast. You can also view cams in chat rooms. Does anyone know of a better one?... read more

Temptations in Cancun

Hi there guys: So we'll be at Temptations after Thanksgiving, in addition to buring off the Turkey dinner, to have some fun. If anyone has been there before, we would be so grateful if you can share your experience.  We believe it's topless and a little more vouyeristic/nudist and less l... read more


 AGE, AGE, AGE?? 1) How important is it for you to know the ages of potential play partners before engaging with them? 2) Are certain ages (+ or - ) dealbreakers to you? State the oldest or youngest you will play with. 3) What is the optimum age to get the maximum amount of "hits... read more

soccer and sex don't mix! A unique defence for an Italian couple prosecuted for being caught in flagrante delicto in the open air. "we timed it so that everyone else would be indoors watching the soccer game" Unfortunately... read more

Can an affair ever be GOOD for your marriage?

Can an affair ever be GOOD for your marriage?   As a new book claims infidelity revives tired relationships, BEL MOONEY - drawing on years of helping readers whose partners have cheated - examines the shocking question...   By Bel Mooney PUBLISHED:22:36 GMT, 22 August 2012| UPDATED:06... read more

Looking for a different experience - Fantasy Video club

Hi folks We are thinking of paying a visit to the Fantasy Video cinema club in Islington for the first time and wondered whether anyone has been and has any advice for us? Georgie is a very greedy girl and loves to play with a few guys at once, but from what we have read on reviews of the cl... read more

Live Video

I need to ask a question: What is up with these males sitting in front of camera A-l-o-n-e, stroking it? I really dont get it. Could someone explain plz?... read more

on the way to be abused

 my Master decided to educate me more... so here I am.... well opened but still need some education and practice under control of my Master. He decided to have my holes used is a very humiliating way with each one who are ready to feel himself inside me... So far... Im excited... read more


Trying to figure out why people dont turn messenger on. I mean really you open your friends list and 2 out of thirty might have it on. what are you scared of?... read more

Racial bat-shit craziness...

I recently had a member approach me in the most baffling way ever. It has been frustrating enough being a single man in all of this, but this one really takes the cake. After a couple of emails, and telling the woman that I do not care about race, I have no criteria about race, have played with all ... read more

Disappearing members

Not sure if this is just a UK thing or a world wide issue, but why is it other members will swap several mails with you, showing a strong interest, and then they seem to disappear overnight. You can tell they have been on-line, but you send them two or three further mails and never hear a word again... read more

Line dancing?

Can you do the cupid shuffle or the wobble? I love to dance. I would like to Salsa. I seem to not be good at that lol. P... read more

Looking for a woman for my wife to have her first Bi-sexual experience with!

We have been searching for the right female or couple for my wife to play with as I watch, or ending up with having a threesome or softswap. We hope to find a woman to have her play with.   Anyone suggestions?? We're not looking for a paid service!! ... read more

Looking for a female photographer for sexy photoshoot

 Hi, I wish to do a boudoir photoshoot and am looking for a sexy photographer who can click my photos and enjoy with me and my partner at the same time. We both are fun loving and would be happy to arrange a meeting at my place. Thank you. Nick n Nikki ... read more


We have moved to S Florida (Miami/Ft Lauderdale) as of November 1st...   We WILL still be traveling regularly to NYC and setting up Gang Bangs for April in NYC on our visits, as well as, regularly scheduled Gang Bangs in S Florida...   Follow our profile, writings and posts regularly a... read more

Bugged by non picture posters

Well this is a topic that has bothered us on every site we’ve been members of and it also exists here on SDC. Before we continue, we are aware there are settings to block certain things but nothing is fool proof unless the powers of being make things mandatory and continuously check, or fo... read more

Prostate Massage--Is It Too Good to be Taboo??

In all of my vanilla years (and that was MOST of my years, despite the fact that I've always been a prime candidate for the lifestyle even though I'd never been exposed to it until this past year) I never had any sex partner express any interest in having his prostate massaged.  I've been readi... read more

Facebook and SDC?

 Who wants to like or add comments to the SDC Facebook page? We are just curious who would want to link SDC to Faacebook.... read more

Group Sex

Your views about sex parties and group sex.... read more

Whats going on with mail here????

Over the last few days, we have taken the time to write fairly long mails to other couples that interest us, only to find that the 'send' button is missing at the bottom and there is no way to send the damn mail. Now we are fully paid up members with a validation, so is there a system bug? are other... read more

old days

It  should be around late 90s. Those were the ICQ days and I guess it was the best days of swinging. The audience was small, but generally people who had a real idea about what they want and what they really needed. Unfortunately, nowadays, wherever we go, its mostly about people with lim... read more

Querer no siempre es poder

En nuestra primera visita a Casa Swinger, en el Distrito Federal (ciudad de México), mi esposa vestía muy provocativa. El vestido negro, extremadamente corto, de escote extendido prácticamente hasta el ombligo, magnificaba lo firme de sus tetas, lo blanco de su piel y pron... read more


Just created our account and excited to meet REAL SEXY COUPLES OR WOMAN ;) Lets see where this website can take us ... read more

hiding validations

my wife and I are still wet under the ear and i the mr. was wondering why someone would hide the validation?... read more


HOPE YOU CAN PARTY WITHUS.luv for you to join us at the tampa bay escapes convention "under new management" new owners-dj doc cindy ronnie. sherry & eddie 4 day 3 night july 18th 19th 20th 21st 2013 in tampa.incredible convention. TBE Offers: UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" NEW OW... read more

Anyone Have Experience With Amberen

Anyone with experience?... read more

Viewpoint: Why are people so mean to single people?

Waddya you guys think about this one, thanks: ... read more

I've Got Something to Say...

She woke with a startle, her eyes  squinted as she winced in pain she struggled to focus on the dim room. She tensed as she realised where she was. As blood began to circulate through her arms she closed her eyes again in anticipation of a heavy dose of pins and needles. She wasn't disappointed... read more

hey y'all

 Its "Katy Perry of Austin" (BarbieBunny) Birthday today. She sent me a text earlier and told me that for her birthday, she would love for all y'all wonderful people on SDC to start a "Send Sav to Texas to give Barbie a spanking" fund. Surely there is enough benevole... read more


Voted just after the polls opened this morning and the line outside was already around the building which is a fairly large church. I happened to drive by at about 10:30 and the line was at least double from what it was earlier. Considering the large numbers that had voted early this year, to s... read more

Stripped Dirty Disco gaat niet door, geen communicatie Exceptionel

Hoi SDC piepels, Via via hebben wij vernomen dat Strpped Dirty Disco niet doorgaat. Zijn er nog meer mensen nog niet geïnformeerd?... read more

St. Maarten in November

 Is there anyone who have plans to be on St. Maarten in November?  We will arrive on the 12th.  Is there any swing club on the island? What are the best places to visit around the island?... read more

Any swingers resort in Costa Rica or Niagara Falls?

Anyone know of a swingers resort in Costa Rica with horse back riding, or any place near niagara falls?  Would like to go.  Thanks in advance for your replies. ... read more

Las Vegas

Can anyone give us some good places to go in Vegas that is Lifestyle friendly?... read more

Visiting savannah Club in denmark

we r couple from Goa India. Can someone advise us how is Savannah club in denmark. Should we visit Fun 4 two also in netherlands. Thanx ... read more

Milan today,04.11.2012

Staying in central MIlan,have plenty of drinks and jacuzzi to relax.May go for dinner ! Sexy couple get in touch... read more

Say Hi!

 if you stoped by, how about you say hi. I wont bite unless you want me to :)... read more



Meet & Greet November 2012

We had 4 profiles (8 people) out of the 57 (90 people) that signed up actually show up. That is pitiful and just not right. Thankfully We had 18 people there because some of our friends either don't sign up or don't belong to SDC so at least the waiter that they dedicated to our group didn't get to... read more

If there was a viable 3rd party candidate

Based on my last blog I have a follow up question. If there was a 3rd party candidate you really believed in would you vote for him/her over Obama or Romey ?... read more

What is up with the poor club scene in Dallas?

What is the deal with the Dallas club scene? It seems in the past year that they have been lacking energy, people have been stranger, and the dance floor is empty. There is a lack of excitement and people are just standing around waiting for something to happen. As someone who loves to be be s... read more


Sometimes I see guys in chatroom all day long. I mean married guys like all day. How does that work? I can understand single guys. It is just us. How can you be in a relationship when you spend all day in the chatroom? ... read more

Glad to finally be part of the scene. Wanting to meet locals :)

 I just moved here and want to meet people who know the scene, I have done it before and it is something I am dying to get back in. I keep in great shape, and when I am not working I am free.  Like I said, please email me :-)... read more

Podcast about our club with, Mr. Big & Sprinkles.

 Check out our new podcast, Interview with Mr. Big and Sprinkles; read more

Who is most to blame for the economy?

As usual politics is what everyone is talking about at the moment and it seems that the main concern for most is the economy. All those I have talked to lately want to make a case for their candidate based on what they will do for economy and jobs. My question is: Who/what do you think is mo... read more