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Dress to impress? Insight for guys

And insight for (some) guys.  Seems that many spots we frequent do not enforce the "dress to impress" code.  Am I the only lady that can't stand grey beards & t-shirts?  Grey beards scream "old" & are a real turn off for me. T-shirts tell me a man is t... read more

Should parents be charged for forgetting a child in a hot car when the child dies?

Here in south florida I hear these stories a lot, mother or father completely forgets that their child was in the car with them and the child ends up dying. Sometimes they are charged other times they aren't, what's your opinion?... read more

Roll Tide!

Roll Tide!!! But let's all be civil and not kill each other this weekend. It's not that serious.... read more


Last night I paid my second visit to La Chambre in Sheffield. My first time was on a Sunday and it was very quiet. Nonetheless I did get to speak briefly to a nice young couple who are in my friends' list on another website. Last night started quietly as well; not many couples were engaged in fun an... read more

Are single guys really that bad, What have they done to give u that impression

First off all I never solicit couples because i learned a while back that I would be villified if i did, but it got me to wondering, what exactly is it that single guys on these sites have done? Dont get me wrong I know there has to be some merit to this but I was just curious on some of the annoyin... read more

Are single guys really that bad, What have they done to give u that impression

First off all I never solicit couples because i learned a while back that I would be villified if i did, but it got me to wondering, what exactly is it that single guys on these sites have done? Dont get me wrong I know there has to be some merit to this but I was just curious on some of the annoyin... read more

how do you feel about your boob job

I just just had a boob job and somehow I am embarrassed about it (or showing them off). i would love to hear other women's reactions who had a boob job on how they felt about it.  I cannot help it that every person I see who had a boob job are not aspirational. Would love to have you comments p... read more

Does the Pornmovie enhances pleasure.

During the various swinging parties/encounters, most of the time there is a discussion whether watching porn movies during these sessions charges up the session and enhances the sexual pleasure. I  thought it will be good idea to get the input on this forum also. Let me know what do you think a... read more

For the women that prefer men who aren’t afraid to embrace their testosterone

For the ladies allowing men to be the aggressor! Picking you up kissing and touching, while groping you up against the wall before moving the party to the bedroom. Taking charge in the bedroom, I tell you exactly what I want you to do to pleasure me. You totally surrender, trusting me with your body... read more

Age difference

My husband is 15 years older than I am. He rejects most couples more than 5 years younger than he is saying that he doesn't want to put a younger woman on the spot, insisting that she would be taking one for the team if we played with them. He is not insecure in any way and has left many young ladie... read more


Will be heading for south beach Miami in Jan. Any suggestions on places to visit etc.? ... read more

Un piccante modo per conoscersi

Ci piacerebbe esaudire la nostra Fantasia .....leggetela nel nostro profilo baci a tutti... read more

Berlin December

We are in Berlin for 4 days on the 9th of December 2014, how do we meet cpls while we are there, or are there any sites we can look at?  Xxx... read more

Looking for hot couples in December break

Hi Sexy people,we are looking for hot young sexy couples to hookup in december from 14- 25 december, if any one is intrested let us knowso we can plan for some thing confirm during this time period.... read more

New Year's Eve at Grand Lido Negril

We are going to be in Grand Lido Negril Dec 27- Jan 2, 2014.  If you will be there during this time send a message so we can become aquaintedWeW... read more

Happy Thanksgiving

We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving !... read more

Booked Swing Cruise 2015 Venice

We have booked our cabin at the SDC Cruise in Venice. Any couple going to that cruise and that would like to get together or get in touch before...... read more

Streaming porn

Can anyone recommend any good sites to stream porn or amateur porn as we both love to watch. we use xhamsterfrom time to time but getting tired of it:)... read more

SDC or AFF??

Well have been on SDC for about 10 days and getting a hang of it. I have to say its amazing. I was on AFF earlier and compared to that its much better. What are your views on this, AFF or SDC??... read more

Is SDC not that commonly used among the French?

Hey there! I've noticed that there do not seem to be many French people on SDC. Do they not use the site that much? I have been fascinated by what I've been reading about Libertin!... read more

dem's fightin words

39 comments so far on a blog i wrote and most of it turned into an online fight between two other parties,how the hell did that happen?LOL... read more

paris in april

We will be in london and paris most of april and wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a nice upper class hotel.Does not have to be a swinger hotel but no kids and close to all the fun things to do in town would be nice.Shawn and TonyaWewe... read more

Home from Moscow and restarted London Scene: 17-23/11

17/11. Rita was ill during night and was still asleep when I woke at 10am to another very grey damp day in Moscow. Read Sunday Times and booked in holiday dates and went through them with Rita when she woke at midday. We both agreed that after this trip we were glad not to have any immedia... read more


about 4 AAbout 4 months ago we purchased a we-vibe and a Lilo toy from New Fine Arts on Northwest Highway in Dallas.  Now they don't exactly give these things away but they are supposed to be the best of the best.  The total for the purchase of the two toys that day was $385 after tax, tit... read more

Thanksgiving for being a liberal

In the spirit of the season, I want to express thanks for being a liberal. Too many people to thank, starting from the squirters who told me that knowing where one's towel is the most important thing in the world to lately the teabaggers who do not want to admit in public that they like teabagging. ... read more

7 Bedroom house. Private Mansion House-South London

Luxury Swingers party Set in the heart of Sutton, South London this fantastic 1905 Edwardian home is full of character, with its beautiful chandeliers, picture framed contoured walls, it’s beautiful staircase and the huge mirror that drapes the entrance of the large hallway. 7 Bedroom house. Priva... read more


Hey guys, I am sure this subject has been extensively covered before, but we have now blocked the nudging functionality, this time for good.We make an extra effort to COMMUNICATE with people and we reply to all nudges. If we like the couple or singles we add to our favourites, we nudge them bac... read more

vacation fun !!!

we will be traveling around states, couples and single females please drop us a line if your near by, would love to meet you and have few drinks and see where it leads too.1dec to 6 dec will be in las vegas cosmopoliltan hotel6dec to 11dec will be in miami beach 11dec to 14dec will be in washin... read more

Couple's Question: How Did You Meet Your Spouse?

Just a non-controversial question, how did you meet?... read more

Single swingers - Is there a way to weed out the @$$holes and cheaters?

Ok, this is a bit of a rant. I know the lifestyle is different for everyone and many people are out there looking for different things. With that disclaimer, I have to get this off my chest. Time for a little guy venting.  First off, I met my wife several years ago, our first meeting was at a s... read more

Raft Up Club

Check out our new community The Raft Up Club for Boaters and people who enjoy Being on one!... read more

Tattoos Sensitivity

The other day a popular radio show was joking about tattoos on sensitive areas such as the penis, around the anus and over the female pubis mound and lips.I've been considering having a tattoo made on me for the first time.  It will probably be a tomato plant with all its ecosystem: b... read more

Would people pay for quality when it comes to parties ?

It's clear that when it comes to private parties, different environments can mean a very different experience for attendees.  That's not to say that we've had a bad one yet, however it's clear that more space and "extras" like a pool and / or hot tub can make all the difference on the night.Tha... read more

so which is it?

just read a blog by a lady being "addicted" to black what is it that really turns you on? is it the contrast of skin color,the bbc thing ,would a bwc have the same effect? could it be that in you're world it would be considered a bit taboo so you like living dangerously.just curious mind you,... read more

Hi friends who like sexwrestling/trbadism competition between two females

Friends who loves/likes, sexwrestling, tribadism matches between female or males..Its a fantstic sex game brings out that more from you... read more

how i became addicted to black guys

when i was about 22yrs i went with a girlfriend to the spanish island Ibiza for a short holiday. we had a lot of fun overthere. there's a very good fibe on the island and there are lots of parties held there. one night we went to one of the parties and i got very d***k. we met a couple of black guys... read more

Its Christmas party time.........

Just booked in for a party at Liberty Elite on the 21st of December, not been to a "Christmas" party at a club before so really appreciate any advice on theme and suggestions of what to wear......M&Jxx... read more

Visiting the usa for the xmass and new year

we are visiting the usa for one month from 17-12-2013 to 15-1-2014NYC-TX-Vegas-CA ' los angelos and san diego what's the best to see around all of themand what swinger clubs are worth a visit by a non american couplewe like to meet like minded peoplexx... read more


I'm ashamed to say that one of the best things about a house party is that 80% of the invitee's leave their booze behind when they leave.  Needless to say we have a great bar now.... read more

Why so Shy Single Guy

I wonder why single guys seem to be so shy,  Most ladies l know love to be hit on, It's the whole idea we wear almost nothing dance and swing on the poles and yet they just stand there. I guess the couples that don't like singles have them gun shy. What do you think.... read more

best swingers clubs in vegas

Hi everybody, we will be visiting vegas the week after t(1st thru 7) hanksgiving and wonder some recomendations in this city... which are the best clubs or partys.... any suggestions??    thanks in advance... read more

Amsterdam Swinging Clubs

Hey everyone, I would be visiting Amsterdam in middle of next month and want to visit some swinging clubs. As i am single male can you suggest which one would be best to visit. I would be there on thursday, friday and saturday. I have heard about Club Paradise and Sameplace. Are there any other club... read more

ft lauderdale hotels/resorts

We are heading over to ft lauderdale this weekend  and are curious if there are any lifestyle friendly hotels or resorts in the area?  Maybe something similar to caliente in tampa??  If not any recommendations in general would be great, hopefully something 3.5 star or better.  Th... read more

"it took us a while to hook up..."

When you read those lines in a validation does it turn you off or lower your expectations? To me it suggests, "hey, I/we wanted to screw he/she/them for a while and we FINALLY made it work. Don't get your hopes up if you're looking for something more immediate."Is it WheMaybe it's also the (somewhat... read more

We are already enoug

We were wondering if hedonism ll  got better with the remodeling of the resort, because we think we all need others alternatives thanDesire.,We take the mediterroneon cruise for the las 3 years and they were great D J all day and night and, people parting late night at the Disco, the play groun... read more

do women like mens cum

i have always wanted to know for sure do any women like the taste of cum please let me know and if you dont like when yourman cum in your mouth where dod you want him to cum that you do like... read more

Moscow Swingers Club :13/11 to 18/11

13/11 I awoke at 7am and got heating working - hadn't come on for some reason! Did the conveyancing documents I had to get done and then headed to office for a meeting. Got back mid-morning and finished off office stuff. Phoned Ar but no response. Rita went to get her hair done and I finis... read more

The story so far...

Well, being quite 'Naughty and relative Newbies', we thought we would keep a little journal of our adventure on SDC as it hopefully progresses! ;) We only joined SDC around a month ago, with only 2 or 3 previous experiences under our belt... but we are excited to learn more of this crazy hidden worl... read more

Why is it that husbands love to see their wives being shagged?

Me and my wife were talking tonight about her having sex with single guys. She knows what she likes about it but she still doesn't fully get why I am so willing to let another guy shag her brains out. I gave plenty of reasons but she has never been convinced. I love to see her play with a big cock; ... read more

Hair Down Under.

Hello everyone!! Well new to this website!! Have been in the lifestyle for about 2 years!! Recently i am traveling a lot to China quite frequently and have been with a few local women. All of them have had like a huge bush down under?? I just don't understand why Chinese woman don't like to keep the... read more

Sexy romantic hotel in Berlin

We are headed to Berlin for a weekend.  Any suggestions for a nice sexy, upscale, romantic hotel with lovely design.  Our favourites in Europe are Hotel Seven in Paris and Toren Hotel in Amsterdam (to give an idea)...Thanks in advanceWe are... read more

Meet At Haulover

Lets 1P M... read more

Good Profile vs Bad Profile

After a few years on a various swing sites I still do not understand why certain couples do the following things:1. Talk about themselves in 3rd person. It's Creepy stop it.2. Describe their positive characteristics. "He is Handsome, she is smart." Send us a photo and let's meet for coffee and we wi... read more

Rules -so many...

We have been on SDC for years and on and off active swingers over that time.  We have found many couples have so many rules it take most the fun out of it all.  We have always looked at this as dating another person - hoping for a repeatable one night stand.  If people were dating wou... read more

Single Males

How does a single male like myself get attention from other couples and females without seeming like a creep or pedophile that lives in his mothers basement. I am truly a good guy who is in good shape and not bad looking but i feel that i have the hardest time meeting people on here. I think that as... read more

Rudeness on SDC from a simple nudge

Below is an actual response we got from simply nudging a couple for their profile which looked nice. It is incredible how ignorant and rude some people can be. We responded back and include that here in this thread to show that we too, can return the pun. Take a look and let's hear your thought... read more

swinging in the canary islands

Sigh.  We are unable to get a room at the Spice Lanzarote for the period surrounding the New Year.  So we are thinking of staying at a nice regular beach resort and having fun. Any recommendations on which Island/area is best for clubs and parties, esp. around New Years?  Also any hot... read more

Psychology Today "The Swinging Paradigm

How refreshing to see such a positive article from a credible source, based on a REAL comprehensive study:, Swinging, Sex, and SeductionIs swinging is a male-driven and dominated endeavour?  P... read more

Desire vs RM vs Caribe

I know that many of you have gone to many of the Caribbean resort takeovers so I would like some insite on which is the best overall experience for the money. Our preference is to go during a takeover and the next one that we can go to is at RM in late May. Also, is the weather in late May too ... read more

Psytrance and Rock Festivals

Hello people,We are thinking if there are couples or girls here that enjoy psytrance music festivals and if they usually go to festivals like this around the world. We know a lot of them, Boom Festival, Ozora, Lost Teory, and others..If you like of this kind of festival or rock festivals too, please... read more

Change Status??

How do you change your status? My wife wants to get back in the game and I cannot figure out how to change my status from singe male to couple??... read more

In Berlin Dec 5-6

We are expecting to be in our favourite city Berlin On Dec 5 and 6, and are looking for fun couples and/or erotic parties to attend.  We are quite open to a variety of experiences.  We are also gentle and easygoing, like to dress up in sexy clothes, perhaps with a touch of fetish... read more

8/11 to 12/11: Business & Pleasure Weekend in Turkey

8/11 Having gone to sleep early I woke before 7 and so read emails and Times. Rita awoke just before 9 and we slowly got up, finished packing, showered, breakfasted and taxi was round at 11.15 to take us to Gatwick for flight to Turkey. At airportwe shared oysters and a bottle of Muscadet and bought... read more

N Resort Jamaica in March

Heading to N Resort in Jamaica in March. Never been and would like to know more about it and if anyone wants to join us.All nude all the time. ... read more

Fun and Sun for New Years -- Any advice or tips?

We are looking to spend a few days around the New Year -- Dec 30 - Jan 2 (or so) somewhere in Europe.  We would like a warm place with the prospect of a wild party -- e.g., on NYears eve. Any advice or tips would be appreciated.... read more

Mistletoe and Wine

Preparing for our party in December we are very much looking forward to meeting some very sexy people, having bought a delicious new dress covered with sparkles and some very sexy stocking I think we are well on the way to being prepared for the party.  We are again astonished at the response a... read more

A sincere apology.

I just read the etiquette on "friends".  And, I would like to sincerely apologize for having to delete people from my list.  But, I honestly didn't know the guidelines.  So, if we've met or have an honest intention of meeting, then yes, I'll add you.  If not, well, it's favorites... read more

Few bad apples spoil the bunch?

I am a happily married man, but I am registered as a single male for one big reason. My wife doesn't want to swing with me. She has no problem with me doing so, but she just doesn't want to. So there is a few things I've noticed about the "single male" status. It has a bad stigma attached to it. Thi... read more

Courtesy ?

We think it's really sad that people who show an abject lack of courtesy on this site, then block you, when you have the temerity to email them privately and offer some fair and reasonable criticism of their behaviour. We ain't a bad canvass and we know how to behave, but of course that gives us no ... read more

Question about profiles and contacting

We have a question that we hope will not be too obvious or has not been asked or discussed somewhere else.While we are soft swingers at the present we are often entrigued by couples that we see on the site where they say they are full swap. We read the profile and see that we have a lot in common an... read more

Locksmith needed!

Anyone know a good locksmith who can open and re-key a 6ft humidor?  ... read more

Year End Travel

We are off to Tahiti, Sydney and Singapore for the Christmas/New Years holiday.  We arrive in Bora Bora on December 21st.  We depart for Sydney on the 28th.  Then we head for Singapore on January 2nd.  We are looking for fun at each destination. ... read more

Where to buy sexy party wear!

We are off to Spice Lanzarote for New Year, each night is a theme night and we dont have a clue where to buy the sort of erotic party gear and fancy dress for the events. We Live in Warwickshire and would love to know of any shops/outlets websites that retail this type of gear, cheers......M&J... read more

Going To BKK on 21st for hunting a swinger only resort

Hi going to BKK on 21st November anybody intersted for swinging?... read more

Chance mingle

Did anyone on this site have any luck using Chance Mingle on your cell phone to meet other couples?DD... read more

4/11 to 7/11: Between Tio Intermission

4/11 We woke at 8.30 and spent most of morning catching up with office stuff and emails etc. Had some staffing issues that needed some thought and planning. We went into town for some shopping and popped to bank. Early evening Yu popped in and I watched the F1 recording before settled down for suppe... read more

Hellfire club

I am thinking of going to to hellfire club on Saturday for the first time. Has one been there before and what is it likeThanks. X... read more

age and ageless

Today marks 100 days of our adopted Florida life.  We are amazed, completely knocked out, and a little disappointed but nothing is perfect.Last year at this very time we sold our house in a northern suburb of Boston.  He was born, educated, and totally indoctrinated in Kennedyism.  Sh... read more

What is your favorite part on a man?

Ok ladies, what is your favorite part on a man?  Lips, Neck, Butt, Cock, Feet, eyes???  You get the point.What part is it that you find the sexiest?   JJuju... read more


We are very new to this lifestyle and we're both not sure where to start. Any and all help would be great. She's never been with a woman but is willing to try. I guess my questions are, where do we start as beginners and how do we not attract the wrong people. We want this to be fun and enjoyable. T... read more

My Husband Wants Us To Become Swingers

Wake up and Smell The Sex: A Married Males Perspective How to react can be different for each relationship. However, I'll attempt to make a blanket approach to covering this topic. My husbands wants us to become swingers, what should I do? 1) Don't panic Sex is a multi-billion do... read more

Secret Sex Lives: Swingers

Has anyone ever seen this show?? It's a reality show that I just ran across flipping through the tv channels tonight. It's based around 4 couples that are into the lifestyle and are being followed around by cameras during their everyday lives as well as their swinging lifestyle. It's on the Discover... read more


We discovered a beautiful Nudist Resort ' Oriental Village' in the North of Thailand Chiang Mai. The cottages are build around the pool and it offers the tranquility with all amenities one requires. Bar, restaurant, TV aircon, WiFi etc... read more

interested in everyone's vote, especially single males

OK, you're a single guy new to the site. A couple you find sexy invite you to their place to get to know eachother and see if the famous click is in effect. But you've already promised to visit a commerical gangbang that night at the cost of 120 euro.What would your choice be Interested in all your ... read more

Erotic Recreations: Causal Encounters...

Best Sex in AmericaErotic Recreations was conceptualized, because we realized there is an ever increasing need for sex. People want more sex:Single people, people in open-relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend couples, married couples, etc. Well, why don't people just go out and have sex with... read more

Paris swingers clubs

With so many clubs in Paris and very little time, could someone list some of the better ones they've been to? W... read more


At first it seems everyone is a bit confused when trying to submit or respond to a blog here on SDC which causes way too many duplicate entries, sometimes eight or more at a time. Everyone figures it out eventually. When you see that you have multiple duplicate entries, please delete them so as to c... read more

Hi Guys

I don`t know How to place it, I am trying to open a swinger resort in a exotic but economical location , can anybody willing to join me in this venture, I will give my full details when an intersted person approaches.... read more

Drama in the lifestyle..

We have had few instances in the lifestyle, one with a re-occuring theme..thats leaving us with a very bad taste in our mouth. A lot of people in our area may know that male half was involved w/ another partner over 3 yrs ago.She is the best known puerto-rican party girl in our area, perha... read more

Madame O Party: 27/10 -3/11

27/10 Both had a long sleep and both didn't properly awake till 11am. Read Sunday Times, updated Flickr, blog on SDC and exchanged emails with G&E on SDC with a view to meet. Had breakfast in bed and after I went for a run (already windy and showery ahead of storm) and Rita headed into Enfield w... read more

just want to have people over!

OK so I don't get it! We get all these nudges and e-mail and when we decide hey let's see if we can get some people together, have a little party at our place some drinks, play some pool, ddance, hop in the hot tub...... but we never get any replays!! We even email couples who have emailed us and no... read more

Swing Clubs in or near Geneva, Switzerland

We are going to get an evening out in Geneva and wanted to see if there were any Clubs in the Geneva area worth experiencing.  Any suggestions or idea....?... read more