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Liberal is as liberal does.

That's what Forrest's Mother should have said.... read more

why are we different

i know most everyone enjoys sex,but you gotta admit that we in the lifestyle are a bit different when it comes to sexual activity,i mean we're able to get nekkid with a group of total strangers and have sex,we get on the chat line and talk about sex and show pics.of us nekkid having sex,we also expr... read more

Erotic Story of our first time into lifestyle

Long story but wanted to share and encourage others to share their first time or great erotic story while in lifestyle. We love erotic stories and would love to read others adventures. This one happened about 9 years ago. Here goes;We were not in the "lifestyle" at the time but certainly tried to ke... read more

Eyz Wide Shut Tampa FL.

Me and my man are considering a visit to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa FL next week end. Be grateful for any intelligence or related experience anyone wishes to share. ... read more

Travelling to Albuquerque, NM

We will be in Albuquerque Dec 4 - 7. Anyone have any suggestions on things (or people) to do while we are there???... read more

Deenies Hideway is closed

Anyone why Deenies Hideaway is closed? The Website say opening in November, now January. Had a guy answer the phone last week saying it will open next week. Any news on the club?... read more

Quotes from Disney Movies. Do they sound kinky to you?

"Darling it's betterDown where it's wetterTake it from me"- The Little Mermaid"When Andy plays with you, it's like,even though you're not moving,you feel like you're alive."- Toy Story 2"Everybody else, be as gross as possible.Think dirty thoughts.We're gonna make this tank so filthy..."- Finding Ne... read more

Voyeur cam

Does anyone one know if they have done away with the voyeur cam feature?? We have not seen it since the 4.0 mess came out.Thanks... read more

What's lurking in your attic....

I lived in my home for 3 years and never had a reason to go into the attic until I was having it inspected for Insurance purposes. So, I got a stool, a camera, slide open the entrance, put my hand up as high as I could and started snapping photos of the attic. When I stepped off the stool and flippe... read more

The Club, Dorado Puerto Rico

Hello all, A shot in the dark question. Anybody have any experience with The Club in Dorado, Puerto Rico or have any other recommended LS club on the island? Also, any no go places to be aware of in the adult fun arena? Thanks all.... read more

My tryst with bi-sexuality!

This is Krish writing.This blog is about an incident one day in my apartment, when I was a single.Before marriage, I was living in Bangalore, India in a rented apartment on the first floor that had an upper floor room rented out to a rich lady who owned a restaurant nearby. She had a daughter who mu... read more

Finding Swingers on a cruise

How and where is the best place to meet fellow swingers on a vanilla cruise?... read more

SDC E Mail

SDC email..... ok so i have gotten no less than 30 emails on the competition for best blog. So with no luck getting a response from help desk I figured I would make the best of it. Lol so anybody else getting multiple emails. ... read more

Ladies Massage

HiCan anyone recommend a massage parlors for ladies in the Maastricht area or be kind enough to recommend a masseur/masseus that can make hotel calls.... read more

Pre Vacation Parties: 19/11 to 23/11

19/11 Woke early and waited for Rita to wake up. We made love when she did and after breakfast I worked downstairs. Rita left at lunchtime to meet Ar and shop for a head burka. She found one she wanted in a shop on Edgware Road but the strict Muslim lady serving was not impressed when... read more

Friends With Benefits

As a person new to the lifestyle, I would like to know what percentage of the people/couples you meet and have enough of a "connection" to play with, end up being friends. The kind of friends you make "non play" plans with, talk on the phone casually, or forward funny emails to. I understand that so... read more

Soft swap or full swap in this situation?

Hi! We are Andrey and Jana. Jana looking a girl to try a lesbian experience in ff format. She found a beautiful married women, but husband of this women wants some more, and they have an interest not only for ff, but for full swap too. Unfortunately, Andrey not in the taste of this girl, and husband... read more

Sibiu parties

Is there any swing or s&m parties in Sibiu, Romania from end of December to start of January?... read more

MFM threesome

Hello to all I am new to the area and the site as well to the life as a single male but was in the life for years making great friends and have great times with my ex. Ok with that being said I am learning that more women are scared to ask there husband or man to have a MFM threesome being they are ... read more

Can you be too loud or too verbal during sex? how much is a turn off and is there a turn on to being with a quiet person?

I recently was lucky enough to be a vouyer to two different couples having sex. Yes, I am very new to the lifestyle! One observation that stands out to me, s the fact that while the women in both of these encounters were smiling and very pleased by their lovers, were very quiet. Like, made almost no... read more

The Curious Couple Podcast

Hey guys Check our podcast as we go from just a curious couple looking to be voyeurs and exhibitionists, to full swap swingers read more

To all our friends come out and Party with us this weekend!!

NATE BIRTHDAY PARTY Information:NOVEMBER 22 @ 9PMTHEME: ALL BLACK ATTIREBYOBAnais Reception Hall12914 Bellaire BlvdHouston, TX 77072... read more


My wife has the fantasy to see me wear Tom Cuise´s navy officer outfit and also the classic police officer too,I have been looking extensively in Google with no results;any tips?Second one,do you recommed to buy the New York pass? I mean, how many atractions is possible to actually visit? we will b... read more

Taking advantage of ebbs and flows.

Just over a month ago we had about 4 playdates within the space of about 7 or 8 days, 3 of those where early morning finishes so boy was I tired after that and was woried about keeping that pace up.Well we talked after one of the playdates, and said we would make sure we would not be playing every w... read more

New pics not uploading

We tried to upload some new photos this week. They selected fine and we got the email saying approved but...they did not show up in the profile. Just a question mark! We have noticed several other profiles who have tried to do the same with the same result! Anyone else encountering problems? ... read more

Sex in Dutch sauna

Dutch saunas are beautiful, spaceous, clean BUT no sex is allowed at least in normal saunas. But is there any place with different rules? And even in normal saunas is there a way to bypass the rule? It is a real pity not to have sex in a beautiful Dutch sauna....please share experiences and reccomme... read more

Sexy Weekend with Friends: 10/11 to 17/11

10/11 Woke at 8 and before Rita woke I went through emails, read Time and looked at markets. Rita woke a bit later and made breakfast in bed. After, we made love till we both came and then I popped downstairs to do some work. Rita went shopping and I did some weights. Quiet afternoon. After ... read more

tails story

do you like tails ... read more

Almost a quiet week!: 2/11 to 9/11

2/11 Well we didn't wake till midday - had brunch in bed and a quiet afternoon - ending up watching a Canadian horror film, called Pontypool, which was surprisingly good. Then bed - cuddle and we fell asleep. 3/11 Woke at 8.30 and did emails. Looked at trades and read Times. Went dow... read more

Lingerie/Orgy hotel party

I am lookin to throw a adult party at a hotel in Rochester ny, it will be a BYOB and BYOC I will only provide the chaser soda and stuff in that nature. I will be chargin $15 at the door and I'm lookin for couples and single females as of rite now, so hit me up if your interested in joinin. I am hopi... read more

First Club visit...

I'm looking for hints and tips...Our discovery was an accidental find that we enjoyed at Cap d'Agde - this weekend we plan on visiting the - My partner and I have enjoyed watching other couples, and we have felt comfortable having sex in front of others, but this is a first time tha... read more

Golf lesson

He is leaned back on the side of his golf cart waiting on her to arrive. He's wearing slacks that are loose but thin so they still show off the curve of his ass & a polo that is cuffed at the arm showing off his biceps & broad shoulders. He sees her walking around the corner. She has a short... read more

newbies looking to make friends

Hey ppl my love and I are new to the lifestyle looking for some suggestions how to get more active in the lifestyle were both very open and sexually fun just not quite sure how to get started so send some suggestions pls... read more

Pleasures of woman to woman

You feel the softness of her skin against you as your pressed up against each other. Your breasts pushed up against each other as your slender legs are intertwined. While soft finger tips follow each other's curves kissing each other's soft & sensuous full lips. The woman's body is very beautifu... read more

This is SDC, not SNL.

I know that humour is subjective but there are quite a few profiles here where the author (I assume male) relies on clichés to describe themselves (if I see "not Ken & Barbie" one more time...) or worse, use bad jokes to describe what they're looking for. I love wit and that usually comes throu... read more

when hosting/entertaining. ....

How do you bring up taking things to the bedroom? Especially when ending a night out at your house? Or if the night starts at home. ... read more

Your Pleasure, is my pleasure

In my younger years, my main interest was to get pleasured... but i have found now more joy in giving. There is nothing more rewarding than looking (from between her legs)at a woman biting her lips in ecstasy while i am kissing, licking, sucking, gently biting her sweet and juicy pussy. and at the s... read more

couples or male's needed, u must host or pay room

Its her first time and she wants dp , , full swap,everything goes !... read more

Swinger hotel in fort. lauderdale, fl

Hi we are planning to celebrate my husband's birthday in trapeze club, fort. lauderdale for two nights and we want to know if there are any swinger hotel in the area or some nudist hotel.... read more

Is waxing the way to go?

I know this subject has been covered before but hopefully one more time won't hurt.Those of you who have had your pubic area waxed, was it worth it? Would you recommend it? And, if you are in the Central Florida area could you recommend any particular shop or person that does a good job?... read more

Who has the best videos?

Has it ever been polled?... read more

Swinger hotel in the key west, fl

Can someone recommend a swingers hotel in key west. We will be there in earlyDecember. ... read more

Matinee en clubes Sw

Sería bueno que hubiera una ¨matinee¨, como en otros paises, donde abren de 4 a 7, y luego vuelven a abrir por la noche. Mucha gente no puede salir de noche, y unos pocos dias de ¨matinee¨ permitirian divertirse, y luego llegar a casa tranquilos...( y que no decir de las trampas, no ? jaja) ... read more

NYC clubs

We will be in NYC the beginning of Dec and would love spend a night at a nice swingers club. Any recommendations? Any private parties invites?Looking for your recommendations/. Many thanks.... read more

NYC Club Labyrinth

Hello, Going to New York and wondering if this club is worth the visit. Does anyone have good experiences with it? Thanks... read more

Going On A Cruise Join Us

We will be leaving on a 9 day Caribbean Cruise on Royal Caribbean...Legend of the Seas leaving on 12/15. Would Love To Make This Cruise Much More Memorable With Another Full Swap Couple Or Female(s) That Are Also On Board. Pics Must Be Open. Email us for details... read more

Bella's Bday Bash DEcember

MekaBella's masquerade bash. Coming soon!!! Get ready for discrete mature adult fun!! December 5-7 tickets will be available in the middle of November. Meet and Greet will be on December 5th at 8 p.m. until 2 p.m. Party will be held on the 6th from 9p.m. until. For more ... read more

Idea swinger friendly spot

I have some friends that are party promoters. Usually vanilla stuff.. I was thinking if u could create your own swinger party what would it be like ? Bed and breakfast. Style ... Hi end club, club with theme rooms ... Pool area ??? Membership only ... I don't mean membership where if u have the mo... read more

New start...

Hey SDC,Not much out there for people who have split from partner who want to be with someone from the lifestyle. Might be a good thing to start a match night. Let me know your thoughts...... read more

New partners

Hey SDC,Life member but lost a second current partner. Hard to meet someone who is in to the scene. Does anyone else have this problem. Not sure how to move forward. Please let me know if anyone out there has this problem too.Satanic...... read more

Safe oral sex??

We always play it safe with condoms for vaginal sex, but now we are second guessing our oral sex play. We both enjoy oral sex and have never played safe in that regard. Should we be concerned or worried about catching something. We understand it is possible to get an STD but what are the odds??? I... read more

Busy Week and Fun HAlloween Party@ 27/10 to 1/11/14

27/10 Another Monday morning and after a great love making session and then breakfast, I had quite a busy day working and trading. Went for a run to break up day and Rita did a shop. Finalised weekend mid November with F&C and then I popped out just before 7 to meet J for a drink and chat about ... read more

Guardian: Is there such a thing as ethical porn?

Is there such a thing as ethical porn?The actors say they're happy, the makers say it's guilt-free – but what exactly is 'fair trade' porn? The UK's Guardian newspaper finds out... read more

barrett- Jackson

Going to be in Scottsdale, AZ Jan 10-24 or there abouts , looking for swinger friendly accomodations and some adult fun ????... read more

MASK Paris

Has anyone been to MASK in Paris? Please do comment on your experience, we are looking at options including Les Chandelles.... read more