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Hi guys ,  We are heading to Costa Rica next month and would like to know if anyone have been there before and if there are any Swing Clubs or Swing Lifestyle like places at all . Thank you for your assistance.... read more

Allure of the Seas January 31

Hi guys!!   Anyone going on Allure on January 31?   &nbspplease contact us!!!!... read more

Games of Dominance

I spent two nights in a Greek town on business.I was travelling alone and my husband urged me to swing by myself and then report to him about it.It was something we hadn`t done in several years so I felt a little bit nervous about it but of course went along with the idea.No luck through speed datin... read more

17/11 to 27/11: Good party at Le Boudoir! Disaster in Munich for Rita

17//11 Up early and spent all day on tenders while the wind howled and the heavens opened outside! God I hate tenders. At 6pm T, my youngest, arrived for dinner and to spend the night. Rita`s eldest also arrived at same time and ate before he headed off. Rita cooked a delicious meal for T and I and ... read more

Lifestyle Rings

So I just logged in here and noticed an ad about Lifestyle Rings, I clicked on it, and they are selling black rings that are supposed to be worn on the right hand. This ring is supposed to signal other LS people that you are in it too.Is this a thing? I have met couples privately, and in clubs, and ... read more

What was your nicest compliment from a playmate?

We were sitting with a couple after fun and the MR C said that ` your wife has tight &nbspand hot fucking hole and remind me the our marriage starting days fucking session when MRs X has same as its ur wife has`.i still smile when i remember Sajid... read more

We should remember to be thankful for the lifestyle on Thanksgiving!

As we consider all the things in our lives that we are thankful for this Thanksgiving, let`s not forget to include the lifestyle. &nbspFor those of us who are fortunate enough to be in the lifestyle, do we tend to take it for granted?Imagine how many of your friends and colleagues would like to ... read more

Another wine fueled blog I will regret

Ok typical guy whine blog...and wine blog:) Such a crushing blow that I get no profile couples suppress the view profile feature or am I lumped into the group of not worth looking at?  I would like to think I got it going on at least to look at once :)  Light hearted replies read more

Block for no reason apparently!

Case 1So this beautiful and experienced older lady sends us an email pretty much saying that she has never seen so many rules in a profile! (don`t bother checking, we have updated many times over, however, you are welcome to go and find out a little bit more about us) so we answer by saying those we... read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my SDC friends!... read more

NYC- where is the scene?

Heading to NYC this weekend. Any advice on the best clubs would be appreciated. Staying near Central Park.... read more


Saturday we were at a club for a friends birthday and I approached a very attractive woman who I heard was straight. I said to her `you look look gorgeous, it is too bad you are straight, I would love to spend more time getting to know you`. &nbspHer husband said, `she is not straight, she i... read more


Ok, so we have been going to swingers parties for almost a year now. We can`t get out too much so over the year, we`ve only gotten out a total of 4 times. My question is how to we truly get ourselves out there at these parties? We are a young couple and have been told that sometimes, that could be a... read more

Visiting Sarasota, FL

I will be in Sarasota, FL the weekend of December 4 through 6. I would appreciate any suggestions as to bars, hotels, clubs, etc. where there may be any lifestyle people. Thanks for any input.... read more

Single Guys posting as couples

To the single guys that pose as couples on the website. Does it really help you when the couple finds out you are lying when you meet? &nbspIs there an area for people to post the ones that have been discovered as liars?... read more

eyes wide shut

Hi,Can anyone please tell us what the dress code for an eyes wide shut event is? We are planning on going to one on saturday in Lisbon but we are not sure what the dress code is. Thanks xxx... read more

La Mirage Gran CAnaria

We are thinking about going to La Mirage in july 2016. &nbspWe have been two times in Spice resort at &nbspLanzarote and we want to discover something new this time. &nbspAnybody any suggestions about what we can do or which clubs are worth paying a visit during our stay. &nbspOther ... read more

Is it really so much more rewarding to cum on a woman than in her?

Help me understand the need for a man to cum all over the place. Okay, I do understand the visual, and maybe that it is related to some level of having control, but can I get some penetration first? My husband and I have a lot of sex. We are familiar and try a lot of different things. So, I let him ... read more

La Maison De Lamour Milan

Hello , I am in milan and read good things about this club... Has anyone been there?... read more


Why is it so hard to connect with anyone?  Being new to the community it feels like we don`t say the right thing or every know if we`re saying things to put people off. We are very out going people, Take our marriage very seriously and hold our friends close but it hurts to not even be acknowledged... read more

Hall Passes: being publicly open about them?

Oscar winning actress, MoNique, recently stated in an interview that she gives her husband a `pass to cheat`aka hall pass.  (Source:&nbsp“The person that you stood up and you said ‘for better, for worse, sickness and in health, richer or ... read more

9/11 to 15//15: Party Week but wilting on night 3!

9/11 Woke at 7.30 and read Times and a little later showered and started on a busy day. The morning passed quickly on work related stuff and at around 2ish Autoglass turned up to replace the car windscreen and I headed off to a meeting near Charing Cross at 3pm. Good meeting which wound up after 4 a... read more

Seduce my wife

Ok so it has been a long long time since my wife and I have played with another couple.  She has gained a little weight and now feels like she is no longer attractive because of what she used to look like. So I would love to have a male or even a couple seduce her but I have several problems that I... read more

Khao Lak, Thailand

Is there much of a scene? Visiting in early Feb. ... read more


We heard that the new Flirts Club in South Miami was closed down? Any updates?... read more

Friends with benefits

We are still looking up friends with benefits what about u guys who is having experience to share !!!!!!!!!!!comments ... read more

Broward County Sports Bars

I need to ask for some help from some SDC people that live in Broward County Fla(Ft Lauderdale)...I will be in South Florida(Broward County) for 2 consecutive weekends in late November and early December with some friends...I need to ask for a recommendation...for a sports bar....All I ask is that i... read more


Any comments regarding Mythodea SC in Bologna? Ciao, A... read more

hedo - jan 16-23

anyone off to hedo from jan16-23... read more

Want to start throwing house/hotel parties

I am interested in starting my own house/hotel party and I want to know what are the three things we MUST have and what are the three things we SHOULDN`T have? Thanks for your replies!... read more

hedonism xmas time

We have a brady bunch and the kids are going with the exes this christmas so we are thinking about flying out christmas day through the 30th. &nbspAnyone been there this time of year? This would be our first lifestyle vacation .  ... read more

Going Bareback

When you go to log in to SDC, you likely see the SDC Media page.  You can post a question and any will jump in with advise or just comments.  At this time there is one question about going bareback.  For us, it is amazing the many misconceptions, and how any state they always play bareback.  Min... read more

Hotwife Confessions

    For all those men who love sharing stories and confessions as well as their wives with other men&nbspas well as&nbspfor all the men, women, and couples who love confessions about erotic play beyond vanilla of any shape and form, let this blog be devoted to such xxx confessions.   ... read more

Are there any SDC community get to know you blogs?

It seems there really isn`t any place to get together as a community and just goof off here. In many communities I am a part of there is always an active misc or fun and games area where members just come together and flirt/banter/challang each other and create a feeling of belonging/support/family.... read more

Long, sexy, fun weekend in Lisbon: 2/11 to 8/11/15

2/11 Got up fairly early and took Ox`s bag that she had left in Sunday and dropped it off at her place in Fulham. Then headed to North End Rd to drop off the car for a body repair and then took tune and bus to Notting Hill to appointment with Barclays Business Manager. Sat for 10 minutes to then be ... read more

Power of an Open Attitude!

As a former heavy smoker and drinker, my ability to maintain an erection has declined, very negatively affecting the sex life of my lovely (very hot) wife and me. A little distance had grown between us over the absence of a sex life. I didn`t want to turn her on and then leave her hanging without ... read more

Rich Single Women

Do rich powerful single women have guys that they use as play things, guys that are spoiled by them like when a rich single guy finds a poor or average women and makes them a girlfriend and then buys everything for them and gives them money when ever they want or ask.... read more

Couples: What`s Up Blocking

Ok.. I am not a person who generally post topics here and I take a very passive approach to this lifestyle. &nbspI realize that I am not everyone`s cup of tea. &nbspHowever, I have an abundance of couples who look at my profile repeatedly. &nbspIt intrigues me greatly that a str8 cple ke... read more


O.T.S.PYou invest time, effort and sweat into keeping fit, staying healthy, eating healthy and yes, looking as hot as you possibly can! But when you get the urge to play, you or you and your mate continue to have a problem.The problem is this, you might find a hot sexy woman but typically, the other... read more

New IM Chat - you like or hate it?

I hate it!... read more

can str8 n bi swing

ok me and my lady me,we both straight my question is can two straight people a str8 couple straight couple swing with a bi couple where one or both is bi..we was just wondering HELP US OUT... read more

Swinging - Lifestyle or Obsession?

Obsession... the state of being obsessed with something...the domination of one`s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea or desire... compulsive preoccupation..What do you think? Is this `lifestyle` really nothing more than an obsession?... read more

Check in to places

I put this to the SDC webmaster, they read my email but i never got a response.They should make an SDC app for both the&nbspIPhone and Android, Built into the app should be a check in tab. How many of us are at a place and wonder if there are other lifestyle people in the same place. You will st... read more

Great Halloween Party: 26/10 - 1/11/15

26/10 Didn`t wake up till 9.30am - another 9/10 hour sleep night - what is going on. Got up and worked through till lunch and then went to the gym and on the way home picked up a prescription and some flowers for Rita. Showered and a bit later popped down to surgery for a flu and pneumonia jab. Hom... read more

Erotic Fun

Hi There. Here we are offering erotic Massage which will take your senses to new heights! Enjoy life to the fullest by focusing your eyes upon one of sexy Masseuses , moves and twists of her Naked body. Feel the sensuous relaxing full body massage after a long day at work or just visiting London an... read more

Kinky couples party Fantasy Fest

Talk about a very bad joke... October 31 party at 801 billed as the largest couples party. If SDC and Rubber Doll thinks that we`re all in trouble.We paid $200+ a couple and yes they had an open bar, Maybe 50+ couples showed could have ben a few more, Kinky NO, Young Yes, for the most part the older... read more

New To Colorado Springs

We are new to Colorado Springs from Fort Worth and curious to know if there are any lifestyle clubs in the area. Also, not showing many people from `The Springs` on SDC, mostly from my last location. Is it a settings issue or are there just a minimum amount of people here in the lifestyle?... read more

Male strip club for girls

my wife will be in amsterdam and she want to go to a male strip club so that she can see some hot man dancing for her do you guys know any places amsterdam... read more