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10 days of Different Experiences: 14/11 to 25/11/16

14/11 I woke at 11am - where did that night go? Did a couple of hours of work and Rita came too at 1. I headed for gym after a light snack and after a workout picked up some tulips for Rita. She then went for a shop and just before she got back I got a delivery of wine I had ordered. Rita then cooke... read more

size... does it matter?

I`ve heard women say that size doesn`t matter as long as a guy works it good,but i wonder. a man with a small yang who fucks good still has a small&nbspyang at the end of the day,on the other hand a man who doesn`t fuck so well but has a big dick can be groomed to do better and at the end of the... read more

Relocating to Alabama

We`re moving from San Antonio to Huntsville, Alabama. We haven`t found a lot online about the lifestyle there. Anyone familiar with any community`s? It looks like we`ll have to be prepared to host parties, since the nearest club is two hours away. But we are stumped by where to start. We are fairly ... read more

How to bring the lifestyle up in a Vanilla setting?

We have often found ourselves in a vanilla venue where we have met folks and have really hit it off. A lot of times the conversations leads us to belive that the couple may be lifestyle friendly but we are nervous to bring it up. &nbspNeither of us are very forward about swinging but feel we may... read more


Ben terug van Usa wil feestjes /dinners etc met leuk mensen ) ... read more

Music to swing to..

Been trying to find a place to ask questions about music and lifestyle..Music can really help set the mood of a room or a meeting and we are passionate music lovers..So, if you were having a party or a meet up.. what music would you play? What song(s) would do it for you..?... read more

Diminishing returns

After nearly 7 years on SDC, we think we`ve reached (and more likely passed) the point of diminishing returns on this website. We have lifetime membership, so doesn`t make sense to leave. And SDC is still best place for finding great parties and meet-n-greets (even if not as many as in the past), ... read more

Good SW Club im Las Vegas?

Hi, we are planning a trip to Vegas, and tried to look for a SW club, BUT ALL the reviews from all clubs are really bad and scary!!!  Anyone knows where to go and have a good time?  ... read more

Speed dating

Just curious, we`ve signed up for speed dating several times, and the only results we get is a surge of people liking our profile.   If you have used this before, have you ever actually been able to set up a `play date`?... read more

Austin Advice

Headed to Austin on the 14th for a performance at the Paramount.  An evening with Pricilla Presley. Do not know Austin at all.  Would love to go out before or after the show and get hit on by hot guys.  Don`t mind college men but never been hit on by college guys in a college bar&nbspand they... read more

Nicest Lifestyle Club

What is the most high-end, classy LS club you have even been to?  Most interested in Texas, specifically, but the nicest one we have been to yet is Colette in New Orleans.  Very cool place.  Looking for new places to try as we travel, but the wife likes a very classy, higher-end facility.  Thoug... read more

ever notice all the people 100 years old?

nice to see seniors still healthy abs read more

If you don`t want to be bothered, then don`t bother me

I don`t assume that just because someone views your profile that they want to hear from you. I don`t assume that just because someone likes your profile that they want to be contacted by you. &nbspIf I like their profile, I usually like them back and leave it at that. &nbspI rarely send out ... read more

Yes, There is Sex in the Champagne Room!

I (Mr. Ego) went out with the guys last night. We were celebrating a friend`s 40th birthday and ultimately found our way to a strip club. We walk into the club and are immediately accosted by wave after wave of pretty women trying their best to extract the most they can from you--nothing wrong with ... read more

Sex Addiction or Enjoyment Compulsive?

Sex Addiction or Enjoyment Compulsive? Sexual addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterised by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts ( Sex addiction is exploiting others for sex. It’s going through life hurting other p... read more

Austin, Texas The FRIENDs Club

The Friends Club is most known for being the oldest club in Texas! It has been in business for 23 years! For the most part it existed in one location in a shopping mall in North Austin. Not anymore, THE CLUB HAS MOVED!Not only did the club move but it is now substantially larger and more luxurious. ... read more

Koh Samui

Hi, we will be in Koh Samui from 26/12/2016 to 9/1/2016 looking for like minded couples or single males for a little fun... read more

What is your definition of a HOTWIFE

Just a quick thought, I would be interested to know Couples &amp Females definition of a Modern day HOTWIFE... read more

What if......

What would be your response if a couple told you that either the husband or wife was a pastor or clergy? Would that be a deal breaker or not? Please explain why?... read more

Several posts...

I have several blog posts, but don`t have time to write them all, so in summary:1. Why do people get bent out of shape when you tell them you have the kids this weekend?2. Why don`t people believe you when you tell them you`re on on your period?3. Why can`t people stop talking about politics (Clinto... read more

MFM bias in the lifestyle?

Our experience in the lifestyle has been primarily limited to full swap couples. This is mainly because it`s easy and we often play at clubs and parties that are nearly exclusively couples. We do, however, remain open to single males and have, on occasion, played with single males. The at... read more

Private Parties

We love giving parties. Our home including the backyard is private and fun. I see everyone asking for an invite. Then when the party comes close or the day of the party the same people never show up. Which causes the people that wanted to come cant because of the amount of people invited. What do yo... read more

Advice for singles new to the lifestyle

I`m new to the lifestyle&nbspand so far I`ve only had one meeting. To the singles (or couples) here, what advice would you give to singles who are new to the lifestyle and&nbsphow were you all able to have a much success meeting people on here?... read more

A Horny Naughty Week! : 7/11 to 13/11

7/11 Woke at 9 - caught up with emails and Times. Had tea and toast in bed and Rita and I laughed about the night before. Had to get up and work and at 1pm went to the gym and after went for a haircut. Home - Rita was out - and showered and then headed to K. Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. After hea... read more

A Really Fun Week: 31/10 to 6/11

31/10 That was a long Halloween weekend! Left Rita asleep at as it was going to be a busy day. Then got email to say pm client appointment was cancelled. Did the salaries and had a prospect conference at 11am. Then after had a shower and at lunchtime headed to Notting Hill to the banks and then to a... read more

Dick Pic or not?

I would like to hear from women. &nbspDo you prefer a profile with a dick pic or not?... read more

Does Validation Help?

I just met with a couple and we had nice time with each other...I was surprised to hear from them that they visited my profile number of times but just cause of less number of validations were unable to decide to proceed further. Its just we clicked with each other and they decided to meetup. I have... read more

Las Vegas 14-17 th nov

Will be in Vegas from Monday evening can host or travel looking for fun couples or single females ... read more

Dark times...

I am no fan of Clinton...the dems doomed themselves when the nominated her...legacy Bill..first black prez...first woman prez...too much too soon for angry white survey...if you are a Trump this a positive Trump vote or an anti-Clinton vote?... read more

Thank you

A heartfelt thank you to all the veterans and families of soldiers who have/are sacrificing it all so we can enjoy the right to vote today. You are greatly appreciated.......... read more


`Eyes Wide Shut` is one of the sexiest events to come from any movie made. We all can identify with having just a little piece of us that wants to express our sexy side and not be judged for our thoughts or feelings about that sexy part of life. This party is giving you that opportunity. Hosted by N... read more

How to Be Seductive

“Seduce yourself first”. Being seductive takes confidence in who you are and embracing every inch of your body. It is not about putting on a persona that is not you or choosing one that you believe people are more likely to accept. The trick to being seductive lies in your attitude, poise, and c... read more

Fake profiles!!!

Seriously, how many are there &amp how can this be allowed?? &nbspI just witnessed a profile of a couple go from a good looking couple in there 20`s to a totally different couple in there 40`s, overnight! &nbspHow in the world can this be explained?? &nbspSDC, please stop creating fa... read more

Thanksgiving Dinner

Question for those of you in southeast Florida, Dade/Broward/Palm Beach Counties, do you know of a hotel/restaurant that does a great Thanksgiving buffet?   Been out of touch with this area for 3 years.  Have been going to a hotel in El Paso, Texas, Camino Real, with the most unbelievable TG buff... read more

Language barrier

I love to travel to other countries and am fortunate to get the opportunity to meet people. &nbspBut unfortunately I &nbspcan barely speak my native language properly so how do you meet others without having to having them speak into Google translate or butchering a foreign language? &nb... read more

I am done

Hello everyone so I am concerned, confused, or maybe just tired or even done. So my husband and I have been in a few parties and had some great, good and bad experiences. But lately we are feeling the need to go back to being exclusive with each other. Has any of you experienced the same? Is this ... read more

Masquerade Party

Hey everyone. So we live in Charlotte NC, and have been in the lifestyle about 2 years and have always wanted to attend a up scale masquerade swinger party...does anyone know of any near Charlotte NC or in NC period? I know some of them are secretive but we have been looking for one for a long time?... read more

Fantasy Fest 2016 Recap

Fantasy Fest is on my bucket list and I’m sure many others. Now that it is over can we have those of you that were lucky enough to attend this year to share some stories with us that were unable to attend. Sexy, funny, odd, weird and “O My God” stories would be fun to hear.... read more

Private Partylovers

Hey Private-Partylovers, we are group of `Lifestyle-Friends` making 3 - 5 parties per year with approx. 15 - 30 &nbsphand selected couples and by invitation only. We are looking for sympathic, sexxxy, educated, a bit stylish couples, slim, laughing + fun, open mind, easy going, drama free, goo... read more


During the time that I`ve been involved in this lifestyle, it has been my experience that alcohol plays an important part in getting women in committed relationships to participate.  It seems like it is mostly the single women that are able to participate while totally sober.   I like to have dr... read more

I need help!!

Soooo, I am confused on where the line is between being aggressive and being respectful. We, personally, find agressive behaviour a turn off.   I understand that everyone is different and their line is located in varying places between these two areas. I, male, am afraid of crossing the line so it ... read more