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Whistleblower or Felon?

Who leaked President Bush's activities to the Press concerning "spying on Americans?"  Is he or she a criminal or a whistleblower?  Should the Justice Department be investigating him/her, or the President? What do you think? Surf... read more


 ... read more

SOB Website

Getting the website going before to long, need some input on all aspects of what you would like to see, not see, features, costs, anything at all. Hope we can build it where all will enjoy!... read more

Club Desire Resort

Looking for input on dates to go to Desire. All info about Desire is under SDC Travel. Lets see when most would like to go. Planned is end of April, but not permanent. Let us hear from you!... read more

New Years Eve Plans???

Anyone actualy doing anything interesting for New Years Eve this year?  ... read more

Red Alert

I did something completely stupid this morning thinking everything would work out to my advantage..  It appears to have backfired!! Found a squirl in the attic running around, so I put the cat up there to chase him out...  Well, it appears the cat has no intention of coming back down,... read more

Amsterdam Swing Clubs

Hi everyone, We'll be visiting Amsterdam later this month and are looking for a swingers club ideal for couples. In the past we have visited the Paradise club but it now has no couples only evening, so we are looking for an alternative venue. Can anyone suggest somewhere for us to relax and hav... read more

London for new year eve

Hi all, We are staying in central London untill Jan 2th and were wondering where is the best swingers club for this weekend. Hope somebody can help us,LOL! Baz+Jaz... read more



Serious question

Religion/spirituality and swinging....are we in the minority that struggle with this on an ongoing basis? Mr Ode... read more

Royal Caribbean Jan 16

Leaving out of Galveston, anybody going??? Great deals, check out there ( web site for last minute deals. Major league adult fun waits you if you get on that (Splendour Of The Seas 4 star ship) ship.... read more

Can't join us for NYE? Why not make it a weekend and Visit the Silver Minx on Friday?

The Silver Minx invites you to join us this Friday night December 30th, 2005.One more party to go before we say good-bye to 2005.  Join us for the unique  opportunity and visit the Silver Minx before we reign in 2006.  We know alotof you already made your plans for NYE, so we're bring... read more

Your invited to join us for our 1st. NYE party at the Silver Minx

The Silver Minx invites you to join us in celebrating our 1st. New Year Eve Party. As I'm sure you all know by now we are offering a Reduced donation of $80 per couple for NYE. What this entitles you to is A Wonderfully prepared hot and cold buffet, consisting of Roast beef, Pork, Shrimp cocktail. h... read more


just one of the smart things we like about SDC is the validation sytem, it's not fool proof but if gives a pretty good guide to ascertain real people from the fakers.  Now we have spoken to a couple once or twice on msn with the web cam, we've never met them so when they asked for a validation... read more

Condoleezza Rice vs Hilary Clinton

Who wins: In a celebrity death match? In a hottest female in politics contest? In a blow job contest? In a chili cook off? In a battle for Bill's love? In a paint ball contest? In a pissing contest? In a ST Awards contest for wildest swinger? And finally, but not least, in a race for your next Pres... read more


  NOTHING is certain anymore....and thus, the reason for IARST......... read more

New Years Eve

New Years Eve Spectacular!! MAJOR PARTY EVENT! It's TIME for the New Year!!!! It's HOT!!! It's EROTIC!!!I It's INTOXICATING,EXHILARATING,Titillating AND TANTALIZING!! Saturday, Dec.31st ~NEW YEARS EVE SPECTACULAR!!!~ This is THE party of The Year! It's time to get dressed up to the MAX, be with al... read more

New Years Eve Invitation Typo

We at The Silver Minx apologize for the typo in our New Years event posting, yes, everyone is invited. Please come and have a great time. The price is right, just call for information,and the people are awesome.For Reservations please call 972 225-6792 or 972-754-8640 Again thank you for bringi... read more

Gran Canaria 8th Jan till 29th Jan

We will be in Playa del Ingles between above dates in Jan 2006. We would love to meet cpls in the lifestyle for a drink & who knows where that leads. MD1 xxx ... read more

Old Timers

First, hope everyone had a great Christmas.  The stomach virus worked through our family and ruined the festive weekend.  My daughter and I had it on Christmas day, which kind of took the fun out of the day. Regardless, there have been some great old timers sign up for the Zoo.  I wou... read more

Bi-party London Sat 14 Jan

We are holding a party in London on Saturday 14 January for bi-couples.  If you are both bi or bi-curious, attractive and  interested in coming along, please mail us asap. Kisses Nic and Cliff x... read more

New years Eve Extravaganza

In here the text, description, location etcWe invite you  to join us for a Classy,Tasteful New Years Eve party where thefocus is on You and YOUR swinging party experience on this  Spectacularevent of the year.  New and old alike we would love to see you here It is still black and... read more

What would you do??

ok, my first post in a long time.... We had a little fun the other night with what I would consider REALLY good friends, and I really enjoyed myself. I enjoyed it all...him, her, him with me, her with me, them both with me...Hubby didn't have as good a time. I didn't know this at the time becau... read more


Hi Guys, We will be in Orlando during 12/29-01/01 visiting friends and family. Anybody interested meeting us for no pressure fun drop a note. Also,we would like to learn about any new years eve parties. Thanks and Happy New Year.... read more

New Years Eve Extravaganza at The Silver Minx

We invite you  to join us for a Classy,Tasteful New Years Eve party where thefocus is on You and YOUR swinging party experience on this  Spectacularevent of the year. We are offering a discount to all are lifeStyle friends New and old alike. It is still black and white attire. We wail... read more

New Years Eve Extravaganza

We invite you  to join us for a Classy,Tasteful New Years Eve party where thefocus is on You and YOUR swinging party experience on this  Spectacularevent of the year. We are offering a discount to all friends New and old alike. It is still black and white attire. We wail be having party  favors ... read more


Well, another year has past and we've seen some changes, The merge was probably the biggest shock to most but we've had some fun too. we've enjoyed the last year, its been a lot of fun and we've encountered some real characters who have enhanced our enjoyment. We would like to wish all of you a Mer... read more

Christmas Wish

  Well I hope that everyone woke up this morning to find that Santa thought that you had been good little boys and girls, and you got just what you wanted from the little fat fucker. Most of all I hope you are enjoying this time of year with your family, friends, and love ones. For those loved... read more

Holiday Greetings

To all SDC/ST Members... Please accept without obligation, implied or implicit, our best wishes foran environmentally conscious, socially responsible, politically correct,low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, celebration of the wintersolstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable tradit... read more

New Years Eve At The Erotic Zone

New Years Eve Spectacular!! MAJOR PARTY EVENT! It's TIME for the New Year!!!! It's HOT!!! It's EROTIC!!!I It's INTOXICATING,EXHILARATING,Titillating AND TANTALIZING!! Saturday, Dec.31st ~NEW YEARS EVE SPECTACULAR!!!~ This is THE party of The Year! It's time to get dressed up to the MAX, be with al... read more

A Christmas Eve Invitation

Thank you sweetie, yes we willl be open, but it will be for people that would like to stop in and have  Christmas dinner with us and  few drinks. Kick backand enjoy the people and chill. Although , We do have the house ready if the "NEED"arises.LOL. Because if you do your thing here. Santa... read more

Which of our English friends is being a Bad Santa?

LONDON (Reuters) - Swanage police said on Friday they were looking for a Santa acting suspiciously -- a flasher who had repeatedly exposed himself to women, including on one occasion while dressed as Father Christmas. Officers said the flasher had struck a number of times since December 6, and a ... read more

Caribbean arcadia cruise 13th jan

hi..  Getting  closer, any one on this  cruise ?  Theres a couple of  swingers going.  Meet up for a drink onboard.  Or if your not players  prehaps we can convert you,,,, now thats a good  way to start the new year,,, or even just have a drink. Alwa... read more

Gay Marrage

Now the law has passed in England for men to be married, the gates open for every other possibility to be considered. I having just spoke to Elton John. He tells me that the wedding was lovely but the 'ring' was a bit tight.  There is no pleasing some. ... read more

Spectacular New Years Celebration

In here the text, description, location etc  Our New Years Eve party is going to be our first  one ever. We are  having a Ballon drop with prizes! and  a Champagne Toast at Midnight! We are looking forward to seeing all those sexy couples  in thier Black and White attire.&nb... read more

A Sexy Christmas Weekend

We are having a Very Merry Christmas weekend  at The Silver minx. We welcome all those that wish to come out for a special buffet and a whole lotta sexy  fun. We  are having a special donation this weekend . please call us, Ruel and Rhonda for reservations. 972-225-6792 or 972-7548768... read more

Naughty Forest

Well, it is almost Christmas and next is New Years Eve. Do you have your plans set for  a great time?  With inflation up and all the increases in your monthly bills, I am sure you want to get the most bang for your buck.  I have checked the local hotels and the cost at these places a... read more

Ask the other black guy...

Ask me anything...  If you want a serious answer I'll give you one, but you need to let me know first that you're serious.. If you want to be silly about your questions, go for it because that's mainly what this topic is about.. Light-hearted fun...... read more

ski in La Plagne from the 31st till the 7th of january

anyone skiing there?... read more

No Shows

We've been in contact before with this couple but due to Steve's job we had to take a break for a while, which we explained at the time. We contacted this couple once again and chatted a few times and finally arranged to meet up somewhere between us on a Saturday lunchtime. The night before we ... read more

Chat Room

Well I went into the chatroom and looked around... I was able to tell a couple of things. 1. You can tell it was created by a man 2. Diz has not been in the room yet Things seem to work well in it just need a few more people to show up for a little topless chatting...... read more






I know that this topic had been done before and it is not very original. But what the fuck. I am just trying to get Ode's numbers up. It's a self-esteem thing for him you know. If you have any questions you were afraid to ask a redneck just fire away. I don't pretend to know all the answers to all ... read more

Goofy, Kinky or Erotic

Time to explore the memory banks as we approach the end of another year... ....inside... read more


hakuna matata n. phrase from hakuna matata "no difficulties": no troubles, problems, worries or cares [< Swahili hakuna "there is no, there are no" + matata plural of tata "tangle, mess, difficulty, perplexity"]. "It means 'no worries for the rest of your days'. It's our problem-free philosophy.... read more

female orgasum

my daughter just returned from hendo III she said se saw a woman in the pool that could have an orgasum and ejulact fluid some feet like 8 from where she was sitting, multi times. is this posible?... read more

Canada says OK to swingers clubs

But I thought that the US was the land of the free and home of the brave... The US is a looong way away from this kind of tolerant attitude.  Time for a trip to Canada!  Way to go, eh? (there's also a good story on this on the SDC front page)  Supreme Court of Canada says OK to swinge... read more

Thank you all for the support and the reactions

I thank you all for the support and the reactions you gave us on the new format. We worked hard on it (sometimes had a bump or two) but it is running very nice now (on all Browsers and PC and MAC and LINUX) and we are glad we finally have it done. You can even choose your own SDC Color so it is mor... read more

Airtours - Bet you didn't know they did Adult Holidays!?

As seen on BBC's "Watchdog" (for those is the US, this is a program where the general public can complain about companies, and the show investigates them): A late deal, can often be a great deal. You might not know your hotel until you get off the plane, but if you've booked with a reputable compan... read more

Miami Dec 23rd

We will be Miami Dec 23rd and would love for someone to show us around before we leave out on our cruise. ... read more

What do you want from Santa?

See inside... read more

Travel partners

Hello , we are looking some hot couples to travel with and to see for some fun we can get away with a weeks notice usually. Angie & Mike... read more

Welcome All Members

Hello everyone.  I am not sure if this is going to work.  My only goal is to give us an unmoderated area.  I know it will take time to get going.  The only thing I think that will prevent it from working is getting new people to join and contribute.  I am sure the language ... read more

New Years Eve in Amsterdam

Hi,We will be in Amsterdam from 30 December through 2 January.  Any suggestions of fun things to do/parties?  We are open to any and all ideas.....S&M xxx... read more

New Years Eve in Amsterdam

Hi,We'll be in Amsterdam from 30 December through 2 January.  Any suggestions of fun things to do/parties?  We're open to any and all ideas.....S&M xxx... read more

F.B.I. Watched US Activist Groups

Counterterrorism agents at the Federal Bureau of Investigation have conducted numerous surveillance and intelligence-gathering operations that involved, at least indirectly, groups active in causes as diverse as the environment, animal cruelty and poverty relief, newly disclosed agency records show.... read more

A Quandry. Or not.

To prove the point to management that we like our freedom, I'd love to be able to continue the fun posting we do "out there" only "in here" instead. The problem? No "I Know That" topic. No "Attic". OMG. Are you thinking what I'm thinking????     (Change Topic/Category: The Zoo)... read more

The Erotic Zone

Hello everyone!We just wanted to say...Since this is the Christmas weekend, we want to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas, love and laughter~ Enjoy your time with family and friends. We will not be having parties this coming weekend so we too can enjoy our families. We firmly believe i... read more

Is there more acceptance of Bi males?

Firstly, Hi to the group and thanks for having us. We are a bisexual UK couple and have been swinging for just over 2 years. During this time we have experienced a growing acceptance of bisexuality at clubs and parties we've visited, although still not completely open (which would be excellent)... read more

Yes!! We're blond , duhhhhhh

A blonde was driving home after a game and got caught in a really bad hailstorm. Her car was covered with dents, so the next day she took it to a repair shop The shop owner saw that she was a blonde, so he decided to have some fun.He told her just to go home and blow into the tail pipe really hard, ... read more

New Years in DFW

Well, it is almost Christmas and next is New Years Eve. Do you have your plans set for  a great time?  With inflation up and all the increases in your monthly bills, I am sure you want to get the most bang for your buck.  I have checked the local hotels and the cost at these places a... read more

Would anyone in SW Fla. be interested in an On-Premise swing club in our area ?

We want to see how much interest there would be in an On-Premise swing club in the Ft. Myers area. ... read more

THe Silver Minx New Years Eve Party

 Our New Years Eve party is going to be our first  one ever. We are  having a Ballon drop with prizes! and  a Champagne Toast at Midnight! We are looking forward to seeing all those sexy couples  in thier Black and White attire.    We at The Silver Minx are s... read more

Jesse Ventura In 2008

Jesse is considering a run for the presidency in 2008, saying the first thing he would do is get rid of federal income tax for a sales tax... WOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOO ! What could be better than an ex Navy Seal, ex Pro Wrestler that wore a pink fadora ( spelling ) ????? This should be good !... read more

Sympathy Sex?

This term came up in a IM conversation this morning and it was new to us (or at least we think it was :))... Apparently sympathy sex is when someone of the opposite sex ( or a couple) basically hooks up with you both either to make you feel better about yourself or to help you get over a "... read more

Morning Wood...

What do you think of early morning sex? Is it ever too early for a good romp? (Common sense situations notwithstanding)... read more

Skinnydippers on Boxing Day anyone??

                            MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY SWINGING in 2006    Hi guys, Just  wondering if any sexy cpl's fancy getting down an... read more

Geneve, New Year!

Any sexy couples going to Geneva for Xmas or New Year?Would love an invite to a club or a relaxed meet. Let us know. Adrian & Christinaxx... read more

Les Menuires January

We are skiing in Les Menuires/ 3 Vallees from 14th Jan-21 Jan. Any nice sexy cpls/bi fems that are in the area, that would like to meet up for lunch/ drinks etc feel free to give us a shout. We would love to have a sexy picture session in the snow!!... read more

A Very Mery Christmas at The Silver minx

We are having a Very Merry Christmas weekend  at The Silver minx. We welcome all those that wish to come out for a special buffet and a whole lotta sexy  fun. We  are having a special donation this weekend . please call us, Ruel and Rhonda for reservations. 972-225-6792 or 972-7548768... read more


HI all you sexy ppl, we are in Gran Canaria for two weeks hopefully find some fun ppl about ....... feel free if anyone fancies meeting up or knows any good clubs worth a visit to leave msg or mail us for a chat thnx PAUL+EMMA XXXX... read more

Swingers Clubs In Frankfurt

Hi everyone, We are going to Frankfurt from 19th - 24th January, can anyone help us out with recomendations on swingers clubs to go to, or sexy places to attend. Any help is appreciated Sexywexy xxx... read more



How do you view yourself

 I keep seeing posts reading, "Those of us in THE lifestyle."  Who is really, a full time pursuant?  I know a lot of you get to go out clubbin'.  I know there are London and Miami crowds, that are able to orchestrate as much strange as we are sometimes able to be just husband and... read more

Cozumel, Feb 23-27

Hi, we will be in Cozumel for some diving between Feb 23-27.  If anyone will be in the area, let us know. ... read more


inside... read more

dublin 23-26 feb 2006

Hi to all you sexy swingers dublinnlovers will be visiting dublin from the 23-26 february 2006,for sex fun looking for couple or bi - lady if anyone is intrested let us now and we can give the address of where we are staying k & s xxxxx... read more

Bush Authorized Domestic Spying

President Bush signed a secret order in 2002 authorizing the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on U.S. citizens and foreign nationals in the United States, despite previous legal prohibitions against such domestic spying. The super-secretive NSA, which has generally been barred from domestic spy... read more

The Erotic Zone

Saturday Dec.17th ~ Santa's Helpers and The Lap Dance Contest~   We are continuing the theme of the Erotic Christmas Weekend of Parties by suggesting you dress for this very Sexy Party Nite in your choice of Santa’s Helpers or sport Red or Green attire!   To make things a little more E... read more

The 13th Floor Big Bang NYE. Over $1500 in prize giveaways!

The 13th Floor Invites you to                                              &nbs... read more

The Holiday Season at the 13th Floor

Better Late than Never! Sorry about the delay on the newsletter this week. It seems the silly computer thought it needed a few days off. A few (well more than that) choice words, hours on the phone, and Bruce steering clear of the office, and it is finally up and going.   We want to thank eve... read more


A body builder picks up a blonde at a bar and takes her home with him.He takes off his shirt and the blonde says, "What a great chest you have."The body builder tells her, "That's 100 lbs. of dynamite, baby."He takes off his pants and the blonde says, "What massive calves you have."The body builder ... read more

tips for party goers

...  Xmas  Party Tips for the Moderation Challenged:10) Once your pantyhose have a big "Easy Access" hole in the upper thigh, just take 'em off already. You're not fooling anyone there, classy-chick.9) The president of your company does NOT want to know how YOU think things are REALLY goi... read more

Radiance Of The Sea Dec24th- Jan 2nd. The Caribbean

Overnight in miami the 23rd then the next 9 days on Royal Caribbean''s Radiance of the Sea. Nassau (Paradise Island) Christmas, Jamaica on the 28th, Cozumel on the 30th and alot of islands in between. Cum play with us! ... read more

Why can't i reply to anyone's topic?

Hi all it seems i am able to post a new topic, but since the new style look to SDC has been implemented i have been unable to reply to anyone else's topic- I get an error message whenever i click on the opinion button. Has anyone else had this problem?? er...might be a redundant question if you are ... read more

The Erotic Zone

Friday Dec.16th ~ TGIF Santa's Helpers!~ > > `Tis the season to be JOLLY! And The Erotic Zone is> the place to BE! How Jolly, you may ask? > Let's start it off with the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange!> We will start this at 10 pm sharp! Bring a gift and it> will go into the gift exchang... read more

Sex swing stand

Happy holidays all. A few years ago we bought a really slick sex swing (sling) at a NASCA convention in Vegas. It was intended to be hung from the ceiling. It isn't convenient to do so and we've never used it. Can anyone recommend a stand for it? Obviously we want something sturdy and easy to put u... read more

thats asda price

Now that Asda are selling vibrators i wonder if they will be changing their advert- instead of the little smack on the arse maybe a roll of the eyes with the lady saying asda hits the spot!... read more

David's birthday party

The Sans Souci, Sat. Dec. 17th. We are having a surprise birthday party for David A. tonight. We invite all couples and ladies to come and celebrate this night with him. With the best selection of music, not to forget the sexy women and men: why would you go anywhere else? Join us for the best ... read more

Radiance Of The Sea Dec 24th- Jan 2nd. In tn Caribbean.

Overnight in miami the 23rd then the next 9 days on Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Sea. Nassau (Paradise Island) Christmas, Jamaica on the 28th, Cozumel on the 30th and alot of islands in between. Cum play with us! ... read more

Goat News For Sav

You gotta check this out...Now Sav can lure them into his car without too much fuss........ read more

Radiance Of The Sea Dec 24th- Jan 2nd

Overnight in miami the 23rd then the next 9 days on Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Sea. Nassau (Paradise Island) Christmas, Jamaica on the 28th, Cozumel on the 30th and alot of islands in between. Cum play with us!... read more


When my sister passed, my parents had her cremated.  This, is not our usual family tradition, but I was determined to support my parents with their every decision at the time.  It was so sudden, and a full blown burial, presentation, and graveside service would have put someone, or all of ... read more

The "new" SDC look...

Like it? Don't like it? I don't care for it.  Has a bit of a "cheesy" factor to it. (this wouldn't be considered talking bad about the site and get me banned, would it?) R... read more

The long weekend

THE LONG WEEKENDPart onePulling into the driveway, I shut off the car and sit quietly think about what I will see when I open the door. You have never disappointed me in the past, and I am quite sure you will follow your directions to the letter. You are well aware that I can be kind as well as cru... read more

Great party this weekend

Friday Night Party, Dec. 16th. This is the perfect time to come out and party and to have a fun filled night. Get rid of all that stress and come have a fun night with us. Single ladies get in every night with no cover charge! This is a great time to come out and have fun while listening and dancing... read more

SDC Party at Xtasia this Saturday

Dont forget to print off your invitation and present it immediately on arrival at the Club, before you sign in, to receive your £5 discount on the entrance price. Dont forget your Santa Suits, there will be a prize for the best Mr & Mrs Claus. Merry Xmas to you all. ... read more

Here we go again!

Oprah is re-running that show on swinging today.....I just watched it.  Wait until all the looky loos start showing up again!... read more


Having been nominated 5 times for the nobel peace prize,and as recently as august recieving a president's call to service award,today the united states of america murdered stanley"tookie" williams.Can anyone tell me what purpose this served.... read more

The Silver Minx

Well were all feeling the sress, the pinch on the pocketbook, the holiday spending . Theres no need to call the doctor! We have a perscription for you. If you have attended one of our parties before and bring in a brand New couple you get in for half price. So relax, plan to play and party this Frid... read more

The search feature!!

Has anybody else used the search feature to see where other swingers live, and maybe even play? First stop - Vatican City - Nobody listed, but perhaps to be expected. Second Stop - Falkland Islands - Nobody listed, but the residents are probably objecting to the side listing of being called ' I... read more

Bi Movies

In a previous thread about BI inthe USA, P29N29 got us thinking about Bi Movies.  Wondering what persoanl favorites people have.  Has anyone seen Score from about 1972.  It's by Radley Metzger the great soft-core director, who later went onto hard core films.  Score is about a bi... read more



This Saturday12/17

Looking for any parties or meet n greet this Saturday night.... read more

This Saturday12/17

In here the text, description, location etc... read more

Looking for Hotspots and Hotcouples or HotSingle Ladies in Amsterdam

Hi to all you sexy Dutch swingers, Caribbeanlovers will be visiting Amsterdam from the 5,JANUARY-2006 to the 8.JANUARY-2006, for Sex,Fun ,SwingerClubbing, and dancing are you up to PARTYING with two nice looking couple my WIFE WANTS TO GET BANGED REAL GOOD from another couple or a Bi-Lady. She a Hot... read more

The Alphabet

For those of you that may be interested(I was),this is how it all came to pass.....for those of you who are not :-p... read more


A friend of ours last night was talking about a bad experience that they had had whilst swinging recently.  Basically, they (like us) insist on the use of condoms for penetration.  It seems that what happened was that this guy decided that he would go ahead without putting on a condom and ... read more

Ring In The New Year

  Come on out for a New Years celebration at The Silver Minx.We are going to have special prizes in our balloon drop and a champange toast to a Brand New Year with old friends and new alike!The food will be a delight to the senses and as always we'll have music, dancing and Hottub fun.So come o... read more

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican by John Gray Joe gets up at 6:00am to prepare his morning coffee. He fills his pot full of good clean drinking water because some liberal fought for minimum water quality standards. He takes his daily medication with his first swallow of coffee. His... read more

Seasonal Grub

Just in case you plan to travel during the holidays, this is a list of local holiday foods.... I can not say for sure it's completely accurate, but it's pretty close from what I remember... Traditional seasonal grub varies with geography and a large variety of dishes are enjoyed today. Australia:Chr... read more


  Heading of in Early February to one on the Canaria islands. Not sure where we should go. We were in Tenerife last Feb and thought it to be quiet. Any ideas would be a great help.... read more


What were or was your greatest accomplishment for the past year? Anything you are particularly proud of? Anything you are not particularly proud of? What do you plan to do next year to better yourself?... read more

Valentines Masked Ball – 11 Feb

This will be out biggest and most lavish party to date. The ball will be an Eyes Wide Shut themed event held in a luxury countryside mansion possibly castle in a secret location in the Home Counties. Treats to look forward to will include hot, sensual music, a tantalising array of erotic dancers and... read more

caribbean 13th jan arcadia cruise

Any of you nice people  on the  Arcadia caribbean cruise from  Barbados from the 13th  jan.   Nice to meet up  for a drink.,  there are a couple of  members on board,,... read more

Jamaica - christmas fun in the sun

Anyone going to Jamaica for Christmas. any good bars, clubs, locations for meeeting lifestylers for the uninitiated. We are not really up to the full on Hedo thing yet (we believe). although with a little bit of wacky baccy we may be inclined to venture!!Ideas and suggestions please...... read more

London February 3 to 5 ?

Hi, We are going to be in London next year, February 3 to 5. Any hot parties or sexy couples that like to show us the "right kind of nightlife" ? Any clubs to recommend?   Kisses   Eva & Pelle  ... read more

bi party london 14th of jan

We know of a bi party going on in London on the 14th of Jan.  if anybody wants further details mail us.  Its for bi couples only and costs £40 but you need to be a member of a certain site love mel xxx... read more

In Pattaya from the 27th of December to the 4th of January

In Pattaya from the 27th of December to the 4th of January at Passion Resort & Spa391/54 Moo 10,Thappaya Road Soi 11,Chonburi (Pattaya) 20260,Phone:+66-70 76 20 01 or +66-18 63 46 24Kisses to all beautifull girls....S ... read more


THE 4th RUDE YULE REVEL Saturday December 17th 9pm to 4am (nominal)Ceasars Adult NightclubKenilworth Road,Balsall Common,Nr Coventry.U.K. Rude Revels are Adult Parties and are for YOU as Sexual Adventurers ... whatever your sexual gender, orientation or experience - newbies are ... read more

Cum on out and party all night

Cum on out and get in on the  HOT action tonight.we cooked up some ideas with you in mind. We are having a lingere giveaway. and We are having a lingere showing  so you can get that extra special gift for that special someone! WE have an indoor hottub 3 playrooms and plenty of dance mu... read more

Gland Lido Braco New years

We are a mid 30s couple and heading to braco in mid janaury . I have never been to a C.O beach ( but hubby has) and I am excited about it. We have a room on a/n beach side. I was wondering if there is ever any couples like us going that would be open to shareing more than a drink after dark? Or any ... read more

Inteligent 'prejudice' quotes

Here's some quotes about 'prejudice'. Quotes about a subject have two main values, for me. First, when they're good, they manage to synthetize and "glue together" all your thoughts in one comprehensible sentence. And the second is that they pass the test of time. Which is a test than stupidty doesn'... read more


Hey all how is everyone, My wife and I are planning to goto the pairs club near ROERMOND called DOLCE VITA, has anyone been as we would like your feedback as to what your experiences were at this particular club.  We feel that its not the venue that makes the night but the people you meet anyo... read more

Easy Jet Flight SALE

Easy Jet have a sale on until Monday 12th December Get Up To 45% off ALL flights Book your discounted flights now at - don't miss out, sale ends midnight Monday 12 December! Also check out their Hotels all guaranteed at the lowest prices click on hotels on their web site  A... read more

New York

We are spending Christmas in New York,looking for some fun and some good club recomendations xxxx... read more

NautiBiNature Happy Hour

NautiBiNature Happy Hour Baby A'son Stonelake Blvd.Wednesday 12/14 7:30 - ??? Come join the rest of the Nauti crowd at one of the warmest hotspots in Austin (atleast by the fire! :)Let's have a purple margarita or two...... read more

Royal Caribbean Cruise, Jan 16

We are going on a cruise on Jan. 16th from Galveston (check out the web site, great deals, with The Royal Caribbean Cruise line.  The ship is The Splendour Of The Seas, which is a 4 star ship. If you are going, drop us a e-mail, we would like to have some adult fun.... read more

ST CHANGES is it for the better?

OK, Since Ronalds announcement I've seen various remarks and opinions scattered around the board and wondered if we could amass them into one post to see what we all really think. It would be nice to see some input here from some of those people who don't usually post too. Now the merge is way past... read more

Friendship, Loyalty, Integrity..

How do these mere words apply to you and the relationships you have made in the vanilla world, and the Lifestyles?  How far will YOU go to honor that friendship? I failed at one or more recently, it has cost me a friendship that I held close to my heart because I was not there for th... read more

Sweet Nothings

I want to know what sweet nothings your loved one has been whispering in your ear lately!... read more

These are the Days of our Lifes

Wow...this is so soap same things are going on after a year I stopped posting. Some new faces..alot of the old..but still the same old  B.S. If I had a dollar for evertime we got spanked on here ,I would retire..opps..already retired. The bickering and abused put out by member... read more

Las Vegas 12/17 - 12/21

Hi everyone, We will be in Vegas 12/17 - 12/21. We are looking to have some fun :-p and unwind from a hard year of working.   If you are going to be in Vegas during this time please drop us an e-mail.... read more

new memebers

hi everyone.We are new members,and hope to meet couple,for drink,vacation,and wild nights. We hope to hear from you soon.... read more

Allure Risque Red Holiday Party

Risque Red Holiday Party Allure Sat. Dec. 10th Join Us!After Hours, Inc. will be there with our nauti toys for all the Nauti & Nice Boys and Girls...Mention NBN community and we will give you 10% off your order!  ... read more

New Year Turkey Istanbol

Hi, We are planing to spend our new year eve at istanbol any one intreast in partying with us there email us kisses lodmar... read more


We will be in Copenhagen from the 16th to the 19th december. Any scandinavian friends that would like to meet with us??...  ... read more

New OnPremise-Midcities area

Hi!  This is Bruce and Mary.  You may know us better as The Jello Professor and Martini Mary from The 13th Floor.  With the sudden boom of playhouses in the area, we have decided to spread our wings and discover new friends.  Last Saturday night, we discovered a delightful playh... read more

Swinging Christmas Weekend

We invite you to join us at The Silver Minx this weekend. We are in the Christmas spirit!The Elves have been working hard , making sure the stockings are hung. and the  mood is set to party the night away . Also Saturday we are haveing a lingerie giveaway.(We have a hotline to Santa) And since ... read more

OK, weve had enough, after 5 years debating, abusing & hearing the endless complaints

Dear Members: There is a change in site policy regarding swing talk. There will no longer be any moderators. Abuse to other members, negative posts about the site or derogatory statements will not be tolerated. Any member abusing swing talk will be deleted without warning. Obviously we will use ou... read more

Friday and Saturday Christmas parties

Hello and you are invited to The Silver minx first annual Christmas parties this weekend. Friday we'll be rockin all night long. And Saturday is our lingreie giveawy.We have all kinds of surPRIZES for you so come on out and see what Santa's helpers have been up to. This is one party you won't want t... read more

Cancelled flights

DFW snowed in.... Damn, I was gonna go somewhere today but this just fucks up everything...... read more

Hot Venue

Elderly couple go to the doctor. Doc asks "what can I do for you?" Man says "will you watch us having sex?" when they finish, Doc says "all is fine, that's €50." Next week same couple return and & again for five more weeks. Puzzled the Doc ask's "Why??" The old lad replies "She's married ... read more


On thursday the 8th dec 10pm living tv a chance to play i-spy on Extreme makeover uk.Spot the sdc badge/pin and gain 20 i-spy points.                       big chief I-spy... read more

Apres-ski in Andorra?

Hi All We expect to be off skiing in Andorra late Jan early Feb 2006, snow permitting.  We wont be booking till we see the snow reports but we have a 2 week window to aim for.  Any one else heading that way?  ... read more

Oldie but Goodie

Yes it's an old joke.. but it makes me laugh!!!!!   For those of you who have lived in Texas, you know how true this is. Theyactually have a Chili Cook-off about the time Halloween comes around. Ittakes up a major portion of a parking lot at the San Antonio CityPark.Judge #3 was an inexperienc... read more

My nominee for this years Darwin Awards

FOX NEWS ST. PARIS, Ohio — Steven Zornhad put the pen gun to his head and clicked before, apparently thinking it was jammed and would not work. But on the third try, the tiny silver pistol went off as the 22-year-old budding rap artist was drinking to celebrate an impending record deal... read more

The 13th Floor Dirty Santa XXXMas

  It is finally here! Our Dirty Santa XXXMas! The lights are strung…   The Jolly man himself is on the way… Join us Friday December 9th for our regular party, then, join us again Saturday December 10th for our traditional Dirty Santa gift exchange! Please limit gifts to $20.00, an... read more

The Erotic Zone

TGIF Friday Dec.9th  ~Girls Nite Out~    We want you to cum try our new "FOR GIRLZ ONLY" area! We listened and have added this wonderful area for all those that requested it! It has a queen sized play bed for those good bad girls (lol) to have fun without intrusion and if the party ... read more

Cancun, Mexico and Blue Bay Gataway & Spa, December 23 to 28?

Hi,   We are going to be at Blue Bay Getaway & Spa in Cancun, Mexico during Christmas, December 23 to 28. Any other couples there at the same time? We had to rebook since Desire is closed until next year due to Wilma. If there is anyone who have been there please give us some more info as w... read more

Is it just me

Does anyone else find that, beyond a certain point, the larger breasts get, the uglier they get.  ... read more

What''s your move?

For the men? You and you're lady are right at that peak moment with another couple of choice.  Hot hot hot. Yet,  nature calls & you excuse yourself for a moment.  As you are taking care of your business look to the trash at the side & see that the person you are getting ... read more

Hahahahahaaaaa /Hmmmmmm?

Ok,  I"ll start one/two for the very first time.  Be gentle. What's the funniest, most outlandish, thing you've ever seen or done first hand in your life.  One of those things that whenever you think about it... it makes you still laugh years later... when you tell friends... you're a... read more

Thanks for the free Marketing!!

To whom it may concern: We truly thank you for that free display of Marketing skills, it must have been so time consuming to sort those topics back into the last active list! The thing is, there is more to Marketing than just dangling things in peoples faces, you need a slogan or a witty remark to ... read more

The Sans Souci 25th Anniversary

Its a Party!!!... read more

Fun And Games

Swingers Board Game - Adult Party Games Hello everyone, I am just wondering what people do at their private parties or swingers events, do you play games?? Do you know what games are out there?? Do sex games and adult party/board games exist??? (good ones????) I would love to make my own and would l... read more


Yes Santa knows,YOU FUCKERS! YES YOU! YOU FUCKERS WHO USED TO POST AND KEEP OLE ST NICKY ENTERTAINED.YOU'RE READING AND LURKING OUT THERE I CAN SEE YOU,YOU BITCHES. All you ASSHOLES need to get your collective asses back in here and stir some shit up,or quit your whiny assed bitching about ST "Not ... read more


we will be there in Jan. read more

Dont knock the travel swingers.

Been a few  moans about people posting  holiday destinations and dates.  We've always found this a great way of meeting people when we travel. Always thought this site was about having fun ,, meeting people, more fun and no hassel. World politics we get  rammed down our throats o... read more

Lazy Sunday Club

This is the place to spill the beans on your success's or failure from Friday, and Saturday night... Come on, don't be shy...  ... read more

My personal experience

First and foremost, thanks for having me (or us since occasionally I’m with a girlfriend) in the group. I agree with everything you say, Nikuti, and find it’s a shame there’re no more messages in this fascinating forum. As a bi guy (not bi curious anymore), I can simply state that it’s grea... read more

We will be in Lisboa from 16 to 18 December...

... and would be delighted to invite a swinger couple there to a seafood + champagne uncompromised dinner (+ fun if positive feeling). Anyone interested in our offer?  ;-) Sweet kisses, Mar and Tino. ... read more

Sexy as you wanna be

Cum on ladies bring on the sexy  attire. Or not , because you could be naked in our indoor hottub also. We have a huge dance  floor and some sexy playrooms also! Heat it up between the sheets then cool down with oursitting area. Its your choice. Please call for reservations @ 972-754-8640 or 972-... read more

Party time.

We were thinking of holding a party just for members of this forum, that is bi couples. No dates as yet but some time into the new year.If there is enough interest from couples which are both bi to some degree, we will arrange something. We have a nice real fire with reasonable amount of room, in co... read more


TheSansSouci is now the groupmaster for Club Sans Souci.... read more

Sans Souci Groupmaster

TheSansSouci is now groupmaster of the Sans Souci community. ... read more

The Sans Souci Special Event Fri. Dec. 2

The Sans Souci Friday, December 2, 2005 “The Skyhigh Affair” One-Night Special Event More inside... read more


Amsterdam visit.9.10. Dec. We are in Amsterdam next week,looking for couples and she likes single guys to play with... read more

and now for something completly different!

if you are stuck for gift idea's check out this site- non swing but well worth a look  ... read more


Really want you all to look at a profile that has approached us! "LOVEFILMING" Read what it says...what would you do?? ...don't think so... P & J XX... read more

norwegian spirit jan 8

any  cpl or  single  going  on  that  cruise  of  11 fun  days  please  get  back  bye  bye ... read more