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I've always been curious about trying double penetration and maybe double vaginal penetration with a couple. im looking for some advice about the idea, if anybody has some experience please feel free to share it on my blog. Happy New Year! Derek... read more

New York and Paris scenes

Two questions to the community: 1) Is there a friendly party in NY that is safe, friendly and accessible to a guy travelling by himself? I'll be there for a week (second week of Jan) 2) Is there a Fri and Sat night in Paris for a couple that is safe, friendly and OK for tourists? I'll be ther... read more

Jacksonville area party

Any couples in the Jacksonville area going out this weekend?... read more

Jacksonville area party

Any couples in the Jacksonville area going out this weekend?... read more

YOU and Sex

I was involved in an interesting discussion the other day and after thinking felt it might be a decent one for here. And who knows, maybe it already has been. After all, every problem the world has ever encountered, is encountering, and will encountered has probably been solved here. ANYWAY, W... read more

SW Clubs at Las Vegas

We are visiting Las Vegas, can anyone recomend some Sw Clubs? Kisses Vero... read more


Does anyone know if there is a lifestyle section at Haulover? Been there many times, but for the life of us, we haven't seen a "swinger," that we know of. Many nudists get offended (we have discovered) by the LS, so we never bring it up to strangers. Be nice if we could relax among friends... read more

The consistency of a man named Paul - Taliban-free zone/no cowardly deletions or blocks

Well, since an angry old insecure white guy thinks I don't merit the American value and right of free speech on the subject of Presidential candidates, I decided to add yet another political blog here... so I can be allowed to speak in the local 'selective' environment... a local "selective&quo... read more

Playing Separately

We have decided to try an "open" relationship where it is OK for either of us to have sex with others on our own - playing separately.    We've done full swap before so its not as if we haven't see each other at it... Mrs Virgosins is a bit tired of the party-meat-market-balls... read more

Swinging once you have kids

Hi everyone. Just wanted to get people's thoughts and experiences regarding their swinging lifestyle once they had started a family? We got into swinging in 2003 and had several years of naughty and often spontaneous fun. We attended clubs and parties as well as meeting a few people of websites i... read more


Hi and thanks for all of you who have written to me and im sorry i havent replied to you all. This year has been trying as i have been quite ill but thinks are looking up and i hope i will soon be back to being the Electra you all know.Have a happy new year everyone.... read more

Looking for Bi Girls to Join us at a Mansion in Hollywood Hills

Hello to all you sexy single Bi Women out there, We are ringing in the New Year with a bang...... We would like to invite all sexy Bi single women to join us on Thursday Evening at Hollywood Hills for a night of fun at a play mansion with Jacuzzi, hot tub and plenty of hot couples and singles to p... read more

Licking pussy

Pussy licking challenge. My wife ( I'm happy to say) has never met anyone that lick pussy the way I do . That would be male or female. Men I get but Bi women surprise me. Why is this.? My wife has an awesome Juicy pussy. So that's the challenge for you women who think the can lick pussy. Bring it ... read more

New years party

 We are looking for a classy new years eve party? Any one is hosting?? Samantah and James... read more

New years party

 We are looking for a classy new years eve party? Any one is hosting?? Samantah and James... read more

Looking for a Lady,,,,,,,

Hi you yall Looking for a Hotty, that's all,  Please cum out to Live Oak.  Big party going on here, with a shit load of swingers.  Just party,,, nothing more to say but it's sold out.\\Greg ... read more

Great Way to begin Christmas!

Thought I'd enter something on here after a great night of seeing (and joining in!) Mrs weloveit yet again satisfying a few randy cocks in our guest house. Unfortunately I could only join them all after closing up the pub and managing to get some of our more persistent locals to go home, but walking... read more

Single males going on vannila dates vs. swingers dates

So, I am 33 and I have been single my entire life.  By single I mean I've never been married or engaged.  I have dabbled in the lifestyle so to speak for about 14 years.  However in those 14 years I've only had about 7 or 8 experiences.  All of these experiences were with couples... read more

I know it's Christmas but should it be good will to all men!

I know it's Christmas but should it be good will to all men...... Feeling a little sorry for a couple that we turned down. They had lovely pic's not face one's may I add but body shots. They contacted us first as you know a few messages went to and throw. Then a phone call girl to girl and went r... read more

single males first experience in this lifestyle

So I am fairly new to this "lifestyle"  my introduction to it was when I was 19 and I chatted with a 44 year old woman in the old yahoo chat rooms.  I had no idea what a swinger was and the idea that a married woman was going to fuck me while her husband watched was insane! ... read more

Dry Orgasam?????

Craziness I tell ya!We were with a couple Sunday night and the male went FOREVER. He has 2 orgasms but didn't ejaculate ( which apparently I am nieve, I had never heard of this with men..) finally after about 1 hours he asked if I had enough and I said "no". Asked again aft... read more

Katowice swingers club

Hi, we are going to Katowice during our Christmas holiday, and would like vissit a swingers club, if there is any. We will stay in Katowice from Desember 26. to Desember 30. Pleas let us know, if there is any in the area. We will consider private parties/meetings as well. Merry Christmas pa... read more

Creative writing vs false advertisement

When reading a profile it should be assumed that some liberties are taken in some of the details. For example some will add an inch or two to their size or lose a couple of years on their age. But their are a few times when it gets out of hand. 1-Smoking and/or drinking Social drinker or casual s... read more

ride on a sybian

Dear SDC Hotties I would like to arrange a sybian experience for my Hotcat. Can you help us? Sincerely Tom & Hotcat... read more

The Fclub 16th dec

 Wow what an amazing night had a very fun and interesting evening met some wicked people didnt play much in the club mainly socialised but my god the after party back at mine was incredible we have only just finished and its 7:15 am…Till next time i cannot wait! LOvely hosts brian nice g... read more

The Fclub 16th dec

 Wow what an amazing night had a very fun and interesting evening met some wicked people didnt play much in the club mainly socialised but my god the after party back at mine was incredible we have only just finished and its 7:15 am…Till next time i cannot wait! LOvely hosts brian nice g... read more

MAXimum Pleasure!

Cumming to AbFabs Wednesday the 21st, cum over and say hello for your free Chocolate log!... read more

How many Looks

LGSBCS How Many Looks? On SDC we look, we flirt, we IM or we mail each other. Nevertheless, does too many looks from the same person or cpl make you a bit uncomfortable? Especially when they're not saying anything... read more

Erotic Massage Training

I would like to know if anyone would be interested in learning the art of erotic massage. I have been doing massage since I was 20 years old and have noticed that many guys have stated that they do erotic message. Now I know most of them may be OK at giving regular messages but really have no idea a... read more

The Concept Of A Lifestyle Meet & Greet

The Concept Of A Lifestyle Friendly Meet & Greet. As we all know in the lifestyle…. The Attraction & Fantasy is just as Important as Great Sex and The Company You Keep! Meet and Greets are a great way to Meet & Mingle with Couples & Singles without the pressure of uncertain... read more

What it's like as a paralyzed swinger

I hope I don't upset anyone with this blog, but this is how it feels sometimes. My name is John and I have been in LS for about 10 years off and on. When we first got started I loved this life style and the people in it. We had our first timer bumps, but for the most part it was great. We didn... read more

How many actually have safe oral sex?

Can someone tell me what the general rule is on safe oral sex? How many people actually practice it in the lifestyle? I see many men wearing condoms but no women with protection. Is anyone else concerned and has this ever created problems?... read more

Would Anyone Like to Dance

Hello SDC, my name is Airborne1 (Chris) and I've registered to attend the Latin Party in Orlando this Saturday night. I'm looking for a date (female)to attend the party with me. First, I'm a gentlemen at ALL times and I believe this party may benefit both of us. Please understand there's no strings ... read more

If A Couple Has a Bi Male Would You Contact Them?

If a couple has a bi comfy male, but doesnt need play with the other males but just puts it out there.But he is okay if it does happen, would you contact the profile anyway and just state your not bi comfy or bi in any way, but would still like to play? or just skip that profile?... read more

Internet Models Needed - Central Florida area

Seeking ladies 21 - 45. Tired of being underpayed or unemployed? Online bikini models can earn between $1000 to $2000 weekly. This is a wonderful opportunity for an attractive (height/weight proportionate) women. Make your own hours working in the privacy of your own video modeling suite. You will b... read more

swinging in lanzarote

Hi all Were heading to lanzarote for a few days in january and we were wondering about swingers clubs or ba rs there. We know of Spice but think it would be quiet at this time of year and probably not worth booking in for three days as this is the minimum stay there. We would be glad of any info ... read more

wondering if this is for us??

   we have been in the lifestyle for awhile and met a few nice couples but here recently we are really questioning if this is for us.   we played with 1 couple and never heard from they again. to me (female) that was just plain rude as hell. seems like all any1 wants now is super mod... read more


 The young men liked to visit Mathilde. She turned her shop into a budoir, full of chaises- lounges, lace and satin, curtains and pilows. Martinez, a Peruvian aristocrat, initiated her to opium. He brought his friends there to smoke. At times they spent two or three days lost to the world, to t... read more

We Vibe 2 or 3?

 I would like to make a gift for Christmas to my woman and I would like to buy a We Vibe vibrator. I wonder if anyone have some experience about  it? Beside is  the n. 3 model much superior to n. 2 which cost much less ? thaks in advance to every one . Merry Christmas... read more

Travel buddy..

want a female buddy to travel to Dubai and Turkey as a for a week time. any sexy women are welcome.. ... read more

Do Not Call List

We were talking today about all of the calls we are getting from hopeful Presidential campaigners. We live in Iowa where tonight, there is a debate. Our phone has rung off the wall all day. Here is my question and I know we are all irritated with politics but...When Congress instituted the "Do... read more

How Old is Too Old

A recent couple in the spotlight made us click on their profile. They have been "seen recently", meaning that they hadn't been on this site in awhile.  In London, we rarely see people over 40; but, we do know some hot people over 40 here.  Yet, when we're in Texas, we see plenty ... read more

Hello World

 Hi,      I'm new here and still getting the hang of it. No meets so far but I guess that's to be expected. What's a little more odd is the lack of talking in the chat room. I'm guessing there's a private party or three going on and I'm not invited. Are single males automaticall... read more

First time couple swap, same room or separate rooms?

We are still virgins within the swinger lifestyle because of work and time constraints but eventually we will get our feet wet and if all goes well we will take the plunge. The question I have is whether it is better to swap in the same room or separate rooms? Yes, I do enjoy watching... read more

Punked...and loving it...

I was punked! And if I can get punked like this on a regular basis, I will be a very happy camper! My favorite couple invited me to hump on hump day. They told me to meet them at a local club to play over lunchtime. Finding the place was a bit challenging as it is basically a door with a numbe... read more

just curios

how many woman in general are turned on with 2 bisexual men?or is it a turn off for most woman,lets hear your comments... read more

Salt Lake City

Good friends of ours (very sexy 20 something couple) heading here to visit family over Xmas.. Were seeking any tips / hints about where to find some fun - cpl or group / glory hole in the area. They'll be able to drive a bit. Any tips from our US brethren appreciated. ... read more

Caliente New years??

Are you attending Caliente New Years Eve?  Have you in the past? It will be our first time there, any advice?... read more

Incognito Area 51

 If you are shy about the kinky stuff you enjoy, you should try the club Incognito Area 51, it is first and foremost privately and safely located in a studio in East Point, Georgia.  Incognito is an amazing space.  When you walk in the doorway there is a check in area followed by a da... read more

testing events

testing... read more

The SMs do's and do not do's part 3, because the only for this thing to stop is an SDC banning

I know these pointers to help the virus that is known as the single male are useless because half of them can’t read and the other half can’t find a ride to the library to use the internet so they won’t even see this. But alas here are a few more. Sometimes in order to get her... read more

When Age Matters........

So we've been to a few parties and get togethers and had conversations with people about how much age plays a role in who you play with... My question is for all, when does it become an issue. Obviously I know it's situational, but for example, I (bcs) have been with some younger women, and I have a... read more

Carnival Cruise Ships?

Going on a Cruise to Mexico in Jan.2012. Just wondering if Carnival still has the Adults only, topless sundeck like they used to have on their ships?... read more

Whats the key format to a great private party?

We have hosted and been to many private parties and wanted to compare formats as to what you consider to be a memorable party. In our humble opinion (and it doesnt mean it works for everybody) its where you have a small group of friends (normally 10-12 couples) and a sprinkling of new couples t... read more

Best times for Hedo

We are very much wanting to visit Hedo, but are unable to go this January. We have been trying to look for groups during the rest of the year, so that there will be a lot going on. We have seen dates from travel sites, but not sure which dates attract more swingers like they do in January. We want... read more

SECURITY NEEDED: paid male position in ATL GA

 This is located in atlanta GA so please do not contact if You are not in the area. Send an email with a picture, email address and a working contact number to  ... read more

Making A Better Lifestyte: Cliques, Newbie Couples and Venues... what fun!

Making A Better Lifestyte: Cliques, Newbie Couples and Venues... what fun! Hello Frisky Friends! Now we would like to talk a little about cliques and how they affect our fellow Lifestyle Couples, especially the newer ones. In our experience, we had noticed how newer couples, or couples new to an... read more

10Things Everyone should know when it comes to

Today is WorldAIDSDay!   I read This is Important Shit that No one likes to talk about!!  SO if your going to Have fun, Then make sure you play it safe My fellow Fun Seekers ;-) Its Just reality FYI... read more