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WhyDoes God Hate Amputees?

According to countless Christian/Catholic daily testimonials god has and contnues to heal countless of prayed for cancer patients, but seemingly has placed a self-imposed moratorium on curing any of our valiant military women & men who lost limbs while defending god's favorite (according to most... read more

pattaya what hotel ?

  we are going to pattaya from 19 to 24 january 2013 Any hotel recommendation? xxx ... read more

swinger handshake or sign ?

 We were wondering if there is a universal sign for swingers that we dont know know the kind of thing u could do with your hands from across a bar to say...hi we swing...if there isnt one there should be...suggestions xxx... read more

Nudist Beaches in Spain

We are going to Spain at the end of June. Does anyone know of some good nudist beaches by El Campello near Alicante? ... read more

Happy New Year!!!

 May u all have a safe Happy New Year!!! I know we will as we will be banging 2012 farewell & moaning 2013 Hello with great friends!!! Happy Humping to all!!! ... read more

No drama...

Hi :-) Why is it that so many profiles insist on trying to exclude stereotypes? Does anyone really believe that any prospectiive couple would classify THEMSELVES as arrogant, pushy, or full of drama? Why then is it so common to see profile after profile advertising "no arrogant people", or "... read more


This is truly hilarious! Click on the "open new screen" icon, or you many have to paste to watch this if the direct link does not work.... read more


ciao raga dal 1 al 8 gennaio siamo a cipro qualcuno viene?... read more

Greetings from Bangkok

 We are couple from Bangkok. You can add us on facebook. Our user name is njcouplebkk... read more

Off to Abfabs New Years Eve!

Hello sexy foxes! We are going to Abfabs New Years Eve so if you'd like to say hello, please reply to this :)... read more


Hi happy bunch, I wonder if any of you can give us some advise on how you bring a woman to squirt. I am a 38 old lady and at this day didn't happen to me. Merry x mas and a lot of kisses. Sara ... read more

give us advice

my wife and I are having a  baby, she still early months but we still would like to play even if it is with single girls!, do you think we should just wait or should be ok to still play?? would swinger mind to play with a pregnat woman?? what do you think? we would like to hear some advice... read more

Soft Swap

Hi all. We are a full swap couple. We are looking for the true definition of what soft swap really is?... read more

Have and Eat Cake

I am married, but we're open.  We love each other deeply, but I also get to bone whomever I wish (outside our social circle). It's like I get to have my cake and eat it too! That is why I started blogging about my new life : I'm trying, and I've been mo... read more

Inter-racial Couple seeking a third...

 It's been six months in the lifestyle and we've had some success, but it's been tough finding solo women.  The experiences we've had have been unreal but infrequent, and we want more!  We often wonder if there's a key element that we're missing.  Sexy fem? Check.  Handsome ... read more

No Show

As some of you already very well know what a "No Show" is, either from personal experiences of from talking to a fellow swing. No Shows are bad enough, but "No Shows & No Calls" even worse!! my group and i have done several Meet-n-Greets, & Hotel parties in the last few y... read more

Sheree's Reviews

We like our toys, so we decided to create a review.  We will tell you if it is worth your buck, or not worth a fuck. We will be trying out all products, so if you have a favorite or are curious about one, let us know. As we review we will post our favorites and not so favorite toys on the mark... read more

Since we will be busy...

Since we will be busy with the holidays, we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays (this covers everything everyone celebrates for those whom bash it thinking it's against Christmas) and a Happy New Year! I sure know we are with all the yummy people we have been and will be getting together with ... read more


We are looking to recreate some of our fantasy's in the new year. For me it's to see dawn with a few hung men and for dawn it's to see me with another woman. What are your fantasy's have you for filled them and were they everything you hoped for RandDxx... read more

Tips on the scene in Australia

Hi All Any tips re the scene in Australia.....the best parties, clubs, sites in Sydney and Melbourne for January?... read more

King is far from King.....

So a blog is a debate right??? Civilised right where folks can have their say???? OR is it instead a place where I block folks that say something I do not like??? Will KING thinks the latter as he has now blocked me from his blogs and stuff so whats the matter KING are you scared of that bisexuality... read more

Blindfolded for sex?

One of our turn-ons is blindfolded sex. The situation is most stimulating when there in a small gathering of couples that are all hot and attracted with the knowledge that one lady will be randomly selected, blindfolded, stripped, than a randomly selected male will do her while everyone watches. Th... read more

looking for nice couples in Barcelona

coming this week to Barcelona to celebrate the new year. looking for nice parties\clubs to celebrate with nice couples we will be happy to hear from you. kisses ... read more

Man Flu. Myth or fact?

I have had bad colds in the past which I have mistaken for the flu, however, 2 days ago I suffered my first bout of serious ‘Man Flu’. My body is on fire, I feel I have been in the ring with Mike Tyson  (at his peak), I can hardly walk, I cannot sleep, I am off my food (which is ... read more

Honeymoon Recovery

Bahamas nice! Coming home.......Not so much. I definitely made Friday a "Water Only Day". she's crashed on the couch and Myself in the recliner. Got back from Port Canaveral, Friday around 8:30 p.m Still awake. It's 5:50 a.m. Saturday Morning.... read more

Nipple Piercing

Seriously thinking about getting my nipples pierced for a while now.  Pros?  Cons?... read more

How does all this stuff work?

 Hi. We just got re-directed here from PS but having trouble figuring everything out. Can someone tell us a few things?  1) Why isn't our picture showing as our profile pic? 2) How does the IM thing work? We got one but can't figure it out. Thanks. Chuck & Miranda... read more

Looking for new fun couples

 We love to have fun and so enjoy the lifestyle, just seems that we can't get enough of it. We work hard all week and yes we do have a very active sex life (most time it's twice a day AM & PM) so our weekends are so looked forward to. We want to find like minded uninhibited couples who love... read more

45 years old and My Penis grew 2 inches???

I woke up about 4am this morning due to I had to go relieve my bladder.  Now just for everyones FYI, I am in a wheelchair due to a horseback riding accident 17 years ago but can walk short distances with a walker.  Well, about 5 years ago my foot grew from a 9 to a 10??? Last night, I... read more

End of the world

I just realized that "Mayans" changed their name 200 years ago. Today, they are known by a different name. They are now called weather forecasters.... read more

how is the Trap (Fort Lauderdale) on Thursday???

Hi   We have office xmas party tonight and hate to waste a "sitter" , how is the Fort lauderdale Trap on a Thursday? good crowd, ???  I presume it is easier to find space to lay down in the back as compared to a Fri/Sat night. Let us know ... read more

2 Girl Gang Bang 1/4/13 in Hollywood, FL

Steve and Randy are hosting a GANG BANG of April and Debra (on SDC profile name "DEBRANNE") at the Ramada Downtown Hollywood, 1925 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33020 on Friday night, 1/4/13, starting at 9 PM... Doors will close to new arrivals at midnight...Don't be late, lol... NO CH... read more


... read more

How Old Is Old

We were at a Christams Party this past weekend and this has been on our minds since then, so we thought we would ask all of u about it and get your thoughts young and old. We encountered a couple (in their 30's) and was playing with them and it looked like it was going to be a great night,somehow... read more


Has anyone heard of a new club called 242 in Miami? Does anyine have a status?... read more


Y do people put pics I there profile 5 our more years older... I have met a few persons in the lifestyle.. Where their current body looks nothing like their pics.. Usually well in all all cases the person was much bigger.. Like 10 yo 20lbs.. Y do this y not represent to the people what you currently... read more


 The bar was more crowded than usual - three or four people deep in most places. She had been standing at the front for some time now trying to catch one of the busy bar tenders eyes. It was a warm night and she wondered if that had been the reason for the sudden influx of punters. As she ponde... read more

Why so large?

I believe most people would agree that well shaped natural breasts are the most attractive. It's obvious that a lot of women for whatever reason opt to have breast augmentation at some point, many before they even hit 20 years old. Not opposed to that at all but I wonder why... read more

Gang Bang

Looking for guys (up to 40 y/o tops) for a big (8 to 20 guys) gangbang party for her. MUST habe 8" or more... Will send more details about what she wants. (sorry... HER rules or nothing!)... read more

Hedo II in January!

We'll be there from the 19th to the 26th. Anyone else coming during that week?... read more

Cruise from Galveston

 We will be on the Mariner of the Seas leaving Galveston jan 6-13.  Any other like minded couples booked, give us a shout. dinner, drinks?... read more

What are you?

Are you the type of person that needs the door closed and lights off?  Are you ok with getting it on at a party while people watch?  I (female) don't like people just watching... I say join in, but if they watch I am not too conerned at the time because I am having a great time in the m... read more

Oasis of the Seas

We will be sailing the week of December 22nd with family on the Oasis of the Seas and would love to find some like-minded people to spend some time with. Stacey and Michael... read more

Why nudge then ignore

We have had quite a few couples send us a nudge, a sign we thought they might be interested in getting to know us, so we send then a little mail to say hi and then wait, wait and wait and they never get back to you... really, can someone explain why or explain to us what a nudge really means?... read more



Carnival Glory Cruise 12/16-12/23

My BF and I are cruising out of Miami on 12/16 for 7 HOT STEAMY nights on Carnival Glory and are wondering if anyone might be going? If you are and would be interested in meeting, hanging out and/or more during the cruise please email me!!! Looking forward to one WILD time that lasts 8 days. Bring t... read more

Texas Tech gets Cliff Kingsbury!!

Today, 12/12/12 is one of the biggest days in NCAA history for Texas Tech University!  Today, Cliff Kingsbury has become one of the youngest, if not the youngest head football coaches in NCAA histroy for Texas Tech!  He played from 1997-2002 under Mike Leach after which he was drafted to t... read more

is taste bud a LS place

 I heard people talk about this place call taste bud in orlando and i was just wondering is it a lifestyle club?... read more

Unlearning What You've Learned In The Vanilla World

As someone who's been swinging for quit some time, I've noticed the sudden clash between the vanilla and swing worlds. More notably, I've recognized how people bring vanilla world rules into the lifestyle. For instance, some men can't seem to fathom for most couples this is an extension of their sex... read more


Wondering how many single males or females (hate to give up the unicorn) are on SDC? Is the site for lifestyle couples or singles looking to date.... ... read more

Help a single guy out!!! Please

I have been in the LS for awhile as a couple and now am entering as a single male.  My partner at the time had always wanted a single male or 5 to join us but we could never get things to click.  They were either rude, couldn't maintain an errection or would flake before we ever showed up.... read more

Best video

Who has the best video on SDC,?... read more


Hi we are travelling to mumbai next month and would like t oknow if they have any swingers party over there or if we can meet up any couple so please let us know.... read more

Ladies grooming

Ladies, What is the best grooming method for the kitty?  We hear advertisements all the the time for laser, "No No", and other such methods but what works best (and last the longest with the best results)?  Shaving requires a break every once in awhile, so looking for alternat... read more

Fort Lauderdale WinterFest Boat parade

Hi   On Sat  (15th) is the Fort Laiderdale Winter boat parade (thinl the temp will  get down to 66). Does anyone in the LS have  boat in the parade? and if so, which one? for the people stuck on land, what is a good viewing location where there might be a friendly&n... read more

Visisting couples to New Delhi, India

If there are any expat couples visiting delhi India do let us know we can meet and enjoy Have fun specially during this month of December and Jan... read more

How Quick is Quick?????

Ladies,do guys cum to quick or do you take to long to cum? ... read more

Nipple Clamps

I have recently discovered that I enjoy having my nipples pinched more than I thought I did! My husband wants to get me some nipple clamps. What are your thoughts on those? Would it be ok to use them when playing with another couple?... read more


I would sneak and slither under your sheets from the bottom of your bed, between your legs, start kissing, nibble, suck and licking my way up to your dick...pause for a second...your waiting you know any second u will feel the wet warmth from my mouth..but what you feel is the warmth of wet tongue g... read more

MAMA.......(role play)

I was shocked at first when you slid toward me under my bedsheets. For the longest time I wanted to make love to you. No, that's not the right word. If I'm going to say that I should say it how I really mean it. For the longest time I wanted to fuck the shit out of you. All the times I spied on you ... read more

How do you deal with....

I have a couple of situations I/we are not sure the proper way of dealing with.  Give your point of view 1) How do you deal with no shows?  We mark their profiles with notes and never invite them again.  We even go to the extreme of marking thier cell number and profile name in our... read more

spit roast

which end is your favorite in a spit roast. For us i love watching Dawn in the middle of one (theres only a few things hornier ;-)) RandDxx... read more

Escorting couples

Genuine couples seem to be very popular on the scene and I was wondering if couples are successful as professional escorts? Have or would any couples consider becoming professional escorts? ... read more


8th December we are going to try Chamelons Darlaston for the first time ;-) this will be our final new club of a very interesting year where we go back on Newyears eve to where our adventure started to see the new year in at Xtasia. We have been alround the country and even to the Cap and loved eve... read more

Speed Dating replies

Several times over the last few months we have responded to speed date posts.  We only respond to one and wait till we get a reply.  How long should we wait for any response?  We dont reply to 5 different couples speed dates at that same time as we feel thats not right.  Are we t... read more

Seeking Adventurous Couples!

I am looking for couples between the ages 18-36 for a new Playboy TV reality show I am casting for. Couples should be free spirited, good looking, adventurous, articulate, and have a lot of personality. Must be open to sharing intimate stories about one another on camera. We want to find out everyt... read more

Phony Profiles and Lifestyle Fraudsters

Hello Everyone, First let me start out by saying rarely do I comment on a blog (7 or 8 total over the years) and this is the first that I've ever created here on SDC or anywhere else. Having been in the lifestyle for 33 years now I can honestly say that I've seen many things. I've seen the good, ... read more

My next party

This is my next party ;) read more

FREE party

 Purrfect LV Presents "Purrfect Touch" ANNUAL TOY DRIVE! @ AINSWORTH LOUNGE INSIDE THE HARD ROCK HOTEL     Saturday, December 15th 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM      We are excited to launch our weekly Saturday nights event "Purrfect Touch" ... read more

Vanilla Alternative this Saturday 8/12

Hi all, we are off to the VA club and hotel this saturday, and yes, we are staying the night. Would be great to meet a couple before going in for drinks or meet in there, so if you are free, please look at our profile and drop us a mail if you fancy the idea - Anna xx... read more

start to may 2013 swınger boutıqe hotel

2 +1 bedroom, swimming pool, close to the sea, bed and breakfast, ala carte restaurant, air conditioning, satellite TV, large garden, an isolated life, waiting for you!! a total of 120 rooms, is the pricing for your date of stay!We've been waiting nudist solo travelers!You can mail all over ... read more

South Florida Events...

Anyone going to Wynwood tonight for the art fairs?  If so, let me know... we can meet up. -Max... read more


hello u everybody i m new in this and i m looking for a woman who enjoy thisnice and good life to go enjoy a swing club  well if anybody know somebody please let me know thank u oliver... read more

#1 Profile pic is only a wrist with a bracelet

There were lots of posts on a previous blog regarding a profile with the #1 pic of a wrist with a bracelet.   I remember the thread somewhat as it was there, then taken down, then reappeared.  Please refresh my memory.... read more

Sunday At the Trap Fort Lauderdale

Very excited to have our first Swing Poker game at the Trapeze this Sunday. The game is going to start at 10 p.m. but we will be set up at 8:30 to help explain the rules and let people practice. It is going to be a blast. This blog is for answering any questions people have that might abou... read more

Thoughts on Temptations Cancun

Well were back in Fort Lauderdale, and let us tell you we got to experience a whole lot, from the good to the ugly.  I was fortunate to been asked to teach yoga there during my stay. First, the rooms were small but hey, it's the people that make the resort right ?  The resort was in the... read more

Your Favorite Film Sex of All Time

   Consider this blog something of a companion piece to SandyBeach's blog on favorite songs of all time.     What is your favorite erotic or sex scene in a film?  Here's my top 21 list of most erotic moments in my film viewing: 21.  Cher after her new haird... read more

swinger clubs london

we are planing a hot weekend in london and looking for a hot club for couples or bars or restaurants .... read more

Hot adult movie recommendations?

We rented a hot 'swinger' video on VOD Friday titled "Lustful Housewives" by Marc Dorcel.  First scene sets the tone nicely! Any recommendations from you?... read more

Getting it Up & Keeping it Up

I need help on this and am hoping that someone can provide some insight. I'm the woman in the relationship and am experiencing full-swap issues where the male of the couple we're swapping with can't stay erect! I have a high sex drive, my man has a high sex drive & we have great, passionate &... read more

Our First Club

 We attended our fist swingers club last night (Cams) and it was absolutely fantastic. Being new to this we never played with anyone, basically held reassured eachother and used the private rooms but we met some lovely people and I am sure, now we know what to expect, will play with others next... read more

Caliente Caribe

Has anyone gone to Caliente Caribe? What a dump. We have been to Lifestyle resorts all over the world This place ahs to be the worst. We waited almost two hours for a lobster that they "deep fried" There was grease from the fryer all over the dishes. We had to walk like a half mi... read more

Why the Fantasies section in profiles is never filled out?

I wanted to ask all of you as to why nobody wants to fill the fantasy section in your profiles.  I know some have one but its rare.  What is it? Worried of what someone might think? Feel is to personal? Dont have any you have done them all? Only want to tell in person is the most common th... read more

Desire Pearl in June 2013? Yes or no?

 We are planning on going to Desire Pearl in June of 2013. Has anyone gone yet? Is it worth it? or is anyone planning on going in June? The good news is this trip is at least going to be 4 couples so we can make it a blast. Comment please.... read more

hidden validations

I do respect anyone's inalienable right to their choice and wish. But, it beats basic sense that some people in the lifestyle obtains validations and then hide it! Can anyone rationalise this? What's your take about hidden validation? Let the conversation and debate commence! Sjoe... read more