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Luv my slut wife in S Fl

S. Florida Slut-HousewifeYou really should meet April, my beautiful, sexy, submissive slut wife, whom I love dearly, and has been fucked by over 1,300 guys over the last three years, fucked many of them on numerous occasions, at our regularly or impromptu scheduled Gang Bangs, first in NYC and now i... read more

intima resort tulum Mexico

We are thinking about going there anyone ever been there you can share with us your trip... read more

what is bbc

Will someone tell me what bbc stands for? Yes I Google it, but I am sure on this site bbc isn't British broadcasting. If there other lifestyle abbreviations/terms you want to define for me that would be awesome.... read more

When in Paris!

We're in Paris for NY & would love to visit a swIngers club while here - any recommendations?... read more

New Years eve swingers party

New Years eve swingers party is here it is the place to be. It is a place everyone can come and be themselves if you have any questions about the event please contact Katrina at 561-951-6994!!Location: 1610 s Flagler blvd lake park fl 33403Time: 9:00pm - until.Come join us in our first New Years Eve... read more

Christamas Week - Lovely Home Time! 22/12 to 27/12

22/12 Monday morning! Rita was sleeping soundly and didn't wake up till nearly 11. After brunch in bed I walked to the office for a brief visit and then popped into the surgery to pick up a prescription for a steroid injection in my elbow. Home and did some weights and did a mix of work, trades and ... read more

Low Swinging Activity in Madrid

I was wondering why the swinging activity is so low in Madrid. I mean it is new year time and cannot see public or private parties to be held in Madrid. Even there is no activities in the communities located in Madrid. On the other side there is a lot of action going on in Barcelona. Any explanation... read more

Meeting Others In Lifestyle

Where have you found the most success meeting others in the lifestyle? ... read more

Law of Attraction & the Ethical Slut.

"I think women are sexy when they got some clothes on. And if later they take them off then you've triumphed. Somebody once said it's what you dont see you're interested in, and this is true." ~ Groucho Marx. I am not speaking of the concept revisited recently by The Secret, rather that chemistry ... read more

Party meet and greet

Couple from ct looking for a party or event to meet couples... any suggestions... read more

single women

It's perfectly obvious that woman lye about be single. .if the devours rate is 50 percent. But yet 99.percent of the women here are a couple. It's a scam . There would have to be a equal amount of men single or couples as woman. ... read more

Are Single Guys Having A Hard Time Finding A Couple Or Female Interested In Them?

I been on here over a few years from now & other adult sites as well, it seems to me that when you write a messege to a few couples & woman on here, they would automatically block you or get rude with a reply messege back, it maybe they not interested in single men or they rather stick to th... read more

Happy Holidays.........

.......and a prosperous New Year!Politically correct blog.... read more

Whatisapp Group

Hey thinking about whatsapp group of swinger's all around the world and share over it. Is there any group if yes then let us know and if now then lets START sharing ur whatsapp number and we start group....mary chiristmis cheers... read more

How safe is to do Rimming?

I have seen movies where rimming seems to be very hot, but I am not sure how sure that is in terms of hygiene.... read more

MFF Scenario

When my wife first agreed and got excited about having a threesome, it was refreshing. For years I asked her to at least think about inviting another woman into the bedroom, as most men probably at some time have done to their wives, and every time she shot it down. Something changed as she got olde... read more


The Mrs and I were having a conversation the other night about the lifestyle and she mentioned one of her concerns was condoms slipping off. She told me how in the past, she has had instances where the condom has slipped off while in the act with previous boyfriends. i told her i have never had a co... read more

Respect & Honesty

Not sure why after 25+ yrs of swinging I am bringing up this topic of conversation. But is it too much to ask to have a little respect and honesty in this lifestyle. We are all taking a risk by playing with each other that is why we try to choose wisely who we play with. But I am not sure if this... read more


Ok folks. It is that time of the year again when has their 12 week challenge. Last year I was going good and tore my meniscus. This year I am ready. Win or lose this will be cool. You get a chance to showoff and meet people with similar committment to fitness. A lady and guy each ... read more

Great Little LIaison Party in London: 15 to 21/12/14

15/12 First night where we both slept straight through - me till 8.40 and Rita till 11am. Worked in bed and then had brunch in bed before getting up. At 3 Ieft for London to meet Ka at 4. Good meeting and left for home just after 5. Watched the start of a new series on Amazon Prime - Marco Polo. The... read more

Long time married, how to add spice

ok , all you experienced lifestyle couples, tell us how you do it. Finding lifestyle participants is not a problem . Online, clubs , meet and greets- got that part. As a couple that wants the excitement of meeting new people and the fun and intimacy playing with other couples brings, what "system" d... read more

What is a swinger in the lifestyle?

swing·er : a person who is lively, exciting, and up-to-date : one who engages freely in sex"You aren't a swinger because you aren't married" was said to me by a Mr of a couple in a polite conversation years ago in Los Angeles. I chimed in "Well then single females aka unicorns aren't swingers eithe... read more

Roof Top Swingers Resort in Hollywood Beach FL

Roof Top Swingers Resort in Hollywood Beach FLFlights Booked for our next Roof trip Feb. 11- 17Hope ALL old & new friends CUM and visit! trip, stay, week, day, hour minute and second is GB time for my SLUT Wife whe... read more

Newyear eve in Copenhagen

Hi! We are going to Copenhagen 31 of Des and returns to Norway 3 of January. Anyone know of a open club or private party?... read more


I thought I'd end 2014 with a good political blog so this Cuba discussion is right on time........ read more


In the past I used to do the grooming all my self. Yet I would always miss areas. Today I looked around for a Female that could do the shave not a wax (Yikes)Anyway pleased to say found a place that is very private and charges 50.00 for it. I went brazil with just a little left on the top. I would r... read more

Upland Ca. Single male straight

I'm looking to hang with females and or couples. 909-240-6301... read more

LasVegas AVN Porn Indusrty "Oscar" Awards

We are going to the Adult Video News (AVN) Porn Industry's convention and "Oscar" Awards in Vegas 1/21 -1/26/15. It will be our first time! Really don't want to miss anything! We are looking for advice from anyone that has knowledge as to 1) what we should do; 2) what not to do; 3) anything we sh... read more

Swingers Cruise

Have you ever been on a swingers cruise? For that matter have you ever met swingers on a vanilla cruise :-) ... read more

Mature man

Any mature man to webcam with ... read more

Kids in a candy store: a lifestyle observation.

Though I am new to this site, I am not new to the lifestyle as I've participated in it since 2011 in Southern California. The one major observation I've made is how people approach the lifestyle in their first year as a kid having free reign in a candy store would. (Or dare I make the comparison to... read more

98 on profile? Really? Why?

What's up with all these members putting down the age as 98?? If someone can't be open and honest about this on their profile what else are they hiding or afraid of? Its so childish and rude that most members we know will not even reply or engage these deceivers so why do they even bother joining an... read more

Recovering from Desire -Always a Surprise Though i Life! : 7/12 to 14/12

7/12 Slept really well in the flight and we landed in London around 11am and were home by 12.30. Unpacked and showered and Rita started the washing! We got through to early evening and watched TV in bed but struggled not to doze off. Fell asleep after 10 and cuddled under duvet. 8/12 I... read more

Dress code for single chaps

hey single guys. Please make an effort when your going to meet a couple to dress up just a little . The lady deserves something a little more attractive than flip flops , paint flecked T shirts and raggedy jeans. Unless it's really well done Shabby Chiq don't do it!Its not nice for the hubby or BF ... read more

Finances, friends and fuckery;

I have a history. Thing is, it's a history with all of the players of SDC and especially, those that remember what the initials ST mean. How does that lead you to my topic of "Finances, friends or fuckery? Oh, please, let me explain. You see, I've been here since the beginning. I can tell you stori... read more


Going on the carnival Sunshine 1/10/15, Looking for discreet late night fun :)... read more

To kiss or not to kiss - that is the question?

Is it strange as a couple who are very much in love with each other, we made the choice not to want to kiss other couples when we were hanging out with them ? We are finding it a deal breaker on many occasions when trying to find couples that want to hook up - our reasoning behind this is that it i... read more

Help Us to make a decision!!

Friday 19th.fetish factory @roof top or trapeze ????... read more


going on the carnival victory the dec. 18th. anybody else gonna be there as well ... read more

Best Place For New Year's Eve Party

We are looking for best party place for New Year's Eve...any suggestions?... read more

Who is going to TBL in Ft Myers 12-12-14

We have a good group of friends going to TBL this Friday. Wondering who else may be going?... read more

Does "Vanilla Dating" have no flavour?

So the past couple of weeks I have been on traditional vanilla dates (dinner and a movie) with a couple of different women. They were enjoyable and casual in both instances and the ladies were pretty and charming. However, there were a couple of small problems for me: First of all, I find the whole ... read more


Posted a blog that a scientific study came to the conclusion that the best sex is from 7-13 minutes. Honestly, would agree with that.OK, so before penetration, what is the correct time for women, and secondary, and really secondary, the men, for foreplay? Foreplay is many things, but after many year... read more

Dallas Sex Therapist accepting to Lifestyle

Does anyone have any recommendations on a sexual therapist who is accepting of the lifestyle? My wife and I have been soft swinging for the last 2 years and before we move forward to the next step we would like a open minded therapist to coach us intelligently.... read more

Does size matter

Is it ever Too Big (COCK)... read more

Going on Carnival Victory

We are Going on Carnival Victory Jan 1-5 for the wife's Birthday. Looking for other Fun couples who are going let us know maybe we can meet up ahead of time. We have never been on Carnival so any advice would be appreciated.... read more

No we r not interested

We should all admit that we r different than others not enjoying our lifestyle , this should make us respect/understand each other more and at least reply on emails we do receive even with (no we r not interested or not now or we will contact u later ) . These words will be enough for any gentleman... read more

Places to meet a new date

Can anyone in the Ft Worth, Texas area recommend a dark, intimate bar or restaurant to meet a new LS date so if we decide to play under the table, it won't be so obvious and upset those around us? Thank you... read more

Mexico - Cancun & Desire: 24/11 to 6/12

24/11 Alarm went off at 8 and we got ready and walked across to the BA check in. Then to BA lounge for breakfast and on to the plane some 15 mins before it departed. Rita sank a few Merlots - had a nice beef fillet lunch and then straightened out the bed and slept, after watching a film, almost the ... read more

CLIQUISH in Lifestyle Clubs?

NO WAY! Then why do visitors and newcomers feel like outcasts in so many clubs?Yes everyone is new at some point, but I remember going to clubs, asked if we were new, and if so given a little tour or introduced to some that were like the club ambassador's. It breaks the ice and gives you a bit of a ... read more

Remember when I asked for your opinion?

ME NEITHER.... read more

Friend needs apt in miami area

Have a friend moving into town..she is looking for an apt. 1 or 2 bdroom...or if anyone knows of anything...msg plz. ... read more

Award Winning Musicians a Tradition at Black Tie & Lingerie Ball

It was New Year's Eve, December 31st 2010, with more than two feet of fresh snow blanketing the Connecticut countryside when Grammy Award winner Maya Azucena performed at the 5th Black Tie & Lingerie Ball. Maya, who is known for her soaring, soulful vocals was the first Grammy Award winning musi... read more

Her Favorite Erotica

Looking for opinions from the wives out there... What is your favorite erotic book? Nothing has brought erotica back into the forefront of society like 50 Shades of Grey (personally prefer a strong female, however..), but here are a couple of books that top our list so far: Exit to Eden by An... read more

First time in Cap d'Agde

This post is about our first experineces as swingers. This was in the end of July this year, hope you like our story and will comment it!This summer we finally went to Cap d'Agde, the swingers paradise that everyone talks about.We were pretty nervous both of us when we arrived, but there were two ot... read more

Costa Rica Lifestyle Resorts

Hi ... Doc and I are anxious to go to a different Lifestyle Resort other than the obvious Desire, Temptations, and Hedo ... all of which we have been over 50 times... (true). WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING NEW .... thinking of going to one of the Costa Rica lifestyle resorts ... maybe Desire Hotel Co... read more

50'shades of bdsm questions

OK, so as a full time 24/7 D/s couple we are constantly approached and asked all manner of things about the scene and how it is in real life. Here's an opportunity to ask us anything. Hell, maybe we will even win the contest ;)... read more

Finally Opening Up!

Soooo, the hubby and I decided to finally open up our relationship! I am so super excited!!!!! We had talked about for years and also talked about the "what if's" or the "imagine is" Currently we are looking for our own people, I am looking for a female (I have always been into girls) (slept with a ... read more

Best Sex Is 7 To 13 Minutes?

Recent sex study came to the conclusion that the best sex lasted from 7 to 13 minutes. It seems that many women, including Mrs. Euro, do not like to be pounded for a long time. I would agree, the first 5 minutes with a new female partner tend to be the most exciting for me, learning, communicating,... read more

A Story To Tell The Children And Family

We've been having a hard time inventing stories to explain our late nights, overnights, and new "friends" to our kids (14 and17)...especially knowing they pass info to their grandparents. Babysitters (and their parents) also give us funny looks when we get home at 3 am. I'm sure some of you hav... read more

New Orleans in January

We will be heading to New Orleans for weekend of fun in January . We will be traveling with another couple and would like ideas regarding the city . Any input into bars clubs and other venues would be greatly appreciated . Thank you.... read more

Happy Ending June 28th, 2015

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: After 37 wonderful years of serving the Lifestyle community, Norbert and his wife have decided to retire. We invite you to join us in celebrating the Happiest Adult Place on earth before Norbert's Magical Kingdom disappears forever. Don't miss any of the naughty fun! Our dedica... read more


We Sarah and Matt. We are having a party at Eyez on Saturday. Sarah just turned 26 on the 27th and Matt is turning 26 on the 6th. We would like to get a big group of people to join us. We will have a table save. Come meet us and other sexy couples that are going. Less see where the night takes us al... read more

Black ring

Has anyone bought one of the rings to tell all that your in the LS? ... read more

Ft Myers/Naples

We will be visiting the Ft Myers/Naples area in the next couple weeks. Can anyone provide some direction or suggestions where we might find some adult fun. Thanks in advance.... read more

Private house party

Tuesday we are having a naked party at our place its in Addison. It would be a nude party females and couples are welcome no single man allowed. It's a byob redbull n sodas will be served. Thank you ... read more

Lifestyle Fantasy Expo 2015 Holiday Special Extended

For all wondering yes we did extend the special for Lifestyle Fantasy Expo in south Florida which is a savings of over $250.00. Also vendor spots are at half price as well until December 15, 2014. We are also searching for those interested in giving seminars, we probably can only book one more pho... read more

Tampa Hotel

Was wondering if anyone knows of a decent hotel near Eyez in Tampa. Kind of a long drive home so thought maybe i'd stay one night. Or let me know if you want to share a room?... read more

club or party attire-

When you are attending a lifestyle club or party, you are obviously there for a reason. Is there a specific kind of clothing or attire a person can wear that makes you more likely to approach the person or couple. My experiences are very limited, but I find I am more likely to approach the couple th... read more

have some fun

We are a mid 30's couple looking for some Skype or Webcam fun. This is our first time doing something like this. We tried pay sites before, but everything and everyone looked so fake. We are looking for a real couple like us. We are above average looking and would like the same. No old couples pleas... read more


The first time a couple let me watch them having sex is by far the the most erotic thing I have ever done I love the sounds there face expressions. I will love to do it again if anyone is South Florida wants to be watched I aam your guys I don't need to join in watching is good for m... read more

My Hot Wife

My wife and i are in our early fiftys now,But the wife dont seem to age i cant figure that out lol.Anyway we have been married for over 37 years now,when we were younger my wife wasnt very sexual i think because she was to busy with the children at the time.Every now and then she would get very sexu... read more

New Year's Eve location in Belgium

We start and maintain this pop-iup blog until we find our location for NYE 2014..We would like to encourage people to contact us incase they can help us in our search for a nice and maybe kinky location that we can share or rent with New Year' Eve..Our favorite cities would include Bruges, Ghent, Br... read more