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HAPPY SAFE NEW YEARS....... all of the regular criminals on the Blog!!... read more




Hi all our nice friends ,we decide yesterday to take off our face pics from SDC us both Me and my wife have so big imported work and we also see this swinger Life grove and we have meet so many peoples arround the World during the past years . We says to each other that if we meet peoples we know an... read more

Deenies Hideaway

Has anyone been to Deenies recently? We are thinking of going there Friday night and have not been for a while. Please let us know... read more


My husband and I have been very much in love and married for 39 years. For the last ten years we always branched out with our sexual experiences, not to `spice` things up, but venture onto new horizons. We originally started going to adult clubs, and have had a had many threesomes and have enjoyed o... read more

( . Y . )

Does anyone else call out their own name during sex?   &nbsp:p... read more

How do I use this site to find out about the scene in Marbella?

How do I use this site to find out about the scene in Marbella?... read more

How to go from Soft to Full?

So, as we have acquired experiences in the LS, at least for me (the male) I have noticed, I have felt uneasy when it comes to go full or better put, how to transition from soft activities to intercourse. In the other side, my wife tells me the guys are quick to tell her they are ready to go full, W... read more

What to do in Southern Ohio???

Am setting up in the Dayton Ohio area...  more specifically in the a place called Yellow Springs...Are there any swingers near me??  Cool, Sexual, Bad Couples, or Single ladies that are up for Fun???    If so and you like me- send me an email...  I am bold enough to travel and spend the night,... read more


I hope those in the area are safe and sound from last night`s storm. ... read more

New Years in Hollywood Beach--FL

Hello - Fun West coast couple heading to the Hollywood Beach Marriott for New Years through Saturday. Wondering if any locals were interested in meeting us poolside for a drink--- we`ve got plans to celebrate the New Years near by and relax for some much needed corporate decompression. &nbspHapp... read more


I miss eye contact and fingertip touching :)... read more

House Party in Hampshire.

We are holding a Cpls and females party at our home, on the 23rd of January 2016. Limited places, about 10 Cpls only, we are looking genuine fun Cpls and females only, no shag and go people please, we have had a few party`s before with great success, we are a mature cpl, so if you are not into older... read more

The Curious Couple Podcast - Desire Mexico

Hey guys,Have you been to Desire Riviera Maya? &nbspWe podcast while on our first trip there. &nbspPodcast part 1 &amp 2 are out with part 3 &amp 4 to still come. &nbspWe take you through the whole experience. &nbspWe talk about the resort and we get into the details of our s... read more

Trimmed And Shaved

So I showered, had a fresh haircut, cologne on, nicely ironed clothes and riding towards our vanilla Christmas party when all the sudden I freaked out and almost turn around because I had forgotten to shave downthere... That`s when I knew I was officially in the Lifestyle! Merry Christmas y`all! ... read more

Sex With A Stranger

Hello again.  I just wrote yesterday.  So the thing is I`m a very intuitive person.  I know a lot about people and events - some things that have happened yet.  That sort of thing.    So, I`m putting it on the line.  The 2016 phrase to catch on is and will continue to be `mutual sexual fun`.... read more

Tantra Pleasures

I have been practicing tantra massage and (to a lesser extent) tantric sex principles for some time now, but never had the chance to really use them back home in India. As a single guy, its hard to find a willing partner here. So I was really happy yesterday to find someone quite excited to try a ta... read more

How to find a perfect BB Bull?

Hi all! We have been looking for quite sometime for the (for us) perfect big black bull. It`s mainly the mrs demands that are hard to find. She is afraid that the situation is more about the bull and the hubby than her. For her cuckold is about her getting genuinely interested and excited in a big b... read more

Sex with A Stranger

Wow, now it`s almost Christmas.  It ends up that I`m so much not&nbspthe Sex With A Strange type.  I have been seeing the same three men since my last entry.  And I don`t think I mentioned that the guy who motivated me to start this blog and I are seeing each other again.  It`s the same thre... read more


We are goingg to stay at the 23 feb to 7 March 16 anyone else going to be there and want to break the Ice before hand or even some suggestions, We are open to all input no one knows everythingwe are willing to help with what we know also... read more

everybody know

Last night I lost a 14 yo niece to carbon monoxide. The hazards of carbon monoxide is one of those things that `everybody know about`. Yet according to the CDC, there is over 400 unintentional deaths every year cause by something `everybody knows about`.Please talk to your kids and make sure that th... read more

Cool Week - Fun at LeBoudoir: 14/12 to 21/12/15

14/12 Woke at 9 and felt tired. Quiet day working as Rita out shopping. Had a light snack and min alcohol in evening as decided it was time to lose 3-4 kilos. 15/12 Again spent most of the day working broken up by a short trip to gym. Rita went off to have lunch with L in Notting Hill. Weather wet a... read more

Resort Takeover vs Lifestyle Cruise

We are planning on attending a resort takeover or a lifestyle cruise next year and wanted some input from people who have been to both.  Which do you prefer?  and why do you prefer it over the other?Thank you for your input and time.... read more

Lakeville CT

Hi All. We are from Montreal visiting ever so often to Hotchkiss to visit our daughter. While we or Sandy are there we would like to meet Lifestyle couple that we could hang out with. Not much to do around there. Your interaction would be awesome.Sandy &amp Sheldon... read more

Sambuca 360 in Plano, TX

Long known to be a cougar bar, this restaurant/bar at the Shops of Legacy has transformed into an `unofficial` lifestyle club. Perhaps it`s due to being a place for couples to meet without the hassles of driving south and paying club fees, the `VIP` is usually filled with flirting couples that vanil... read more

New Years Eve Party in FL ?

So anyone going to any cool New Years Eve party`s in FL ? The only thing I can see is the below party. Last one had 300-400 couples. If that is all there is going on (??),  I am looking for cool couples or singles to go to the hotel take over with me in Orlando at Secrets Hideaway, my treat of cour... read more


Has anyone been to Hotel Castillo de Monda in spain as we are looking for somewhere to go before the SDC takeover in Cadiz.Any advice would be much appreciated.Mike n Deb... read more

Bliss cruise

I can`t find any review online. Anybody who has been on a Bliss cruise could give us a review or comparaison with a SDC cruise? Thanks... read more

Cap d`Agde... options

We are looking to visit Cap for the first time, but since we prefer Airbnb over most any hotel, we wanted to inquire about non-guest access to places like Jardin d`Eden, and other true lifestyle establishments. &nbspAny information from veterans of the Cap would be appreciated.xo,M&ampS... read more

Episode VII

Is anyone as excited as us to see the new star wars? We`re huge star wars geeks and are about to pee our pants in anticipation. We just need to find the best theater to see it in. 3D is a must.... read more

Work week but lots of home fun! 7/12 to 13/12

7/12 Monday morning. Rita`s period had started. Had to get up early and start a tender and got absorbed in that most of the day till early evening. We had supper - watched a little TV. Then we went to bed as we where both very tired.8/12 Woke and then spent another day on the tender and we repeated ... read more


I have a fantacy as &nbsptwo three guys and my hubby together should tease me till i beg them for fuck...does any one have such or some extra kinky fantasies....... read more

If you don`t like Single Males, why are you asking for them in your profile?

I don`t understand why people do this, their profile lists looking for single male, then in the written part is says, No Single Males. How difficult is it to unclick Single Male? Better still why are you offended by single males that write you? You are the ones telling them it is OK to write you.... read more

Hedonism for x-mas, any tips or joiners? :)

We plan for Jamaica during x-mas this year and considering Hedonism. Both of us early 30, what can we expect from the crowd in terms of ages during events like x-mas till end of year? Or... perhaps any of you joining? ... read more

Ski in the Dolomites

Anyone coming to ski in the most spectacular place in the world?We`re a swinging couple and like to meet likeminded people that fit to us for their age and weight.Hope to meet many people on the Blog `Ski in the Dolomites` and are always happy to give advices about area and more.GreetingsH&ampF... read more

Getting On

Hi, well I`ve been a member of this site for ten years. I`ve always enjoyed looking at naked wives as I felt they were real women that you would see on the street rather than professionals. The downside is we`ve hit 60 and so are no longer attractive&nbspto the couples who frequent this site. Th... read more

Never would I ever.... but then you did.

The majority of people who venture into the lifestyle have a line they don`t feel comfortable crossing in the beginning which often times is attributed to being comfortable. Take for instance when I first got involved I was only seeking single females but as time and a few experiences made me realiz... read more

Amsterdam Swingers` Clubs

Does anybody know any swingers` club in Amsterdam where they are friendly to single men?? I will be there for three nights... read more

After the circuit

Just got into Portland after two months on the lecture circuit. &nbspWas a successful trip but I found myself battling my yearning to get back to the lifestyle. &nbspA number of my host couples were great folks but no opportunities presented themselves and as the weeks went on I found myself... read more

Places to dance - various cities

I know this might be a bit off topic, lol, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.We are planning to visit, in the near future, St. Augustine (FL), Savannah (GA), Charleston (SC), Charlotte and Asheville (NC), and Nashville (TN). Possibly Memphis, too, depending on time.We`ve been looking online for p... read more

I just don`t get it

I hang out at Caliente Tampa a lot ! and I love Single men. &nbspBut lately the selection has a lot to be desired. Dress them up and you might say this guy is worth talking to or grabbing a quick feel, but they show up in towels or bath robes, or at best a old shirt that makes plumbers crack loo... read more

What Do you think.

What do you do when you become part of drama from another lifestyle couple. My next question is what would you put into words what lifestyle means to you.... read more

Bareback Party DFW

Looking to put together a Bareback Party Group in DFW for Couples, Females, and Select single straight males. Reply to the pole if interested.... read more

In my next life...

I want to rid myself of this accursed male sex drive...consumes me :)... read more

Fun but tiring week: 29/11 to 6/12/15

29/11 Slept like a log through to 7am and read The Times and then fell asleep till 11am when we both got got woken up by Rita`s phone - Rita`s eldest who said he was coming round for a few hours. I then got up and went to gym and when I got back Y was here. I showered and started to watch the Abu Dh... read more

What if you come across with a friend or colelague during your swinger advanture?

Hey..I havent been in such a strange situation but I have heard a lot..Have you ever faced with it? How was it?Or how would you react?Cheers,Jero,... read more


Hello people of the Sdc I put a blog but I noticed q was a mistake thanks people who told me now will have to change strategy... read more

The Lux

Anybody care to share some info on the Lux. Thinking of attending.... read more

During swinging you met any one that surprised you...

I met one of my ex colleague... she was in her late 30s but a sex bomb.. met her hubby first and when visited their home was shocked at first but later was amazed....... read more

Swingers resorts and naughty vacations

There are some great swingers resorts such as the Desire resorts in Mexico, Hedonism II in Jamaica and let`s also mention Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic. In Europe we have the Spice resort on the Island of Lanzarote and Cap D`agde in France. But they don`t do it (for us) as much as the pr... read more

Going to west palm and miami. Any suggestions for play

Weekend getaway . Need help with people from Miami  ... read more

who is the most surprising person you meet at a swingers party/club

Have you every meet someone that you knew at a swingers party/club, and you had no idea that they were into that.... read more

swinger club FL

I will stay in Miami, FL for a week shortly. Does anyone can suggest a nice swinger club where singles are welcome ? A good place for gang bang also welcoe.Thanks for help :)... read more