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AbFab /Kestrels London

I`m thinking of going to Kestrels on Saturday night with a lady friend of mine - it`s her first time and I`ve never been on a Saturday night before. Is it a good night for a first time for a woman? Thanls.... read more

Trapeze Ft Lauderdale

Anyone have any suggestions as to what is the best day of the week to go to Trapeze?Thanks!... read more

The Curious Couple Podcast #52

Come party with us and other podcasters at Desire in 2017! It’s been a while since our last podcast, and we have plenty to talk about. We start with the biggest thing going on with us these days, surprise! We recall our Halloween trip to Dallas with friends that resulted in a very real “discussi... read more

Hedo in June!

Hey folks!  We are going to Hedo in June and I thought that this might be a great opportunity to meet some people who live other places and can`t meet up with us normally.  I know it`s a long shot, but maybe a few of you would want to go when we go and we could leverage our numbers for discounts a... read more

Desirous Party Question

There is a Desrious Party in Houston at a Hotel near Hobby Airport around Valentines day.  Are these parties usually just a off-premise type hook up opportunity where you go back to your room to play with who you meet or is there full intercourse play on premise allowed in the party venue like at a... read more


My girlfriend and I are heading to Amsterdam for relaxation and fun on the 13th of January 2017.Any recommendation for swinging club?Does anyone know if FATA-MORGANA &nbspis easily accessible from Amsterdam? ... read more

Swingerclub or Hotel takeover

We are headed to our first hotel takeover hosted by Fiction parties for New Years. Club or hotel which do you prefer and why?... read more

Bring on 2017!!

2016 has been a terrible year when you look around the world and we also had some challenges in our life. However, sexually it has been great. We met many great people, from all over the world. In Bangkok, South Africa, and sexy couples in Cap from the UK, (lots of them this year), Switzerland, Slov... read more

Dear Penthouse

I always wondered if some of the stories here were just made-up and I certainly never thought anything like that would happen to me. Wow was I wrong. I am a 38 y/o single black male. I’m a tall, fit IT professional who travels the US weekly to vari... read more

I do

`I am firm believer in female supremacy,this is the natural order of life. Men were put on earth to serve women...`... read more


What makes a good lover isn`t size below the belt but how sensitive and sensuous,informed and imaginative you are..Women get the most exciting sensations from the region stimulated with your hands mouth or groin, not your penis... read more

An Unexpected and Sexy Christmas: 19/12 to 26/12/16

19/12 Woke at 9.30 after a bad night of food poisoning. Having chatted with Rita I decided I`d bring forward the HIFU procedure to January as I was fed up with the AAD side effects and take the chance that the post procedure effects will be cleared up - which they should be - by the time we plan to ... read more

New Years at Lanier Islands

Anyone&nbspgoing to Lanier Isands New Years Eve  Great Band and nice rooms  ... read more

Lifestyle markers

Am interested in feedback on the use of `bracelets` &amp other identifiers signaling as lifestyle friendly in a vanilla world. For example, we were disappointed that wearing wristbands were basically shunned by swingers at a particular event that had both nudists &amp swingers. In everyday l... read more

swinging travel.

. I have 2 passions. Sex and travel in any order. See my profile. While I was working they forced more money on me then I had brains for and I bought some luxury time shares. Now I look for ever for people to join me for stay in plush condos in Mexico, on the islands or on cruises. Of course I still... read more

Strap on

points of veiw!i am a happy married lady that likes to go to clubs with my hubby for a great night,i am also bi and enjoy women! So for a early crimbo pressie my hubby got me a stap on ( my response what am i ment to do with that) i am quite happy with the use of hands and mouth! Hubby cannot unders... read more

cum lovers

there are some ladies with whom i`ve&nbspplayed with who want and demand the cum&nbspfrom&nbspmyself and other players in the room,they insist on swallowing and really seem to enjoy it.then there are others who turn up their nose at it as if it were poison,i wonder sometimes ,but those w... read more

swinger related songs

hey, what is your favorite songs while swinging ?... read more

Photo in the car?

Ok we are not picking on single males here, although they seem to do this more than others...but what does it say about someone who has one photo on the profile and it is of them sitting behind the wheel of their car?1. They dont have a living room sofa on which to take a selfie?2. They do have a li... read more

Up and Down Week: 12/12 to 18/12

12/12 Woke slowly and after tea Rita and I made love. The rest of the day was spent on a mix of work and general stuff. Early evening we both headed to Harley St to see Consultant. Following the report we had received I told him that I wanted the ultrasound option on my prostate and he explained to ... read more

Our first validation!

Had a brilliant lunch this weekend and with it we got our first SDC validation :)It was really great to see so kind words and it got me wondering: how important are validations to the general SDC populace? If you see one, what, if anything does it do to your decision making? Does it alter it much, i... read more

Breakneck Collision - Bi-curosity Satisfied

It was bi far the quickest, most brisk encounter we had with any couple till date!We were already comfortable and excited and were looking forward to meeting new couples. considering all the precautions couples took while scrutinizing each other and getting introduced, this was a peculiar incident c... read more

Sad to say

It`s sad to say that my time here is almost up. This is the second time as a paid member and the second time that I have not met anyone for as much as a cup of coffee. I know there will be a lot of haters out there that will probably reply to this blog. Please, don`t waste your time. Believe it or n... read more

Naughty n Nawlins

Any info or comments about Naughty n Nawlins?Web site for info?THANKS... read more

Paris club with private rooms?

Hello, visiting Paris with friends who are (new to the lifestyle) couple, shy and inexperienced. They are considering to visit a liberal club mainly to watch only and may play in a private room if available. Anyone knows about a nice couples only club with private rooms?Thanks to share your experie... read more

Old friend

I have told you all about an old college friend of mine that I reconnected with through Facebook and he wants to get together. As he lives many miles away I ask him to stay over and he is now on his way. I go make up the guest room for him. When I see a car arrive I go out to greet him and bring him... read more

When and where to report abuse...

So a single male reached out to me and said the following:`Not sure you have to be a dick. You talk all that smack about how a single male should approach in the LS and your (sic) one if (sic) the biggest dueches (sic) I know. I found your FB and believe me I`ll send all your SDC picture (sic) to ... read more

More unsolicited advice for single males...

I`m not sure why, but I have a soft spot for single males in the lifestyle.  I hope to never be one.  Having a hot wife is such a bonus and gets me behind the velvet rope with such ease that I barely notice anymore.  But when we are approached by single guys looking for attention, I`m reminded ag... read more

Costa Blanco Spain

Has anyone been to any of the clubs in the Costa Blanco area of Spain? Esp in the Alicante area... read more

favorite state to swing

Hello everyonewhere is your favorite vacation swing spot? &nbspvegas? california, chicago?Which is your favorite convention or multi day event?do you like swing cruises?let us know, we are curioushope to hear from read more

Rita in Moscow!: 5/12 to 11/12

5/11 Woke at 8 and read Times. Then showered a hit ready to leave for clinic in Brompton Road at 11. Rita slowly woke - hadn`t slept well. Took the bus and then walked from Hyde Park to Brompton Rd - a sunny, frosty Autumn day. Had the numbing cream put on my face and waited about 30 mins before pro... read more


It’s been a busy week and we haven’t seen each other much. I come home and give you a gift bag and say that you deserve a treat to make up for us not seeing much of each other. You smirk and put the kettle on. The smirk is because it’s a Victorias secret bag and that’s a treat for ME and not... read more

overnight musings

As we are currently separated and in different time zones. I like to leave a tale for my baby to wake to. Sometimes a realistic romantic thought, but often I delve into the grey areas of our fantasies. Once she reads them I like for her to ponder and think how she feels about them. What she likes or... read more

Disney park free

If there are any single ladies in or coming to the Orlando area and would like to visit Disney World with a fun outing couple, we are can be your hook up text pat n sarah 321 230 2523... read more

Thank you for being you...

At a time of year when we traditionally sit back and reflect on the year and what we hope for the year to come, we wanted to reach out and thank you, yes you, for being adventurous and brave enough to be a part of this lifestyle.  It seems shallow and lascivious at times, but this open minded pursu... read more

Looking for MMF threesome tonight

Good looking single male looking to join couples tonight ... read more

Angola is Swing

Hello all,we are a couple ready for new adventures in South Angola - Lobito both Portuguese/Angolan we are looking for fun, love, sex and vibe moments.Couples are welcome but also singles can join us for a good lounge moment.Please call us we`re looking for youWith love from Luanda,Us.... :)  ... read more

Hedo II Jan 2017

Can I get your thaughts about Hedo in first week of Jan 2017 ? Will it be lifestyle week then? Appreciate feedback from anyone going or has been there then!... read more

A Sensual Retreat

As we delved into the Lifestyle and had to our good fortune excellent experience with a few very nice couples right in the start, we were naturally feeling more confident and positive about it and wanted to meet more interesting like-minded people. It was that quest that made me look for more intere... read more

The first Encounter!

As I was taking shower, my mind was still racing, wondering what lays ahead and what am I about to do. I was more anxious and nervous than excited. After all, This will be the first time. I had never done this before. I was startled, imagining how I had come this far. Pursuing something that I had n... read more

An introspection into the lifestyle!

We are an educated decent and adventurous couple from Pakistan and are still pretty new to the lifestyle. For us, the quest started more as an experiment to serve our curiosities about the lifestyle, The anticipation of finding out how many real couples out there are in the lifestyle from our city. ... read more

Lifestyle Ski Trip in February 2017

In search of a trip in the US during Feb 2107, any suggestions??Thanks... read more

Wry observation...

I am struck by the advertisements for the Greek and Caribbean cruises appear to be on the same ship.... read more

Vegas in December

Looking for fun things in Vegas this month! Suggestions????? Not doing the touristy stuff... I more enjoy mixing a little vanilla with kink and want to find the nightlife spots. Somewhere that if I go in with my cuck on a leash they would find it interesting and fun...not the opposite.Clubs? Bars? P... read more

New to the Lifestyle

I am new to the lifestyle while my partner has been in it for a while.We have set our suggested limits and have gone to a couple clubs in our area but, so far not much has happened. I find it interesting and definetly want to keep exploring my boundaries but, I would like some input from those more ... read more

Busy Week and Fun Times: 26/11 to 4/12

26/11 Woke mid morning and watched F1 qualifying. Had a quiet afternoon and Rita got a call to see if we wanted to join MsM, M&ampD and her parents for an early supper at 6.30 at a local Italian. We were planning to go to a party in the evening later but agreed. We got the 10 mins later and M wa... read more


SDC keeps asking me to install a plug in: such requests scare the shit out of me. What is it and why should I install it and why should I consider it to be safe?Also, I use SDC from several different platforms, some of them not mine, to install stuff on!!! Will I be hamstrung by this?A... read more


Ok this has been done to death (savcpl) but I read an article via ifls (i fucking love science on fb). &nbspTypically that link is reliable. &nbspAnyway they had women drain the bladder then use a toy or a partner to get off. &nbspFor women that squirted the bladder somehow refilled prio... read more