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The unnecessary single male bashing

We have heard plenty comments designed to criticize the `single males` in the lifestyle. Without being found guilty of the same practice, let me say that many of these single males are actually attached and therefore represent a cheating spouse. Look! I am not going to pretend to be a moral compass,... read more

What is really coming out when a woman squirts? Study reveals

It`s pretty widely accepted at this point that—while it`s not super common—female ejaculation can happen. But the question remains: What is&nbspit, really? Is it—gasp—pee? A new French study, published in the&nbspJournal of Sexual Medicine, suggests that, yes, some urine is probably ... read more

swinger related movies

Hey there, What is your favorite swinger related movies ? many thanks :)... read more

Christmas Week: 18/12 to 26/12/17

18/12 My favourite day of the week! A quieter work day but heading toward Xmas so not surprising. Felt tired today but dragged myself to the gym and the session helped. Rita had spent the afternoon shopping and at her youngest’s flat and got back after 6. I left at 7.15 to meet my eldest son B at ... read more

Remembering the most enjoyable MfM threesome, ATLCPLWBIF

I loved laying next to her on the bed, holding her as she lays on her back, hips elevated, legs spread wide for him, feeling her body bump as he thrust, she held my excited, erect cock with one hand and her other on his hip guiding the depth of his thrust . My cock is so hard an... read more

buenos aires

please tell us all about swinging in Buenos Aires. we are there for a month in January. any suggestion would help.... read more

Oklahoma City Club

Anyone have any experience/opinions/advice with the Club in OKC?... read more

Public fun

Well.. what are the most safe places for public sex in Europe?Sharing your experiences is very much appreciated.Happy holidays : )... read more

Clubs in Madrid?

Any advice?Best, best days?we enjoy afternoons if there’s a good vibe. Single men ok as long as they’re well behaved and the club enforces rules. ... read more

Happy Holidays!


Fake Profiles

Whenever we encounter what we think is a fake profile we try and post it and let others know. &nbspWe all know them, couples and singles...They message you all week, you made plans and even hours before you are supposed to meet they return message but when it comes time to meet, they stop ... read more

Just a Fun Week: 11/12 to 17/12/17

11/12 Woke up and it was freezing - the heating had packed up and it was snowing outside! Rang landlord and it turned out to be a problem with the block. Wrapped up warm to work and Rita headed off to her youngest’s flat and to shop. Around lunchtime the heating came back on. Rita got back after 6... read more

Being that desperate Guy!

Me &amp My Wife` like to have fun while out clubbing. We often like to play in the opening from time to time. One thing I don`t need is for my Wife to be getting upset while playing and having a good time. Not just from our experiences` but for other`s who had experienced the same as well.To all... read more

Advice and tips: approaching a couple at a vanilla club?

Does anyone have suggestions on how to approach a couple at a vanilla club who`ve made it obvious they are looking for a single male?They are fairly easy to spot at times, when you see a couple perched at a table and the wife seems to be constantly being approached by men with her husband`s approval... read more


Vegas New Years 3 day Events &amp Suite After Parties. Come &amp kick of your week with the amazing line up we setup for you.Make sure you to book your tickets online asap before price goes up.Don`t forget to book your VIP table service we only have few cal... read more

Do you swing at hotel parties?

Hello swing world we’re still fairly new in the swing lifestyle and our question is Do you swing at hotel parties? We’ve been to a few swing clubs on several occasions where there is a lot of playing going on but it seems at hotel parties people more/less go to socialize with their other friends... read more

buenos aires

we are visiting Buenos aires for a month in January. any advice on where to go and do they do things differently there. are they more open there?  ... read more

Caliente Tampa

For the regulars of Caliente Tampa....what is the best time of the year to visit?...when do you guys throw the wildest party?... read more

Back into the Party Scene: 4/12 to 10/12/17

4/12 Didn’t wake till 11am! Got up and started work. Wished I could say I enjoyed it but it was c**p. Finished at 6 - showered and had supper and later sat and watched TV with Rita. Then headed to bed and Rita who had had a painful, uncomfortable day soon fell asleep. 5/12 Woke at 9.30 and got stu... read more

Glory Hole

Hey guys! We live like 15 mins from Charlotte NC and wanted to know if anyone out there knew of any legal glory hole locations near Charlotte NC? Preferably a clean facility?! My hubby and I are both interested in experiencing some glory hole fun!Let us know!Thank you,Britt and Ron... read more

speed dating

Hmmm, Cant believe  you can only post 1 speed date. We would love to post on vacations. used it 1 time mess up post would not let us do it again. This site works better on laptop than phone app or are they a up date?... read more

Suggestions for New Orleans

Will be in New Orleans for a few days over New Years weekend. &nbspWant to make the most of our time. &nbspWould appreciate suggestions of the best lifestyle scene.thanks S&ampT... read more


What do you think about face sitting... read more

The Fuck Buddies

My lady and I had an interesting experience at Trapeze not too long ago and things started good but ended bad with my lady abruptly leaving while I was 69’ing the other woman and she was giving the other guy fellatio. She erupted when she heard the woman moan. Note: We’re a soft swap coupleThe ... read more

“4 way Mutual attraction”

Any advice on finding chemistry amongst 4 people? My wife and I find this to be our biggest problem, so much to the fact that we’ve started to move more toward singles. It just seems impossible to find chemistry amongst 4. We have always said we aren’t taking one for the team, although with a li... read more


Are there any LS clubs in Cancun and if so how are they for people from the US.... read more

Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong

Hello...we will be in Thailand and Hong Kong over the Holidays.   Any advice on where to go or lifestyle venues? Interested in meeting local couples to show us around...... read more

Quietist Week for Margarita: 27/11 to 3/12/17

27/11 Alarm early as we had to be up to get Rita to the clinic for her procedure st 9. Couldn’t get a taxi and so took the bus to Knightsbridge and left her in good hands. I popped out to a nearby Cafe Nero for breakfast and got back at 11am. Rita was coming round and before midday we took a taxi ... read more

Daytime play

We`ve had a couple of great daytime experiences over the past few months and it`s something that seems to work for us on many levels.Due to family commitments, after-dark play seems to be getting more and more tricky however we`ve also come across a few situations where, after a long day at work, pl... read more

Beware: “Just for Dinner”

In case you received an unsolicited invitation for “Just for Dinner”, just a warning to be cautious. You will be sent to their own web site and asked to send your personal email and more pics. &nbspThey ask for full body, G-Rated pics. Clearly, if your profile already has full body, curren... read more

Den Haag

Free to have fun in The Hague with a single woman or a couple today 3rd Dec 2017xxxx... read more