Babysitter Seduction

So, my wife has this fantasy of me seducing our babysitter.  The babysitter is 19 yrs old and as cute as can be.  I am very hesitant.  Anyone have such an experience?


03-01-2012 by GDLLUSTING
no experience... but it sounds hot.
03-01-2012 by CHAMPAGNE21
Dude, you've got to be KIDDING!!!!

Hundreds, if not thousands of people on SDC are tripping over themselves to boink you both -

but....Good Gawd, do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a decent babysitter???
03-01-2012 by STPETE2003
am i the only one who thinks this idea is fucked up?
03-01-2012 by
 Now that you have asked for advice, Your babe is 24 don't get greedy. NEVER shit where you sleep. And never sleep with women that are young enough to be your daughter. Really.
03-01-2012 by SAVCPL
I fucked my brother's babysitter

I was only 15 at the time...but still, you know
03-01-2012 by
 well we all know that your a little fucked up. To many miles
03-01-2012 by
 This guy is 43 his hunny is 24 and he thinking about a 19 year old. What the hell do you talk about before sex?  Hey babe get in the bed and don't talk spread your legs. And what ever you do don't call me sir.
03-02-2012 by
Sounds hot to me.  Rock on.  
03-02-2012 by CHAMPAGNE21
-  Eagerly awaiting the post from that crazy, angry, one-liner Blog chica:  SexiJenni saying something that sounds like the Devil on that kid's shoulder in Animal House  "Fuck her! You know she wants it"   I can almost hear her typing as I post this....
03-02-2012 by STPETE2003
Bulbs... why are you grabbing your junk in your profile photo?
03-02-2012 by HARRYANDOVAL
Just a thought. Perhaps your wife has a hankering for some 19 year old pussy and is hoping you can bring it home. If it was a 19 year old male babysitter would you do it? My opinion, give it a try.
03-02-2012 by SIMPLEMAN
Noooooooooooooooooooooo, stay well away!!!! A girl of 19 is just a kid. If you try it on you might even succeed. BUT you are the same age as her father so in theory a person to be looked up to and respected. You risk causing massive damage to a young mind if you seduce her and then even more if your lady joins in.

PLEASE leave her well alone. I know a girl who was approached in this way when she was a baby sitter and for years she rejected other "normal" sexual approaches, as she was still suffering from her awful experience when she was younger. 

Dont do it.
03-02-2012 by KATIENBILL
Sounds like trouble. Also, it's 2 on 1 isn't it? Doesn't seem fair. Unless she makes the first move.....
03-02-2012 by GIGGITY28
This is a horrendous idea, I think "simpleman" has it spot on, leave the girl alone. If you are hesitant, very hesitant as you say then you already know it is a bad idea.
03-02-2012 by LEBOVIER2
The possibility of it ending in tears  is VERY VERY high.
Good way to get a sexual harassment charge on you. She is your employee and you are her employer. Some things are better left as fantasies and this is one of them.

03-02-2012 by SENSHUUS
 Has she come on to either of you? If she hasn't steer clear.
03-02-2012 by
 Why did you change the age of your wife on your profile? If she is 24 be proud of that, but be ashamed of your blog.
03-02-2012 by
This is getting silly.  She's 19.  Society says she can vote, drive a car, die for her country, smoke cigarettes, and watch American Pie sequels.  She's an adult.  So she's old enough to fuck the parents of the kid she babysits without remorse or shame.   
03-02-2012 by
a fantasy it should remain.
You bang this youngster and you will regret it.
I could sit here typing the full reasons why but surely you must know
leave it be

03-02-2012 by SENSHUUS
 We agree with Bulbs. The only thing we would add is if she hasn't shown a sign of interest to begin with, you could piss her off. If she has any ties to your social circle you can run the risk of exposing this confidential part of your life. AND we all know how hard it is to find a good sitter.:-)
Also, exposing yourself to a person whom you have a business relationship with sometimes opens a door for that person to take advantage of you. Can she be trusted with having something to hold over your head if she was so inclined? There's too many  unknown factors to give substantial advice. Does she have a boyfriend? Do you know her parents? Can she be trusted with something as confidential  as this?How hot is she? :-) ETC....
03-02-2012 by STONEMANE
One of our sitters has pretty much told us its a "sure thing" if we want to go there. She is a bit older than yours (24). But besides all the things that could go wrong, we are more afraid of losing a good & reliable sitter.
03-02-2012 by
We don't think you have thought this thru. Too many cons and,MAYBE, one pro. The ramifications from your wife somewhere down the road, ramifications from the babysitter's loud mouth, which will happen, and on and on. If your wife wants you to seduce her, it could be she has hidden agendas. Just sayin
03-02-2012 by SIMPLEMAN
I have a suggestion: If your wife would like to seduce the babysitter, perhaps I can come and babysit for you guys????? Free??????? Here just an idea.......
03-02-2012 by SENSHUUS

How did the conversation come up with  your sitter?
03-02-2012 by GEORGE357
Just say NO , she is 19 and you could wind up in jail and be branded for the rest of your life as a sex preditor. Wait untill she is 21 and then try to fuck her if your wife still has that fantasy.
03-02-2012 by SENSHUUS
 George ,

Do they have different laws in Ocala than the rest of the US ?
03-02-2012 by STONEMANE

Like many of you, our alchohol bottles have a sticker with a number on them (our Trapeze number). She would see us leave the house with these bottles & ask us where we were going. We lied for the first several times & say Boca, or a house party, or something else. She kept wondering why we had these numbered bottles when we were going to different places.

After a while I could tell she wasnt buying our story. Not that is any of her business where we were going, but we decided to stop lying & tell her the truth. Also, we would come home at 4am slightly buzzed & forgot where we were supposed to be. So we told her the truth. After taking it in, she smiled & said she had heard of these places and would like to go some time - maybe on a night that we go.

I think Mrs. Stone said something along the lines of "you cant go with us, beacuse you'll be watching our son".
03-02-2012 by
 Are you turning into a perv? NEVER NEVER NEVER should you make a mistake like that. You must always keep in mind she is your kids BABYSITTER which means she is alone with your kids. If she were to get confused just think off the ramifications your kid could suffer. And when posters started calling this guy out he quickly changed his profile saying his wife was 24 then to 38. This guy is a pig. He is looking for justification.
Yes sir we all look at these girls at 18, 19 what ever, but never the BABYSITTER. Again thats just us,                            
03-02-2012 by HARRYANDOVAL
Upon reconsideration, we both think you should just leave it at the fantasy level.
03-02-2012 by WEWANTFUN2
8 year old profile and not 1 validation!!!! It's no wonder you are thinking of shagging the babysitter.
03-02-2012 by
If she were to get confused just think off the ramifications your kid could suffer.

LOL.  Let's take away their right to vote and serve.  Obviously being 19 means you're too fucking stupid to handle your shit.  Good grief.  
03-02-2012 by
 The right to serve or the right to vote does not put your children in the way of someones emotions.
03-02-2012 by SENSHUUS

Are you turning into a perv? "~ Hot

Turning? That cake was baked long ago. :-) Actually, years ago we had a smoking hot, and I mean smoking hot, Nanny who  was coming onto me big time. Not only did  I turn it down but looked for a reason to get  rid of her. Great fantasy  but when reality hit, it was too chancy and too close to home.
03-02-2012 by SJ407
 Believe it or not we actually know two couples, one here the other in Europe, where the guy is married to what was his former sitter. Both have about a 10 year age difference. Weird. Maybe they started out with a fantasy such as yours ? Eww
03-02-2012 by NEWISWINGERS
I look at it this way. We have had a hot babysitter or 2 in the past. 17 to 21 yrs old. Though they were hot, but n
ever wanted to seduce them. I try to imagine some prick trying to seduce my daughter to get his rocks off! What I would do to the guy isint printable even on here. Dude get your shit together and grow up. Your not 19 anymore and to go after it makes you a fucking pig.
03-02-2012 by
Wow, Listen I raised 4 kids and was single for must of those years so I think that makes me an expert on babysitter. I have enjoyed and fantasized about a few of them. But I can tell you that I would have never put myself in that position. I even used a few that were very attractive single women that were my same age, and I never would have risked putting my children at risk of a relationship gone bad. Now this may make many laugh but even these managers, business owners, c.e.o. banging their secretaries is almost as dangerous. When you are in a higher authority it is easy to manipulate babysitters, secretaries, or just anyone that you employ.
And again check out this couples profile, when I looked this morn she was 24, after a few posters showed a negative response they changed her age to 38. So this is either a bullshit blog or this couple is full of shit.

03-02-2012 by PIANOBAR
And now she's 39... people age fast here...

I agree with most posters.  Not a good idea to ever seduce someone you could - in any way - be considered an employer or as managing.  So... run away...
03-02-2012 by NLUVLOOKN4FUN
What the hell am I reading? So much bullshit! What world do those of you judgmental and condescending "Lifestylers" live in? In what fucked up parallel universe do you live, where it is wrong to FUCK ANYONE that is of the age of majority, and willing? Oh no, don't touch the 19 year old pussy, wait till she turns 20, no 21, or maybe 23.5...Give me a break. Yes, 19 is young, but I've haven't met too many 19 year olds that didn't like to fuck nor have I met one that doesn't know how to say NO if they were not interested. For Christ sake a 19 year old is much better at saying NO than the majority of everyone else on this site. Just think how many boys in heat are likely begging for a sniff. Sexual harassment? Are you want to be lawyers kidding me. What are the grounds for sexual harassment? She might not get promoted to VP of babysitting...
Whether it is good idea is between the poster and the babysitter. If you are a swinger and haven't learned a tactful way to approach someone, or at least learned how to pick up on the vibe when someone is interested...Go back to school. Night school. LOL
03-03-2012 by STPETE2003
bulbs - your logic on this is as attractive as you grasping your tighty-whiteies
03-04-2012 by SAVCPL
I don't know...

If Mrs.PianoBar was my sitter, I dont think I would have a problem with her being willing to ring my bell

just say'n

03-04-2012 by SENSHUUS
Now do you see why it pays to play the piano?
03-12-2012 by SIMPLEMAN

I hope that you write tongue firmly in cheek?????? If not then you make me worried. Ciao.