A Chance Encounter

I met her at a Tiki Bar on the beach. I couldn’t help but notice that she was staring at me her beautiful face had a knowing, challenging look….. would I lower my eyes and look away or would I accept her challenge? I’d never had sex with a woman before and was surprised by my own reaction. I accepted her challenge while butterflies fluttered in my stomach I smiled as I stared back at her and took in her beautiful features I felt my pussy twinge…….As she moved toward me, I felt something I’d never felt before….absolute lust for a woman I was fucking wet. My life changed forever and my secret desires were unleashed. I had no idea of what to expect….but I soon found out.

Her name is Carol one of the most beautiful women I`ve ever seen smart, well educated and funny as hell. The tension built as time passed. When she asked I’d I’d be interested in accompanying her to her oceanfront Condo. I eagerly accepted her invitation….she knew I would her smile was one of expectations soon to be realized. As for me, those butterflies were fluttering in a swarm while my pussy was juicy and throbbing with need.

She took my hand as we walked to her condo recognizing a virgin when she met one….me completely inexperienced but boy did I learn. She broke the barriers I had used as a shield I had built for proprieties sake the Puritanism that had bound me with guilt. She poured us a drink, sat beside me as we spent some time looking at pictures of her days as a model. I became more relaxed as time passed….She moved closer to me and ran her fingers through my hair and across my face I was already breathless as she dipped her head and kissed me. She said she knew I was inexperienced and to just let her lead the way.....I opened my mouth to her probing tongue as she leaned me back on the sofa her hands groping up my silk shirt to reach my erect nipples. Her breathing was heavy in my ear as she reached into my panties and stroked my other swollen, dripping lips dipping her fingers deep within me. She withdrew, put her fingers in my mouth, and we shared the taste of my cum in a passionate kiss.   She said I tasted and smelled like honey .

Then, whispered in my ear that she wanted to teach me a lesson for wanting to have sex with another woman. I begged her do it… she set the rules, already recognizing that I was submissive and that I needed to be conquered. She told me that she would punish me if I didn’t obey her every command   that I better not cum until she was ready to let me do so. She asked me if I was willing and, if not, to leave. I didn`t leave…….. I told her that I wanted her to fuck my face with her cunt .... she told me she called the shots ad not to utter another fucking word…

She stripped off all of my clothes so that I completely naked. Then she lead me to the kitchen where she spread my arms out and tied my hands to the handles of the drawers. I was very nervous and shaking a lot. She loved it. She told me how badly I`d already behaved and that if I didn`t satisfy her I would be punished more. She told me to spread my legs, and I took my time in doing it and she said she had to punish me immediately for that. She spanked my ass hard with her hands she gave me six hard slaps on my ass cheeks and made me count the blows. I had to say thank you for each slap and that I deserved it and admit to her what a dirty cock sucking whore I was. My juices were pooling on the floor. She got on her knees and opened my ass cheeks and licked my ass....She took her time and made me wait before she plunged her tongue into my pussy. she licked and sucked hard on my my clit, gently at first and then she slipped her finger in my ass and told me to ride her tongue hard with my clit while she finger fucked me hard in my ass I was so excited, I couldn’t control my orgasm and I squirted all over her face although she moaned as she eagerly drank my cum   she stood up and slapped my ass hard three times while I counted out loud and admitted with each blow, the many ways I was a slut….She had warned me she said as she exited the kitchen and left me tied up said I better be in the exact same position when she returned. I was. She was wearing a long black wig and holding two dildoes.... one silver and the other huge and pink she thrust my legs apart even more. She grabbed me by my hair and told me I better take it all and not say a fucking word because I was a fucking, cocksucking whore. Nothing but a nasty cunt who wanted to fuck women. She slipped that huge cock in me and started licking my ass. I thought I was being split in two. It hurt like hell, but I had to tell her how good it felt that it was bigger and better than any live cock I`d ever fucked. There would be punishment if I didn’t convince her that I I was sincere. She fucked me good and hard with that cock while pulling my hair as she called me dirty names. I fucking loved it, and before long I was screaming that I was coming....then she slid the smaller one In my ass and told me I could and better cum. Fuck, that orgasm was massive.

She untied, all but my hands and seated herself on the countertop spread her legs wide and directed me get on my knees, while she made me suck the my own juices off of the the huge dildo…... she shoved it in my mouth until I gagged. Then she told me to lick her cunt and ass too and to praise her for what a sweet tasting ass and pussy she had.....I obliged and said it was the best thing I had ever done and that pleasing her was a huge thrill for me …. she grabbed my hair again and pushed her clit hard to my face and rode me and called me dirty names until she squirted all over me. She patted my cheek and said even though I`d misbehaved, I’d demonstrated that I was a good slave….even if I was a stubborn one but I had much more to learn.   She slapped me hard on my ass six one more times before she let me slip out of my bonds and told me to get my ass in her bed.

She came back with two glasses of wine and we laid there and talked while we rested...I was fucking exhausted. Before too long we began to kiss deeply while we fondled each other and pinched each other`s nips hard, then we had sex again, we 69`d each other, sat on each other`s faces and rubbed our pussies together she asked if I would like to stay the night with her and have more fun tomorrow....I did, and we did, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning was even more erotic….we took a bubble bath together and she shaved my pussy bald. I had re grown a van dyke...as she did it, her fingers were moving in and out of my pussy and over my lips stroking my prominent G-spot….., I started to moan with the pleasure….. she felt my pussy tighten........ squeezing hard on her fingers. Then she stopped and looked up at me and said....don`t you dare cum I couldn’t help myself. Eight more slaps….trying to think of different confessions to admit. I began to cry.

She relented and as directed, , I went into the her bedroom where she had laid out an outfit she had chosen for me.     It was a white babydoll with white thigh high stockings for a blindfold ...no panties, my black and silver Cum Fuck Me heels. I couldn’t see her as she approached me kissed me and told me to stop crying now...I`d taken my punishment in a way that greatly pleased her and there would be no more punishment tonight for coming as many times as I wanted, just follow her orders immediately and without question to pinch her nips as hard as I could when she demanded.   She took off my blind fold and baby doll and told me to watch her every move, I couldn`t take my eyes away if I wanted to. She rubbed her swollen clit and pussy against my newly shaven baby twat while I pinched her nipples as hard as I could, I saw a tear in her eyes before she said stop and then she squirted all over my stomach and tits. We both licked it off of me and sucked it from each other`s mouths while we looked each other in the eye. I haven’t seen her since, but she set me free to explore my sexuality and innermost desires.  


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