Desire Pearl Resort

I just have to let everyone know that we had a blast at the resort Desire Pearl this past week. &nbspMy wife did not tel me, but she set it up back in January to go to Desire Pearl Resort for my 50th Bday!!! &nbspWe have never gone to an all inclusive resort that provided us with the most indulging amenities and clothing optional.   We had a blast and partied like we were in college again. &nbspThe staff had activities for you to do all the time or you can just lay out and relax while being waited on hand and foot catering to your every need. &nbspWe&nbspimmediately began meeting other guests and staff that became friends with. &nbspI guess you can say that we are virgines due to we saw a lot of things that opened our eyes up!! &nbspI will say that you make sure and get a direct flight to Cancun. &nbspWe flew from San Antonio and, due to the hurricane, it took us 12 hours to get there and 15 hours to get back, so basically 2 days waisted, due to it should have only been a little over 4hrs. &nbspWe highly recommend it to everyone and can`t wait to go back. &nbspIf you have any questions, let us know or make a comment.....we love reading others opinions, ideas, and humor!
(this is not an advertisement and we are not getting anything for posting this, we just had that much fun)


09-05-2017 by GNTATDESIRE
Nekkid people are so often the friendliest, so much more than at a typical textile resort. Add in the sexy fun, and it's an adult playground like no other. And the hot tub....
09-06-2017 by VIRGINES37
GNTATDESIRE, y'all are so right...thanks for the reply!!