Just an us two week: 28/8 to 3/9/17

28/8 Woke at 10.30. Read Times. Soon after Rita popped to shops. It was a hot day and I just chilled after three nights of partying over the weekend. We watched TV and chilled on the balcony and watched the sun set and dark take over the sky. I then watched an episode of Victoria before we headed to bed and slept.

29/8 I didn`t wake till 8.30. Read Times and at 9.30 left Rita sleeping while I started to work. Rita got up and was annoyed I hadn`t woken her earlier as her trainer was coming at 11am. An hour of groans and grunts, V left just after midday. I popped to gym. Another warm day so suggested we head to the cinema late afternoon and so at 4.15 set off to see the new Planet of The Apes movie. Enjoyed the film and then home via Boots and Sainsbury`s. Another quiet evening with drinks on balcony before watching Death Note on Netflix and then bed.

30/8 Woke and Rita woke after 10. A quiet day and around lunchtime we went for a walk in the rain and ended up doing a small shop in Sainsbury`s. Then watched TV. About 9pm and started to watch The Handmaiden - turned out to be a fascinating, erotic Korean film. Watched extended edition and decided to postpone final part till tomorrow. We shared some M and then headed to bed and we started to play, make love and fuck for just over an hour before falling asleep.

31/8 Woke at 10 and Rita got woken by youngest son calling from Aus - plans to be back on 18/9 and we leave for SA the next day - great timing. Worked through till mid afternoon and then headed to Baker St to sign some debenture documents at the solicitors, having organised it all this morning. Arrived at 4pm and then had a coffee with HT before heading home for 5pm. Rita mentioned her period had started. Quiet evening and felt tired and so headed to bed at 9, which Rita took exception too, watched some Netflix before falling asleep.

1/8 Woke just before alarm at 8.30am and so up and showered and left home just after 9 and headed to the office by tube and train. One train cancelled and so got to office at 9.30 to start hopefully last business planning meeting. Said hi to new employee after meeting and then headed home at 3. Had a couple of telephone interviews but with no positive results. Bought a couple of bottles of wine at Sainsbury`s and then home. Rita still out shopping and then gone soon after and we had an early supper. Decided to have a night in. Started on some fun and M and watched a French Indie film Baissez-Moi, a sexual and violent Thelma and Louise. We played , made love and fucked on the cushions on the lounge floor and I ended up with a massive orgasm that absolutely drained me. We then headed to bed and played a little more before we slept.

2/8 We didn`t wake till 11am. I felt tired all day so watched F1 qualifying and Rita popped out to shops. I headed to bed for a doze and when Rita got home after lunch with her eldest I could tell she wasn`t herself. Turned out she had lost the white sapphire bracelet I bought her in Sri Lanka and thought I`d be angry. Of course I wasn`t as I just don`t have attachment to things. Any way, early evening we slowly got ready and headed to HH for 9.3-10pm. Bumped into M@D and had a catch up. Had a long chat with MrP and found out he and his partner were in the lifestyle. We went to The Vault at 1.30am and again had a long chat with MrS about the lifestyle again and also Cap D`Agde. In the Vault in a corner was Idris Elba - of Luther fame and recent film - The Dark Tower, along with his girlfriend. On the whole left alone to enjoy his night. Had chats and fun with MsT who I get to like more. She is still looking for her `pure` man, late thirties in finance and wanting a family. She is probably setting the bar too high for London! We danced through to 3.45am and then took Rita home. I had a quite smoke of M on the balcony and then headed down to Rita in the bedroom and we fucked senselessly till dawn!

3/8 We didn`t wake till midday. I watched F1 Italy - which was great. Quiet day. We watched `Get Out` - Rita dozed a little. Then bed - cuddled - fingered Rita till she came and then we slept.


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