Looking forward to Rocketbuster`s Party: 4/9-10/9:17

4/9 Monday morning. Started work soon after I woke and carried on that way till gone 6pm with a break at lunch for the gym.
Watched a little TV and we headed to bed at 10ish and soon asleep.

5/9 Another busy work day with a break for gym at 2pm. Rita popped out shopping and got back around 4ish. Early evening watched a film, and then headed to bed where we started to play and fucked hard till our energy ran out!

6/9 Woke at 8.30 and after reading Times worked through till lunchtime. Then went out with Rita as we were going to use Zipcar- one situated handily outside flat - and went through with Rita how to use it. Then drove to Sainsbury`s for Rita to do a large shop. Home and dropped off car and after supper we watched a film called Gold which was fun. Headed to bed at 10.30 to sleep.

7/9 Woke at 6.30 after a tossy sleepless night and woke Rita up just after 9 who had to go for a blood test at the doctors. Then worked through till 2pm when I got ready to head to office for an interview. Good interview and making a job offer. Left office at 5.30 to head home. Popped by chemist to pick up malaria pills for side trip to Natal while in S Africa this month. At home we had supper and watched film `Anti Matter` which started well but got more and more confusing. I had some M - we put on some porn and fucked in the lounge for an hour or more before heading to bed and playing a little more before sleeping.

8/9 We woke up and at some point we fucked before dropping back to sleep. I woke at 9 and read Times and then got up for a client conference call at 10. Felt a little groggy through the day. Did some work but mainly chilled. Early evening we got ready and took a taxi to HH where we were meeting M&ampV, an Italian couple we have met and played with a few times, for dinner at 8.30pm. We ate in the Octagon - sea bream for me and black cod for everyone else. We were joined by MsT who was meeting F for a night out there. V and I were keen after a dance to head back to their hotel to play but they had partied last night and M and Rita were quite keen to stay and just dance as we were both planning to go to the Rocketbuster party the next day. M&ampV left at 1am as they were tired and we stayed on and danced, chatted till 3.30 when we took a taxi home. There, I chilled before we headed to bed and fucked till we fell asleep.

9/9 Didn`t wake till gone 11am and we didn`t do too much apart from loll in bed and chill. Early evening we got ready to get a taxi to The Rocketbuster party at Heathrow and got a text from M&ampV to say for us to turn around as they had decided last minute to go to Le Boudoir. That was going to be a no as MrP`s parties are always great fun - certainly better than Le Boudoir. We arrived after 9 and the suite was already full. A lot of new people and old friends - M and his wife and RS and his wife. Rita and I started by having sex on the sideboard next to P&ampD doing the same whom we had met and played with back in July at last of MrP`s parties. We four left the sideboard and headed to the bed and with a lot watching had a fun, sexy foursome where Rita got royally fucked by MrP while I fucked D Doggy style. Rita and I then headed to the lounge and met A&ampD and we joined a melee on and around the couch and while Rita was being entertained I briefly went down on MrsA and the fucked her first on all fours and then on her back while kissing her generous breasts till she came. After a short break we were back in the same place and as MrsV, whom I`d met and played with before was on her own we started to play and wasn`t long before she was on all fours and we had a long fuck which toward the end she was reaching an orgasm and she started to masturbate wildly and end with her squirting and soaking my cock and balls while I hammered her pulsating vagina and joined her rubbing her wet clitoris. We collapsed on the floor and commented to each other what a great fuck! Rita meanwhile had been for a shower and we ended up talking to M and her husband. M had a vibrator which she inserted in Rita who was leaning against the wall and made her come. We then headed back to the bedroom where Rita and I fucked watching a tangle of bodies and moans on the bed. She then sucked MrP`s cock and they left to play in the lounge and I went to find MrsM who was sitting on a chair. I opened her legs and went down on her wet moist pussy and then she slid to the floor, turned round and we fucked hard till she came. I went for a shower and M`s husband then took Rita and fucked her missionary style while M and I watched - M got really turned on. Toward the bed of the party we ended up on the bed again with P&ampD - to lots of noise and laughter Mr P fucked Rita and D and I played and we had a fab time. The party was now winding down and so we found our clothes, said our goodbyes and headed home. I was really tired - feeling cold and headed to bed. Rita made me a strong sweet tea - we cuddled, chatted about the evening and then fell asleep around 2am

10/9 I woke at 9 and read Times and caught up with the blog and exchanged emails / texts with people we met last night. Rita came to after 11.30. I then dozed through to lunchtime and after some tea we got up and had lunch. Watched TV through the afternoon and evening before heading to bed at 11pm to sleep.


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