Thoughts With Friends In Florida

This is very bad.  `Bigger than Andrew` is the word today.  Still do not know exactly where it will hit, but no matter, Florida will be impacted.

Good luck to our friends in Florida!


09-06-2017 by SPONGEWORTHY
This will be our first hurricane but from what I see so far, it is going to be total mayhem! People are already acting like animals - fighting over water, plywood, gasoline, pet carriers, etc. I saw a couple people buying up all the plywood at lowes and Home depot and selling it from their trailer in the parking lot for 3x the price. 

09-06-2017 by LUCKYLYNDY
thanks Euro, many of us have been thru this before and are prepared, but you never know until it gets closer. our homes are all done, now we are out helping others. Storms like this bring out the best in people and they also bring out the worst in people
09-06-2017 by FUNCOUPLETX462
Spongworthy, you need to report them.  Price gouging is taken seriously here in Texas, and I'm sure that would be the case in Florida too.
09-06-2017 by LOVE4UNME
Florida has anti gauging laws. Home Depot, Lowes specifically employs their team of security/loss prevention to monitor and stop this behavior, especially in their parking lots. Police are normally at those locations anyways. I am sure gouging is taking place but would be very surprised if it was at a lowes or home depot at least not for long. States like Florida take this very serious, as they should. You need to report this behavior if you see it. In many cases fines are over $10,000 for private citizens and up to $50,000 and or store closer for business caught doing it. 
09-06-2017 by SPONGEWORTHY
What's funny is they even posted it on Facebook with a photo! They probably drove off soon after and sat elsewhere. The last time we saw anything like this, we were driving through CO when there were wildfires. Hotels were charging $400.00/night for a room at the Super 8!
09-06-2017 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
Florida Attorney General Price Gouging Hot Line:  866.966.7226.  Majority of gas stations are $2.79-$2.90/gallon.  Chain called Valero, over $3.16/gallon.
09-06-2017 by INTREPIDCPL
It's been a decade since a major hurricane has hit our area. Home centers have been out of plywood since Monday, and people new to the area just aren't ready - having never been through this before. Yes, some low-lifes are selling plywood for three times the normal price, but the alternative to these guys is spending hours in line at HD, waiting for a tractor-trailer with plywood to maybe show up. Although my Libertarian side wants to cheer them on, it is illegal.

We have our sheathing ready to put up, have tested the generator, filled the fuel cans and have filled our own containers with tap water (why buy the bottled stuff?), putting many of them in the extra freezer. We've pulled the sails off of the boat, doubled the dock lines, and are hoping for the best down at the marina.

We're planning to ride the storm out since the latest predictions show the storm remaining well east of us, and it would be multiple hours on the road before we'd be out of harm's way, anyway. We're anticipating hurricane force winds and lots of rain on Sunday - fortunately, our neighborhood isn't known for flooding. A couple weeks ago, we had 20 inches of rain in three days. I just got the pool chemistry back to normal from that event. Guess I'll have to do it again......

Gas stations in our area are running out of gasoline daily, yet the price ($2.69) hasn't changed all week. I've got to give them credit for that. As for that company that starts with a V, I would push my empty car past one of their stations before I would buy their gas - years ago, they fired me and 500 of my friends (long story).

If those landfall predictions change to the west, we're gone. This storm will kill people. If you're on the east coast of Florida, leave now. We drove to the Keys a month after Andrew and will never forget what we saw on the way.

This storm is worse.
09-07-2017 by EZM
Indeed....thoughts and prayers go out to our Florida friends....please stay safe and hopeful that this storms damage is less than expected...You can get other items and property but you CANT get another life....
09-08-2017 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
So a shift, now major impact on the Florida west coast, where my two daughters live. And just a few minutes ago, back to a cat 5.
09-09-2017 by TRAVELERS122227
Stay safe Florida friends! We flew back north yesterday but we are thinking about you.
09-14-2017 by EUROMEXCOUPLE

For many, all is well.  Maybe lost power which means no A/C, possibly no water to flush, no TV, no cable, etc. But for those that do not deserve it, total loss.  A/C is meaningless at this point. No family photos, no "Greatest Dad" coffee mug, no favorite clothes, no roof on your house, fuck, maybe no walls on your house.  Maybe a missing friend or relative. Your car is now worth shit because the water covers the steering wheel.  Just the very fear you feel before you think a cat 4 0r cat 5 hurricane will change  your life forever.

Been there, done that, hope never again.

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