Wake Up Call

Real experience, but I am using a different name for the woman in order to respect privacy. (I hope I don’t know anyone named Claire lol.)


“What are you doing?” I asked as I tried to figure out if it was a dream or reality.


She returns to the top of my shaft and glares into my eyes as she slowly takes it out of her mouth.  “We only have a few more hours so I wanted to wake him up.”


“Wake “him” up. So, my dick is all that matters, huh?”


“No” Claire replied. “I just knew that if I woke him up, I would wake you up. The magic is in how you use him.”


She returned to her task of getting me hard in order for my dick to be used for her liking. Sleep must have given me a subtle case of amnesia for I had forgotten that her husband allowed her to stay the night with me. The night before was a bliss that made me lose track of time and space and it was time for us to do it one last time.


I ran my hands through her hair and wrapped it around my hand to tie it. She smiled because she knew what was going to happen next. I gently pull Claire by her ponytail, lifting her head up to expose the sloppy mess that is over her face and between my legs.


“Come over here” I tell her in a stern, but gentle voice. She moves towards the headboard with my dick in her hand, making sure that she keeps in contact with it at all times. She lifts her right leg in order straddle me and slides me inside of her.


“Did I say you could do that, Claire?”


Her smirk is enough of a response. I would usually force her off of me and tease her some, but like Claire said, we only have a few more hours….


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