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Hello all!

First time posting not sure what the rules are so forgive me if this is all wrong. As you can tell I am a single guy (trust me when I say “just not one of those kind of single guys…LOL”) who works quite a bit. Presently I work two jobs one as a Behavior Therapist and the second at a computer store. Hopefully, I will soon be quitting the latter. Due to working so much as they say, makes jack a dull boy but, when I do have the opportunity I tend to blow it out and have a blast. What’s more, I can honestly say I have never broken a date. My only down fall that at times may tend to bug some people is I do text a lot and for good reason it’s how I get to know and understand someone. So, when we do meet for the first time it can be like to good friends getting together. If someone doesn’t like to text very much I do respect their wishes and leave everything up to the first meet and great. Some people may be asking what about expectations? To that I simply say I have none and anyone who does is only kidding themselves and setting themselves up for utter failure.

Sorry for the long diatribe I’m sitting in the car during lunch bored which makes me tend to ramble. Anywho, to get to the point of this insanity I am heading to Dayton, Ohio on 9/26 and 9/27 and was wondering if there was anything to do or anywhere that might be friendly to single guys. If anyone has any suggestions it would be truly appreciated. Also, if there was a better way to ask this let me know so I don’t make the same mistake twice.

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09-08-2017 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
I am from Dayton.  Nothing to do there except the Air Force Museum.  Have fun.
09-09-2017 by
How to have a good time in Dayton...go to Columbus.
09-09-2017 by NEWCASTLE69
And, how the heart doth fall. Any clubs that might be worth going to?