Tantra and couples

Tantra for couples is the most oldest way of improving relationship of couples love life in marriage or otherwise.3000 Year old Indian Tantra techniques used by the Tantric experts for the pleasure of the king an the queen to make them feel great orgasms resulted in anti ageing and movement of the Chakra up in their life is the most marvelous way of exploring human body , mind and the soul. Tantra couples like us are experts in creating a sensuous and erotic feelings by Yoni and Lingam massage based on the ancient Tantra that works perfect. In ancient times in India as Kama sutra evolved basic purpose of that was to make the king and queen top of the world as their happiness and fulfilling life is going to benefit the kingdom. Tantra experts of that era came up with lots of techniques many of which you see on the walls of the temples in India including orgies. Tantra technique is not just sexual , it is very sensual and aligns the body , mind and the soul.

It has many different ways like "Dasi seva" which means king and queen is joined by a skilled lady in those times called as "Dasi" and they engage in threesome. "Das seva" means the king and the queen is joined by a male for a threesome. "Raani seva" means two ladies join King and the queen and "Premi seva" means two other couples does many acts in front of the king and the queen. Those days apart from the king no one was allowed to penetrate the queen but all other acts to pleasure king and the queen was always followed.Tantra ways can get your love life with your wife or girl friend to a completely new dimension and orbit.


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