Clothing labels

I have a pet irritation about clothing/washing labels on otherwise sexy panties and bras.
it detracts so much from the overal effect/view in my opinion .

and how many people actually read the labels ? And even if they do is it something that needs to be read at each wash?

Howeve, it can be turned to advantage as an icebreaker when you insist on cutting out the offending labels 

what thoughts does anyone have on this bit of trivia?


01-14-2018 by CLEOENRICO
isn’t it illegal to remove the labels?

01-14-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE
CLEO:  Only on pillows    

01-14-2018 by LUVSCURVS
If a law enforcement agency is checking your panties they will have more problems than you!
01-15-2018 by KATIENBILL
Went looking for the tag but got too distracted.....

01-15-2018 by LEBOVIER2
Why  these things have to be sewn on ...
Instructions for cleaing in five or more different languages....
 Look just attach a slip of paper, make it part of the sales tag that can be removed.
Once you've bought it, read it,  throw it away and then face the consquences if you are stupid enough to ruin it in the wash.

01-15-2018 by LUVSCURVS
I know why they are there but once read cut them ogg
01-15-2018 by LUVSCURVS
Katieenbill. I would too
01-15-2018 by THECHANCES
Omg! Hate them. In pictures, they more than distract but I'm liking your idea of breaking ice, however.