Deleting `Likes` from your profile

Under this new floor mat with SDC , can someone tell us how to delete(or hide) LIKES from your profile?


01-11-2018 by EUROMEXCOUPLE

Deleting those you like or those that like you?

Have not tired this with this revised format, but if it is someone you like and want to unlike, go to that profile, look for the green icon that shows you liked, clic on it, should unlike.  Not sure if this lets the other know that you un liked them.

If it is someone that liked you, it shows up in your mail, just trash it. Then block if you have a problem.  I do not believe you can unlike someone else's like.  I do  remember that on the activity page you could make "no interest".  Not sure if that exists now.

01-11-2018 by HIPSGALORE
Under Connect -> Contacts (if the little menu isnt open, upper right corner 3 horizontal lines select it) -> highlight the Likes received radio button  then you should see a hide button on each profile
01-11-2018 by CPLOFSUNLOVERS
Thank you!