Not such a Good Start to 2018!: 1/1 to 7/1/18

1/1/18 Well we woke late after excesses of the NYE party and afterparty at home and had a lazy moochy day watching TV. Decided on an early night around 10.30 and wasn’t long before we slept.

2/1 Woke at 9.30 after a very wet and windy night. Felt awful and so cleared up some emails and read Times in bed. The weather was grim - constant rain - wanted to go to the gym but will wait and see. Felt grim but dragged myself up late morning to do some work related stuff. Rita didn’t wake till 1pm - she said she had been up in the night with a bad back - what a couple! Around 3.30 had a shower and then headed upstairs to watch TV. Did not feel well and so headed back to bed and slept through till past 9pm. Rita came to bed a little later after an upsetting exchange with her youngest.

3/1 We didn’t wake till gone 11am. I felt better but still not 100 . Got up and worked on the computer till early evening. Rita popped to shops. Had an early night but couldn’t sleep. This stomach virus is not going away.

4 and 5/1 Somehow dragged myself through these 2 days - not sick enough to stay in bed all the time but not well enough - feeling listless/ headaches / stomach sore etc - to get the energy to do anything. Did what work I needed to. Rita went out to shops pm on 5th and bumped into a Latvian girl - V - we had met at C’s party last year and they had a long chat over wine. I Finalised dates and accommodation for Cap D’Agde in July - could do with some sun and warmth now.

6/1 We didn’t wake till gone 10. We’d both had rampant sex dreams which is always a sign we hadn’t had any sex for a few days! Felt better - headache gone and fatigue seemed to have abated. Lay in bed - had a light breakfast and after, we fucked a little which is always a good sign. Decided we would go out tonight as it is Russian Xmas Eve and London should be buzzing. Rita popped out to Westfield at lunchtime to decide on another Versus purchase - an early birthday present. We got ready and left at 9.30 to go round to D’s for a drink and then later left around 11pm to head to Home House. At HH I started to pick up a little as I wasn’t still 100 - met a bunch of women inc S whom we had met before and had a fun social time. MrB and Rita had a heart to heart about D which didn’t bode well for their relationship. We danced at 21 and Rita met a woman from Kazakhstan, who offered to introduce her to some wealthy Kazakhstan guys! We left at 2pm and at home we some M. Spent an hour or two just laughing about silly things before we started to get sexy and then fucked for an hour or more till I collapsed asleep.

7/1 Woke at 10.30 at the same time as Rita. We cuddled - I read Times - I had some tea and toast in bed and then we made love. Then decided to get up and have lunch at The Elgin about 5 mins away. Had a good lunch and tasty Malbec before heading home via Sainsbury’s to pick up a little shopping. We watched our separate TV’s for the rest of the afternoon. Later in the evening we shared a little M and in bed we made love and fucked for over an hour before we called it a night just a little after midnight.


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