Photos on SDC

Are we the only ones or have others experienced problems managing their Profile pictures on SDC?First we found our Private Pictures moved to Private File and then,very recently the links to Pictures seem to have been removed.
Would welcome any advice


01-12-2018 by HELPDESK
what are the problems with the pictures. Just write an email to the helpdesk

01-12-2018 by SUNNY789
In the far Upper right hand corner of the webpage is a settings Icon...Looks like a gear wheel. Click on that and a number of the old menu features missing on the "'New Menu"" can be found there...I.e. edit profile, pictures, (where you can edit and sort your pictures that SDC moved t the new Photo Album feature
Had to figure this one out for ourselves..
01-15-2018 by SUKORUK
Thanks so much SUNNY789.Hadn't even noticed it.Very annoying the way SDC have varied the site without any notice to members.Enjoy xx