What can make us less sexist and misogynist and reduce sexual harrassment and misconduct?

I post this blog because I think a “swing site” such as SDC can be an interesting forum for addressing thiese issues.

This blog can give us a chance to listen to a wide range of voices we can all learn from in terms of reducing sexism, misogyny, sexual harrassment and misconduct. 


01-12-2018 by CLEOENRICO
I am married with two daughters. As a man I extend the golden rule to 'Do unto others (and their wives and daughters) as you would have them do unto you (and your wife and daughters).' This has done it for me.
01-12-2018 by SPONGEWORTHY
We can start by telling all the horny old women to keep their hands to themselves!
01-13-2018 by
The men at the Globes were overwhelmingly silent. Men can start there. Stop being afraid of the bad men. 

What isn't being said is that the abusers are exerting control over more than just their victims. 
01-13-2018 by LEBOVIER2
French film legend   Catherine Deneuve had some er..... very incorrect comments about this, one is tempted to say the subtext of her words was
 " oh get over it - if you get ahead so what"

01-15-2018 by VICTOR23

As the male half one of the most anoying behaviors from others men are:
A guy come with a condo on his hand and ask me if he can fuck my wife. Ask her mister!
Im not her owner, she doesnt need my bless, and she will decide if she like you or not.