A sexy week!: 5/2 to 12/2/18

5 and 6/2: Well not to much to say except that they were two long work days while Rita shopped using some of the vouchers she got for presents. Had a visit to the gym together on Monday and on Tuesday Rita had a visit from J who gave her a massage and manipulation. Monday evening we had a great couple of hours fucking before we slept.

7/2 Wednesday was another solid work day and by the end of it we decided to have a naughty night. We watched “Interview of a Vampire” which was old but sexy. Ended up in bed at midnight and again had the most awesome 2 hours of love making and sex!

8/2 Woke around 9.30 and stuck into work again and at lunchtime we decided to take a break and head out for a walk. Wrapped up warm as it was very cold and walked up Portobello Rd and then left toward Queensway to Kalinka - a Russian shop were Rita bought some food. We then walked down to Westbourne Grove and caught the 23 back. Rita popped out at Portobello for another shop and I headed home. Had a quiet evening before heading to bed and watching TV. Rita slept - I couldn’t and so caught up with the blog and looked at some trades.

9/2 Another busy work day broken by session at gym. Rita was out shopping and meeting. V and then M before getting home early evening. We had supper and started on a naughty night. We fucked each other on cushions on the floor and end up with a long mutual masturbation session ending with Rita as usual coming multiple times and I had one of the loudest, intense orgasms I had had for a long time. Then we had some M - went to bed, cuddled, chatted and fell asleep after w had made love.

11/2 We got up late and I watched some rugby on TV while Rita went out to meet her eldest. When she got back she was obviously upset - as always. I suggested she has to stop allowing herself to let him spoil her life- not easy to do. We then got ready and got a taxi at 9.45pm to The Electric in Brixton for the TG Valentine Party. Soon met PandM (her first time to TG and trying to take it all in). Then MandD and later TandM with whom we had a gentle BDSM play . It was a great night, drinking, dancing, socialising. Toward end of the party we didn’t recognise MissP. The downside was the massive queuing for cloakroom both arriving and leaving. We left at 3am and we’re home in 30 mins. We then carried on the party and we started to play and then fucked, 69’d and did some extreme water sports before we collapsed around 7am!

12/2 Woke at 1pm and Rita had been up a while and a little later she popped out to meet SandI for a chat in Portobello. I just chilled and relaxed and in the evening we watched TV before heading to bed to sleep.


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