Dallas Clubs - Best Rated

On a Saturday night, which clubs in Dallas are the go to?

Very attractive, fit and early/mid 40's couple looking for some fun fantasy exploring and want a good crowd and sexy atmosphere to help facilitate that.

1. Why that club?
2. What's your experience?


02-08-2018 by ANGEL12
Within Dallas Colette is the main one to attend. It can have a very nice crowd or sometimes they are not to easy to chat with. Players in Hurst which is maybe 20 min from Colette also is a bit hit or miss but always nice couples there. It just depends on who shows up that night really.
02-08-2018 by SIXTYMINUTES106

We are going to be in Dallas on March 14-19.  We were looking for the best clubs also. I guess Colette it is!!
02-10-2018 by DREAMSOCIETY
There are really only two at present to consider;PlayersDFW (our favorite) and Collette in Dallas. 
Collette is a bit more upscale but unfortunately ,its also a little more pretentious in our opinion. The crowd can be aloof and cliquish if you don’t bring your own group. That’s what we do when going there.
PLAYERSDFW is sort of like CHEERS “the bar where everyone knows your name”. It is a much friendlier atmosphere with an eclectic crowd. Nice, clean ,secure with excellent play facilities ,Players has become our “go to” LS club. Try both of these and see which you prefer. T&M
02-15-2018 by MISCHIEF4US
Agree with Dreamsociety. We also only go to Colette when we are already with other couples. And Players more consistently has a good turnout.