Hedo for the first time

Anybody else going to Hedo in Negril, Jamaica? Free timers here. Just looking for some advise. Will be there 2/22-2/26


02-08-2018 by SPONGEWORTHY
Gain as much weight as you can before you go and you will fit right in!
02-08-2018 by MISBEHAVING
Seriously?  Are you saying we would be better off going somewhere else Because it’s full of fat people?
02-08-2018 by HTOWNCPL55
WE will be their from 2/24 to 3/2. Third trip. 
02-08-2018 by INTREPIDCPL
Been there a number of times.  You're only there for four days, so it's best if you jump right in.
You're going to have to make friends - much like a meet & greet.  Center of social activity is the pool on the nude side, where most of the swinger-types hang out.  Get there sometime before lunch, and act friendly.  You should be able to make some connections there.
There's also the playroom, near the tennis courts, which opens at about 10pm or so.  There's generally some people playing there most nights.  There's a nice vibe there, but it is kinda dark...
Use plenty of sunscreen, take advantage of the free SCUBA, or maybe a snorkeling trip, if that's your thing, and stay away from the undocumented pharmacists peddling their wares along the beach - you don't have time to lose to smoking the demon weed.
Ask for the top shelf booze.  It's there - you just have to ask, and pace your drinking, as you're likely going to be drinking all day.
Most of all, have fun.
02-08-2018 by INTREPIDCPL
Yes, you're likely to see some fat people at Hedo, as well as some skinny people, tall people, short people and maybe even some Methodists.
Swingers come in all shapes and sizes - you can choose to play with the ones you like and just smile at the ones that aren't your type.
Point is, we're all humans and are deserving of respect.

02-08-2018 by SHANTALLOVE
Been there many times. You will have a blast.  Happy to visit and share. 
02-09-2018 by SPONGEWORTHY
The first thing you will learn is that Hedo veterans talk a lot about respect, but they don't really tell you what they mean. I'll clarify:
To them, respect means not to talk about what happens there or about what anyone there looks like. To them, everyone is the same and is treated the same. This means that groping, rudeness, sexual harassment, assault, and general nastiness is tolerated and accepted but not discussed in internet forums. If you try to bring it up, you will get shut down immediately in most Hedo forums. 

We have been to Hedo 5 times. The first couple times were when we were just feeling things out and not in the lifestyle. Fortunately, we met a group of people our age on the internet and met them at the airport. We had a great time because we were never alone and the rude people didn't dare approach an entire group of younger people. 

The last 3 trips, we went without meeting anyone beforehand. Those trips we experienced everything from people sitting next to us smoking doing drugs, rude comments, unwanted grabbing, touching, advances, etc. One guy moved around the hot tub during the day and rubbed himself on women's feet. Others would come up to my wife randomly, squirt chocolate on her and attempt to lick it off without so much as a hello. We soon discovered why anyone younger stayed on the prude side. It wasn't because they were prude but because they were tired of constant assaults by people who hide behind the term "respect". That is just the short version of our trips but you get the picture! There are better resorts where most people don't act like sex starved children!

My advice to you is to find some people either before your trip or right when you arrive and hope they don't leave before you do. And yes, as with the general population, most people are obese. You would think that a naked resort would attract a more attractive crowd, but it is just the opposite.  If you go to Walmart in a retirement community, that is what you can expect to find. If you work at it, you will likely find a compatible couple or two. If worse comes to worse, there is always the prude side or day trips to other resorts - which are quite a bit nicer (as are the people there). 

Good luck !

02-09-2018 by MISBEHAVING
Wow! Sorry to hear that! We're booked already so there's no way to change it now. Oh well, guess we'll have to try and make the best of it!
02-10-2018 by HOTWIFESUE
We enjoyed it but dollar for dollar nothing beats the LS cruises. And you will be safe from creeps there!
02-10-2018 by KYLENKATTY
We went to Hedo II the July 4th weekend of 2016.   We wouldn't go back on a bet unless we heard they bulldozed the place and started over plus the banned the day passes from the locals.   The vibe is pretty good, but the aggressiveness noted below was pretty much our experience also.   The rooms were dumps and the air conditioning was basically non existent (they admittedly had issues) and even some of the restaurants were near impossible to eat in because of the heat.   The disco was a joke.   We went to Desire Pearl exactly a year later and couldn't have been more impressed.   Far nicer facilities and much more polite crowd.
02-10-2018 by INTREPIDCPL
Don't worry, you'll have a great time.

I'm a bit puzzled by some of the experiences posted here. In five visits, almost fifty days at the resort - we saw one incident. Some fool on a day pass was bothering women in the hot tub pool. As he approached Mrs Intrepid, she called out "Security!!" As soon as the word was out of her mouth, the offender was swarmed and gently helped away from the area, never to be seen again. No one has to accept being harassed or groped. Hedo wants their guests to be comfortable.

Squirting chocolate syrup on random people and trying to lick it off? That's just creepy.

Since we generally travel with a very large group (Fluffernutters) and the resort is sold out when we're there, our experiences might be affected by the general coolness of the Fluffs, and we're not catching the weirdos that others have experienced. That one experience happened after the Fluff's week, when we stretched the visit out to ten days or so.

Hedo is just a place. The people are what make the experience. We always have a great time because we go with some great folks.

We are on the Bliss Cruise in November, our first one, so we'll see if Sue's right.

02-11-2018 by GG49
I went years ago with a couple.  Did not see bad behavior.  Had a blast.
02-11-2018 by LOVE4UNME
Wow. I have to say, completely taken a back from the bad comments about the place. Not that I don't believe them, just that we have never, ever experienced anything near that during our last 5 trips. I mean, nothing near what has been described. Maybe we are just really, really lucky. No groping. no rude comments, no over populated fat, (Walmart) people, etc. We did have a bad experience with no AC in 2016 during 4th of July week as one other couple stated but hotel brought us another portable ac unit and we survived. 

We go to Hedo, Pearl and Desire alternating year to year. Love Desire and Pearl for it's amenities, class of rooms, etc. but love Hedo for beach and party. Disco can be hit or miss. New play-area is awesome. Shows are ok, love to see staff do their best to put on a good performance for everyone. Pool party can be great depending on crowd but not so good with low resort bookings.

Our thing is to wake up, enjoy a good breakfast, workout a bit, hit the beach. I tie the wife off on a float by the buoy line in the ocean as she loves to float & sun. I bring her drinks every 30 mins or so. I sit under a nice shade tree and read, nap and we start to drink around 11am. We take a swim to the near by Island for fresh lobster, fish, beer almost every day and swim back; beautiful reefs. We always dress up in theme, dance, socialize, & make new friends. Rarely hit the hottub at night as many do, usually too tired. I think you will enjoy the trip, be open minded and go with the flow. As with anything else, there is good and bad, it's a vacation; focus on the good and make the best of the bad. Let us know how it goes. We are there again next month March 9-14th for a short getaway. :)
02-12-2018 by NATURALG
100% agree with Love.........You hit it
02-12-2018 by MISBEHAVING
That's good to hear!!
02-12-2018 by BEACHCPL321
We were at the resort in Dec and found all shapes and sizes...Everyone was very nice and if you are approached by someone you don't like, a nice no thank you works just fine.. We go for the nude beach and pool area and if we find someone we like we just say hello and see where it goes from there...You will have a great time..enjoy the sun and tequila.  I can see how if you're a princess you may not like this place but not everyone can workout 3 hours a day,,they will find father time soon and be like everyone else...We'll be back the first week of April.
02-12-2018 by HOTNSPICYGENIE
We've gone 5 times, loved it all. Love the staff, the people from all around the world. Just all of fun.  
02-13-2018 by SPONGEWORTHY
Didn't mean to say that everyone will hate Hedo. Obviously there is a core group of people who have vacationed there for many many years that love Hedo and make it what it is. Go to independent travel sites, read the reviews and decide for yourself if it fits what you are looking for or go with a big group and do a takeover with like minded people. Don't be like us and rely on the Hedo oriented websites that are controlled by the people who don't think there is a problem and are just trying to lure in "fresh meat". 

On a side note, I do remember the Fluffernutters. They were quite a large group that was there on one of our trips. They didn't stoop to pouring chocolate on unsuspecting people and licking it off. I seem to remember them using marshmellow creme instead! Gotta keep it classy I guess!!
02-13-2018 by INTREPIDCPL
Even in the tropics, where we spend almost all of our time, marshmallow creme won't pour, much less squirt.  It has to be applied with a spoon.  Even if it did, the famous Fluffernutters Car Wash would make short work of the problem.

The Fluffs have a motto: "Don't be an asshole." The group doesn't tolerate such behavior. 

I have spent a lot of time with these people, and you won't find a nicer group anywhere.  The group provides scholarships for the children of Hedo employees, helps out local schools with materials and funds (we always bring a couple of filled backpacks, and almost all the other members do the same), and is involved in other local charitable actvities.  The group is run by a guy who was a part owner of the resort until last year, and is one of the most fun guys I've ever partied with.

Yes, some might even call them classy.

Haters gonna hate, though.

02-14-2018 by SPONGEWORTHY
I do remember the head of the group harassing women over and over about going back to his room to ride his sybian while he controls it. We all have our own preferences but the difference is that we don't force ours on other people, much less do it and label it as respect. 

If the majority of people who went to Hedo had basic manners and followed through with their motto of "respect" it would be a great place to vacation. Unfortunately, it seems to be going the way of the lifestyle in general. 
05-14-2018 by SURFERDAVE
My recent review of Hedo on Google Maps... hopefully this will help you :)

Overall, the resort is a fun, sexy place with very friendly, sexual people from all over the world, good food, and a nice helpful staff; but, ***BUYER BEWARE*** that booking through Hedonism.com is likely to get you ripped off! I was a first time visitor to the resort and sold an add-on $896 package through the Hedonism.com website for an "all-inclusive" option which included free excursions (e.g., snorkeling), unlimited food and unlimited premium alcohol. However, when I got to the resort, I later discovered that all guests received these benefits without having to pay the additional fee. Since the invoice didn't separately break out the extra cost I paid and instead included it into the room fee, I was unable to successfully dispute the bogus portion of the overall charge with Mastercard. Therefore, I *STRONGLY* suggest using a travel group like Tom's Trips, Topless Travel, Castaways Travel, or a similar adult travel group when booking a reservation at this resort. Be advised that I was unable to successfully challenge the bogus $896 "all-inclusive" portion of the charge with my credit card company (Capital One Mastercard) because the charge was not broken out separately and the services I received were in line with what I expected to pay (despite the fact that everyone else got the same service without having to pay the bogus extra $896). So, if you do decide to book through Hedonism.com (which you really shouldn't, please heed this advice and book through a travel group), then be sure to pay with an American Express (AMEX) card since they put the burden of proof on the vendor (i.e., Hedonism II) and not the consumer (like Visa & Mastercard do), and be sure that any additional costs you pay clearly show separately on your invoice. In fairness to Hedonism II, the experience itself was very nice despite the financial ripoff. The main dining area is very nice and well maintained, the food and drinks are great, and the beaches are beautiful. Had the resort been honest and reimbursed the bogus $896 charge then I would otherwise have returned to the resort each year for New Year's. However, as a result of my experience, I will not be returning to this resort. Other similar destinations include Desire Pearl and Desire Riviera Maya (in Mexico), and Cap D'Agde in the South of France.