My first Flogging

I am so turned on this morning that My clothing rubbing up at against me at Pilates was torture and I could barely keep from whimpering under my breath. I received this message this morning from a new friend I agreed to do a public scene with tomorrow night.

She had been curious about her first flogging. She had admitted to him that she was a little nervous and excited all at the same time. This was her first public scene with this new group...and she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Days earlier, the idea stripping naked and being flogged in front of everyone caused her to perspire and made her gorgeous nipples rock hard. Now, the day had finally come. Despite the butterflys in her stomach and her anxiousness, she was determined to push herself outside of her comfort zone.

She loves to walk around in the nude and might be somewhat of an exhibitionist. Still... the thought of her being completely exposed, restrained to a full view of a group of gawking strangers, caused her a little uneasiness.

She had only known her kinky friend for a short while. Still, she had seen enough to know that she could totally trust him. No matter what...she had the confidence he would take good care of her.

Finally, the moment of truth. She was nervously standing in a dimly lit dungeon, music loudly playing in the background and the feel of sex and excitement buzzing throughout the room.

As she approached the cross, she noticed that he had laid several floggers and wrist restraints on the small table. She was so excited...and yet nervous at the same time. He quietly asked her to place her hands behind her back. As she did, she felt her nipples poking through her thin blouse. She watched in silence as he slowly looked over her body. He leaned into her, grabbed the back of her hair, and whispered, “your body is mine tonight. I am going to strip you naked, tie you to the cross...and flog your cute little ass!”

His words in her ear caused her to shiver, her pussy was starting to get moist. Her anxiety suddenly shifted to sexual excitement. He released his hold on her hair and shifted his hands to the front of her neck. He slowly slid his hands down her front side and gently unbuttoned the top button on her shear blouse. As the second button popped open she gulped. She had been so caught up in what she was feeling she had not noticed all of the people staring at her. She stole a quick glance around the room. Five, six, seven people had gathered around to watch her scene. Several were getting chairs to settle in to watch her gorgeous breasts spill from her blouse. Nervousness set in again. He took her chin in his hand and forced her eyes to look at his. “You can do this, I’ll take care of you.” She knew it was true...but his words did nothing to calm her anxious thoughts.

His hands returned to her blouse as he continued with the last few buttons. He scraped his hands across her breasts as he slowly and seductively removed her blouse. He came up behind her and ran his hands around the top of her skirt. With one swift motion her skirt was lying around her ankles. He helped steady her as he slipped her skirt over her high heel shoes.

He grabbed each hand and firmly attached the restraints to each wrist. She took a deep breath.
What had she gotten herself into? She caught another quick glance around the room. Here she was, standing almost completely naked in front of now twelve, thirteen,...FOURTEEN PEOPLE? Where did they all come from? Why was everyone looking at her? For a moment, panic set in...she felt vulnerable and a little embarrassed. He tiny thong barely hid the wetness developing between her legs.

He shoved her into a position against the cross and roughly restrained her hands above her head. He pushed her body tightly against the cross..her breasts squeezed into the cold wood. She yanked against her cuffs but realized she could not move. He stepped back and disappeared from her sight. She hung there for what seemed like minutes.

She pondered her predicament...she was tied tightly to a cross...Her cute ass exposed for all of the strangers to see as she anxiously waited for the falls of the flogger to kiss her skin. She smiled awkwardly when she realized she had actually asked for this.

She was scared…. worried... anxious... nervous...but surprisingly calm. After all...she had asked for this. Would she be able to handle it? Was it going to hurt? Would she be able to handle the pain on her back and ass? Her anxiety turned to sexual excitement as she waited for the falls of the flogger to kiss her skin. Suddenly...S-M-A-C-K!
She took a deep breath…..

…..To be continued on Friday night!

Kinky Dreams my dear!


02-11-2018 by GG49
02-11-2018 by SHANTALLOVE
He writes so well that I hope he sends me more from his brilliant mind. I will give you a taste from my experience.   The visual as I walk into the dark room with so many stranger watching and observing the scenes around the room. Feeling the eyes on me as I walk through the door. He motions me to come to him. Every thing has been already discussed before. My signals, my needs,my turn on words. I am in a very calm state and full of curiosity and wonder. I check my body. No, fear!!! No, worry!!! Just anticipation and pure curiosity.

He rips my shirt open and buttons fly everywhere in every direction. I had tied a knot in the bottom of the shirt. He speaks of how erect my nipples are and reprimands me for tying the knot. Now he must cut the shirt away. I check in to my body. Knowing All eyes are now on me.   My nipples my breasts. I am calm. I feel fearless and in power. Here I am in a dungeon in the city I live in experiencing life. Taking what I want. Doing what I want. My choices to validate myself and my desires. Once he turns me around I feel and smell the leather of the cross. He begins to Tie me to the top of the cross. I keep requesting tighter. Stretch me more. It is becoming my life quest....... stretch me tighter!!!push me more!!! Give me life of possibilities. I wait in anticipation. I have absolutely no idea of the outcome. It begins. Soft caressing and gentle. Oh, I beg my body to take in every feeling. Every sensation, every moment of a safe place to surrender and to experience the unknown. Oh, I like that!!! Oh, I want more!!! Harder please!!! Take me further. All of these thoughts where in my head. I expressed them later. He was easy on me my first time and he wanted me leaving wanting more. Oh, I did!!!!
The attention to my needs in every moment is noted. I was taken care of by a master. In the end I sat in amazement!! Who would of ever known I was the kinky little whore that I am. Desiring to take in the longing thirst for life and its many surprises.